The Bullshit Hour, Starring Steve Isdahl!

Well, once again, it’s time to check in with our resident sasquatch researcher, Steve Isdahl.  What is our ham-fisted backwoods bullshitter on about, this day?

I like when he says he’s in “butt-fuck nowhere”, all the time.  You know most of his vids are probably made only a few miles from his acreage near the shores of Harrison Lake, BC.  Anyway, once you get past all the crazy encounter stories, the meat of this particular tirade is some ‘scientist’ warning about the public backlash should the secret of these “beings” ever get out.  Odds are that this ‘scientist’ is just another of Isdahl’s groupies or some government shill or wannabe, having learned all the slang and vernacular from countless emails sent to Steve and other ‘researchers’ in the burgeoning “squatcher” community.  You have to endure some of those before you get to the meat of the subject… but, it’s there.  Anyway, I doubt there’s going to be any backlash over the knowledge of some chickenshit hairy ape that resides in the deepest, darkest primeval forest that has to resort to peeking out from behind trees or from great distance.  Not many folks are interested in travelling to places that time forgot, anyway, where this thing’s supposed to live and that thing… were it to actually exist at all… doesn’t seem interested in coming out of cover, either, to occupy or even travel through populated areas.

This ‘scientist’ has to know that no credible scientist is going to touch this subject with a thirty foot pole, not if he/she wants to keep working, that is.  Also, many of the time-honored beliefs of “conspiracy cranks” are nestled in there among the few truths there are.  This is just enough to discredit ALL of the information, something I’m sure that the author of that email intended.  Discrediting “twoofers” is a primary focus of disinformation agents and picking a ham-fisted, partially-employed, barely-literate hunting guide to relay their bullshit is pure genius.  Whether or not Isdahl is a knowing accomplice in all of this is debatable… I doubt it, myself.

But, oh how the money rolls in and Steve is laughing all the way to the bank!  You don’t have to be a college boy to understand there’s gold in them thar sucker-ridden hills and in all of that fanciful bullshit!  Even he understands there’s more to life than killing animals and sticking their heads up on walls… though we’ve actually yet to see him doing anything other than fish… oh, well!

The King of Bullshit Still Going Strong!

Yup… the Guru of the Gullible still has the rubes all creaming themselves over at How To HuntSteve Isdahl, self-styled “Bigfoot researcher”, enjoys a growing entourage of gullible thrill-seekers that get off on hearing bedtime monster stories, all read from emails sent in from God-knows-who that are supposed to convince the rest of us that this is all the evidence that we need to believe.  Steve’s growing bank account from subs and likes, of course, has nothing to do with the veracity of the subject.  He’s got a book (maybe two, by now?) out on the subject, too.  Well, free enterprise, right?

Still no REAL evidence, though, from Steve or any of the plethora of “researchers” out there.  Of course, when there’s nothing out there, how can there be any evidence to gain?  Why people are so fond of deluding themselves is beyond me.  I guess I wouldn’t have any reason for this blog if people actually used their brains, anymore.  This world is so far gone that it would take a divine miracle to bring it back from the edge… no, I take that back, even God couldn’t salvage this society, He’ll simply flush it and start over.

I still check in on Steve, though, from time to time.  I’ve been ghosted on his channel, he and I are the only ones that see my comments, anymore.  It’s kind of nice, too, knowing that I can pretty much say anything I want without having his groupies crawl all over me.  Steve’s a con artist and people love being conned.

That pretty much sums up our society.

Social Retards

That is what our society is, a compilation of lazy, indolent morons that can’t garner the ambition to form a cogent thought, anymore.  Instead, we allow others, many with ulterior motives and agendas, to educate us.  We have been so conditioned to listening the the ‘experts’ we no longer trust our God-given intuition preferring to let media and government dictate to us what we should believe and do.

Just in my time, we’ve been inundated with one scam after another.  The earliest one that I can remember and have lived through is the moon landing hoax.  Of course, since then, we’ve had various assassinations and wars… 9/11, etc.  Basically, our society has been built upon one big fat fucking lie after another.

The COVID hoax comes to mind, now, at this point of developing instabilities throughout eastern Europe, themselves, the result of media hype and governmental legerdemain.  While it’s wound down substantially, especially due to the eastern debacle, there are still those that adhere to their programming and insist on blaming a common cold on the dreaded COVID monster.  I’ve lost patience with these morons as we live in an age where this kind of Medieval thinking shouldn’t even be a factor in our lives.  I’ve had to write off a few friends and family because of their steadfast refusal to question the emperor’s nakedness.  Make no mistake!  While I am a proponent of free choice, that doesn’t extend to where that choice buggers up my life and freedom of action and choice.  I feel the time has never been better to make these morons accountable for their choices and that they needn’t expect any help or sympathy or encouragement in their headlong rush to disaster.

Dealing with the subject of morons, one other name pops up out of my Rolodex of dupes… Steve Isdahl.  Isdahl has a popular (right away, if it’s popular, you know it’s frivolous nonsense!) YouTube channel dealing with the subject of Bigfoot and an assortment of other freaks and space alien/paranormal crap.  This guy is so far down the garden path with this garbage that I doubt his sanity, anymore.  His only redeeming feature is that he doesn’t trust the authorities, which is wise, but, then he goes off the other deep end on what are for the most part hoaxes and the products of fevered minds and egocentric narcissism.  One wonders just how much damage some hick hunting guide from the suburbs of Abbotsford can do with these paranormal rantings and ravings.  He hosts a one-man email-in show where he reads (or tries to) emails from supposed encounters with the big forest dude, his less-than-oratorically-correct narration of other less-than-oratorically-correct fans’ “encounters” stretching the limits of one’s patience and ability to listen to hours of less-than-oratorically-correct bullshit.  Over the months, the stories have gotten more fantastic with every email, most of which is the natural evolution of what occurs when you’re subjected to mounds and mounds of relentless bullshit over long periods of time…

This is a perfect illustration of last-day events portrayed in scripture, when people would go after the mutterings of every unclean spirit, discarding common sense and preferring to believe a lie rather than truth.  This comes from the inherent laziness and indolence that we all have as human beings.  Not much effort is made, anymore, to investigate truth to see if it is, in fact, truth and not some lie fomented by those with a definite agenda in mind.  One accurate method I have for determining fact from horseshit is the popularity of whatever it is that one desires to test.  If it’s accepted and lauded by the majority of folks, guaranteed it’s bullshit and not worth a second’s pause.  The more outlandish and idiotic it is, the better it’s chances of acceptance by an intellectually-starved public.  Websites like this one that deal in the hard truth and FACTS are not especially interesting to a pleasure-loving, excitement-driven populace, not into anything that might require they make an adjustment in their lives or make some sacrifice.

Now, we have the sabre-rattling in Eastern Europe to rattle our already media-frazzled minds and I’m wondering what my next post should carry in terms of hope for a generation that has purposefully driven logic and foresight from their lives.  We shall see what we’ll see!

Tyrant Watch… Justin Castreau’s Death Throes?

But… as they say, it’s not over till the fat lady sings!

Steve Isdahl
, as you all know, is getting to be a prominent figure in the “Bigfoot/Sasquatch community” and is an open critic of the current fiasco going down in Ottawa, Canada.  I won’t need to elaborate on that, anyone not familiar with that event has been living in a cave, somewhere.  What is new is Steve’s involvement in the protest movement.  He was planning on attending, so he says, but, I doubt that will happen now that the government has gone full-stupid and is actually doing the things that he talks about in his video.  On the current crisis, him and I are on the same page, diverging only where his belief in hairy ape men stomping around the backwoods of BC and various other provinces and states is concerned.  That is another ruse by the powers-that-be that bolsters their program of destroying the underpinnings of democracy, including the knowledge of one’s Creator.  Steve flatters himself that the government is trying to cover up the existence of these creatures, but, the reality is that he is doing exactly what they want him to do… create an overall fascination with these ‘things’ and, of course, in doing so, fully embrace the evolutionary lie.

Editor’s note: (If you’re into bedtime monster stories, by all means, watch the entire video… but, the relevant portion ends around the 8 minute mark.  I tried to cut out the bullshit, but, my html skills are a tad rusty.  Anyway, use your own discretion!)

I am no longer a voice on Steve’s channel, I don’t say and do the things that he and his groupies approve of, much like what they are now accusing the government of being, applying censorship and ridiculing anyone that diverges from their belief system and/or agenda.  I do, however, use Steve’s indignation as a tool to keep on track with what the deluded public are thinking and saying… one of a few individuals, of course, being as there are many.  I do believe what some of his groupies are saying… one being that the prudent course of action for anyone critiquing the dictator now inhabiting the PM’s chair in the House of Commons should take the necessary steps to ensure that they have a livelihood, including cash reserves, not held up in any bank account, in case the totalitarian regime currently installed begins to do what it is intended to do.  Unless they do away entirely with paper money and go full-bore digital, we can still have a means of trade available among ourselves… those of us, of course, not taken in by the lies and bullshit prevalent out there in the media!  It is advisable, too, to cut ties with those virulently supportive of this rogue government and it’s lapdogs in the media, preferring to believe lies over clear logic and thinking.  Whole communities could in theory separate and maintain themselves economically and even militarily, should the government push things that far.  A well-armed militia operating outside the auspices of the Federal Government is not a new thing… it was one of the ideas our fledgling countries instituted as policy in order to ensure the survival of the new colonies!

Training in self-defence, arms, survival is not merely an option, it may well become policy if the tyrants down east continue their present course.  We are all going to have to make some tough decisions in the near future, but, of a certainty, maintain some level of independence from the financial institutions, they are accountable to and under the control of the government and can be a very effective tool in controlling the masses.  The time for serious character development is at hand… a task I’m afraid will not be possible for the majority of a society so accustomed to being ‘kept’ by the various federal programs euphemistically called “benefits” and the relatively lavish lifestyles we’ve enjoyed since the end of World War II.

For now, we must watch… and prepare, to the best of our knowledge.  Place no faith or trust in friends and/or relatives that display a clear bent toward support for the regime in power, they WILL be your undoing and are in the best position to expose you, as their leaders will demand this from them… even under penalty, ironically… if they would wish to avoid the fate that is intended for us.

Luis Elizondo… NWO Sales Rep?

A former US Army counterintelligence special agent gives his take on the matter of possible UFO/UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) activities…

After listening to this very articulate and seemingly knowledgeable speaker, one might be left with the impression that he is a very efficient and polished spokesman/salesman for that which he is employed to sell.  But, what, exactly, IS he selling?

The paranormal is becoming more and more popular with the harried masses, these days, overcome by the cares of working and just surviving in a world where the pace of living has increased exponentially, over the last 25 or 30 years.  I’ve entertained a few examples of this on my blog, one, in particular, being Steve Isdahl, a self-proclaimed champion of the downtrodden in the field of Cryptozoology, specifically, the Sasquatch phenomena.  He gives those with ‘encounters’ a forum for voicing and venting their concerns and, of course, their “encounters” and experiences with the big fella.  He’s become quite a YouTube sensation… but, what, now, of Mr. Elizondo?

While the man is very amiable and easy to listen to, he is also very elusive, citing “national security issues” whenever he’s asked a pointed question.  Typically, this would make him (in my view) suspect as this is evasive and a common ploy to escape ratification and verification.  Isdahl’s crowd uses this ploy more often than not when asked to provide evidence for their claims and sightings, citing they ‘lost’ the picture, ‘forgot’ to put film in the camera or “left their phone in the truck”, “dead batteries”, whatever.  His rhetoric is very complimentary of the Oligarchy’s agenda in distracting society from the Gospel of Christ, fulfilling many mandates of the pagan hierarchy’s plan to establish a firm disbelief of God in the minds of the citizenry.  Evolution, for example, that great apostasy and misdirection away from truth, plays heavily into the UFO/UAP program, just like with Bigfoot.

The public’s predilection with the paranormal, previously, has been cyclic.  There was always a core group within society that has kept the torch burning, as it were, however, there has been a marked increase in interest in the esoteric and paranormal fields within the last few years.  This would be in harmony with what scripture tells us about the last days of the world, when deceptions would abound and men would choose those things that “tickle the ears” over sound doctrine.  Upon close examination, however, all of this shows a direct connection with the plans for a world-wide government that has been in the making for over 5000 years, with the descendants of those original oligarchs… through careful and deliberate family planning and bloodlines… carrying on the work of their forefathers.

The inference I’m making to this particular segment of the “Great Controversy” (referring to the spiritual battle between the forces of good and evil) is that it is preparing mankind for the ultimate event in Earth’s history… the appearance of some ‘great benefactor’, ostensibly the Lord Jesus Christ, but, in all reality, the adversary of souls… Satan.  A modernized, hedonistic society such as ours must be brought back into line with the type of mindset that our forefathers had, whom were quite used to seeing things of a supernatural nature on a fairly common basis.  People, today, scoff at the notion of a hidden, spiritual world, but, the oligarchs have a program tailored to that mentality.  Introducing – extraterrestrials!  Even biblical terms have been borrowed to identify these entities… such as “Nephilim”, for the esoterically- minded.  Anyway, this great arrival is to be heralded after some time of particular trial and hardship put forth to society, to mimic the arrival of the Savior, Who, of course, will come to end 6000 years of sin-soaked years and re-establish the original antediluvian order.  The reality will be it’s really the one that now influences the minds and actions of the greater part of the world’s leaders and many others.

So, the softening up is well underway, in preparation for the last day events that have been forecasted for millennia.  As God’s Spirit slowly withdraws from this rebellious world, we can expect more tribulations before the final accounting is completed.

Steve Isdahl’s Frustration

Sasquatch aficionado, Steve Isdahl, is still on the track of that elusive quarry that he claims inhabits the deep, dark forests of North America, a being which he has, himself, claims to have seen. On his YouTube channel, he publishes weekly videos of stories that others have sent him, themselves, claiming to have interacted with said creature. Here is an example of his latest post…

We can sense his mounting frustration with every video that he posts, with those ‘powers-that-be’ that he deems are withholding vital information from us about these “beings”… though that frustration might be tempered, somewhat, by the substantial financial return he gets from his YouTube subscriptions and advertisments… no less than in this video where he expresses his dismay over a man’s dog being killed in a heinous manner. That, in and of itself, is quite remarkable, given Steve’s primary income is derived by hunting down and killing animals! (You’ll have to sit through over 30 minutes of this to get to that story, btw.)

The variance in all of these “encounters” is gradually narrowing, though, to one common denominator… these are spiritual manifestations of an evil nature and this is a fact in this fallen world. However they choose to manifest themselves, spiritual entities have long lived alongside of mankind and have devoted their energies to making our lives as miserable as they can. The Bible talks of man’s fall and of Satan, who was the highest creation of God and who fell from favor when he embraced his own visage as superior to that of even his own Creator. It is he who now rules over this pathetic world and the true, invisible persons who pull the strings of the visible puppet governments, know this… and actively worship and serve him. It is this that Steve unknowingly searches for and what is being withheld from him and everyone else. Of course, any believer knows this for fact and many have tried to educate him on this point, but, true to human nature, Steve, like most of us, seems bent on discovering this fact for himself, no matter how much trouble it brings him. The government cannot allow this information to be broadcast willy-nilly, because, there is an agenda dictated to them and it is paramount that agenda be followed.

The Bible, of course, reveals this agenda and gives us clues as to when all of this is to happen and what will be the final outcome. Satan’s forces know that they only have a short time left and these occurrences that Steve publishes are evidence of it. Despite the obvious frauds that get through his poor screening efforts, the number of supernatural occurrences are increasing. Why they should take the form of some big hairy bipedal is open for speculation, though I suspect that has a lot to do with the evolutionary lie that scientists under the control of Satan are foisting upon the world. Man is becoming more and more susceptible to deception as God’s Spirit withdraws from him and I’m sure there are some real doozies in store for us before this is all over. The recent COVID hoax is one example.

The best weapon I can suggest to Steve and all of his followers is that they turn to the word of God for their answers and defence. These beings (so far) have limited their aggression to animals and are prohibited from touching humans… for the most part… in accordance with the ‘treaties’ revealed in Job 1:12, and in Psalm 105:15, but, who can say what will happen in latter times. Of course, anyone with the mantle of Christ upon his shoulders is safe as Satan is powerless against this.

The “powers-that-be” know all about the great controversy between Satan and Christ and have chosen evil as their leadership. Their underlings… those that we see and heap our disdain upon are as clueless as most of us are and only follow orders. If one is to attain true knowledge in this life, one MUST proceed upon educating themselves, reliance upon the system and it’s services will be futile. Were it not for God’s great benevolence and interventions, we, as a race, would have long since disappeared into oblivion.

The “Squatch” Cult

In previous posts, I’ve written about Steve Isdahl, a British Columbian who is attaining a rather significant following with his YouTube videos about sasquatch encounters, where any old swingin’ dick and/or his girlfriend can write in and tell of some supernatural experience they had or thought they had, dealing with Bigfoot, UFO’s, Dogmen, etc., and be assured that they won’t be laughed at. Honest critiquing, of course, falls into line with Steve’s definition of being laughed at, so there is very little critiquing going on, all emails are treated as being gospel truth. In short, it’s not possible to lie to Steve Isdahl, he is somehow immune to the liar and the charlatan.

Steve, like many of those that are cashing in on the Bigfoot craze, has no qualms about allowing untested and unproven “encounters” onto their shows, or the possible damage they might be doing to these hapless individuals, those not simply trolling his channel for laughs, but, those who might be mentally ill and in need of the professional help that he scoffs at. Of course, there is also his own personal reputation as a professional guide that, I’m sure, has probably taken a hit due to his preoccupation with Bigfoot. After all, would YOU, Dear Reader, want to spend any time alone in a deep, dark forest, with an armed man that claims the things that Isdahl does and sees?

His typical reaction to any of those “encounters” that rate fairly high on my Imagination Running Away With Oneself scale do not vary very much, with responses like “Well, that was weird!” or “No one can claim that these things didn’t happen without being there!” – types of tongue and cheek and thoroughly patronizing summations. Steve’s an honest and proud man and his disdain for obvious bullshit is hard to hide, but, he has a business to run, so he does what he can to not show what he is really thinking, not wanting to drive off whatever honest, albeit deluded, patrons are attracted to his show. So, he allows the phonies to have their say, though grudgingly.

To date, we still don’t have concrete evidence of these beings’ existence, despite Isdahl’s insistence that it isn’t necessary. Sheer numbers of “encounter” stories, based upon the credibility and honesty of complete strangers are the NEW evidence! Well, some of us require better assurances than that! I mean, no one would go out and buy a car on the promises it’s a swell deal WITHOUT some kind of verification it’s not a lemon… right? Keep an inquiring mind, folks, never ignore your natural reticence to accept ANYTHING at face value, particularly these days, when people are required to believe without question or be vilified and labelled a trouble-maker.
Steve Isdahl