Scumbag Con Artist Abuses Dogs To Scam Suckers


Bennett and dogs

A certain low-life scumbag is using his YouTube account to scam money from sympathetic animal lovers by feigning their deaths and then posting videos of supposedly “grieving” animals for money, to help provide them (and, of course, him) with a new home.  I won’t post any of this creep’s videos here, either to glorify the piece of shit or help him profit by it.  Merely linking to this bastard is enough to leave one with a sense of feeling dirty with a need to wash.

Brett Bennett, a.k.a. “Brettvette 1” is collecting a large following of soft-hearted but soft-headed groupies that think that his wanderings with his dogs in public parks are anything but attempts by him to satisfy his not-so-subtle fetish for seeing animals fight.  The first video of his that I watched instantly revealed to me that something wasn’t legit.  This clown seems to glory in seeing animals in conflict and he goes out of his way to seek out other owners with their pets to try and instigate conflict between them and his dogs.  This pretentious piece of shit feigns admiration and concern for the dogs while secretly relishing the conflict that almost always develops when he maneuvers them into positions where they have no choice but to fight.

Bennett has a criminal past and there is some speculation he’s already done some time for his acts.  The scumbag still seems to be active, as I recently got a mocking comment from the turd, where he bragged about his abuse of animals.  He thinks he can’t be touched.  There are ongoing efforts to get this moron kicked off of YouTube, however, which this writer supports.  This isn’t the first time I’ve run up against assholes using YouTube to satisfy their unnatural urges and cravings.  They come in all shapes and sizes, ALL of them seeking to capitalize off of well-meaning dupes that are unable to see their true nature.  I recently blogged about one of these cretins operating a sleazy game-call business where animals are abused in order to sell a product and no doubt satisfy some hidden, perverse lust.

What one can do is simply not watch, follow, or otherwise support this piece of shit and allow his pool of supporters to dry up.  DO NOT send him money, it is the way he makes his living, conning people to give him a free ride.  An honest day’s work is beneath little Brett, he prefers that others work for him.  It’s all accomplished at the expense of his and other’s pets.  Boycott this creep and shut him down!


False Flags Ramping Up

Brussels Bomb

Time is getting short.  Satan’s agents, governments of the so-called free world, are working hard to establish their master’s one-world government in his last-ditch effort to supplant God as rightful sovereign over mankind.

When you read the comments associated with the video, (LiveLeak) you can gauge the growing anti-religious sentiment that the elitists are carefully cultivating in the world’s population.  They know well the nature of man and his innate disposition to fly to extremes.  Of course, this attack was carried out by agents working for the Illuminati.  People, however, being conditioned every day to accept whatever bullshit the government spoon-feeds them, will never accept any other version.

How quickly they forget the other times when the government lied to them and how easily they ignore the EVERY DAY OCCURENCE of politicians being caught red-handed in some nefarious affair.  The WMD’s that were most certainly being concealed inside Afghanistan and then never materialized, ONCE OUR TROOPS WERE WELL-ESTABLISHED WITHIN THE COUNTRY!  After all, they went there to get at these so-called threats… yeah, right!

People love being lied to, it seems.  They love to hate those that cannot defend themselves.  North America is positioned to fall under the elitist boot and all because the people are stupid.  What must happen must happen… and with the mentality that North Americans display, every day, in their attitudes toward those that oppose Israel, it cannot happen soon enough.  God punished those that were “stiff-necked” in Bible times and nothing has changed in that regard.

It’s time that the so-called “free world” got it’s ass handed to it.

Internet Trolls – Low/Non-paid Suckers

There’s one in every forum, usually operating under two or more accounts to make themselves look legitimate.  Take this video about a polar bear hunting a seal…



Notice the first one to surface in the comments.  It calls itself  “iain rickwood”.  The video deals with a perfectly innocuous subject, yet this opportunistic troublemaker will use any chance to spread his/her cancerous propaganda around.  Typically, these morons use bland, undeveloped and avatar-less accounts, not wanting to invest any effort into establishing a legitimate account that would take precious time away from their agenda of causing trouble and promoting discord among those that participate in the online discussion.

The government does employ trolls in their efforts to silence dissidents and nay-sayers and discredit those that they deem a threat.  Anyone that has spent any time online knows and has seen this.  Unfortunately, while it’s bad enough to know there are those that make their living from this, the worst and most annoying trolls are those that do the work for free, thinking that they are doing the country a service and that they are especially knowledgeable in matters.  These fools are not only playthings for the elitist, they are hindrances to justice ever being done.

This particular troll seems to be there to promote the lie that “climate change” is a legitimate concern.  While the term has morphed through many changes, each one to counter blows to it’s voracity and truthfulness, it remains the elitist lie that it was designed to be.  No doubt this idiot can adapt to many different venues and probably has several accounts, they all have a particular writing style and are easily recognized by those that have dealings with them on many occasions.

The best advice to anyone that patronizes these forums and encounters one of these twits is to IGNORE them – they HATE when people don’t acknowledge them.  Talk right over their heads.  They are there for the express purpose of getting attention, either positive or negative, it matters only that they have your attention.  After a few people pass them over they will move on, wanting to cover as much ground as they possibly can.  They will use any dirty tactic and call you every name in the book to get you going.  If that fails, guaranteed, they will soon leave.  They have no investment past that of pleasing their handlers or their own inflated ego.

Trolls aren’t tolerated here.  Comments are moderated and those that are here to disrupt don’t even get their comments aired.  Legitimate comments are always welcome, however, the primary purpose of this blog is to get the message OUT, not to farm for subscriptions or curry any recognition from other bloggers.  People can disagree and then leave.  Those that wish to argue will never get the chance.  They are cut off at the knees, every time.

Not all forums have this policy of beasting trolls and pay the price for it.  So this is how to treat them whenever they show their face-less avatars and try to stir the pot.  Thet are not worthy of your time and they will vaporize right before your eyes, returning to that netherworld of anonymity and mediocrity they originated from.

Ancient Evidence For Intelligent Design

Science, today, has a hard time believing that it isn’t the end-all in everything.  The anti-theist movement, concentrated in great number on certain mediums like YouTube, have virtually taken over with many videos supposedly debunking religion and with the intention of eliminating religion from society.  An anti-theist, by definition, (defined by that great anti-theist, himself – Christopher Hitchens) is opposed to any form of faith-based system.  Of course, most of these fail to recognize that their beliefs are founded only on the say-so of their gurus that they prefer to call scientists.

This would place them in basically the same category as those that they disdain.  Of course they deny this reality and claim that only physical and tangible evidence arrived at through experimentation and observation can be considered credible for acceptance as fact.  This they accept from their natural science gurus through humanism… which is just the modern term for paganism, the worship of natural forces as creator and guide.  The idea of a personal living God is unacceptable to the modern pagan, preferring to place their fate in the belief that they are here by chance and have no future beyond this life.

There is plenty of evidence supporting intelligent design, enough even for the most hardened humanist to base some rudimentary belief that the universe is ordered by omnipotence.  They claim there is none, however, and since they demand hard proof, I found this video to supply even the most stubborn infidel with the evidence they demand…

What greater evidence is there that the universe is ordered than that provided by the mathematical precision that these ancient structures appear to be designed and built with?  The fact that there is a universal constant that seems to pervade the entire observable universe?  What infidel can deny what these artifacts provide by their very existence, today?

These provide the necessary criteria for any unbeliever to reconsider what they have been programmed almost from birth to believe… that they are merely the products of chance and pure randomness and not the children of an omnipotent and omniscient God!

Pervert Cop Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Pervert Cop

As this story shows, one can never be too certain of the quality of justice in this society…


Aiden Arthur Pratchett is merely one that they caught.  One has to wonder also just how many lawyers and judges are hiding something in the bowels of their personal computers!

On this blog we deal with corruption in the highest places, though we sometimes forget that it’s these lower echelon that have the most direct influence upon us.  If we cannot trust these people, who says that we can trust those that are higher above them and in positions of greater immunity from prosecution?

Well, in the end, we all have to bear responsibility for the choices that we make.  Mr. Pratchett hasn’t done anything that a great percentage of us haven’t done or have thought about doing.  It’s when they prosecute others for doing what they do is when they cross the line into hypocrisy of the first order.  This is something that our so-called leaders in government are all too apt at doing.