False Flags 101

Boston Bombing Hoax

Yeah, she’s one tough customer… or maybe just a lousy actor?  False flags are turning out to be the norm in our totalitarian world.  It’s the primary tool elitists use to soften up an ignorant and passive public for whatever grandiose and evil scheme they hatch.

Just as 9/11 was a false flag to get the world stirred up against Zionism’s enemies, this and many others are the work of crooked Illuminati agents in furthering the establishment of Satan’s world government.  It is necessary for the events portrayed in Revelation 13 to occur.  The world must be brought together under one banner for the decrees this insane angel will pronounce against his enemies to be possible.

The public has been brainwashed into believing that the State of Israel is God’s gift to humanity when nothing is further from the truth.  God has rejected the Jewish people for His “chosen” and now accepts any creed or culture that accepts His Son as savior to be His chosen people.  Jews delude themselves while Zionists know that they are against God and wish the same for everyone.  The two are often confused to be one when there is no real correlation.  Zionists are Satanists and opposed to God and Christ.

9/11, Sandyhook, Boston, Oklahoma City, Fukushima Daiichi, Gulf of Tonkin, U.S.S. Liberty, all the various school shootings throughout the last couple of decades, assassinations, etc., and a long line of other fiascos are all Illuminati-engineered ruses focused upon one thing: the establishment of discord and disorder in order to implement increasingly totalitarian measures with the aim of controlling the world’s population.  Don’t look for any cessation of these anytime soon.  They work very well for those that implement them.

The New World Disorder… look for it wherever strife and violence and other fine Illuminati/Zionist/Luciferian products are marketed under “war on terror”.  It actually is war by terror.

For more on this check out:   http://henrymakow.com/2015/03/Boston-Marathon-Bomb-Hoax-Continues-With-Trial%20.html


Why The ISIS Beheadings Are Bullshit

In fact, ALL of the so-called “terrorist” acts are bullshit. Sandy Hook, Boston, Oklahoma City, 9/11, etc., etc., ALL bullshit designed to inflame within the populace a desire for retribution. More and more people are beginning to catch on to these blatant lies, but, there are still too many ignorant sheep out there willing to defend and support a corrupt government in IT’S terrorist acts.

The mainstream media are paid to misinform.  Politicians are paid to lie to the people.  Law enforcement are paid to protect the interests of the bastard bankers.  Scientists are paid to inculcate the idea that God is dead and that humanity are nothing more than evolved apes, mere animals unworthy of any special consideration, therefore easily enslaved, killed, what have you.

There are a lot of individuals out there that have devoted tons of money and their time to obtain an education, and they only wasted their time.  There are many soldiers serving and have died that have devoted their youth and sacrificed their lives to serving corrupt bankers and helping them obtain even more wealth than they already control.


False Flags Are The Rule

We’ve all heard about the conspiracy theories behind 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombings, Sandy hook, etc.  The recent airliner disappearances are also open to scrutiny by those that make it their mission in life to not trust official sources of information.  Most people are too concerned with making a living to pay much attention to alternative sources of information… but, could this now be the only way of discerning truth in the 21st. Century?

False flags, after all, are as much a part of history as anything else.  Societies are built upon intrigue and subterfuge.  If this were not true, what would be the need for all of the special organizations and secret military units that we are seemingly bombarded with in these modern times, were there not something that these agencies were supposedly set up to combat?

It is popular in social media to try and discredit “truthers”, even vilify them.  Society functions like a hive, all it’s components seem to have to be working in unison in order to function.  If one is not with the ‘hive mind’, as it were, they are branded as radical and loony, vilified before their peers.  This author has been on the receiving end of such treatment many times.

Take the recent Sandyhook ‘killings’, for example.  It’s declared that around 20 or more children were murdered by a lone individual with radical beliefs.  These radical beliefs always seem to tie in with most crimes, these days, with the emphasis being to marginalize some faith or another.  However, this particular event has been aimed at the possession and ownership of firearms by the public… to prohibit and/or severely restrict their ownership by the general public.  The ‘official’ story has a lot of inconsistencies and there are questions that are not getting answered.

It’s not my intention to go into every detail in this post.  I always believe it’s up to the individual to sort this stuff out as there are plenty of sites and information out there online that deal with this in a very concise and systematic manner.  I prefer to analyze things from a logical viewpoint, such as what and who is to profit from such events, the timely and seemingly coincidental ramifications of what seems to always follow such events – like the subsequent invasion of certain countries, passing of bills and legislation that couldn’t have been done previously by any timely means, etc.

In other words, most of these events are immediately followed by some form of punitive and restrictive… even tyrannical… measure or measures that are designed to further some group’s or organization’s agenda.

Pretty much every conflict and/or disaster in modern history has proven to be a boon for someone.  Wars are always started by political factions vying for land and control.  There are patsies involved… individuals that are set up either directly or indirectly to take the fall, as it were, to deflect attention away from the real masterminds.  This is no obfuscation of the facts, empires have risen and fallen upon intrigue, events now clearly recognized if they weren’t visible at the time.

The Sandy hook shootings had holes literally shot through it from the beginning.  Now, as authorities struggle to debunk all of the questions, it’s apparent that (like it’s predecessors; 9/11, Oklahoma City, Boston Marathon, etc.) they are simply filling in the holes as they appear… with oftentimes the most ridiculous of explanations.

Notable personalities are also speaking out against the apparent contradictions and are paying the price for doing so, in a supposedly free and democratic society!  One thing is clear… in our society, freedom of thought and speech depends upon the ability of the masses to process anything that lies outside their perceived idea of what those icons really mean

Our society is like any other… subject to it’s own biases and emotions.  Anything that requires thinking outside of the elitist-formed box and our programming that has been ongoing since we became aware of our own thoughts, is likely not to receive a warm reception.  Ours is not a free society, in terms of anything associated with such a society.  We still must tow the line of popular opinion… participate in hive-minded thinking.  This is where those that really are instrumental in changing society for the better always have a gauntlet to run.

It will always be so.