The Bullshit Hour, Starring Steve Isdahl!

Well, once again, it’s time to check in with our resident sasquatch researcher, Steve Isdahl.  What is our ham-fisted backwoods bullshitter on about, this day?

I like when he says he’s in “butt-fuck nowhere”, all the time.  You know most of his vids are probably made only a few miles from his acreage near the shores of Harrison Lake, BC.  Anyway, once you get past all the crazy encounter stories, the meat of this particular tirade is some ‘scientist’ warning about the public backlash should the secret of these “beings” ever get out.  Odds are that this ‘scientist’ is just another of Isdahl’s groupies or some government shill or wannabe, having learned all the slang and vernacular from countless emails sent to Steve and other ‘researchers’ in the burgeoning “squatcher” community.  You have to endure some of those before you get to the meat of the subject… but, it’s there.  Anyway, I doubt there’s going to be any backlash over the knowledge of some chickenshit hairy ape that resides in the deepest, darkest primeval forest that has to resort to peeking out from behind trees or from great distance.  Not many folks are interested in travelling to places that time forgot, anyway, where this thing’s supposed to live and that thing… were it to actually exist at all… doesn’t seem interested in coming out of cover, either, to occupy or even travel through populated areas.

This ‘scientist’ has to know that no credible scientist is going to touch this subject with a thirty foot pole, not if he/she wants to keep working, that is.  Also, many of the time-honored beliefs of “conspiracy cranks” are nestled in there among the few truths there are.  This is just enough to discredit ALL of the information, something I’m sure that the author of that email intended.  Discrediting “twoofers” is a primary focus of disinformation agents and picking a ham-fisted, partially-employed, barely-literate hunting guide to relay their bullshit is pure genius.  Whether or not Isdahl is a knowing accomplice in all of this is debatable… I doubt it, myself.

But, oh how the money rolls in and Steve is laughing all the way to the bank!  You don’t have to be a college boy to understand there’s gold in them thar sucker-ridden hills and in all of that fanciful bullshit!  Even he understands there’s more to life than killing animals and sticking their heads up on walls… though we’ve actually yet to see him doing anything other than fish… oh, well!

Video Comment/s Attract Immediate Censorship From YouTube!

YouTube’s algorithmic watchdog is constantly on the lookout for anyone trying to speak the truth about certain taboo subjects… like 9/11, for instance.  They don’t want anyone speaking against the OFFICIAL explanation for what went down, that day, about a small group of nearly illiterate Arabs having infiltrated the world’s most sophisticated defence grid and bringing down the twin World Trade Centre buildings.  The last thing they want is any heat brought upon them by the government… whom, in league with Mossad, the Israeli secret service, sought to vilify the Arab nations and justify an invasion of sovereign Arab countries.  Anyone trying to even skirt around this in this particular video will find their comment GONE.

These workers are building what would become known as “Building 7”, which was not destroyed in the so-called ‘attacks’ but was ordered “pulled” by New York’s mayor Rudy Gulliani.  Funny thing is that the physics do not agree with the time frame for this demolition as it being anything other than just that… a controlled demolition, planned days in advance, for a building of this size.  It could hardly be made to fall straight down into it’s basement with such short notice… which, leads us to wonder about WTC’s 1&2!  The facts are that the whole scenario was carefully planned by federal and Mossad operatives and that American citizens were murdered by their own government at Israel’s behest and with their blessing.

There are so many holes in the official rendition of that day that it would require many more posts on this subject.  Yet, the sheep-like public seem set on being led and controlled by oligarchs and refuse to see what is plainly before their eyes.  The term “Eyes Wide Shut” surely applies, here.

Anyway, this writer attempted to leave comments on this video and they were removed, the first one with a warning.  The complicit media and social media are servants of the “Great Reset” planned by oligarchical elements of big finance, industry, religion and government.  9/11 was planned with the purpose of using the Arab people as scapegoats to further elitist expansion into their territories and economies and to establish a centralized world authority over countries.  It was the ultimate experiment to see just how far they could go and the duped public didn’t let them down.

So, something so benign as a construction video is monitored for any hint of dissension… that should tell you what kind of world that we live in.  Keep your powder dry, readers, the ride’s going to get rougher!

I Add YouTube To My list Of Communist Rags!

Yes, now I’ve been shut down by the socialist media giant YouTube.  Along with Facebook, these two have proven to be the most gigantic waste of effort and energy for me, as their clear bias toward communism and dedication to destroying free speech are very apparent to anyone that has simply tried to post the truth about the lie called COVID-19!

The truth cannot be hidden or covered up, though.  Those Marxist fools calling themselves administrators delude themselves if they think that shutting down one or two accounts, here and there, is going to help their agenda.  While it’s true that low-brow morons will always believe what their leaders tell them, being too lazy, stupid and cowardly to resist them, the “sheeple” will tell themselves they’re just being good citizens when they knuckle under and comply with their elitist masters’ demands.

But, the stupid rule in this world and there are a lot of them… more than the rest of us.  They ARE going to drag this society down with them and there’s nothing much we can do outside of a full-scale rebellion in arms.

A TRUE patriot will boycott YouTube, Facebook and any other forum that employs censorship and trolls to harass those that criticize theirs and their communist masters’ agenda!

YouTube Channels Deleted!

Crossdressing mutant freak, “Theresa Tam” looking as stunned as ever!

Yes, along with several Facebook accounts, I have also deleted my YouTube accounts, as they, like my Facebook accounts, were heavily censored by the socialist left-wing admins that infest and pretty much control what are really mouthpieces for the communist regime that is rapidly taking over North America.  Pretty much any comment I made, no matter how benign, would not see the light of day, especially if it were in criticism of some leftist moron’s views.  It has pretty much become impossible to speak one’s mind in the company of perverse and immoral trolls that are prolific, these days, infesting most social media platforms.

I will continue to use videos from this platform to illustrate my views, free from censorship and, of course, utilizing the same ruthlessness as do those admins in regulating potential troublemakers/trolls and I will continue to screen all comments and/or edit them where I deem it necessary, as these fools have nothing worthwhile to say, anyway.  Any legitimate commenters need not fear abuse from these morons, they will be cut off at the knees and rendered inert.

That said, the latest news from that crossdressing mutant Freak Theresa Tam is that she/he/it is monitoring the spread of her/his/it’s latest imaginary viral variant, “Lambda” and “fears” it may come to Canada.  Don’t kid yourselves, this dried-up mummy masquerading as a health professional is all set to exact further totalitarian measures, now that the deadline for a supposed mask and social-distancing-free province is approaching.  There is still a large segment of the population that hangs upon every action and word of this mutant and will continue to hamper any efforts that thinking people make to oppose these globalist control-freaks from totally subjugating this country.  These are the TRUE enemies of freedom and as I have often said in past posts, all of these should be purged from any true patriot’s circle of friends and family.  They are a rotting cancer and should be dealt with as such!

Time won’t allow me to set up a separate page dedicated to exclusively monitoring the words and actions of this immoral mutant oligarch, but, I will continue my ‘mutant-watch’ as well as continue to expose these globalist criminals at every step… free from interfering admins and their cowardly troll sidekicks!

If you’ve used YouTube, recently, perhaps you have seen this advertisement plastered all across your screen…

This particular town recognizes the bizarre and subversive “LGBTQ+ Community”, every year, with a full week of traffic tie-ups due to street closures so these deviants can have their run of the town… as if they didn’t already enjoy special privileges in that sense.  Nobody is allowed to question or criticize them without being branded a “hater” or some other goofy stigmatization.  They, on the other hand, can pretty much say and/or do whatever they like, against whoever they like, especially on YouTube.  They can post lewd and offensive videos and even ignore decency laws.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to run afoul of these weirdos, only tell them their so-called “lifestyle” has been branded as perverted by God and society as a majority.

In our burgeoning socialist culture, deviants are enjoying unparalleled success and popularity in an increasingly permissive and decadent culture.  Their minority status could very well soon become the dominant trait.  We’re forced to watch them in their “pride parades”, marching and gambolling down public streets, scantily-clad and in very revealing and compromising positions, behavior that would get a “straight” person jailed, fined or both.  This is the unprecedented favor that they command.  This they can do, because, the powers-that-be have planned for this for centuries, indeed, have practised this for millennia.  The biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah vividly demonstrates what happens to a society that allows deviants to take over.

My experience with these are that they are almost to an individual very vindictive and violent.  Their perverse and dirty ‘lifestyle’ generates disease and the promiscuity they practice leads to higher rates of sickness and death among them.  If you point these facts out to them, however, you’re a “hater”.  They especially hate anything to do with religion… such as God or His Word, which plainly condemns their activities.

So, every year, our community has to pay homage to these dirty things and any business owner or public official that tries opting out of the ‘celebrations’ is going to pay a heavy price.  The time is coming when it will be impossible to write anything criticizing the queer club, one needs to understand exactly what society is facing in this onslaught of perversity.

The “Squatch” Cult

In previous posts, I’ve written about Steve Isdahl, a British Columbian who is attaining a rather significant following with his YouTube videos about sasquatch encounters, where any old swingin’ dick and/or his girlfriend can write in and tell of some supernatural experience they had or thought they had, dealing with Bigfoot, UFO’s, Dogmen, etc., and be assured that they won’t be laughed at. Honest critiquing, of course, falls into line with Steve’s definition of being laughed at, so there is very little critiquing going on, all emails are treated as being gospel truth. In short, it’s not possible to lie to Steve Isdahl, he is somehow immune to the liar and the charlatan.

Steve, like many of those that are cashing in on the Bigfoot craze, has no qualms about allowing untested and unproven “encounters” onto their shows, or the possible damage they might be doing to these hapless individuals, those not simply trolling his channel for laughs, but, those who might be mentally ill and in need of the professional help that he scoffs at. Of course, there is also his own personal reputation as a professional guide that, I’m sure, has probably taken a hit due to his preoccupation with Bigfoot. After all, would YOU, Dear Reader, want to spend any time alone in a deep, dark forest, with an armed man that claims the things that Isdahl does and sees?

His typical reaction to any of those “encounters” that rate fairly high on my Imagination Running Away With Oneself scale do not vary very much, with responses like “Well, that was weird!” or “No one can claim that these things didn’t happen without being there!” – types of tongue and cheek and thoroughly patronizing summations. Steve’s an honest and proud man and his disdain for obvious bullshit is hard to hide, but, he has a business to run, so he does what he can to not show what he is really thinking, not wanting to drive off whatever honest, albeit deluded, patrons are attracted to his show. So, he allows the phonies to have their say, though grudgingly.

To date, we still don’t have concrete evidence of these beings’ existence, despite Isdahl’s insistence that it isn’t necessary. Sheer numbers of “encounter” stories, based upon the credibility and honesty of complete strangers are the NEW evidence! Well, some of us require better assurances than that! I mean, no one would go out and buy a car on the promises it’s a swell deal WITHOUT some kind of verification it’s not a lemon… right? Keep an inquiring mind, folks, never ignore your natural reticence to accept ANYTHING at face value, particularly these days, when people are required to believe without question or be vilified and labelled a trouble-maker.
Steve Isdahl

Scumbag Con Artist Abuses Dogs To Scam Suckers


Bennett and dogs

A certain low-life scumbag is using his YouTube account to scam money from sympathetic animal lovers by feigning their deaths and then posting videos of supposedly “grieving” animals for money, to help provide them (and, of course, him) with a new home.  I won’t post any of this creep’s videos here, either to glorify the piece of shit or help him profit by it.  Merely linking to this bastard is enough to leave one with a sense of feeling dirty with a need to wash.

Brett Bennett, a.k.a. “Brettvette 1” is collecting a large following of soft-hearted but soft-headed groupies that think that his wanderings with his dogs in public parks are anything but attempts by him to satisfy his not-so-subtle fetish for seeing animals fight.  The first video of his that I watched instantly revealed to me that something wasn’t legit.  This clown seems to glory in seeing animals in conflict and he goes out of his way to seek out other owners with their pets to try and instigate conflict between them and his dogs.  This pretentious piece of shit feigns admiration and concern for the dogs while secretly relishing the conflict that almost always develops when he maneuvers them into positions where they have no choice but to fight.

Bennett has a criminal past and there is some speculation he’s already done some time for his acts.  The scumbag still seems to be active, as I recently got a mocking comment from the turd, where he bragged about his abuse of animals.  He thinks he can’t be touched.  There are ongoing efforts to get this moron kicked off of YouTube, however, which this writer supports.  This isn’t the first time I’ve run up against assholes using YouTube to satisfy their unnatural urges and cravings.  They come in all shapes and sizes, ALL of them seeking to capitalize off of well-meaning dupes that are unable to see their true nature.  I recently blogged about one of these cretins operating a sleazy game-call business where animals are abused in order to sell a product and no doubt satisfy some hidden, perverse lust.

What one can do is simply not watch, follow, or otherwise support this piece of shit and allow his pool of supporters to dry up.  DO NOT send him money, it is the way he makes his living, conning people to give him a free ride.  An honest day’s work is beneath little Brett, he prefers that others work for him.  It’s all accomplished at the expense of his and other’s pets.  Boycott this creep and shut him down!