The Beat Goes On… (and on and on and on…)

Anyone thinking that compliance with rules enforcing mask-wearing and “social distancing” is going to magically eliminate the threat of an imaginary virus like “Covid-19” is daft, to put it mildly.  The globalists know that their power to control the masses lies in suppression of truth and facts, which still manage to find their way through the fog of ignorance and stupidity displayed daily by puppet governments and officials and their supporters.  Meanwhile, those that still have working brains continue to expose and resist the agenda of these tyrannical maniacs and their stooges and we will continue to do so for as long as it takes.  In other words, we are in this for the long run and those self-styled elitists need never think that we are just going to disappear!

The evil witch calling herself the Chief Health Officer of Canada is complicit in an agenda to destroy this country’s sovereignty.  While restricting citizens’ travel and intercourse, she has no problem with the liberal agenda populating the country with illegal (because, no one should be travelling… right?) migrants, their primary purpose being to supplant the established rule and customs of our society.  A divided country cannot stand against foreign invasion or globalist oligarchical take-over.  The plan to unite all nations under one banner has been on the agenda of self-styled and self-proclaimed ‘elite’ since the days that men first started congregating in large numbers.  To date, all of these attempts have met with abject failure.  But, these maniacal fools will never quit in their attempts at global rule and there will always be a retinue of idiots that will accommodate them, like those that have fallen for the OBVIOUS lie of Covid-19.

There will always be some ‘variant’ or excuse to keep enacting Draconian measures upon society.  Unfortunately, also, there will always be a good supply of morons to help the globalists in their bid to either enslave us or destroy us.


Missed Target

The word “sin” is an old archer’s term for missing the mark.  That’s what happened when the would-be patriot did a drive-by on a group of Syrian refugees in Vancouver, this week.  See story.

Actually, he should have targeted the Israeli embassy as it is this corrupt nation that is bringing the world the immigrant problem, seeking to drive all Muslims from what they consider their personal property given to them by God, vilifying them at every opportunity.  While Canada needs these hordes of displaced victims of Zionist persecution like a hole in the head, they still are not to blame for what Jews are propagating all over the globe.

Many people are starting to see the truth behind 9/11 and how Zionists were the true perpetrators of the attacks on New York and other points, so the latest wars against the enemies of fascism are becoming less popular… so Israel needs the type of dupe that carried out this latest attack even more to keep the momentum of hate going.  Israel is the mother of all racism, they consider themselves as the elite of the world and have never apologized for that.

People need to stop and ask themselves why is it that Israel and Jews are hated all over the world and have been for millennia.  Do you think it’s just coincidence that these have been singled out for the pure hell of it?  There is a reason for this animosity against “God’s chosen ones” and it isn’t because they haven’t worked hard at garnering that disrespect.

When you have a people that have been kicked out of pretty well every nation at one time or another, all throughout history, on a fairly consistent basis, it has to tell you something… if you’re the thinking type, that is.  If you’re into hype and fashion and fad and being politically correct, well, it probably isn’t a good time to start growing a brain as these days are all about hype and fad and fashion and being politically correct.

The amount of money that freeloading Israel takes in every year from developed countries is staggering.  This is all out of some morbid feeling of guilt due Israel’s much-touted and consistent whining about being the world’s most persecuted people and all of the supposed wrongs that have been dealt them… and, of course, they are God’s chosen ones… like anyone, today, gives a rat’s ass what God thinks.

Muslims. like Christians, are feeling the brunt of Satan’s attacks as organized paganism slowly takes over the world.  The politically correct shit-for-brained masses have no clue as to who they are following.  All those that profess no religious inclination are confirmed pagans, which is a religion all it’s own.  Their master the devil rules over them with a rod of iron and they dare not resist.  They will follow their master till the bitter end, which, hopefully, will be soon.  When the day comes when you have a brown faggot and his cross-dressing ‘wife’ in the Whitehouse, how much lower can you go as a “God-fearing nation”?

God will not miss His target – all of those that seek to destroy humanity and those that enable them.  He won’t be dousing them with pepper spray, either!

Fit In… Or FUCK OFF!

The greatest problem we have as a nation, right now, is our unbridled politicians doing just whatever the hell they want with regards to appeasing knuckleheaded left-wing retards in their goal to supplant and annihilate the white race.  Political correctness gone wild is creating a myriad of problems, here, in North America, with overpopulation and unemployment becoming a catalyst for strife and violence… as these videos illustrate… … and

The Illuminati determined long ago that the best way to destroy a culture was to water it down through the introduction of Godless beliefs and the injection of other various cultures that promote those beliefs.  The tidal wave of immigrants that have invaded our shores have no vested interest in maintaining our beliefs or culture, they merely bring their strife and problems with them.  They will not try to become proficient in our language, preferring to speak their own when in each other’s company and even around us.  They are here for the resources that we have carefully garnered over generations, having depleted and wasted those that they had in their own countries.  Given enough time, the same destructive attitudes that ruined their countries and cultures will destroy ours… and they will have nowhere else to go.  Trouble is, we will go down with them.

Our time-serving moronic politicians do not care about us, they prove this every day with their indifference toward the real problems that occur because of their misconduct.  They blame one another and refuse to address the issues at hand, following the orders and dictates of their Illuminati masters, whom are always hiding behind the scenes.

The voting process is useless, just a smokescreen to placate the masses and make them think that they have any sort of say in how the country is managed.  That went out of our hands years ago.  The rich bankers and industrialists and their pawns, the politicians, run things now.  All we can do now is become as independent from them as possible… and that means proficient in protecting OURSELVES when the shit invariably hits the fan.

Guns Or Political Correctness The Enemy?


See this story for background.

On this blog we tell it like it is, unsullied by political correctness and with no partiality toward certain ethnic and political groups.  It’s the real deal, here, whether it meets with whining leftist ideals or not.  One of the things the left cries about more than anything else is the issue of gun ownership in Canada.

We already have some of the most restrictive laws in the world yet there are still those that cannot rest as long as one gun remains on the market or in private ownership.  Of course, these actually believe that a violence-less world is possible and those simply cannot be reasoned with.  These we are forced to label as fanatics.  Their hatred for guns and those that use them becomes more and more apparent with each passing year.

Stories like the one featured show that the fanatical left still cling to the hope that their utopian world is yet within reach.  Of course, this is merely an example of why their dreams are delusional.  Once again we have the reality of a criminal having easy access to a gun and the willingness to use it as opposed to a responsible owner with legitimate uses.  The fanatical left, however, wish to place all gun users into the first category.  To them, there simply isn’t any legitimate reason for having a gun unless it’s the military or the police.  “Oh, they need protection in their work!”, the radicals whine.  With the rash of police shootings of unarmed civilians, as of late, that argument goes out the window pretty damned fast!  Besides, with a public disarmed, why would cops need a gun?  Makes about as much sense as tits on a boar.  Because, as any idiot knows, criminals will never give up their guns, so why should cops be the only ones allowed to protect themselves?  Actually, the authorities place us all in one category… herd animals needing management… but, that’s another story.

While this writer has pretty much given up on reason ever prevailing in this emotionally governed and charged issue, it still occupies my time writing about how the Zionist cabal running our governments desperately wish to disarm the public.  Right now, in Canada, we are ‘enjoying’ a relative lull in the anti-gun crusade.  The Montreal shootings of women students, a few years back, are still resurrected each year with memorials that are directed primarily at getting guns banned in Canada.  The feminists behind these memorials have less interest in those slain women than they do in getting guns banned, a shot at the hated “white male-dominated military/industrial complex” that supposedly keeps women down.

The story mentioned above is just another example of the futility in trying to ban guns entirely.  Criminals will always have the means to acquire guns.  Banning guns will actually make their crimes easier to commit, knowing that they only have police to deal with as far as ever having to face down an armed adversary.  We will become easier victims.  If the individual in the feature story that was killed had had a weapon, he would be alive today.  Of course, today’s dumb-downed politically correct society is so ignorant of the basic tenets of handling firearms it is sometimes not a good idea to allow them access to something that they will only end up harming themselves with.  This writer is not opposed to having some laws regarding ownership due to this fact.  However, those that can operate and handle a gun safely should not have to pay for those dumbasses that cannot or will not.

While the stats still show knifings to be the primary cause of violent deaths in Canada, and these occurrences among those that know each other, there are those that will continue to crusade against private gun ownership and fall completely under the spell of the globalists.  Reality still dictates that this is an impossible endeavor and no law will ever remove guns from the world, there are literally billions of guns out there and they are not simply going to vaporize because some brain-dead feminist or numb-nutted politician wills it so.  Perhaps the focus should shift toward the government’s indiscriminate predilection for letting foreigners into Canada, bringing with them all of their caste and cultural difficulties and an unwillingness to abide by our culture’s rules.  The politically correct left are all for allowing these dissidents to flood our shores, yet never consider for one second that we are fast becoming the minority in our own country… and these invaders are here for a reason!  They are here, because, they fucked up their own countries with their inherently flawed ideals and religions and political radicalism, now they’re suddenly going to change for us?

Not bloody likely, my friends… NOT BLOODY LIKELY!!

We Have A Problem

Thugs in Baltimore

Thug Protesters vs. Cops in Baltimore

This should prove a warning against the incessant immigration policies that the Canadian Government have in place that allow hordes of refugees into Canada.  See story.

Even our western prairie communities are becoming havens for waves of immigrants.  They will soon outnumber white Canadians, whom are fast becoming the minority in the country that they built.   Then when times get rough, scenes like those played out in Baltimore will become all too real and frequent.

The Illuminati have long planned for diluting cultures through the intermixing of different races.  Look at couples walking down the street… one out of every three are interracial.  This is indicative of the high concentration of immigrants and refugees that are already here.  Many of these newcomers enjoy perks that the average white person is not eligible to have; free credit, housing, guaranteed and subsidized employment… many immigrants I see are driving late model SUV’s, while I drive a 20 year-old sedan!  They just got off the boat, having come here with NOTHING!  Talk about a sugar-daddy country, this CANADA!

Racial tensions are inevitable, especially when you have a cartel of powerful banking and business elites running the show.  They will continue to instruct their government lackeys to allow boatloads of ne’er-do-well’s onto our shores.  The social unrest this provides is great for their agenda to bring sovereign countries to their knees and accept totalitarian rule.

I do not go out of my way to welcome new citizens to Canada unless they are Europeans.  These think and look enough like us to not present a threat to our culture, having in fact been established from these back when the first settlers colonized this land.  Jabbering bands of Orientals, Africans, Philipinos, etc., are so culturally opposite ours as to pose problems further down the line.  Scenes like these in Baltimore prove this… AND IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!

Can… and will!