Liberal ‘Mortician’ Uses YouTube Channel As Tool For Preaching Anarchism!

“Ask a Mortician” is a title that, by itself, is an indication of something being off and a strange enough name for a ‘woman’ to name ‘her’ YouTube channel, but, then, again, when you watch ‘her’ videos, it’s apparent ‘she’s’… well… ‘different’.

I’m not going to display the entire video, here, just a few minutes into it will show what this ‘woman’ is about.  ‘She’s’ well-taken to displaying ‘her’ political sentiments, which are decidedly liberal and by association, communist.  From the beginning of the video, ‘she’ goes into ‘her’ anti-flag spiel and I’m betting ‘she’ has issues with the Stars and Stripes, too.  Anarchists don’t like flags, with the probable exception of depictions of Che Guevara or Stalin or the Hammer and Sickle.  Oh… let’s not forget the rainbow flag that sexual deviants hijacked from evangelical Christianity, now being the symbol for homosexuality.  I’m betting our communist mortician friend fully supports those and I strongly sense that ‘she’ is a dyke or something similar.  ‘She’ sounds rather ‘butchy’, if you ask me.

‘She’ has the usual assortment of dimwits following ‘her’, some professing to being ‘her’ defenders… this one, in particular, stands out, saying she/he/it (could be a tranny or something similar) reports derogatory commenter’s and trying to have them banned, a typical liberal tactic.  Being that most social media platforms are staffed by politically correct, whiny commie liberals, I’ve no doubts this has happened many times.  But, the truth still gets out, like here.  This goosestepping Olga displays a blatant lack of respect for those ‘she’s’ documenting, another liberal hallmark.  Liberals have no self-respect, so it’s no surprise they don’t respect others.  They’re self-hating, irreverent wastes of oxygen.

I’d say pay our mortician friend a visit and give ‘her’ a ‘thumbs-down’, but, that would be giving ‘her’ views and why should I promote ‘her’ brand of intolerance and hate?  Nevertheless, if one is interested in seeing what drives the REAL hatred and intolerance in this country, I’ve provided the necessary links.  Suffice to say that liberalism is a CANCER that is eating this country from the inside out.  Perhaps, one day, liberalism will be recognized by enough folks for being the degenerative, retrograde mental illness that it is and it and it’s proponents neutralized by whatever means necessary.

Celine Dion Pushing Satanic Message Through Children’s Clothing

The popular French singer has partnered up with “Nununu”, a clothing designer that caters to so-called “gender neutral” – minded customers, mainly their children, to sell what would be considered by any normal and healthy-minded person to be rather morose and ‘dark’ kid’s clothing.  One look at the formless, shapeless, unimaginative crap that they promote, is indicative of the dark times that we are living in under communistic liberal forces.

The push to eliminate any differentiation between the sexes is a top priority with the globalists, not satisfied with merely destroying the moral underpinnings of society, they seek also to emasculate society by destroying the image of the dominant male in the family unit, creating an effeminate, simpering, easily-dominated and subdued ‘one-size-fits-all’ culture.  The idea is total control and the way you do that bloodlessly is to destroy the will and the life force of the people through constant and incessant degradation, starting early in people’s lives.  This makes kids special targets of Satan and his mindless followers.

In this picture, we have the New Age Witch, herself, walking through a nursery, broadcasting some form of demonic ‘pixie dust’ over the cradles of the infants.  Black crosses begin floating around the room and black-faced, owl-eyed skulls and blobs appear in the cribs where the dust has settled.  The white crosses also have some significance in the obfuscation of sexual identity, obliterating the gender signs on the walls.  Here is the promotional video in it’s entirety…

Devious and sickening, it shows the lengths some will go to make a buck and to promote an agenda.  The Illuminati are soul-dead, mindless encasements for demons settled on helping their master in his pathetic designs on wresting this world from Jesus Christ.  It is a hopeless endeavor for them, yet they persevere with an energy that defies description and puts to shame the lethargy that man shows toward resisting their efforts.  Were it not for the restraining power of God, we would long ago have been totally enslaved and/or destroyed.

For some other interesting insights on this, check out these links…


There’s a Chilling Darkness Behind Celine Dion’s Brand That’s Highly Disturbing


Canada Going To Shit Under Socialist Trudeau!

Anything wrong with this picture?  Perhaps if the smiley faces are of any concern, no.  After all… we’re all one big happy cultural melting pot, here, in socialist heaven!  Our idiot prime minister welcomes any and all to come and feast upon the work of European immigrants, enjoying all the privileges that are denied those that have helped build this country.

For a little more background on this, read HERE.  I shall go onto other no less pressing issues.

Justin Trudeau’s affiliation with communist creeds and philosophy is well known, even in liberal circles.  His love for and support of the homosexual community, too, is well known.  It is because of the liberal disease running rampant throughout the country that we are now being confronted with outright perversions committed by deviants like these…

Who else may enjoy unbridled freedom to break decency laws at will but Trudeau’s pet deviant homosexual community?  One cannot say anything against these filthy humanoids without repercussions… on an almost equal footing with that of the Zionist community!  You can say whatever you like about whites and Christians, but, DO NOT TOUCH TRUDEAU’S PET FAGS OR JEWS!

… or any other ‘minority’, for that matter.

The harsh reality is that it is now a crime to be white and of European descent.  Do your part, white Canada… offer no help or support to these invaders or deviants and make sure you make as many sleepless nights for your elected officials as you can!

We Live In A Predatory Society

World leaders worshiping at idol of Moloch…

Society… particularly our western one derived from European and British roots, is decidedly corrupt and inefficient.  While less-developed cultures (i.e. non-industrial “pagan” ones) do not have the same technological advances, their societies seem more in tune with the needs of their members and less with the needs and wants of the ‘elite’ and/or those whom have wealth.  They are more equal and humanitarian, in many ways.

In our society, the essential services that the average person requires are often priced way above the average person’s ability to procure.  While we may look down upon those countries that seem squalid and underdeveloped, often their social structure surpasses ours in terms of the overall concern felt for their less-fortunate.  Here, it is dog-eat-dog and may the best man win.  You either pay the price or starve.

This example shows how inefficient and anti-societal our culture is… where service is measured by the amount that you are willing and/or able to pay for that service.  The same can be applied to almost every other service… medical, dental, homeopathic… any essential service that one might expect or be led to believe is necessary for good health and being.  The government pretends such great concern for it’s people and yet prices everything beyond the reach of it’s less wealthy citizens.

Then we have those that would prey on our sense of values, our rights, as it were.  Those that feel that they ought to control how society thinks and expresses itself.  They wish to determine the moral standard for everyone else, proclaiming theirs as the only true way.  We have examples of this in some of the far-right’s interpretation of religion, in the far-left’s socialistic stance.  The “moral majority”, as it is termed, determines to establish it’s particular view of the religion of Christ, imposing their own thinking and dogma on the masses covered by a cloak of self-righteousness.  The other side claims that reason – human reason – and it’s application, should be the maxim for a healthy society, and the two are often in conflict.  The latter embraces the vices of homosexuality and transgenderism, promotes atheism, communistic dogma such as feminism – ideals which tend to destroy family ideals and those things which tend to cement a culture together.

Homosexuals parading in lewd fashion down public streets

Every day, we hear of another example of corruption by  some public official, some minister caught molesting children or ‘fooling around’ outside of marriage.  All of these are predators seeking to feed off the life-blood of society.

Man is by nature a predator.  Sin has devolved the human condition, erasing it’s once divine image so that we are virtually unrecognizable from the lower beasts.  Left on our own, our race would eventually consume itself.  Fortunately, it isn’t all about us!  The Lord of Hosts desires that at least a remnant be ‘saved’ or brought back to the original state.  Unfortunately, there are many that will never accept this offer of redemption and prefer to believe that man will somehow, some way, redeem himself and learn to find peace and harmony with himself.

That, of course, is an impossibility.  Left on his own, man will continue to sink lower and lower.  There is no motivation within himself to effect any change in nature.  Our nature is to fight and grasp and serve our own needs at the expense of others’.  It is the law of tooth and claw, the same we find in the animal kingdom, which some mistakenly claim is our legacy from evolution.

All will be rectified in time.  Meanwhile, we shall have to deal with the predatory instinct of our fellow men, recognizing that this is an inevitable feature in any evolutionary scenario… one which many have adopted as a self-defeating maxim in their hopeless lives.


The Most Sickening Video You’ll Ever Watch!

Sexual freaks on the march in Australia…

I couldn’t watch it all… made my lunch start coming up!  With noted convicted pedophile, Geoffrey Leonard, narrating, the overall revulsion a normal human being experiences is overwhelming.

This is what the world has been reduced to.  Freaks taking over society, left-wing sociopaths ruling in the streets so that even the authorities are afraid to resist them.  Time-serving politicians grovel before them, seeking their approval.  These masters of vice and political correctness have overrun decency and goodness, gyrating and humping their way into the legislative halls and courtrooms of every nation on earth.

Where are the mad bombers and snipers attending these acts of debauchery, hmmm?  Just goes to show that those false-flag STAGED acts never happened and would never happen to these pieces of filth.  In this fucked-up world, one doesn’t criticize a fag or resist their advances without incurring the wrath of their idiot supporters and the cowardly government.  Fortunately, though, disease shows no fear or respect toward these monstrosities.  What we strongly need is an AID’s epidemic of epic proportions to help cull these humanoid pieces of filth.

God is not mocked!  These trash will pay the ultimate price for their debauchery and arrogance.  They are living high and mighty, now, but, there is and will be a day of reckoning that they will not escape.

Till then… they will continue to parade naked in the streets, getting away with everything that would land a heterosexual person in jail.  And they do it in front of kids and the elderly, showing they have no respect for either.  Their destruction is well-deserved!

More Holocaust Bullshit…

Jewish Ass-kissers

It never ends.  Now, apparently, Jews were the only casualties during the Second World War, because, you NEVER hear about anyone else BUT them!

Considering that the figures given for the amount of casualties are actually correct, they are still minority in comparison with all of the other ethnic groups that fell victim to the rich asshole bankers’ scheme to make themselves trillionaires in record time.  But, of course, IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM.

Read this article and see how minority groups have the upper hand in a society ostensibly structured for rule by a majority.  Think that’s some coincidence or something?  Not bloody likely!  It’s what the bankers want and what the bankers want, they get!  Yes, it’s now possible to be the worst deviant in society and society is obligated to carry your load.

This isn’t about picking on Jews, it’s about the inordinate favor that they court when others have just as many rights as they do, but, in order for political correctness to be served, these and those deviant fringes of society’s rights must trump (no pun) the rights of others.  For example, how many rights do white Anglo Saxons and Europeans have that are paramount or even considered… especially white Christian males… these days?  On the other hand, it’s open season on these!  One can criticize them all they want and feel no repercussions, because, that’s what’s okay and socially hip to do.

Criticize a Jew?  You’re dead.  Criticize a faggot?  You’re dead.  Criticize a nigger or an Indian?  Same.  Am I a racist?  Never used to be.  However, when a certain group sets itself up above all the others, as the aforementioned have and or are trying to do, racism breeds pretty fast!  Where before I merely accepted those of color and ethnic diversity, now I view them with suspicion and distrust… sometimes even hatred.  That’s what the Illuminati wants for society, to set it against itself.  Create discord and then offer a ‘solution’… a global, one-world/society oligarchy run by them.

Diversity is a good thing, not something to be abhorred as the ultra-rich asshole elitists would like you to believe.  They disdain sovereignty because it flies in the face of centralized government and unilateral, ultimate CONTROL.  Universities are prime left-wing, communistic breeding centres and preach all forms of psychopolitical dogma that the Illuminati developed for total world domination.  That’s why we see lenient justice systems that persecute those that don’t cooperate with their schemes and offer help to those that would only weaken the fabric of our society’s Christian underpinnings.

The more ridiculous and specious the idea, the better chance you have of having it fly in a society that is rabidly leftist.  It’s all going to collapse, someday, however, there WILL be a time of chaos in which nearly all of the dreams of the anti-social will come to fruition.  The Bible speaks of a coming “time of trouble” which will see society being dissolved into a politically correct cesspool where right and wrong is reduced to mere perspective.  Those that fail to adhere to the “New World Order” will be deemed troublemakers and in many cases slated for annihilation.

God will bring it all to ruin, this is fact.  Satan and his cohorts and sympathizers and lackeys will all be destroyed.  The justice that many now cry for will come, but, as with any corrective process, it’s going to be done over time.  It’s always easier to fuck things up than correct them and this is something that the politically correct will always prove as fact.

For now, we have a new ‘elite’ in society… in this order: Jews, homosexuals, criminals.  Much like the pyramid that the oligarchs have for symbolizing their hierarchy… with the “all-seeing-eye” of Satan nestled at the top.


*Editor’s Note: Here’s an interesting article with a different perspective on what happened to propel the world into the money-making, land-grabbing, sovereignty-destroying event known as World War Two… (I apologize for the site content this story is located at, however, this is what we are reduced to in getting at the truth in this day and age.  The modern mainstream media is totally bought and paid for and one has to go deep underground to get at any semblance of the truth.)

Given the penchant for lying and murder the mammon-worshiping filth disguised as human beings have, this seems much more plausible than the official historical version that we all accepted without question as youngsters growing up under the oligarchs.  It was in the best interests of the international bankers to create martyrs of their own people to set up this grand charade, aided by the dupes in the then League of Nations.  It’s modern version, the United nations, continues with this practice, invading and subjugating sovereign nations, murdering it’s leaders and citizens, all in the pretense of creating a better world, whilst making tons of money for their Jewish masters.

Gun Control Gets Yet Another Bitch-Slap!

You’d think the dummies would learn… NOPE!  Stupid is as stupid is…

They’ll keep on fighting till they win.  The pacifist left, that firmly believe that guns are responsible for moral decay, when, all along, it is their socialist dogma and rabid political correctness and associated fascism that is bringing society down.  One of the first pillars to go: Christianity.  Christianity… the ONLY bulwark against fascist unbelief, and it’s under attack daily by the radical and mentally unbalanced left.

The feminazis, the homosexuals, the anti-theistic hordes, the evolutards, that daily descend upon God-breathed principles and moral uprightness, are the true enemies of society.  Our time-serving and greedy politicians will suck their genitalia in order to garner votes, caring not that the country is going to shit.

Despite the false flags, the lies, the politically correct BULLSHIT the country is fed DAILY by these socialist morons, God WILL eventually intervene and DESTROY this mockery that Satan has designed and foisted upon the world.  He and all of his minions will be destroyed – let no one mourn them!  They have dedicated themselves to destroying this world, so it’s fitting that they be destroyed along with it, prior to the revitalization promised in scripture.  Yes, it will be a sad day for them… also for those that tried to help them see, but, grief cannot be wasted on wilful disobedience.  They made their choice, now they must account for choices made and not made.

The speaker in this video knows the truth about this country and doesn’t allow himself to be browbeaten by dupes of political correctness.  To these, I simply say enjoy what little time you have left… you have been weighed in the balances and are found wanting!