Pandemic Panic Warps Thinking!

This society is fast approaching the brink.  Common sense has flown out the window with many and governments are using their fear as a catalyst in bringing forth their new world order of mass-enslavement.  You can’t reason with people that are panicking and it’s best (if possible) to avoid them… and if that means cutting off all ties with family and friends that have fallen to this pandemic of fear, then, for your own health and sanity, do so.  I, myself, have.  There’s no reasoning with them and there is no trusting them, they’ll turn you in when the going gets tough, that is a certainty!  At that point, they’ll do anything to save their own hides from whatever bogeyman the government has planted in their heads or whatever threat they’ve levelled.

An excellent article by Dr. Henry Makow illustrates the problem facing us.  As I’ve written, before, time-serving, criminal politicians and their lap-dog elitist-owned and controlled media networks are now attempting to shift the blame for the “rising COVID cases from themselves onto the unvaccinated.  Of course, those governed and controlled by fear lap all of this up and are useful idiots in pressuring their non-compliant peers to following them in getting the jab.  People you thought you knew are showing their REAL character… it’s best to sever ties with these sheep-like demons early in the game, before things really get out of hand.  Believe me, they won’t miss you, after all, you’re a threat to them and will be a constant reminder of how they sold their souls for a needle.

2021 will go down in history as the definitive year of the end.  The end of society as we have known it.  The “variants” will continue, on and on and on.  Compliance with these tyrants is like dealing with the school bully… you can’t.  The only thing that idiot respects is a show of force and it’s best to show it to him early on in the game.  Politicians and media personalities, for the most part, are bought and paid-for.  The ‘experts’ or ‘scientists’ are all complicit, whether from threats to their grants, tenure, even personal safety, they will follow orders from the globalist forces holding the purse.  Those that are TRUE scientists and researchers, will have their jobs knocked out from under them and their characters slandered.  The sheep-like public won’t invest the time to check out stories that the self-styled ‘elite’ pull out of their asses, no matter how ridiculous and unbelievable.  They have long since been programmed to obey and they will… unquestioningly.  This makes them a threat to you!


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