Fit In… Or FUCK OFF!

The greatest problem we have as a nation, right now, is our unbridled politicians doing just whatever the hell they want with regards to appeasing knuckleheaded left-wing retards in their goal to supplant and annihilate the white race.  Political correctness gone wild is creating a myriad of problems, here, in North America, with overpopulation and unemployment becoming a catalyst for strife and violence… as these videos illustrate… … and

The Illuminati determined long ago that the best way to destroy a culture was to water it down through the introduction of Godless beliefs and the injection of other various cultures that promote those beliefs.  The tidal wave of immigrants that have invaded our shores have no vested interest in maintaining our beliefs or culture, they merely bring their strife and problems with them.  They will not try to become proficient in our language, preferring to speak their own when in each other’s company and even around us.  They are here for the resources that we have carefully garnered over generations, having depleted and wasted those that they had in their own countries.  Given enough time, the same destructive attitudes that ruined their countries and cultures will destroy ours… and they will have nowhere else to go.  Trouble is, we will go down with them.

Our time-serving moronic politicians do not care about us, they prove this every day with their indifference toward the real problems that occur because of their misconduct.  They blame one another and refuse to address the issues at hand, following the orders and dictates of their Illuminati masters, whom are always hiding behind the scenes.

The voting process is useless, just a smokescreen to placate the masses and make them think that they have any sort of say in how the country is managed.  That went out of our hands years ago.  The rich bankers and industrialists and their pawns, the politicians, run things now.  All we can do now is become as independent from them as possible… and that means proficient in protecting OURSELVES when the shit invariably hits the fan.


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