Now here’s a surprise…

We can thank Mr. Hellyer for our integrated Canadian Armed Forces, amalgamating all three components into one, back in the Sixties.  The former defense minister has to know something of what he’s talking about, given his extensive political experience and exclusive portfolio.  People should listen… but, he is a little out in left field on the ET issue and the relationship of religions.

Contrary to our learned speaker’s opinion, religions definitely should NOT simply throw up their arms and embrace each other, trying to find common ground.  In a sense, that is what is happening, today, and it’s not a good thing.  It’s called Ecumenism and this is one of the tools that the Illuminati uses to further separate men and God as the overall tendency is to water down holy precepts in the name of unity.  Remember, the oligarchy wants to dissolve all form of independence and sovereignty, ostensibly in the name of unity and global peace.  That’s what they would like you to believe, anyway.  The reality is that once you have uniform conformity there can be no deviation form whatever ‘norm’ the authorities install.

ET’s are another issue and this really hearkens back to the Bible and prophecy.  In the end times there will be a grand impersonator of the Lord Jesus Christ – actually, Satan, himself.  He will attempt to pass himself off as Christ by duplicating AS MUCH AS HE CAN the second advent of Christ.  This is why we are given the admonition to watch, should false Christs appear here and there claiming to be the Savior returned.  (Matthew 24:21-27)  It would be well for the reader to examine the entire chapter as it gives also what the conditions will be on Earth at that time… it’s not pretty!

There, again, is the reason that I oppose this ecumenical movement as it waters down the reality of what we face as human beings.  God is trying to warn us not pacify us with rosy visions of bliss and glory that we automatically receive after we leave this temporary existence.  If the Bible were understood properly, it should tell us that there is a very real danger of not only being persecuted and killed on Earth, but, also, of losing out on eternal life, thereafter!  Satan is quite happy that you believe in God… after all, he does!  (James 2:18,19)  The catch is that he doesn’t want you to do what it takes to be saved, which includes embracing His Son and His sacrifice and adopting the precepts that God requires us to follow.

Ecumenism is a human solution to a spiritual problem, which is to amalgamate and essentially determine which precepts God has ordained are REALLY necessary in order to promote peace on Earth.  What these deluded ones choose to ignore is that there are NO precepts that you can delete without accomplishing the exact OPPOSITE of what you intend.  God is the Eternal One whom knows all… that is one act that will never be duplicated by any human or angel!  Trying to better God is indeed attempting the impossible!  Yet, people try and do it, every single day.  Satan has been trying for thousands of years, undoubtedly a lot better than any human could, yet still fails miserably.  The “New World Order” has been his pet project since the days of Nimrod and this is the closest that he has come, so far.  In the end, just like everything else he’s hatched, it will fail.

There are no ET’s, at least not in the way that they are presented.  There are other civilizations that God has created out in the universe, but, for now, these are restricted from ever visiting this planet due to the sin problem, here.  Satan and his angels have access to Earth and often ply their evil trade through deceptions, which can and probably include ‘sightings’ of UFO’s… and they could be simply hoaxes and even military projects that are commonly held out of view of the public.  The oligarchs no doubt have technology that they are hiding from us, probably to use against us in the last days.  However, there are NO “little green men”, that is a total LIE and a farce!

Mr. Hellyer may be sincere or he may be using a few truths to pave the way for false ones in a bid to get us acclimated to the idea that we are going to have a heavenly visitor very soon.  Satan will not be allowed to exactly duplicate Christ’s advent, there are subtle differences in the two.  The main one being that Christ shall NOT actually touch down upon terra firma, He will draw the redeemed TO Himself IN THE AIR!  (1 Thessalonians 4:16,17)  As I said, Satan will not be allowed to duplicate this act.  Granted, there are far too many deceived on the BASIC issues of the Gospel without having such a masterful deception like that one pulled on them!  He’ll be moving about on Earth SEEMINGLY doing miracles when he is really consolidating his hold on the dupes that will willingly fall into line with him.

If you want to be safe, STUDY!  Know your enemy and his wiles.  The New World Order is already upon us.  The old adage applies here as well… if it seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true!


The Depths We Go To

The human psyche is an amazing thing.  The depths that it is willing to plummet to in order to avoid dealing with things that it cannot accept or control is nothing less than stupendous.  What society has been force-fed in terms of religion is a prime example of that innate component within us that wants to understand our existence, if there is some grand design to it or simply just to figure out why we’re here at all.

No one needs to tell me where the bear sits, as it were.  I know what the score is, having been in both worlds… the world of the infidel AND the believer.  Most will not take the time to search out truth, leaving that for others to do for them.  This is probably the biggest problem with society, allowing itself to be led like sheep and not questioning authority, religious or secular.

An interesting article by Henry Makow, here, illustrates my point.  It’s almost hilarious how the world has swallowed so much bullshit in place of that which it is man’s PRIVELEGE to know and understand.  Amazing how we’ll believe the most outlandish CRAP over something that would, when given due time and consideration, FAR outshines that which is considered “empirical”.

Like, for example, the latest attempt by the humanists to backtrack on their original theory that mankind is descended from apes.  It’s laughable to even consider such a theory, and even they have now realized this and are now saying that we share a common ancestor.  Most of the younger crowd were raised on this edited form of humanism, but, we old-timers still remember the original garbage they were pushing and we do not let them off the hook so easily!

As mentioned in Henry’s article, the UFO craziness (which was at it’s height in my day, and is now resurging) is blamed now upon man’s acceptance of alien technology, as opposed to those aliens actually visiting us in PERSON.  True, there are many “skunkwork” black-op projects out there that the public are not in on, and if there is any collaboration with alien intelligences, I assure you, dear reader, they are not of the stereotypical “little green men” or “greys” origin.

What it all boils down to is what we are willing to swallow if it will make us feel better about ourselves.  There are many that cannot accept the reality that there is a God that designed and now controls the universe and are willing to embrace ANYTHING that will placate their offense at such a reality.  I, myself, have never been one that is willing to stick my head in a hole and leave my ass unprotected… which is exactly what the Godless masses have done and are doing.  ‘Ostrich Syndrome’ is rampant in today’s secular society.

Religion runs this world, however, and it always shall.  The New World Order is built upon paganism, which IS a religion, and anti-Christian religion.  It has adopted many forms and teaching to move with the times, but, it is what it is.  It is a divergence from truth.  The powers that be do not want you to know that you were not born to be their slaves.

The choice is always ours.  The end result will be what we asked for.

The Bigfoot Scam

I think we’ve all seen this stuff, before…

Unfortunately, it’s just another round of the same old bullshit the Bigfoot cranks have been pushing for decades.  Ever since the sixties, this has been going on.  Funny how one NEVER heard of any of these things before then, isn’t it?  Right around the time when everyone was into so-called “mind-expanding” drugs and “getting back to the land”… yeah, that says a lot, doesn’t it?

Here’s my take on what might have happened.  While the campers were out in the woods, smoking various indigenous plants and imbibing some of the local fungi, a bear came a-callin’, looking for some easy food and trashed the place.  The campers returned, probably quite wobbly by now, decided that they must have literally stumbled upon the wrong camp and left to find their own… or they were just too lazy to clean it up and just left it.  Apparently, that sort of thing happens a lot, by accounts of park authorities.  Of course, the most likely scenario is the whole film is bullshit.

And people call ME a conspiracy nut… I tend to stay with stuff that can be proved, limitations that the ape man aficionados don’t seem to be burdened with, yet they seem to have more credibility than me!  Is society really getting THAT stupid?

I remember when the Patterson Film first came out.  I was a believer, however, I was a lot younger and not too experienced.  Later, it was found to be a hoax, and that was when I became skeptical of the whole Bigfoot issue.  Nowadays, I peruse Bigfoot videos mostly to ridicule and laugh.

Why would I do such a thing when my own theories and facts are often the subject for ridicule by ignorant people that seem content to allow themselves to be reduced to the status of modern serfs?  Because, this thing is simply another attempt by the Zionists to promote Godless theories and divert people’s attention away from truth.  Scientists consider that IF this thing exists, it must be some kind of evolutionary throwback or missing link.  Either way, it downplays man’s connection with an omnipotent creator.  I realized this after I became ‘enlightened’, as it were.  It plays right into the hands of the evolutionists and so do the dupes that believe it.

Remember the old UFO stories, replete with the vague descriptions, conflicting accounts, fuzzy pictures, etc.?  I’ve faked a few of those, myself, it’s really easy to do, and people WANT to believe, even afterward when I told them they were fake.  I think this is the case with Bigfoot.  People cotton to the idea of some big hairy ape wandering around out there in the woods, it gives their mundane lives some excitement and purpose.  I guess being created beings of an almighty God, princes and princesses, if you will, isn’t exciting enough for most folk.  Far more exciting being the spawn of some ass-picking, moth-eaten gorilla!

Now here’s a video of the big guy we can ALL get into… and he’s not fuzzy, either…

Lol… well, I’m still not a believer, sorry to say.  This thing, like many of those other weird and wonderful mysteries out there, is just smoke and mirrors.  I wouldn’t put it past the elitist-controlled government to somehow come up with some reasonable facsimile of this hairy myth to impress further upon the people that they are children of blind chance and luck and the offspring of various gelatinous and hairy progenitors… and they will lap it up like hungry dogs.

Because… the alternative, sadly enough, for them, is just too unthinkable.