Non-Conformists Need Not Apply!

This is a microcosm of what is to come… conformity vs. non-compliance…

This is an obvious ruse to show those against the enforcement of Draconian face mask rules as morons and extremists.  It also shows by the comments that most are still under the spell of the globalists.  There is little tolerance in society for those that wish to live apart from the herd in terms of ideology.

Tough times are coming.  This is only the beginning!


Tyrant Watch… Justin Castreau’s Death Throes?

But… as they say, it’s not over till the fat lady sings!

Steve Isdahl
, as you all know, is getting to be a prominent figure in the “Bigfoot/Sasquatch community” and is an open critic of the current fiasco going down in Ottawa, Canada.  I won’t need to elaborate on that, anyone not familiar with that event has been living in a cave, somewhere.  What is new is Steve’s involvement in the protest movement.  He was planning on attending, so he says, but, I doubt that will happen now that the government has gone full-stupid and is actually doing the things that he talks about in his video.  On the current crisis, him and I are on the same page, diverging only where his belief in hairy ape men stomping around the backwoods of BC and various other provinces and states is concerned.  That is another ruse by the powers-that-be that bolsters their program of destroying the underpinnings of democracy, including the knowledge of one’s Creator.  Steve flatters himself that the government is trying to cover up the existence of these creatures, but, the reality is that he is doing exactly what they want him to do… create an overall fascination with these ‘things’ and, of course, in doing so, fully embrace the evolutionary lie.

Editor’s note: (If you’re into bedtime monster stories, by all means, watch the entire video… but, the relevant portion ends around the 8 minute mark.  I tried to cut out the bullshit, but, my html skills are a tad rusty.  Anyway, use your own discretion!)

I am no longer a voice on Steve’s channel, I don’t say and do the things that he and his groupies approve of, much like what they are now accusing the government of being, applying censorship and ridiculing anyone that diverges from their belief system and/or agenda.  I do, however, use Steve’s indignation as a tool to keep on track with what the deluded public are thinking and saying… one of a few individuals, of course, being as there are many.  I do believe what some of his groupies are saying… one being that the prudent course of action for anyone critiquing the dictator now inhabiting the PM’s chair in the House of Commons should take the necessary steps to ensure that they have a livelihood, including cash reserves, not held up in any bank account, in case the totalitarian regime currently installed begins to do what it is intended to do.  Unless they do away entirely with paper money and go full-bore digital, we can still have a means of trade available among ourselves… those of us, of course, not taken in by the lies and bullshit prevalent out there in the media!  It is advisable, too, to cut ties with those virulently supportive of this rogue government and it’s lapdogs in the media, preferring to believe lies over clear logic and thinking.  Whole communities could in theory separate and maintain themselves economically and even militarily, should the government push things that far.  A well-armed militia operating outside the auspices of the Federal Government is not a new thing… it was one of the ideas our fledgling countries instituted as policy in order to ensure the survival of the new colonies!

Training in self-defence, arms, survival is not merely an option, it may well become policy if the tyrants down east continue their present course.  We are all going to have to make some tough decisions in the near future, but, of a certainty, maintain some level of independence from the financial institutions, they are accountable to and under the control of the government and can be a very effective tool in controlling the masses.  The time for serious character development is at hand… a task I’m afraid will not be possible for the majority of a society so accustomed to being ‘kept’ by the various federal programs euphemistically called “benefits” and the relatively lavish lifestyles we’ve enjoyed since the end of World War II.

For now, we must watch… and prepare, to the best of our knowledge.  Place no faith or trust in friends and/or relatives that display a clear bent toward support for the regime in power, they WILL be your undoing and are in the best position to expose you, as their leaders will demand this from them… even under penalty, ironically… if they would wish to avoid the fate that is intended for us.

My Personal Observations On The COVID Hoax

Just a few of the signs that tipped me off early in the game to this COVID-19 scam:

1. Came out of nowhere… with no prior term of development, suddenly it’s world-wide!  Impossible, even in the jet age.  The latter “variants” spread even faster, from even more obscure origins.

2.  No visible carnage, only ‘stats’ quoted by the less-than-trustworthy news media, proven by time to be one of the most opportunistic and dishonest and corruptible mediums in existence.

3.  The futile and laughable precautions taken by authorities, all of which speak of an unwillingness to abandon the procurement and circulation of the almighty buck!  Specifically, the allowances made for “essential workers” whom “MUST” continue working, even with pitiful restrictions like flimsy cloth masks, most worn improperly, which no bacteriologist worth anything would dream of working with, especially around any contagion of significance, except in a sealed-off, self-contained environment wearing ‘moon suits’.  “Social distancing” to an airborne virus is like designating “NO PISSING” sections in public pools!

4.  The Draconian measures worthy of any fascist dictator or high school principal in levying punitive measures for those that violate the space of others by using peer pressure to divide and censure those that question the status quo.  Refusing services to those needing them based upon nothing but a reference to some smug authoritarian ‘expert’s decree, whom are free from ANY public, legal or financial accountability when the almost inevitable repercussions occur… such as infections and reactions to the vaccines.

5.  Definitive and historically accurate declarations by those involved in the production and distribution of the vaccines in question that there is a surplus of people on the planet and that humanity would best be served if there were some significant reduction in those population levels.  Individuals like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, HRH Prince Phillip, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger… etc.  Evidence also of patents being taken out on vaccines well before the ‘outbreak’ of COVID-19 shows this was a planned event from the very get-go.

6.  The historically-proven fact that there has been a push on for a world-wide central government since the days preceding any of the recognized world empires, from Babylon through Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.  The self-professed ‘rulers’ of our world have never recognized the ability or right of the common people to govern themselves in any way, ostensibly needing THEIR guidance and CONTROL if the race is to survive.  This hierarchy has been carefully crafted and maintained for millennia.

7.  The dedicated, malicious assault against detractors of this hoax in all forms of social media that produces censorship and loss of employment and personal slander that goes well beyond simple umbrage and personal insult for these having stated their reasons or doubts about this hoax.  Simply asking for FACTS not attached to the views and opinions of those that stand to gain mightily from this scam… even those that merely find some form of narcissistic, personal satisfaction from being associated with some ‘great’ historical event such as this scheme, even as a victim, prove to be among the most virulent (no pun) in opposing any dissension.

There are many true professionals of great integrity and technical expertise that oppose this scam and have paid the price for denouncing the emperor’s nakedness.  From professors and teachers, down to those that work the “front line”, so to speak.  These are ignored and buried in the barrage of media hype and outright BULLSHIT that appeals to the narcissist and the hypochondriac who find their purpose in life through one calamity or another.

There will NEVER be a dishonest word spoken or reproduced on this writer’s venue, particularly where this COVID-19 con game is concerned!  I am dead set AGAINST any notion that this world is in the grip of a viral pandemic… it is my personal and vehement DECLARATION that the only pandemic is one of STUPIDITY!  Ignorance can be ruled out as we as a society have no excuses in this ‘enlightened’ day and age… which only leaves stupidity or complicity as a reason for ignoring the painfully obvious!

Freedom Or Slavery? Your Choice!

Some headlines as to just how serious these bastards are in destroying our culture…

“The fully vaccinated can continue as they were. For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply to everyone aged 16 and above…”  (Isn’t that fucking nice of them to dictate just what you can or can’t do!)

“Finally, the “elephant in the room” that nobody wanted to discuss in 2021 regarding labor shortages and supply chain bottlenecks, which is that record number of younger people in the workforce were dying after the roll-out of the COVID-19 “vaccines,” can no longer be swept under the rug as statistics are being published that reveal a huge crisis developing in the United States.”  (The ‘crisis’ is this bogus pandemic that everyone takes for granted as truth from a lying, complicit government!  Of course, ALL government credibility is lost, now, irreparably, forever!)

* Place your vote AGAINST this monstrous tyranny!  (Currently at 78% AGAINST mandatory vax)

Edit: It appears the CTV has changed their question to how many family members have contracted COVID… seems they didn’t like the numbers they were getting with the last question,  LOL!  (78% AGAINST the vax becoming mandatory!)  Fucking shills!

Got a screenshot, though…

People are DYING from getting this poison shot into them…

“A friend of mine and his fiance just lost their unborn baby boy.
She was pretty much forced to take the shot because of her job, she is a nurse.
I don’t know how far along she was but they already had a gender reveal a few weeks back.
He said she started bleeding the day she got the shot. They rushed to the ER that night. He called it a scare. A few days after that they had to have the baby medically terminated.
He knows it was caused by the shot.” – Facebook quote.

Here is a chart from a study on communist methods of coercion and how they correlate with the current COVID scam… see the similarities and how it reveals just WHO (no pun intended… but, fitting!) is running this scam… (click on image)

Just a few jewels of many that can be found with the least effort all over the Internet, were one interested enough in their personal freedoms to bother looking.  I realize that this involves some personal effort… but, if you’re not interested in ending this bullshit, whether out of any innate concern for your country or fellow man or simply because it’s putting you out or keeping you from other trivial pursuit, well, I guess the only thing you can do is prepare for a life of servitude to elitist bastards that will dictate what you can and can’t do, where you can go, who you can see, etc., for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!  Conspiracy?  You’re fucking right it is… and you’re front and center IN IT!

As long as we obey, we’ll always have this hanging over us!  Sure… be a good little sheep and do as you’re told, you MIGHT have a few freedoms… for a while… BUT, that is only temporary!  Sooner or later, you’ll be forced to decide between compliance toward a state that doesn’t give a shit about you or your family outside of what slavish duties you can perform for them or the best interests of you, your family, and/or your fellow citizens.  These assholes will not allow any fence-sitting, you WILL obey or else!!

If you haven’t listened to that little voice telling you something stinks about this whole COVID fiasco, in awhile, better start… before it stops, completely!

FDA is a branch of BIG PHARMA!

Time’s running out… they think they’re smarter than you, don’t give them any more reason to think that!

That Which Must Be

There’s no rhyme or reason to any of it.  They say there’s a pandemic out there and that people are dropping left and right like flies, but, this is all hear-say… and most of that from a medium well-known for dishonesty and sensationalism, yet still, people follow it like sheep!  The psychology in this is baffling!

Where are the bodies?  Where are the empty streets with army patrols ensuring everyone stays indoors?  Where are the army trucks backing up to residences to haul away the COVID victims?

Why is it sufficient in light of such a deadly disease to pull on a mask to reach a restaurant table, then pull it off and sit for upwards of two hours UNPROTECTED among other UNPROTECTED patrons… and if you’re vaxxed, why is there a concern at all about donning a mask anywhere?  Have people totally lost their reason?  Do they not SEE?  THINK?

We won’t even touch the $$$ aspect of all this, the charges the pharmaceuticals levy for development and distribution of these serums, the associated products ‘needed’ to enhance their effectiveness… it’s plain that there are some that are making a helluva pile off of these things… and yet there are millions that see nothing amiss in all of this!  Worse yet, many do, yet go along with it out of some false sense of duty and/or security!  “Oh, my job depends upon it”“I have an aged mother in the nursing home and they won’t let me in to see her without being vaxxed”“I want to eat inside”“Well, what are you gonna do, you can’t fight city hall”… etc., etc.  The excuses are many.  Probably the most common and the most ignorant one is “Oh, just get vaxxed so we can get this pandemic over with!”

The reason this is happening AT ALL is because YOU capitulated!  YOU gave in!  YOU didn’t proclaim the emperor naked from the onset and YOU have brought this entire mess upon yourselves and everyone else, including ME, who refuses to play into this new world order initiation scheme.  That is ALL this is, a scheme to mark everyone with a token of obedience and acceptance into a globalist scheme, while also delivering a cocktail of cancerous chemicals and agents with prophylactic tendencies into their bodies in an attempt to lower world population levels.  One may not see these things work right away… but, work they shall!

Everyone, today, has been or is being conditioned/programmed, to treat anything not officially sponsored and promoted as the work of conspiracy theorists.  With this mindset, they have virtually opened the floodgates upon themselves and are open to anything the oligarchs have in store for them.  They cannot help but see the negative impact all of these restrictions that have been placed upon us all have, yet, they steadfastly refuse to resist them, for it may cause them some slight inconvenience… as if these restrictions aren’t!  People really are funny… no, STUPID!

Well, the gates are open, now, and there’s no stopping this flood, we will have these inconveniences forever as the globalists prepare their final assault for the establishment of a world-wide government based upon communist theories and enforced by tyrannical means.  One day, it will no longer be necessary to obfuscate or hide their plans, they will commit overt acts of tyranny against humanity under the authority of law and not (as George Bush Sr. termed it) “the law of the jungle”… our present day system of justice and authority.  THEIR rule is what they regard as the only legitimate rule, the rule of MIGHT not equity.  The scenario painted by the work “1984” by George Orwell is becoming reality!

Of course, the Bible predicted these events, thousands of years ago, a testimony to the divine power and will behind these utterances.  These things MUST come to pass as the One that sees the end from the beginning, Whose Eminence resides in and rules in ALL planes of space and time, says that it must.  So, is this a hopeless situation, then?  Is there nothing that we can do?  Yes, the world, itself, is lost.  There can be no restoration of it’s former ‘glories’ for it’s destruction is also written in prophecy and is the will of the Almighty.  It and all of those that have attached themselves to it for whatever reason, refusing to deny it’s temporal pleasures for a season in hopes of something better, will perish along with it.  The oligarchs, whom now make everyone’s life miserable with their world government aspirations, will be destroyed, right along with their Frankenstein creation.  Thousands of years of work and toil that could have bettered society, will have all been for NOTHING.

The only thing left to do is resist to the point of death, should it become necessary.  I know that this won’t go down easy with generations that have been born and have lived all their lives in comfort and ease, however, the truth is undeniable and unavoidable.  For gold to be mined and purified, it MUST endure fire and purging to remove the dross.  The impurities must be removed for it to have any value economically or industrially.  People are the same.  To exist in a purified and holy environment, all of those things that defile must be purged and left behind.

It will require the work of an agency OUTSIDE of ourselves, for we are tainted with sin and cannot do anything of ourselves to justify any goodness that we think we do.  The fact we are alive at all is due to the work of God’s power, but, merely existing now will not guarantee a future in the NEW EARTH planned for those that deny this present one’s fickle charms.  No oligarchs will survive to see this new creation, they have their creation NOW.  The self-professed ‘elite’ will follow their master into the purging flames of Revelation 20 and will be destroyed.

Those “ecosystems” are doomed, anyway.  The world to come trumps anything that these self-proclaimed saviors of mankind can come up with.  They and all of that which constitutes the present natural order of things will pass away… into oblivion… forever.

The Symbol of Persecution Revamped!

The yellow star symbol forced upon the Jewish people by the Nazi regime back in 1935, has new application for this day… as a symbol of vilification against those that have determined to resist the totalitarian movement to vaccinate the citizens of the world with an unproven and unsafe serum proposing to control a dubious and oft imaginary virus and pandemic.  In fact, one business in the US has already suffered persecution for identifying with Jews in the sense of being a member of an emerging, hated sect… those that refuse the vaccine on moral and common sense grounds.

It’s been more than obvious that we DO NOT live in a free country, ever since this campaign to inoculate citizens against “COVID-19” which is SUPPOSED to be a free-will decision, but, is rapidly developing into something much different.  Yes… they say it’s a free-will decision, but, when they go to the lengths they do to vilify those that choose not to become lab rats and put the blame on them for the sickness that the shots, themselves, are creating, in those stupid enough to think that a controlling government would never lie to them, it’s clear even to the mentally deficient that it’s NOT a choice!  Anyone that still thinks this is a choice is clearly operating from some paranoid delusion.

A hat shop business in Tennessee is feeling the brunt of modern-day Nazism with a prominent hat-maker, Stetson Hats, suspending their business supplying them because they chose to stitch yellow Star of David’s representing tyranny on their hats.  See here.  This is a cowardly, albeit free choice on Stetson’s part, though it aptly displays the character driving this vax program.  Only those with an inclination toward evil would even think of such an act.  The inclination to cave in to government is becoming more and more evident as society gets further and further away from the generations that built our countries.  We are just consumer-animals bent upon self-serving and are losing our moral compass.  Totalitarian despots take advantage of this and are now moving in a big way to make their world-domination plans reality, with such fertile soil as we are providing with our apathy and indolence.

This writer will, in turn, NOT support any business that caters to totalitarians and will consider adopting this symbol of persecution as one of protest against a rogue government and it’s deluded and cowardly citizens that support it.  “That no man may buy or sell save he have the mark of the beast,” a passage from a millennia-old book that is becoming more and more relevant in our times as this will soon be a reality in our time.  I see the day when the sickness that these inoculations bring upon the public will be blamed upon those that refuse to take them… and an eventual death decree be brought against them by ungodly and evil authorities and their minions.  Think it could never happen?  Think THIS bullshit couldn’t happen, only a decade ago?  Time to get your heads out of your asses, folks!  We live in an evil world, dominated by evil people.

I would encourage all that oppose this vaccine harassment to contact Stetson Hats and let them know they won’t do business with them or any other company that thinks of their bottom line before the good of their customers… and support hatWRKS in their fight against tyranny!

Vaccine Passports?

Oh, yes!  This writer saw this coming from the get-go!  It’s all about control, folks, nothing to do with any virus or pandemic…

The problem right now is conceding to the idea that there is ANY truth in ANYTHING that the bought-and-paid-for media are telling us.  There’s NO virus!  NO virus… therefore, NO PANDEMIC!  This is what people have to get through their heads and fear is paramount in not allowing this to happen.

People are still thinking they are going to have their old life back IF they allow the globalist monkeys access to their bodies.  This is a huge LAUGH!  This charade is but the preamble to something a lot bigger!  TOTAL control, economically, physically and spiritually!  Folks… you are NOT going to get your old life back, you will be citizens of a new world order.  A dictatorial regime that will effectively remove all of your sovereign rights and freedoms in favor of the collective at large.  The government is NOT operating in your interest and you can safely assume that everything they promise is a lie!  Don’t be stupid!  Trust what little sense you have left.  Realize that politics is a game for CRIMINALS and criminals are only in anything FOR THEMSELVES!

The last moves will be rapid ones… your freedom is almost expired!

One last ditty…

“It depends on you.”

Yeah… Lord help us.