The (Dys)Function of Trolls in Social Media


Internet Troll

We’ve all seen them… been ‘blessed’ with their mindless drivel and disruptive tactic of hijacking forums to feed some perverted sense of self-importance and/or pursue some agenda that they think they have.  The type of bottom-dweller you’d never associate with in the real world, due to their obnoxious antisocial character and intense narcissistic tendencies.  These losers cannot exist outside of the cyber-womb they encapsulate themselves in, practically 24/7.

There are several types… today, I’m dealing with the agenda-driven troll.  These are found… well, on sites like mine (although I censor them out before they can breed or cause trouble) that deal with the important esoteric issues facing society.  They attach themselves to a forum and immediately begin insulting other users and/or spreading their own twisted dogma, usually that from an ignorant world-view or, in some isolated cases, the agenda of a paid handler, like the government or one of it’s various covert agencies.

Usually, your common household variety low-life is only there to stir up shit.  These are basically alive to be laughed at and ignored.  The best way to handle these fools is not to handle them at all.  Think of them as shit… you wouldn’t handle shit, would you?  Leave them alone and they soon give up and wander off in search of other prey.  The type of vermin that I deal with and am most concerned with is the agenda-driven troll that seeks to disrupt the flow of useful and important discussion and intelligence.  Most sites dealing with the 9/11 attack by our government it’s citizens are littered with these cretins.  It’s amazing how they can deliberately ignore what was perpetrated upon their own people and still defend the criminals that orchestrated the attack.  Some of the higher-end trolls get paid for cruising the internet searching for sites to disrupt and these are the ones that are the most serious threat.

The government has long realized the importance of infiltration in defeating their enemies – in this case, those that would criticize government policy and THEIR rendition of what went down in September, 2001.  Trolls in the pay of corrupt government agencies regularly disrupt forums, mocking the truth and spreading poison in the form of innuendo and propaganda.  Some reveal their true nature immediately while others are more subtle and need to weeded out gradually.  ALL of them have short fuses when challenged and will always resort to ad hominum attacks when the chips are down.  That is their main modus operandi… browbeat and bully their opposition into line as opposed to reason and logic.

The best way to defeat trolls is to filter them out and this is what most web admins fail to do.  They continue to give these vermin a pedestal to spread their bullshit.  I do not entertain them for very long.  When faced with the undeniable truth and yet they still argue with and even insult their opposition, that is when they should be shut down and their comments deleted.  it is not undemocratic to kill a troll!  I never blink when I drive a knife through their pointed skulls, they deserve no quarter.  Subjects that deal with the importance of getting at the truth of 9/11 demand that trolls be shut down as soon as they reveal themselves.  Censorship is an ever-increasing necessity in this regard.  The government practices it all the time, why shouldn’t we?

Starve, neuter, kill a troll… it’s all the same, just get rid of them!  From a literary viewpoint, these aren’t even human and do not warrant the same regard one might give lower life forms.  They have decided that they should be opposed to decent society, it is their problem when their inevitable fate befalls them.


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