Tyrant Watch… Justin Castreau’s Death Throes?

But… as they say, it’s not over till the fat lady sings!

Steve Isdahl
, as you all know, is getting to be a prominent figure in the “Bigfoot/Sasquatch community” and is an open critic of the current fiasco going down in Ottawa, Canada.  I won’t need to elaborate on that, anyone not familiar with that event has been living in a cave, somewhere.  What is new is Steve’s involvement in the protest movement.  He was planning on attending, so he says, but, I doubt that will happen now that the government has gone full-stupid and is actually doing the things that he talks about in his video.  On the current crisis, him and I are on the same page, diverging only where his belief in hairy ape men stomping around the backwoods of BC and various other provinces and states is concerned.  That is another ruse by the powers-that-be that bolsters their program of destroying the underpinnings of democracy, including the knowledge of one’s Creator.  Steve flatters himself that the government is trying to cover up the existence of these creatures, but, the reality is that he is doing exactly what they want him to do… create an overall fascination with these ‘things’ and, of course, in doing so, fully embrace the evolutionary lie.

Editor’s note: (If you’re into bedtime monster stories, by all means, watch the entire video… but, the relevant portion ends around the 8 minute mark.  I tried to cut out the bullshit, but, my html skills are a tad rusty.  Anyway, use your own discretion!)

I am no longer a voice on Steve’s channel, I don’t say and do the things that he and his groupies approve of, much like what they are now accusing the government of being, applying censorship and ridiculing anyone that diverges from their belief system and/or agenda.  I do, however, use Steve’s indignation as a tool to keep on track with what the deluded public are thinking and saying… one of a few individuals, of course, being as there are many.  I do believe what some of his groupies are saying… one being that the prudent course of action for anyone critiquing the dictator now inhabiting the PM’s chair in the House of Commons should take the necessary steps to ensure that they have a livelihood, including cash reserves, not held up in any bank account, in case the totalitarian regime currently installed begins to do what it is intended to do.  Unless they do away entirely with paper money and go full-bore digital, we can still have a means of trade available among ourselves… those of us, of course, not taken in by the lies and bullshit prevalent out there in the media!  It is advisable, too, to cut ties with those virulently supportive of this rogue government and it’s lapdogs in the media, preferring to believe lies over clear logic and thinking.  Whole communities could in theory separate and maintain themselves economically and even militarily, should the government push things that far.  A well-armed militia operating outside the auspices of the Federal Government is not a new thing… it was one of the ideas our fledgling countries instituted as policy in order to ensure the survival of the new colonies!

Training in self-defence, arms, survival is not merely an option, it may well become policy if the tyrants down east continue their present course.  We are all going to have to make some tough decisions in the near future, but, of a certainty, maintain some level of independence from the financial institutions, they are accountable to and under the control of the government and can be a very effective tool in controlling the masses.  The time for serious character development is at hand… a task I’m afraid will not be possible for the majority of a society so accustomed to being ‘kept’ by the various federal programs euphemistically called “benefits” and the relatively lavish lifestyles we’ve enjoyed since the end of World War II.

For now, we must watch… and prepare, to the best of our knowledge.  Place no faith or trust in friends and/or relatives that display a clear bent toward support for the regime in power, they WILL be your undoing and are in the best position to expose you, as their leaders will demand this from them… even under penalty, ironically… if they would wish to avoid the fate that is intended for us.


2 responses to “Tyrant Watch… Justin Castreau’s Death Throes?

  1. I find your review of Steve Isdahl interesting ,but sad that you attack him. Why so bitter a review. If you do not agree with him why waste your time just ignore his site and move on. Life is to short.

    • No bitterness, only cold, analytical facts. He imagines himself as some kind of saviour, yet freely embraces and employs tactics that those he belittles use. He makes a lot of money doing this and seems immune from having to actually provide evidence for his beliefs and assertions.

      He doesn’t seem like a stupid man, which would make him complicit with what I view as a conspiracy to dumb-down society and distract them from matters far more important. He certainly is not alone in this, there are quite a few others that have jumped on the Bigfoot bandwagon.

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