Blog Post By Trucker Shows Antipathy For Change

This blog’s writer has expressed some pretty negative… and revealing… feelings about his and undoubtedly quite a few other members of the trucking industry toward the ongoing protests in Ottawa…

(Read the post here.)

It confirms to me the attitude that many of those truckers down east have toward their industry managers and other ‘complicit’ colleagues that don’t wish to rock the boat for financial and other persona reasons.  Theirs (those non-participants’) is a safe and compliant attitude to take when one’s livelihood is on the line… but, it is healthy in the long run?  Is it in the best interests of the industry, indeed, in the interests of the nation, economically, and, no less importantly, socially?  When do they perceive the rogue actions of this government to ever end?  What would be the incentive for a fast-growing and profitable scam to EVER end?

Some lively discussion on both ends of the spectrum.  Interaction with both sides shows a clear ignorance and/or misunderstanding of the forces that are aligned against us ALL!  This country has no idea what communism is capable of, the only conception they have is what they’re given through a complicit government and it’s media lapdogs… and, of course, Hollywood!  The writer of this post is clearly on the side of money and thinks that all of this strife will work itself out in the end.  He doesn’t understand the nature or workings of the oligarchical mind!

This ‘pandemic’ will never end without some form of coercion working to oppose it.  While a total shut-down of the industry is definitely not the answer, there must be some sort of message sent to those that believe that their power is absolute, even if it means playing into some secondary agenda, like the division of the masses.  I have already experienced this in my own circle of friends and family… or whom I once considered friends and family.  Now, I stand alone, with those that have chosen truth over lies and are not afraid to call the emperor naked.  The rest… are on their own!  Good luck to them, they’ll need it!

Here’s a sample of the shallowness people have toward principle and moral acuity…

Cathy SheldrickOttawa resident. “I hate every western trucker and will for the rest of my life. Peaceful protest, are you kidding me? You have no right to make that statement. Try living in the core of Ottawa with incessant trucks honking. Try being yelled at for no other reason other than living in Ottawa by angry protesters. I had the utmost respect for truckers prior to this, but no longer. Something needs to be done to protest city residents from being terrorized by large trucks blocking their right to access, and using their trucks as a form of torture.”

Yes, we’re all for freedom and justice… right up until it calls for some sacrifice on our part!  This commenter is just the tip of the iceberg of self-seeking and narcissism plaguing our society… and why it is we’re having the trouble we are, today.  Shortsightedness and selfishness will, ultimately, ruin this country.

As of this post, Justin ‘Fidelito’ Castreau is still in hiding… and will undoubtedly remain so, till he perceives this protest over and done.  He is a worthless piece of shit, in my view, and even manure has value!  But, nothing could ever grow over his grave, except maybe thorns and thistles.  A communist has no purpose other than to destroy, it’s in their nature and their manifesto.  They live to destroy.

Edit: Seems the puppet police force in Ottawa is now obeying their communist master’s wish that the truckers leave by denying them fuel to run their vehicles to keep warm.  The time-serving, communist mayor has already requested their GoFundMe account be surrendered to him to pay for “costs” he says the convoy’s incurring to the city.  Seems he could do better by disbanding that useless police force and/or firing that time-serving piece of shit police chief and probably most of those chickenshit cops standing around in their riot gear, looking like overdressed penguins with the only half the brain capacity!

Well, this makes the aforementioned blog post look even more ridiculous as it’s plain that the least support for this convoy will, ironically, come from the home provinces of these drivers.  Earlier on, a plea was made to company drivers of non-participant companies to join the group… perhaps this is what will be required, placing the country in even more turmoil than has already occurred.  This is what it takes to uproot evil, once it has established itself, it NEVER leaves peacefully.  So be it.  It won’t be possible to sit on the fence much longer!  That piece of liberal garbage hiding out in whatever hole he managed to crawl into will not allow a peaceful ending to this.


‘Fidelito’ In Hiding With “COVID”… (won’t meet with Freedom Convoy)

How convenient… and how characteristic of a hypocritical communist COWARD!  This piece of communist shit says… well, here’s what he says…

“Over the past few days, Canadians were shocked and frankly, disgusted by the behavior displayed by some people protesting in our nation’s capital.”  He calls their concerns “hateful rhetoric.”  The coward is hiding out at an “undisclosed location” supposedly infected by COVID, to deliver his stupid remarks.  By the way, ol’ Dipshit was supposedly fully vaxxed at the onset of this fake pandemic… do the math!  Two of his brats (and his wife, earlier) are down with ‘it’, too.  This is a regular thing with Fidelito, he never seems to be around when he’s required to be… strange!

He also intimates that veterans are disgraced by the protestors’ actions… by the presence of Nazi flags, etc… one would think he’d be proud to see flags that represent HIS ideology and character!  I guess no one thought of bringing a hammer and sickle flag along!  Then, again, his idea of respect for veterans included his NOT attending a Remembrance Day ceremony in favor of attending a gay pride event, clear across the country!  He also says he’d rather attend a BLM rally than address his own citizen’s concerns!  (I guess THEIR tactics are more suited to a communist dictator than a peaceful rally by hard-working Canadian citizens!) We really don’t need any more evidence that this asshole is a clear and present danger to the freedoms of Canadians!  He needs to be taken down by WHATEVER means necessary!

Read the whole sordid story here…

It shouldn’t be made light of that this communist bastard is a clear and present danger to this country’s existence as a democratic entity.  He is working hard to fulfill both his father and step-father’s communist ideals in destroying Canada, working alongside and under the tutelage of his New World Order bosses to help bring the world under totalitarian rule.  Like his compatriot, Joe Biden, in the US, this commie bastard will not stop until everything that’s been achieved in bringing this country to where it is, is destroyed.  Just what reward he figures on getting for this, I really have no idea, as he is merely a useful idiot to the oligarchs…

… and I can’t stress the word IDIOT strongly enough!

My Personal Observations On The COVID Hoax

Just a few of the signs that tipped me off early in the game to this COVID-19 scam:

1. Came out of nowhere… with no prior term of development, suddenly it’s world-wide!  Impossible, even in the jet age.  The latter “variants” spread even faster, from even more obscure origins.

2.  No visible carnage, only ‘stats’ quoted by the less-than-trustworthy news media, proven by time to be one of the most opportunistic and dishonest and corruptible mediums in existence.

3.  The futile and laughable precautions taken by authorities, all of which speak of an unwillingness to abandon the procurement and circulation of the almighty buck!  Specifically, the allowances made for “essential workers” whom “MUST” continue working, even with pitiful restrictions like flimsy cloth masks, most worn improperly, which no bacteriologist worth anything would dream of working with, especially around any contagion of significance, except in a sealed-off, self-contained environment wearing ‘moon suits’.  “Social distancing” to an airborne virus is like designating “NO PISSING” sections in public pools!

4.  The Draconian measures worthy of any fascist dictator or high school principal in levying punitive measures for those that violate the space of others by using peer pressure to divide and censure those that question the status quo.  Refusing services to those needing them based upon nothing but a reference to some smug authoritarian ‘expert’s decree, whom are free from ANY public, legal or financial accountability when the almost inevitable repercussions occur… such as infections and reactions to the vaccines.

5.  Definitive and historically accurate declarations by those involved in the production and distribution of the vaccines in question that there is a surplus of people on the planet and that humanity would best be served if there were some significant reduction in those population levels.  Individuals like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, HRH Prince Phillip, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger… etc.  Evidence also of patents being taken out on vaccines well before the ‘outbreak’ of COVID-19 shows this was a planned event from the very get-go.

6.  The historically-proven fact that there has been a push on for a world-wide central government since the days preceding any of the recognized world empires, from Babylon through Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.  The self-professed ‘rulers’ of our world have never recognized the ability or right of the common people to govern themselves in any way, ostensibly needing THEIR guidance and CONTROL if the race is to survive.  This hierarchy has been carefully crafted and maintained for millennia.

7.  The dedicated, malicious assault against detractors of this hoax in all forms of social media that produces censorship and loss of employment and personal slander that goes well beyond simple umbrage and personal insult for these having stated their reasons or doubts about this hoax.  Simply asking for FACTS not attached to the views and opinions of those that stand to gain mightily from this scam… even those that merely find some form of narcissistic, personal satisfaction from being associated with some ‘great’ historical event such as this scheme, even as a victim, prove to be among the most virulent (no pun) in opposing any dissension.

There are many true professionals of great integrity and technical expertise that oppose this scam and have paid the price for denouncing the emperor’s nakedness.  From professors and teachers, down to those that work the “front line”, so to speak.  These are ignored and buried in the barrage of media hype and outright BULLSHIT that appeals to the narcissist and the hypochondriac who find their purpose in life through one calamity or another.

There will NEVER be a dishonest word spoken or reproduced on this writer’s venue, particularly where this COVID-19 con game is concerned!  I am dead set AGAINST any notion that this world is in the grip of a viral pandemic… it is my personal and vehement DECLARATION that the only pandemic is one of STUPIDITY!  Ignorance can be ruled out as we as a society have no excuses in this ‘enlightened’ day and age… which only leaves stupidity or complicity as a reason for ignoring the painfully obvious!

Every Scam Requires Willing Victims

People are self-absorbed by nature.  Some say it’s a safety mechanism bred into us by evolution to ensure the survival of the organism.  Some say it’s the result of a fall from grace through disobedience.  What is plain is that people seem willing to ignore the blatant signs of a scam in order to ensure their comfort over that of everyone else’s.

The restrictions put in place by governments and health authorities don’t work and they wouldn’t work in a REAL pandemic.  On top of everything else, the United Kingdom is now suspending all their useless restrictions and mask-wearing as it’s become obvious to them that the population is catching on and doesn’t believe their lies, anymore.  Does that make the British smarter than the rest of us?  Looks like!  We still believe that the flimsy, not-worn-properly cloth masks we’re required to wear, EVEN VACCINATED, are doing the job.  Putting them on to enter a restaurant, then taking them off to sit for one or two hours alongside other mask-less and potential plague carriers, breathing the same air, then donning them again to walk to the till to pay and then to walk outside!  LMARO!  Like… is THAT supposed to do something?

Researchers wear environmentally-sealed ‘moon suits’ in sealed-off labs when dealing with pathogens and other potentially deadly contaminants… and THESE flimsy masks are supposed to do something… especially, when worn part of the time?

And what of the vaxxed, themselves… ARE THEY NOT NOW PROTECTED AND NOT NEEDING ANY MASK?  Why are they required to wear masks after being vaxxed, which, we were told, was a one-time, all-the-time thing at the beginning of this hoax?  Then they need boosters!  One successive lie after the other… and people BELIEVE them!

And, the bodies… WHERE ARE THEY?  No, I don’t mean the stats quoted by the news media!  The numbers change, daily, with no supporting evidence that these are anything other than made-up stats to support the scam.  In times past, plagues left VISIBLE victims, usually being carted off in wagons and carts.  This ‘pandemic’ has no such picture to present, only stats by elitist and state-owned media.

If there actually WERE victims, we would SEE the bodies, on TV, in the streets, ALL AROUND… and if there really were a pandemic, no government would condone people roaming about ANYWHERE, with the army patrolling the streets!  No arbitrary measures like “social distancing” and flimsy cloth masks would be enacted, people would be FORCED to quarantine in their homes!  That means no jobs, no travelling… NOTHING!  These ‘restrictions’ can be plainly seen for what they are… controlling measures to program citizens to OBEY and acclimate them to living in a coming oligarchy/dictatorship.  Having your cake and eating it, too, may work in a dystopian world, but, not in the REAL world!

The inconsistencies are glaring and many.  Yet, people still choose to obey their depopulation-minded leaders and allow God-knows-what to be injected into them and their children.  Yes… “stupid” doesn’t quite fill the bill!

The TRUTH is, people DON’T WANT the truth!  They want the relative ease and comfort of their former ‘NORMAL’ lives.  This is now gone… forever!  Welcome… to the new world order!

Back-Pedalling R’ Us… COVID Doc Reviewing Stats On Pandemic Hoax!

And he’s a tad confused!  The light’s starting to filter through the thick heads, out there…

Could it be?  Could we really have been led down the garden path by totalitarian megalomaniacal elitists?  You can plainly see the confusion on Campbell’s face… he’s never looked like this, before, he’s always been so bright and chipper when talking about his favorite subject – COVID-19!

His grandfatherly demeanor has enraptured thousands, but, when faced with glaring FACTS over pure and unadulterated HYPE, he is now beginning to see what this fucking scam is really all about!  Disrupting people’s lives and leading them to forget that there are other maladies out there, FAR MORE URGENT AND PRESSING than any hyperactive cold germ!

Yes, Cancer deaths HAVE gone up, because, of the attention that’s been lavished upon restrictions and Nazi-like prohibitions for anyone not playing their sick, demented pandemic game.  No one can get into an emergency ward, because the little darlings working there are soooo afraid they’ll get the COVID.  Waiting lists for elective and non-elective treatments are long due to the irrational fears this insane pandemic has produced.  When it comes right down to it, who in hell wants to trust their lives to ‘doctors’ that believe in, and/or participate in this hokey nonsense?

Look hard at those stats… the average age of those that have succumbed to… whatever they succumbed to… is around 85 years.  Hell, those odds are pretty good even for the average human in terms of lifespan, anyway!  I don’t know of many of my own relatives that made it into their 90’s even before the scam!  Other ailments still outshine COVID… which, let’s face it, is merely a flu virus that attacks those with compromised immune systems.  The elderly come by this condition honestly, in terms of their age and fragility.  Youngsters, too, can be vulnerable as their immune systems haven’t fully developed.  These groups figure prominently in this hoax, but, how many actually take the time to THINK for themselves, anymore?

Campbell may have fucked up, here, divulging truth that a committed COVIDITE would and should hide at all costs… or, perhaps, (as I’d like to think) maybe he’s got a conscience after all!  Anyone taking the time to actually THINK THROUGH the rubbish that a complicit media and corrupt politicians dump on us, every day, would soon see it for what it is, complete and utter BULLSHIT!

Reader, if you spend all your time chasing life’s temporary and comparatively worthless pursuits, relying on duplicitous, greedy and power-crazed people like those in the media and government and mega-corps to do your thinking for you and listening to their rhetoric, you will reap what you’ve sown… guaranteed!

Mass Information Psychosis… It’s What I define As Batshit Crazy!

And that is exactly where this society is headed… watch this informative interview, then watch the attempted cover-up at the end where the host on the left (no pun, intended) tries to hide his fear at being identified so closely…

FEAR is what drives the vaxxed crowd to turn on their fellow citizens for using their heads and seeing what this ‘pandemic’ really is.  People that aren’t used to dealing with stress think stupid, insane things, then DO stupid, insane things!  The shill on the left tries to shoot down Iversen’s CORRECT assessment of this false flag ‘pandemic’ as most complicit media persons would.  However, the facts are what they are… and that elitist piece of manure Faucci admitted as much to the media shill interviewing him!

No, this won’t end well.  There will be violence, it’s been the intention of the orchestrators of this hoax from the very start.  Those governed by fear and have caved to the propaganda will seek to rid themselves of the unvaxxed minority by whatever means… this of course, will be suggested and lauded by their elitist handlers, the media, politicians, etc.  I’ve seen this coming for years… it can’t end any other way, given the history of totalitarianism in societies.  I can assure the reader that I am prepared for this.  It won’t be a happy day for anyone thinking they can deprive me of my sovereign rights, they WILL pay a heavy price!

Time to start facing up to reality, folks!  The vaxxed sheep are beginning to mill about… even sheep can be dangerous in numbers, they’ll trample you underfoot in their mad, headlong dash straight into ruin!  Our country is in communist hands and as history as shown us, we are in for a long, dark night!

No Stats… Just Common Sense!

Just to add to that, I’d trust a starving crocodile at the height of the drought before I’d trust anyone connected with this scam!

Anyway, there really is no rocket science attached to any of this bullshit!  One merely needs only the common sense that God gave him/her to figure this out as the scam it is.

Firstly… the agenda.  The agenda the self-professed elite have set for themselves is total domination of the entire world.  This isn’t a new thing, it’s historical and has been generations in the making and time is drawing near the end, they HAVE to make their final push, NOW.  The idea of a world-wide central government has been in existence for over 5000 years and many have attempted to bring it to fruition.  World empires have risen and fallen with this goal in mind and this era is no different.  A united world under a centralized world-government would ensure not universal peace and prosperity, but, instead, a consolidated oligarchy of the super rich, all of whom are satanists.  This is why Christianity and any other belief system is under attack through various specious programs… programs such as the religion of evolution of the species, which is merely a warmed-over version of ancient paganism… but, this is another subject for another time!

Right now, consolidation of power requires that the populace be subdued and that can only happen through the division of the masses, something that this hoax pandemic is designed to do and is doing very well.  Families and friends are already fighting and blaming each other for the ridiculous restrictions that the oligarchs are levying on us when it is all on the heads of the globalists, themselves.  Common sense would tell us that wearing flimsy cloth masks will not deter an aggressive virus like COVID is deemed to be, when lab techs are garbed in what amounts to space suits to handle pathogens of this nature!  Then, forcing people to mask up when entering a restaurant to sit down, THEN remove the mask to sit there for an hour or more, surrounded by other unmasked patrons/potential germ carriers… then don the mask, again, to leave the premises… I mean, what the actual FUCK is THAT supposed to do?

The controversies over the vaccines, their effectiveness (against nothing) as opposed to the side-effects they are generating… all of this and other stupid, moronic regulations that are by no means universally enforced… and the blatant, threatening manner by which these restrictions are imposed, is a dead give-away to the spirit driving this insane hoax!  So, then… WHY are people fooled by this OBVIOUS bullshit???!

Well, aside from simple conformism resulting from generations accustomed to being kept and nurtured by the ‘establishment’ and a refusal to leave it’s ‘safe’ confines, there is also an innate fear that suggests that to question what one sees before their very eyes as wrong would imply that their cherished ‘benefactors’ might not, after all, have their best interests in mind!  To imagine that their leaders might use, abuse and even kill them should it become necessary in their minds, is simply unthinkable.  Better to obey and hope to hell that obedience isn’t in vain.  Unfortunately, history has shown that governments not only go rogue, they do it quite commonly and almost systematically!  Why else do our charters and constitutions contain clauses that warn and empower us to resist any deviations from what was originally intended for governance?

Human nature being what it is, it is INEVITABLE that governments become dictatorial… yet more proof that man is not able to govern himself and needs divine guidance!  For the moment, people need to trust their own inner doubts about this latest false flag and realize that history is about to repeat itself.  Cut loose from your materialistic, egocentric hypnosis and look outside of yourselves!  Your society is being threatened by some “big idea” (George Bush Sr., 1991) that does NOT include YOU in it’s agenda, except maybe as a slave!  Nothing good has to be enforced with threats of economic sanction and even imprisonment, this is the hallmark of totalitarianism.

The “big Idea” also provides for the culling of a large segment of humanity and what better way than to do that through some means of birth control… such as a vaccination!  It’s been done, before, with the mentally-challenged and certain ethnic groups.  This hoax is world-wide… do the math!

It’s up to you… rest assured, though, these globalist megalomaniacs will not succeed in bringing about their “Novus Ordo Seclorum” and will be destroyed by God in the end of days.  If you side with these criminals, you, too, will be judged!  In any event, you will go down with the society you chose as your own… think about it… long and hard!  There’ll be no second chance!