More Bigotry Clothed in Patriotism

Omar Mateen

The enemy?

No… try THIS one…


The REAL enemy/ies!

Muslims are taking it up the ass, again!  Somehow, those slimy fucking kike bastards are able to elude the responsibility for the things that they are always pulling off on a gullible… STUPID public.  No one picks up on the fact that it is the very existence of Muslims and Christians that are keeping the demonic Jews from taking over completely.  That is why there is this push on to vilify those other two groups.  A pagan world HATES truth and faith… actually, it’s getting exactly what it deserves, with all of these so-called “terror” attacks!

So… a bunch of deviants got killed… well, that’s just too fucking bad!  Homosexuals are the prime tool the globalists use in their fight against sovereignty.  Fags typically hate all religion/s and embrace their own emotions as guide.  They hate God, hate Christ, hate Christians and Muslims… but they LOVE filth and extravagance and flaunting their disgusting lifestyle in front of everyone – and God help the poor bastard that EVER pisses them off!

No loss, really, those fifty or so queers.  Maybe the gene pool and society will benefit from having a few AIDS-riddled monstrosities removed from it.  That was NOTHING compared with what’s coming at the end of days!

I’m hoping to see the Zionists exposed, at least a little, in this.  Duped simpletons always defend these criminals, even morons that profess to have no religious leanings seem anxious to fall in behind these demons.  Of course, haven’t they been softened up by generations of socialist dogma – like being taught evolution in school?  Yet, somehow, all of that ‘superior’ learning gets tossed in favor of supporting the group that refers to themselves as being “God’s chosen ones”!  Stupid… and there’s no cure for that condition, either!

Well, America… be happy with what you’ve brought on yourselves, you richly deserve it!


More On PC

Here’s a good one… remember our favorite bigot?

Amazing how much has changed!  Now we live in a society that monitors everything that we say and do… and God (even HE is taboo!) help anyone that steps out of line of political correctness.

Yes, the old shows didn’t have to worry about this insanity like producers and writers have to, today.  Guess what?  The quality of entertainment has bottomed out as well.  And of course there really hasn’t been any improvement in people’s attitudes, they merely go underground… but don’t tell the PC’ers that, they think they’ve made MARVELOUS progress!

Israel Did 9/11… The Nail In Their Coffin!

Cameron Report

Carl Cameron’s BANNED 2001 911 Fox News Report linking Israelis to 911 RESCUED!

Big surprise, huh… not to those that have dedicated years out of their lives to exposing the rich Zionists in their plan to establish their hellish new world order on the Earth, it isn’t!  One can only remain ignorant by burying one’s head under a rock and leaving it there for the next thousand years, with the wealth of information and evidence that is out there to glean.  The problem is and has always been that many simply do not wish to know the truth as it complicates their little lives and creates some form of discomfort to upset their comfortable and pampered existence.  Here it is, anyway… (in MP3 format) CHOKE ON IT!

This series by Carl Cameron,which Fox News released in 2001 was supposed to have 12 parts. Only 4 parts ever got broadcast, and all 4 are in this ONE MP3. Even these 4 parts should be enough to wake the sleeping zombie sheep.  They prove Israel is raping the U.S. and was heavily involved in 911, and it all went out on FOX NEWS!

Now, if we could only make humanity realize that this IS a spiritual battle for the right to men’s minds and that they have been hoodwinked into believing the Satanists’ claims that there is no God and that the majority of society’s beliefs and ‘facts’ are simply lies geared toward that end!  Lies like evolutionary theory, homosexualism, feminism, socialism, any so-called revolutionary thinking that would tend away from that which is God-given and oriented and originated.  Oh well… one mountain at a time!

Internet trolls and other pinheads still ply their disinformation trade on 9/11, online, however, their insipid and annoying little voices are getting dimmer with each passing year.  Some of them are waking up to the realization that the public aren’t buying their bullshit like they once did.  And, of course, their bullshit isn’t getting the press that they would like as they are banned from some forums… like this one.  With the level of understanding that is now possible, any and all dissenting views on this subject simply are not allowed on this blog.  They never and they won’t see the light of day, end of story!

The liars have had their day in the sun… now it’s back to slithering under the rock that they slid out from under and they can stay there, forever!

Law Society Favors Perverts


The new cultural norm

The Law Society of British Columbia has banned graduates of Trinity Western University from accreditation within their ranks, showing a marked allegiance to the politically correct will of the globalist elite that control our government and society.  This is no surprise, given the haste with which all educational and governmental agencies, these days, rush to gain the approval of minority groups in Canada and North America.  Read more on the story here.

We have to be the laughing stock of the world, if not the entire universe!  Where else can tides of immigrants, legal or otherwise, find refuge within the borders of a nation that pretty much allows them the freedom to do whatever the hell they want, even if it violates our own cultural values and laws!  You try that over in THEIR countries and see what happens to you!  Yes, some will say, that is the point, having the freedom to do what you want is why they come here.  Well, there are limits to that, especially when our culture is supplanted and overwhelmed by those whose cultural preferences were the cause for the problems they experienced in their home countries and from which they now desire to escape!

Our government just doesn’t get it.  Now, we have a dominant homosexual lobby in North America that is petty much calling the shots as to whom gets the best treatment.  It is also quite amazing that the university in question would even think of appealing to an organization that has vowed to eliminate ALL faith-based groups within Canada and the US!  This shows the level of compliance and even groveling that Christians have reduced themselves to when they have to kowtow to the enemies of God for help!

My personal belief is that Christians shouldn’t be dealing with fraternities like these or have such close affiliations with such groups.  We are called to be a distinct society apart from worldly associations.  The University is simply reaping the consequences for entertaining these godless entities and I have little sympathy for it.

This is, of course, only the beginning.  The days of Sodom and Gomorrah are returning, when perverts reigned supreme, even to the point where they openly roamed the streets in search of their sexual victims.  They would not be denied, even upon point of death.  I’ve got a big fat surprise for those that have buried their heads in the politically correct sand, the homosexual deviant attitude and mind has NOT changed one iota since those days!  Ask anyone like myself that has gone toe to toe with these deviant creeps and they will tell you how vindictive and violent faggots are, especially toward Christians!

Well, these are the last days for our world and it is foretold that evil would reign supreme upon the earth in those days.  Everything is progressing as it has been forecasted.  Those of faith can actually take comfort in the knowledge that God is still in charge and will, eventually, in His time, deal with those that have hijacked His world and none of us have to lift a finger to oppose them.  Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t physically protect ourselves and our children from prowling deviants and oppose their specious activities through acceptable means whenever called upon to do so.  Of course, there will be civil repercussions for opposing the new world order, no one ever said that living on earth would be a bed of roses!  Most will have to pay a price for daring to live apart from Satan’s agenda.  That’s been the way in this place for millennia.

Till the day comes when he and all of his duped followers are eliminated, we shall have to deal with them and their futile worldly construct.  Simply understand that things are moving along the way that they should and that everything will, eventually, be made right.  To those that have decided to put themselves on the side of opposing God, I simply say enjoy yourselves while you can, you haven’t got long to live, anyway.  And for you… when it’s over, it’s REALLY over!

*Just as an added note… even WordPress has succumbed to the faggot agenda by placing a rainbow strip in the header bar of it’s administration page.  Now, we’re forced to look at THAT every time we post!  There’s simply no shame, anymore.

Zionist Bigotry in Action


Zionist Bigotry

It’s getting out of hand.  You can say ANTHING you want against anyone EXCEPT Jews, homosexuals and any other radical group or organization, but, you walk a narrow ledge when you criticize “God’s chosen ones”.  Jews enjoy immense freedom and sympathy in America and take full advantage of it to rail at their enemies.  These days, EVERYONE is fair game, not just those that are of Muslim background.

Of course, the Illuminati bankers are Jewish converts and they use their influence to silence any opposition against their goy-hating, anti-Christian programs like promoting radical feminism, atheism, homosexualism and other deviant lifestyles and criminal activities.  The bankers know that it’s politically correct (‘PC’ being another of their inventions) to love Jewishness and to hate Muslims, thanks to their own persecution of the Jews back during WWII.  They use this to full advantage and are very good at silencing their opposition.  “Useful idiots” are the goy they employ to aid them in their vendettas, which include incursions by their secret service (Mossad) into other countries, seeking out enemies of Zionism and assassinating them.

They pursue aged ex-Nazis almost to the point of digging them out of their graves and putting them on trial, aptly illustrating their insane lust for vengeance.  These show-trials are meant as an example of what anyone can expect for going against them.  They will go after anyone, big or small, to make a point.

Jews are considered (by the authorities) as the darlings of society.  That’s not the sentiment with others, though.  Jews have a well-earned reputation for being conniving materialists and vindictive enemies.  History defies political correctness in it’s honest portrayal of the Zionist mentality and their dealings with others throughout time.  While there are honest peace-loving Jews that are trying to live their lives while saddled with this unwanted stigma, Zionism is still embraced by many ultra-nationals whom have fallen for the ‘master race’ brainwashing and truly believe they are the chosen ones of God.

I won’t get into a religious exegesis here on why this is a ludicrous idea, suffice to say they are deluded and are not doing themselves any favors by walking around with their noses stuck up in the air, looking down on everyone else.  Reality is going to bite them hard in their nationalist ass, and this is forthcoming if they continue to pursue their vindictive foreign policy against Arab nations and their allies.  They are beginning to piss off their own allies with their haughty national pride and those are the only ones that have kept Israel from being wiped from the face of the Earth.

God isn’t fighting for them, anymore.  They rejected Him by hanging His Son on a post and they seem to think that won’t affect His promise to establish them as a nation among all others?  Supreme delusion!

Society owes it to these egomaniacs not to recognize or condone their insane self-importance by helping them go after their enemies, real or imaginary, and simply tell them to fall in line like everyone else.  They are no more important than any other culture and it’s time that they were made to understand that.

For more on this story, read here.

Olympics, Society Plagued By Homosexuality

Society is being assaulted with a rash of organized debauchery known as the “Gay rights movement”.  Everywhere one turns there is a caption or a news article depicting the latest round of assaults by homosexuals against heterosexual society, dissing our established moral standards and calling into question it’s value for a successful society.

It’s becoming rife on the Internet, places like YouTube, where an increasing majority are either “coming out” or are in support of these deviants.  Anyone questioning them is immediately labeled a “hater” or bigot and vilified in the manner of political correctness.

One thing will never change.  Homosexuality will always be the deviant mannerism it has always been.  It’s proponents will always be plagued by the unnatural effects of this disorder.  Disease, mental issues.  However this affliction manifests itself on whatever biological or mental level, it is still condemned in any rational and healthy society.  Every developed society throughout history always met it’s demise immediately after accepting and condoning vice.  Homosexuality, too, has been practiced by many despots and dictators and their officials.  Ancient Rome was rife with faggots, as was Greek and Egyptian and Babylonian culture.  Like a cancer eating it’s way out from within, homosexuality rots everything it touches, not only the bodies of those that indulge in it.

But, dare you ever criticize the faggot and his/her lifestyle, you run the risk of incurring the wrath of their politically correct dupes, such as the government and judicial system.  Most media have fallen into the trap of political correctness and promote the deviants at every opportunity.  The radical and insane GLBT monitor every media outlet, ready to pounce upon anyone they even think is against them and their agenda.  They do this in the name of freedom of expression and is their right.  They often trample upon others’ rights to expression and thought in order to superimpose their deviancy over them all.

The good thing about any illness is it’s manifestation of certain symptoms that allow the body to fight it.  The downturn of society, it’s morality and overall economic prosperity, is readily noticeable due to the spread of immorality within it.  The rise of deviant behavior should be viewed as the signal to do something about it, before it becomes rooted.

Never be afraid to speak out against evil and there is nothing less insidious than the “gay” rights movement.  It is historically proven to be the final stage in the demise of any civilization.