Christianity Targeted by Corrupt Government

For background on this… read HERE.

This is just another thinly-veiled attack on the religion of Christ.  The comment section following the article naturally turns toward attacking God and His followers… antitheists never miss a chance!

From idiots that attack ‘Christian’ holidays like Christmas, leveling accusations against advertising on city busses, storefronts, etc., to where Satanic agents disguised as public servants meddle in the affairs of private citizens, deciding for them how they should raise their kids, antitheists meddle in every corner of our lives.  Of course, in a world ruled by Satan, these morons naturally lean toward him as they have no moral compass.

I have had indirect dealings with the ‘SS’ (Social Services, aptly named) and can vouch for the incompetence of government agents alleged in this article by the more intelligent of it’s commenters.  These cretins can’t make it in any other job, being a government bully suits their I.Q. and temperaments very well.  Again, as is a central theme in any of my posts, you simply cannot trust an institution founded and controlled by Satanist Jewish bankers.  Their plan for wiping out any trace of competing religions against their pagan beliefs is in full-swing.  Islam and Christianity are the two prominent threats against these bastards’ plan for world domination.  Antitheists blindly and stupidly follow along like sheep to the slaughter, thinking that society is headed toward a religion-less utopia.

The whole system works by setting up counterfeits to what God has created.  Satan cannot create anything, as he is a created being, himself.  This irks him no end!  So, since the natural mind inclines itself toward his devices, Satan has instructed his dupes to set up an artificial society where artificial persons become flesh and blood and their real-life underwriters (us) become lifeless and irrelevant.  A genius of subterfuge though very transparent.

To make a very long story short, births are registered with the government, essentially making the government legal guardians of said individuals.  The government deems every human being registered with it as it’s legal property.  Registration is a well-nigh universal process in every avenue of commerce, these days.  Nothing is considered relevant unless it’s accompanied by some deed or certificate.  People won’t deal with anyone that isn’t “certified” or “licensed”, and the accompanying fees are always there.  Money, after all, is the ‘blood’ in an artificial society.  Mammon is the god of a Godless world.

So, as in this case, the government lays claim upon the kids in foster care and assumes the responsibility for their care.  Unfortunately, since your average public servant cannot find his/her ass with both hands, 9 times out of 10, these decisions often wreak havoc with the individuals concerned.

Unfortunately, society has allowed these Satanic fucks to gain the position that they have and are now stuck with having these maniacs entrenched within our lives.  We will never be rid of these parasites until Christ, Himself, destroys every single last one of them.  Fighting them in their own courts is futile.  Declaring any sort of “sovereign” status with these criminals is just as futile.  For every inch gained, they recapture a foot.

To those deceived, I say only that they educate themselves as to the delusion that they blindly follow.  It will help one decide which ‘god’ to serve… as one is definitely a dead-end.


Social Services – The “SS” of The New World Order

You hear cases like the scenario purported here, every day, in North America.  Now, granted that there is some pretty bizarre and far-fetched stuff on this linked website, I can personally vouch for it’s truthfulness in what is said about the whack-job social services Canada employs.  It happened to members of my family and it CAN happen to you!

Several plane trips and a lot of time and money went into battling these fanatics.  The result was an SS underling/patsy/sacrificial lamb lost his job (his bitch/dyke supervisor cut her losses) when he realized what an evil department he worked for and developed a conscience, which any successful career-minded SS hopeful had not better have or lose fast!

They tried the abuse rap angle and nearly drove their victim insane with their gross stupidity and criminality.  Departmental heads in the SS are especially conniving, their jobs being merely appointments and have nothing to do with any ability or intelligence on their part.  Governments today are run on political correctness and have no resemblance to any form of democracy.  Fascist elements comprise and control the various political elements within government.  Anyone exercising  electoral ‘privileges’ are wasting their time.  Elections are planned and settled without input from the public, voting is just an exercise for the ignorant to make them feel they have some measure of control over events they actually do not.

There are some good points to remember that are outlined in this article, however, the primary lesson to learn is that you cannot trust your neighbors, any longer.  They are brainwashed into thinking that the government knows best and will not hesitate to rat you out, especially when they learn that it’s a nifty way to get revenge if they do not happen to like you.  Never take for granted that being honest with authorities will get you any special points or consideration, they do not deal in honesty or integrity.  There are other things to consider in this story; elitist ties to government, child trafficking and slavery rings that profit from fronts like the SS.  Ever see all those faces of kids on trucks traveling across the country?  Criminal rings like those discussed are responsible for many of those disappearances.  I personally met one dedicated and grieving mother in her search for her lost son.  She has hope even yet in the system… didn’t have the heart to inform her that her son was likely already dead or a slave in some foreign homosexual’s house or palace.

It’s a savage world we live in.  It will be until it’s put down like the rabid animal it resembles.  Your kids are YOUR responsibility, not some corporate entity’s.  If something like this should ever happen to any of you, don’t take these crazies on alone!  Shine as much publicity on these vermin as possible, vermin HATE the daylight.  Governments hate being made accountable for anything and the only way they can be assured of not being held responsible is to keep things covered up and secret.  Turning any rock over and watch the vermin concealed beneath scramble to get back under it!

Our strength is in numbers and they know this, which is why they are always seeking to divide us!

Child Traffickers – The Sub-human Vampires of Our Society

You’ve probably never heard of the “Finders Cult”.  No wonder.  It has been a closely-guarded national disgrace sponsored by those supposedly charged with our nation’s security.  The CIA-sponsored pedophile ring has routinely abducted and ‘processed’ millions of children and adolescents over the last few decades and the practice still goes on.  This is done with the support of various government agencies, which, as anyone knowledgeable in the workings of the New World Order knows, are simply extensions of powerful elitist Illuminati entities seeking to destroy society…

These vampires operate in every corner of the world and are frequently found in state-sponsored, government agencies, such as child welfare services.  It is not unreasonable to assume that every office has an agent of these fiends working in them.  What better way to legally abduct kids than acting as some federal or state authority SUPPOSEDLY looking out for the interests of the child?

We’ve all seen the pictures posted of missing kids on buildings, backs of long-haul trucks, etc.  It’s not unreasonable that many of these are more than just voluntary disappearances and that various federal agencies have had a hand in their disappearances.  The recovery rate is virtually nil for these kids.  It’s wise to understand that the government or it’s enforcement agencies are not your allies, they are here to manipulate and control you.  They see you as “chattle” and in need of herd management.  The very top of the elitist pyramid also see you as a potential sacrifice to their… yes, ‘god’.  They are all active-worshiping Satanists.

It’s difficult for the average person to see their ‘leaders’ as the monsters they are.  After all, we are programmed from birth to accept authority and obey it.  From the jolly and amiable “Big Bill”, the big friendly cop in our early “Dick and Jane” school texts to the government propaganda we are bombarded with on a daily basis, we are in a life-long programming session to ensure that we remain cooperative and productive slaves to the religious and financial elite.  To question authority is unthinkable and is more clearly being enforced with violence as time goes on and the culmination of new age planning reaches it’s apex.

Nevertheless, we are going to have to take a stand against these oppressors and guard ourselves and offspring against these vampires, they will never stop!  Do not rat out your neighbor simply on the propaganda that Satanist governmental agencies and their law enforcement dupes try and sell you about what constitutes child endangerment and abuse.  You’re running a thin edge trusting these to give your kids the ‘help’ they need.  I speak from experience on this.  These creatures care not for you or your child, they are runners for pedophiles and molesters marketing through group homes and/or foster services.

If you think this could never happen in your country, congratulations… you are probably one of the majority of successful dupes that have absorbed your programming well!  You are ill-prepared, however, to live in a world governed by perverts and occultists.  You can and will be called upon to provide yourself and your loved ones as sacrifices to the god of this world order.

Watch your kids… better yet, train them to trust NO ONE… especially those that call themselves public servants.  There are none… only YOU are THEIR servant!  That is how the new world order works.