Acts Of Non-Compliance Show Solidarity Against Tyranny!

These signs are popping up all around my community.  It shows that not everyone are mindless sheep and cowards or afraid to stand up to the corrupt medical system and their political puppets!  Of course, the pro-vax crowd are now falling ill to their shots, but, are blaming the non-compliant folks for their condition.  Their own personal stupidity and cowardice, of course, have nothing to do with anything!

It will take a determined effort by those that have not bowed the knee to Pharaoh to support and patronize establishments like these… and make life a living hell for any public health official or time-serving political puppet that tries further vilifying them.  The vaxxed crowd are the true danger, now that they have had themselves inoculated with the serum that holds whatever pathogen passes for the COVID virus – the REAL cause of the sickness that is supposedly filling up hospital rooms – by introducing this pathogen into their bodies, which, the non-vaxxed do not have in their bodies, so pose no threat.  The threat comes from those that DO have the pathogen, those that had their shots and are now feeling the effects, those who seemingly were unaffected right at the start.  Those went around bragging that the shots were harmless… but, now, are finding out different.

Of course, the un-vaxxed will get the blame… but the facts are against their foolish claims.  Take Israel, for example, a country that early-on instituted a national vax program and were the first to reach “herd immunity” status.  Their hospitals are filling up… with VACCINATED persons!  They are now falling to whatever noxious substance they allowed pumped into their bodies by a corrupt medical system led by the World Health Organization!  Now, they’ll tell you that immunity drops over time, which is, of course, yet another admission the shots are USELESS and will require constant ‘boosters’ to maintain immunity.  This is diametrically opposed to what these maniacs were saying at the onslaught of this hoax, that the shots would be a CURE-ALL for this malady!  The truth has always been there, but, the public, by and large, have chosen to ignore it in favor of being nursed and spoon-fed their information by a corrupt media campaign.  The media have long been in the back pockets of globalist tyrants and this is not a new thing.

So, anyone that gets the ‘jab’ can look forward to getting these things for the rest of their lives… while their bodies deteriorate and liquefy under their influence! 

People… do NOT let these fools lay guilt trips upon you for their own stupidity and gullibility, THEY made themselves sick with their undying faith in a system that has been proven corrupt and defective for DECADES!  They were too lazy and indifferent to educate themselves and have long-since lost any analytical ability or ability to think for themselves, relying on their masters in the media and time-serving politicians to tell them what to do.

Now, they’re reaping what they’ve sowed!

Personally, I don’t care a whit about them, they made their choices and they can live with them, now.  I’ve been disowned and vilified by those that I’d considered friends and family… now, I say GOOD RIDDANCE!  Those that think as I and want justice are my family, now.  The others will soon pay for their arrogance and fear.


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