The Symbol of Persecution Revamped!

The yellow star symbol forced upon the Jewish people by the Nazi regime back in 1935, has new application for this day… as a symbol of vilification against those that have determined to resist the totalitarian movement to vaccinate the citizens of the world with an unproven and unsafe serum proposing to control a dubious and oft imaginary virus and pandemic.  In fact, one business in the US has already suffered persecution for identifying with Jews in the sense of being a member of an emerging, hated sect… those that refuse the vaccine on moral and common sense grounds.

It’s been more than obvious that we DO NOT live in a free country, ever since this campaign to inoculate citizens against “COVID-19” which is SUPPOSED to be a free-will decision, but, is rapidly developing into something much different.  Yes… they say it’s a free-will decision, but, when they go to the lengths they do to vilify those that choose not to become lab rats and put the blame on them for the sickness that the shots, themselves, are creating, in those stupid enough to think that a controlling government would never lie to them, it’s clear even to the mentally deficient that it’s NOT a choice!  Anyone that still thinks this is a choice is clearly operating from some paranoid delusion.

A hat shop business in Tennessee is feeling the brunt of modern-day Nazism with a prominent hat-maker, Stetson Hats, suspending their business supplying them because they chose to stitch yellow Star of David’s representing tyranny on their hats.  See here.  This is a cowardly, albeit free choice on Stetson’s part, though it aptly displays the character driving this vax program.  Only those with an inclination toward evil would even think of such an act.  The inclination to cave in to government is becoming more and more evident as society gets further and further away from the generations that built our countries.  We are just consumer-animals bent upon self-serving and are losing our moral compass.  Totalitarian despots take advantage of this and are now moving in a big way to make their world-domination plans reality, with such fertile soil as we are providing with our apathy and indolence.

This writer will, in turn, NOT support any business that caters to totalitarians and will consider adopting this symbol of persecution as one of protest against a rogue government and it’s deluded and cowardly citizens that support it.  “That no man may buy or sell save he have the mark of the beast,” a passage from a millennia-old book that is becoming more and more relevant in our times as this will soon be a reality in our time.  I see the day when the sickness that these inoculations bring upon the public will be blamed upon those that refuse to take them… and an eventual death decree be brought against them by ungodly and evil authorities and their minions.  Think it could never happen?  Think THIS bullshit couldn’t happen, only a decade ago?  Time to get your heads out of your asses, folks!  We live in an evil world, dominated by evil people.

I would encourage all that oppose this vaccine harassment to contact Stetson Hats and let them know they won’t do business with them or any other company that thinks of their bottom line before the good of their customers… and support hatWRKS in their fight against tyranny!


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