Legal System Corrupt – A Contrivance of the Social Elite FOR the Elite!

Justice for Sale

Most people have had some run-in with the law in some form.  Most of those have no good thing to say about their experience.  This story is indicative of mounting frustration with a system that was never designed to work… at least not in the favor of the ones that it is purported to aid and benefit.

I know an individual that is being screwed over by the system.  The police, lawyers, judges… all of them are working for themselves and in turn serving their corporate masters whom control society.  Open and avowed Satanists, these top-level corporate criminals, they control those beneath them, the ignorant aforementioned.  Justice is not served, as it was never intended to.  Litigation is just another construct the self-appointed elitists use to further alienate humanity from God.

Lawyers, judges, many police officers and other bureaucrats are merely tools to reduce mankind to slave-hood, subject to regulation and control.  Nowadays, THEY must handle EVERYTHING, YOU are NOT allowed to provide your own recourse or remedy.  This is what society has gained by allowing itself to be KEPT.  Sovereignty – INDIVIDUAL sovereignty – is a thing of the past.  We are now deemed a COLLECTIVE.  This has been the goal of the self-appointed elite since the days of Nimrod.  The goal has always been to separate man from his Creator.  Men, through God, have certain unalienable rights.  Those rights have now been negated through this pseudo-system that Satan has wrought.

Of course, if you are a low-life slime-ball, right after Satan’s own heart, you will function well in the corrupt system of the elitists.  This is how one can determine their status in life.  If one functions well within the system and finds no fault with it, chances are that one is as corrupt as it is.  Satan will protect his own… at least until he no longer needs them!

Society is corrupt and it is doomed.  The end days are going to be a real trial for law-abiding people.  Scum will thrive and prosper under the protection of the devil and his minions.  Of course, they will all die when the judgment against them is levied, however, they shall prosper until that time arrives.  Till then, we must endure these fools and suffer at their hands, looking forward to the day when they will be killed for all time.  Happy days, when they are all dead and gone!


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