Vaccine-Pushing ‘Doctor’ Collapses On Run!

Pro-Vax New World Order plaything Dr. Doug Eyolfson, an unsympathetic and virulent denouncer of individual rights and freedoms seems to have had some medical issues, himself, something his pro-jab philosophy and multiple inoculations seemed powerless to prevent.  How sad.  Well, sucks to be him, I guess.  I mean, that’s how he views those that oppose his world view that everyone be forced to be jabbed.

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His Marxist bum-buddy, Justin Castreau, was quick to offer his fellow communist his personal condolences on his Twitter page.  Both are opposed to any form of personal sovereignty in their Marxist views that everyone be controlled by the state.  Castreau’s latest attempts to reignite the national gun-grab with a proposed bill to offer up to $4830.00 (he couldn’t seem to make it to an even five grand, LOL!) for private firearms shows the communists’ determination to fulfill their globalist masters’ agenda of a totalitarian world government.  They NEVER forget… and they NEVER quit!  DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS, they must be worried about reprisals to whatever they have planned!

Castreau doesn’t appreciate it when he’s reminded of his heritage and personal philosophy, either, as an opportunity to have his narcissist Marxist puss preserved in a selfie backfired when his photographer called him a communist fuck…

There have been more than a few doctors succumb to their vaxxes in the last while.  These fools have no inkling of the character of those pulling their strings!  Yet, they willingly support having their fellow citizens take experimental drugs and support Draconian measures to force them to take them… and they’re paying the price for their infidelity…

I, personally, have received numerous comments from inoculated friends that they now wish they had not been jabbed.  What do you say to them?  Sucks to be you?  Were they dragged bodily out of their homes and workplaces and forced to take them?  Was the censure of family and friends and threat of job loss worth selling your health and future down the river?  Being able to sit in a restaurant with other potential plague carriers, unmasked, for an hour or more, thinking that you’re safe because you came IN wearing a mask?  Whatever happened to the basic common sense that most of us were born with?

The virus is IN the jab, folks!  It’s NOT ‘out there’ and it’s NOT transmissible!  If it were, they’d be satisfied with just having a few inoculated and unworried about everyone getting jabbed.  They’d count on those inoculated few spreading the disease around, themselves, but, it needs to be inserted into the bodies via injection to work, which is why they want everyone vaxxed!

Resist the temptation to cave in to familial and peer pressure to conform.  These, themselves, have no concern for you over their own interests.  There’s no danger to you if they get the shot, they’re only harming themselves.  You WILL be harming yourself, though, if you capitulate and get the jab.  The cowards are the ones that capitulate to their New World Order masters!


Every Scam Requires Willing Victims

People are self-absorbed by nature.  Some say it’s a safety mechanism bred into us by evolution to ensure the survival of the organism.  Some say it’s the result of a fall from grace through disobedience.  What is plain is that people seem willing to ignore the blatant signs of a scam in order to ensure their comfort over that of everyone else’s.

The restrictions put in place by governments and health authorities don’t work and they wouldn’t work in a REAL pandemic.  On top of everything else, the United Kingdom is now suspending all their useless restrictions and mask-wearing as it’s become obvious to them that the population is catching on and doesn’t believe their lies, anymore.  Does that make the British smarter than the rest of us?  Looks like!  We still believe that the flimsy, not-worn-properly cloth masks we’re required to wear, EVEN VACCINATED, are doing the job.  Putting them on to enter a restaurant, then taking them off to sit for one or two hours alongside other mask-less and potential plague carriers, breathing the same air, then donning them again to walk to the till to pay and then to walk outside!  LMARO!  Like… is THAT supposed to do something?

Researchers wear environmentally-sealed ‘moon suits’ in sealed-off labs when dealing with pathogens and other potentially deadly contaminants… and THESE flimsy masks are supposed to do something… especially, when worn part of the time?

And what of the vaxxed, themselves… ARE THEY NOT NOW PROTECTED AND NOT NEEDING ANY MASK?  Why are they required to wear masks after being vaxxed, which, we were told, was a one-time, all-the-time thing at the beginning of this hoax?  Then they need boosters!  One successive lie after the other… and people BELIEVE them!

And, the bodies… WHERE ARE THEY?  No, I don’t mean the stats quoted by the news media!  The numbers change, daily, with no supporting evidence that these are anything other than made-up stats to support the scam.  In times past, plagues left VISIBLE victims, usually being carted off in wagons and carts.  This ‘pandemic’ has no such picture to present, only stats by elitist and state-owned media.

If there actually WERE victims, we would SEE the bodies, on TV, in the streets, ALL AROUND… and if there really were a pandemic, no government would condone people roaming about ANYWHERE, with the army patrolling the streets!  No arbitrary measures like “social distancing” and flimsy cloth masks would be enacted, people would be FORCED to quarantine in their homes!  That means no jobs, no travelling… NOTHING!  These ‘restrictions’ can be plainly seen for what they are… controlling measures to program citizens to OBEY and acclimate them to living in a coming oligarchy/dictatorship.  Having your cake and eating it, too, may work in a dystopian world, but, not in the REAL world!

The inconsistencies are glaring and many.  Yet, people still choose to obey their depopulation-minded leaders and allow God-knows-what to be injected into them and their children.  Yes… “stupid” doesn’t quite fill the bill!

The TRUTH is, people DON’T WANT the truth!  They want the relative ease and comfort of their former ‘NORMAL’ lives.  This is now gone… forever!  Welcome… to the new world order!

Trucking Boycott Coming!

As I’ve always said… you have to hit them where they live, bullies NEVER listen to reason, only a solid beating!  When John Q. Public finds his toilet paper cut off, he’s going to be pissed!

Watch the video!

When is it going to be enough, folks?  No, it isn’t the unvaxed that’s causing your troubles, it’s YOU for caving in to a lie!  YOU are the problem!  Governments are inherently corrupt, you can’t expect them to govern the way they should.  Therefore, you refuse to honor their authority!  If everyone said “NO!”, what could they do?  NOTHING!  Grow brains… refuse to take corrupt politicians and media’s words for ANYTHING!

Say “NO!” to that piece of shit masquerading as a prime minister in Ottawa!  His father was a communist dictator and he’s going the way of his father.  Say “NO!” to the hoax known as COVID-19!  Unless you’re a snivelling little narcissist, hypochondriac worm that gets off on this shit, you can’t be condoning the BLATANT human rights issues that accompany this hoax.  So… do something about it!  Write, phone, email, do whatever it takes, be a pain in some bureaucrat’s ass, they don’t like to work hard or have to deal with issues, they’ll either ignore you or do something, if even just to get you off their back.

This is priority!  It may not be fun having to do this compared with the other pastimes in your life, but, those pastimes are dependent upon having an intact economy and country in which to do them in!

The decision is yours… freedom or slavery.  The Fairy Godmother ISN’T going to save your prissy little asses, YOU are going to have to do some work on this one!


Are You Wearing Your Boot?

The rules keep changing and even in an arbitrary society like ours, it’s blatantly obvious (or should be) this is a scam of universal proportions.  But, unfortunately… well… as a society, we’re just not very bright, it would seem.

It would have been a simple matter, indeed, to simply tell the powers-that-be to fuck off, but, we have this almost inbred fear of our leaders, a problem that our forefathers recognized, but, didn’t deter them from demanding respect and performance from those that claimed to be their representatives.  Nowadays, the roles have reversed.  It is the citizens that serve their servants!

We are lazy cowards used to having our hand-outs and ‘benefits’… spoon-fed when we should be feeding ourselves.  Instead, we allow politicians to determine our movements, when we sit and when we stand, where to work and for how long and for what price, allow their servants in law enforcement to breach our rights by enforcing their ridiculous laws and ordinances upon us and sending them en force for every inquiry, no matter how trivial, for the intimidation value.  God help you if you question or resist in any way!

Given that many in society have given up their moral compass for one that points in the direction of ease and convenience, we cannot expect any other treatment from the self-professed ‘elite’ whom are always poised to take us over.  Their belief in their superiority is unmatched by anything else in nature… except, perhaps, by our desire for pleasure-seeking and ease.  The FACTS are that this same elitist group have determined that the rest of the population are a threat to their existence in the numbers that we present and this has to be dealt with… either by culling, overtly, as with war or covertly… such as through an inoculation, to either sterilize or, optimally,  outright kill the recipient.  War, up to now, has been their favorite means, enabling them to make TONS of money while killing off the surplus population.  However, now, this new means of having people world-wide enable their own demise through a voluntary (?) shot in the arm and still make TONS of money in the process, is so much better!

What will it take for people to wake up and see this farce for what it is?  The shots they’re getting are setting the stage for REAL plagues that are forecast in prophecy in the Bible… and those won’t be hazy, indeterminate reports from a complicit, bought-and-paid-for media, we’ll all be able to see FOR OURSELVES that there is a pandemic – a man-made one, induced by the World Health Organization and their corporate bum-buddies in the pharmaceutical trade!

Many motives have been posited for this pandemic… suffice to say that the main goal is depopulation and control.  The means they employ to this end will have this inevitability in mind and in order for the new world order’s oligarchy to be established, it will require a dramatic reduction in world population levels.  Figures like 200 – 500 million down from 7 BILLION are being tossed around.  After all… the ‘elite’ are still going to have a few slaves around to work the fields, etc., they’re not into getting their hands dirty!

Think about these things while you’re standing in lineups in -35C weather (in my locale) for your vax or booster and decide for yourself if the risks are worth pandering to ‘experts’ that claim to know much, MUCH more than what your rapidly deteriorating God-given common sense is telling you!  Elitist vermin like Bill Gates, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, have determined your unfitness for life on THEIR world!

(It’s okay, Phillip, you did well enough while you were living, you warmongering Nazi bastard!  Keep the fire hot, you have plenty of company coming!)

Added Musings On The COVID Scam…

It’s been said that a society that is willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserves neither… how true is that in this COVID-crazed world?  Cowards are flocking to get the vax merely out of the sense of lost conveniences, in most cases.  The other segment are narcissistic, pessimistic, hypochondriacs that find their pleasure by worrying about themselves.

It’s incredibly hard to reason with people governed by these criteria.  Their self-interest is just too high.  I personally know one individual that got so sick she was working on her will… then announced she’s going for the second poisoning just so she could travel!  How do you reason with someone like this?  It’s all about them, society can just go hang.  They don’t clue in on the fact that if society goes down the shitter, so do their travel plans!  But, that’s how stupid works.

A PROVEN hoax like COVID-19 escapes the small-mindedness of the pro-vax crowd.  The take-it-up-the-ass media present so many confusing ‘facts’ that it is impossible to decipher anything of worth from them… which is why it’s best to turn them OFF!  Even at the turn of the 20th Century, the editior of the New York Times was purported to have stated that the man that never picked up a newspaper was better off!  Even more true, in this so-called ‘enlightened’ age!

Just like 9/11 got us into sovereign countries to fuck them over, COVID-19 is a false flag and an inducement to take a cocktail designed to inhibit the reproductive systems of the host or outright kill them, if possible, to meet an elitist-conceived agenda of depopulation.  The ultra rich have deduced that there are too many people on earth (to control) and that needs correcting.  Assholes like Henry Kissinger, Zionist pedophile and all-around elitist motherfucker and Billy-Bob Gates, another useless waste of oxygen are in this crowd.  It is simply AMAZING how people flock to the ideas put forth by a high-profile ex-member of a crime-ridden US government administration and a software giant like they were of any scientific worth!

Ah, but, of course, in the end, the guilt belongs with an apathetic, lazy, stupid society that has had it too good for too long.  Now, it’s time to pay for the luxury we’ve had… that they have allowed us to have.  The agenda has always been to create a world run by a chosen few, the rest being slaves.  Morons willingly assist these maniacs in their plans, thinking themselves oh-so patriotic and good!  Well, THEIR lot is assured and deserved!  Too bad the rest of us have to fall into the same shithole as these cowards, though.  But, anyone that can still think for themselves need not cave to this oligarchy, for the time is coming when it will be smashed and completely annihilated, forever!  Many, many attempts have been made, throughout history, to create  a world government and they have all failed, as will this final one.  The Creator has had enough of Satan and his followers and will crush them in one swift blow!  There will be collateral damage… a lot of it… but, in the end, it’s all about the choices we make.  If we live for self and self only, the reward is what you can get NOW… and when NOW is gone, so is the reward… and YOU!

Something to think about, in this coming year.  The time is short.  Like the Joker said… “Think about the future!”  There won’t be one, for many!

That Which Must Be

There’s no rhyme or reason to any of it.  They say there’s a pandemic out there and that people are dropping left and right like flies, but, this is all hear-say… and most of that from a medium well-known for dishonesty and sensationalism, yet still, people follow it like sheep!  The psychology in this is baffling!

Where are the bodies?  Where are the empty streets with army patrols ensuring everyone stays indoors?  Where are the army trucks backing up to residences to haul away the COVID victims?

Why is it sufficient in light of such a deadly disease to pull on a mask to reach a restaurant table, then pull it off and sit for upwards of two hours UNPROTECTED among other UNPROTECTED patrons… and if you’re vaxxed, why is there a concern at all about donning a mask anywhere?  Have people totally lost their reason?  Do they not SEE?  THINK?

We won’t even touch the $$$ aspect of all this, the charges the pharmaceuticals levy for development and distribution of these serums, the associated products ‘needed’ to enhance their effectiveness… it’s plain that there are some that are making a helluva pile off of these things… and yet there are millions that see nothing amiss in all of this!  Worse yet, many do, yet go along with it out of some false sense of duty and/or security!  “Oh, my job depends upon it”“I have an aged mother in the nursing home and they won’t let me in to see her without being vaxxed”“I want to eat inside”“Well, what are you gonna do, you can’t fight city hall”… etc., etc.  The excuses are many.  Probably the most common and the most ignorant one is “Oh, just get vaxxed so we can get this pandemic over with!”

The reason this is happening AT ALL is because YOU capitulated!  YOU gave in!  YOU didn’t proclaim the emperor naked from the onset and YOU have brought this entire mess upon yourselves and everyone else, including ME, who refuses to play into this new world order initiation scheme.  That is ALL this is, a scheme to mark everyone with a token of obedience and acceptance into a globalist scheme, while also delivering a cocktail of cancerous chemicals and agents with prophylactic tendencies into their bodies in an attempt to lower world population levels.  One may not see these things work right away… but, work they shall!

Everyone, today, has been or is being conditioned/programmed, to treat anything not officially sponsored and promoted as the work of conspiracy theorists.  With this mindset, they have virtually opened the floodgates upon themselves and are open to anything the oligarchs have in store for them.  They cannot help but see the negative impact all of these restrictions that have been placed upon us all have, yet, they steadfastly refuse to resist them, for it may cause them some slight inconvenience… as if these restrictions aren’t!  People really are funny… no, STUPID!

Well, the gates are open, now, and there’s no stopping this flood, we will have these inconveniences forever as the globalists prepare their final assault for the establishment of a world-wide government based upon communist theories and enforced by tyrannical means.  One day, it will no longer be necessary to obfuscate or hide their plans, they will commit overt acts of tyranny against humanity under the authority of law and not (as George Bush Sr. termed it) “the law of the jungle”… our present day system of justice and authority.  THEIR rule is what they regard as the only legitimate rule, the rule of MIGHT not equity.  The scenario painted by the work “1984” by George Orwell is becoming reality!

Of course, the Bible predicted these events, thousands of years ago, a testimony to the divine power and will behind these utterances.  These things MUST come to pass as the One that sees the end from the beginning, Whose Eminence resides in and rules in ALL planes of space and time, says that it must.  So, is this a hopeless situation, then?  Is there nothing that we can do?  Yes, the world, itself, is lost.  There can be no restoration of it’s former ‘glories’ for it’s destruction is also written in prophecy and is the will of the Almighty.  It and all of those that have attached themselves to it for whatever reason, refusing to deny it’s temporal pleasures for a season in hopes of something better, will perish along with it.  The oligarchs, whom now make everyone’s life miserable with their world government aspirations, will be destroyed, right along with their Frankenstein creation.  Thousands of years of work and toil that could have bettered society, will have all been for NOTHING.

The only thing left to do is resist to the point of death, should it become necessary.  I know that this won’t go down easy with generations that have been born and have lived all their lives in comfort and ease, however, the truth is undeniable and unavoidable.  For gold to be mined and purified, it MUST endure fire and purging to remove the dross.  The impurities must be removed for it to have any value economically or industrially.  People are the same.  To exist in a purified and holy environment, all of those things that defile must be purged and left behind.

It will require the work of an agency OUTSIDE of ourselves, for we are tainted with sin and cannot do anything of ourselves to justify any goodness that we think we do.  The fact we are alive at all is due to the work of God’s power, but, merely existing now will not guarantee a future in the NEW EARTH planned for those that deny this present one’s fickle charms.  No oligarchs will survive to see this new creation, they have their creation NOW.  The self-professed ‘elite’ will follow their master into the purging flames of Revelation 20 and will be destroyed.

Those “ecosystems” are doomed, anyway.  The world to come trumps anything that these self-proclaimed saviors of mankind can come up with.  They and all of that which constitutes the present natural order of things will pass away… into oblivion… forever.