“Near Miss”? Why Society is Experiencing a Dumbing-Down

The recent “near miss” at San Francisco’s busy airport by one of our Air Canada jets is symptomatic.  Hear some of the radio dialogue in this video…

Love that term “near miss”.  I believe the pilot actually did miss the planes parked on the taxiway.  Why is it that we use these idiotic idioms?  Why is it that society, in general, is idiotic?

How about that dialogue!  It’s a fucking wonder that there aren’t more “near misses” happening when you have to bring in a linguist to interpret the gibberish that passes for radio procedure, these days.  In fact, if you notice (especially among the younger ones) today how people tend to NOT enunciate very well… speech is slurred and delivered rapid-fire.  It’s like people aren’t wanting to open their mouths, they speak through clenched teeth!

Up-talk, (the phrasing of statements as questions… (“My name is Highwayman?”)… for an example.  Using the word “like” frequently in a conversation… (“Like… how was your day?  Mine was like okay…”) along those lines.  I hear “OMIGOD!” overused quite a bit, too, especially by young women.  This Valley Girl shit has been around since the Eighties, I know, however, it’s still pretty well entrenched in our lingo.

The hectic, rat’s nest pace of this world does not help in any way.  People are prone to fuck up in wondrous ways, with the pressures that are forced upon us in this international banker’s construct of society.  We as wage slaves are beginning to burn out.  The way people drive on the highways is another symptom that society is tail-spinning out of control and we allow ourselves to be herded up like animals and delivered to the slaughter!

The goddamned Rothschild’s and those other internationalists running the world are preparing us for their grandiose “New World Order” by killing us off and driving the rest of us into abject slavery.  They have been working for millennia to supplant the nations of the world and draw everyone in their own peculiar oligarchy.  With Satan leading them in this, they have enjoyed great success and have the majority of the world’s citizens hood-winked into thinking that all of this is just some natural process of evolution.

What we have is a world full of bullshit… plain and simple!  It will not work… it cannot work… it will never work!  These totalitarian assholes are flushed with victory, knowing not that their time is short.  Were it within my power to do so, I would kill every fucking Rothschild I could lay my hands upon.  These scum have done NOTHING positive in their entire history, except fuck things up royally for everyone else.  They and their political minions should be drawn and quartered and then burned!

There were hundreds of lives riding on the actions of a few, that night in San Francisco.  Social norms crept into a vital communications pipeline, threatening to disrupt what should have been a routine discourse and action.  Like with Babylon of old, communication was the linchpin that held a totalitarian order intact.  When that was removed by God, the plans of the elitists fell apart.  Since that time, they have strived to repeat what they attempted at Babel and have consistently failed… and they will continue to fail, again and again!  They are fighting God and that is a hopeless battle.

Society is heading for total collapse.  There shall be “wars and rumors of wars”, however, the seeds of destruction were planted years ago.  The progression we deem as progressive is not.  Imagine a turd sitting in the toilet, floating around… then flush…

That’s us!


The Entitlement Generation?

More like the ‘All About Me’ Generation…

Selfie Madness

Idiots risking death for a picture of themselves…

You’ve heard of the “Baby Boomers” and the “Generation X”-ers, and even the “Entitlement Generation”.  Now, we have the All About Me Generation… or at least that’s the term I’ve coined for them.  People, today, are just madly in love with themselves, so much so that they’ll risk life and limb just to get a shot of them doing something adventurous.

But, it’s more than that.  Ever notice that people just don’t like to LISTEN, anymore?  And everyone seems more interested in TELLING… TALKING, rather than listening?  How everyone seems to have an EXCUSE for everything and how condescending the language has become?  Statements that are phrased like a question… “The cat is black?”  There is a name for this “Valley Girl” type of talk which escapes me at this time.  (I think it’s called “uptalk”)  What they are really saying to you is you are so dense that they have to literally spell things out for you.

We are a society in love with ourselves.  Looking after No.1 is the most important thing.  We don’t like putting ourselves out for anyone without full compensation, yet we’ll climb up bridges and jump out of airplanes and film our glorious selves hurdling toward death, sometimes paying a premium price for the privilege!

How is it that we have reached this pinnacle of stupidity?  A society that has forgotten it’s religious roots and now must substitute the gaping hole in their lives with… SELF.  There s no harder task master than self!  Worshiping God is child’s play compared with keeping high and mighty self appeased.  People spend trillions of dollars every day, all over the world, trying to appease self.  Idolatry at it’s finest!

The Illuminati has seen to it that society has become so regulated and compartmentalized that people have only enough time from working and slaving for them to realize a minimum quota for self-regeneration and/or relaxation.  So the premium we place on our free time is so important that we devote nearly all the energy we have left toward it’s attainment.  This is often done at the expense of other things that are really more important… like spending time with family, friends and with God.

The elitist taskmasters are jealous gods.  They want TOTAL allegiance and that is why our work has become our religion.  To even speak against work, to adopt a simpler, seemingly and comparatively indolent lifestyle is looked down upon in our workaholic society.  People are then led to make up for lost ground by doing increasingly wilder and expensive things in their free time.  We are living beyond our means already and we seek newer ways to exceed even that.

We fight each other on the roadways, jostle one against the other in every public venue, all vying for the supremacy and the SPACE we so desperately desire and need.  Climbing mountains where nobody else is feeds that inner quest.  The reality is that man has forgotten what and who he is… a creation of God, a God that demands so little of our time, comparatively speaking, and gets ZERO.  So, in place of that we try and fill the void with self-appeasing pursuits… because it’s a fundamental law that nature abhors a vacuum and will fill it with something.  That something is self, which stands ready to move in the minute that God is removed from our lives.  We were never created for self-worship, we were created to give allegiance to Him that gave us life in appreciation for that life.

Self-worship leads to a cancerous soul.  One look around this old world and we can see the effect that unbridled selfishness and self-appeasement has done for it and us.  The world without God is one gigantic selfie gone horribly wrong.

For more on this, read here.

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