Bear Attacks – Pathetic Cover for “Climate Change” Hype!

As one commenter pointed out, this is merely a front for more so-called climate change propaganda.  It has nothing to do with pointing out the stupidity of the victims and the lax supervision (other than a few spurious postings of signs warning against bears) of the community toward it’s residents and visitors.

Will these morons ever cease and desist in their rambling tirades against normal cycles of nature?  Their paranoia knows no bounds!  Imagine a world that these socialist crazies wish for us, where everyone is scared to come out from under their beds and/or say anything that might be deemed as politically incorrect… that world is fast becoming a reality, what with the unbridled nonsense that is tolerated by our governments that only seek to amalgamate into a world oligarchy governed by the self-appointed elite.

Every day, boatloads (and planeloads) of immigrants are dumped on an already thinly-stretched social structure, given all kinds of favors and money (credit) and housing, while those that worked to build this country are forced to take a back seat.  Further restrictions are placed upon us by Henny Penny-types always crowing about the imminent doom of the world, forcing industry to retool and us to buy “green” products (always more expensive) and ‘save the whales’, etc.

The fascist left have no scruples and very little intelligence to see that this is simply a ruse by the self-proclaimed elite to force us to ‘save’ THEIR planet for THEM, while we live with further hardship!  (See Agenda 21)   See the REAL definition of this scheme HERE! (Specifically: Point #11)

It behooves us all to pay less attention to the hype that these globalists sling and more attention to what it is that could be gained by the self-proclaimed ‘elite’, especially with a world depopulated through war and disease and deprivation.  To them… this is THEIR world and we are unwelcome parasites infesting it.  You hear this echoed in the blatherings of nature nuts screaming for humanity to be culled in favor of conservation.  These witless fools have no clue how they are being manipulated and that they are as well targeted for extermination!

Time to wake up, folks!

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