Gorilla’s Death Sparks Controversy


This article about a shooting at a Cincinnati zoo proves how stupid society is becoming and how this is exploited by the Jew-controlled media… READ STORY HERE.

Yes, when you read all of the comments posted in the article, you’ll not find a single one praising the zoo officials for taking the action that they did and damned few in the video.  All you’ll find are brain-dead accusations of “murder” against the zoo from morons that have been raised on Disney shows that teach that animals are on an equal footing with humans and that everything ends happily ever after.  The blind stupidity of these fools would dictate that a child die to suit their crazed world-view.

A while back, an American dentist got into hot water for killing a lion on a legal hunt.  Complete and utter brain-dead idiots called for his and his family’s deaths… just how fucking stupid can people get?  You can trace the origins for this unbalanced behavior back to the Jewish-led and controlled Illuminati, whom have determined to eradicate any sense of moral thinking in society, replacing it with their satanic, brain-dead political correctness and theories of men being only evolved animals.  The Luciferian Illuminati want to eradicate any knowledge of God from society and replace it with satanic bullshit.  Mindless dickheads like those in the article fall for this out of complete ignorance.

Granted, the inattentiveness of the child’s mother led to this, however, there should be no question as to killing the brute to save the child.  Just look at the outpouring of anger over a damned ape getting shot… it’s mind-boggling!  How much lower can society sink?  There is more outrage and grief over this smelly ape than there would be if there was a human being assaulted and/or killed.  We seem to be a hardened society when we can place importance over an ape than over a human child.

This world is ripe for a disaster and that is what is fast approaching… and long overdue!  People’s priorities are so fucked up that it would be a humane thing to simply destroy this world and start over, if that were possible.  God’s way is not man’s way, however, and He bears long with the stupidity of men.  One day, the Earth will be made new and the monsters usurping God’s authority, like their master, Satan, will be rendered null and void.


Don’t Criticize Darling Israel!


Jewish Ass-kissers

Was just perusing LiveLeak and found this video… http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b7a_1463762373

Reading some of the video comments and it’s plain that the same state of ignorance flourishes about Israel.  What’s really funny is when atheists climb on the pro-Israel bandwagon like it’s a religion that they can claim all their own!

No, it’s plain that Israel can do no wrong and that is something that is reflected in the gifts that the western nations are constantly bestowing upon this nation of whining elitists.  Bad enough that they are behind some of the worst atrocities in history, but, I guess it’s allowed seeing as they are so ‘persecuted’ throughout the world.  Just wondering, though… how does one get so despised and hated UNLESS one is a complete and utter ASSHOLE?

We know that Mossad was behind 9/11, in collusion with the ultra filthy rich Khazarian Jews in London and Europe, contrary to the ever-popular lie that Arabs are behind it.  Of course, the best-case scenario can only paint the west in a not-so-favorable light, with us being complete and utter morons.  I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that this bullshit will continue to be accepted by the stupid public, however, in the end, when the truth finally is revealed, what comes then will be totally deserved, as if it isn’t already totally deserved.

Fuck our complacent and spoiled society, we need some really tough times to help extract our heads from out of our asses!  The globalists are pretty close to instituting the world government that they have been trying to set up since Babylonian times, though the outcome will be the same as it was then.  There is  a limit to God’s patience, however, and these fools will be made to understand that they are not going to be ruling the world nor is their master, Satan.

They say there is no cure for stupid… they’re right!