This Is What Society Is

According to this story, a missing Arizona girl’s remains have been found.

No surprise, here.  This is what society has become and is.  When a little girl cannot be safe even within the confines of her parent’s home, within her own bedroom, that tells you all you need to know about the shitty world we live in and the filth and bipedal excrement that we share this shitty world with.  Evil, useless pieces of shit disguised as humans that think only of appeasing their morbid animal lusts, sacrificing any and all to achieve that end.

Once again, we can thank those that rule in this world for the apathy and the self-seeking and pleasing attitude that not only thrives within the criminal community, but all throughout society as a whole.  Those that teach that men are nothing but animals and not special creations and unworthy of any kind of special consideration.  The slimy garbage that slithered through this girl’s window, that night, no doubt take comfort in the knowledge that they do not have to own any responsibility for them being the gutter trash that they are, given that ‘science’ tells them they’re altogether worthless from the start.

The Zionist Illuminati and their lackeys like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, et al, all recognized authorities in the secular world, routinely mock God and His creation by telling us that we are merely upright apes and the product of the most happenstance chance.  One might be tempted to think that if we are such a unique occurrence in the universe that MAYBE we should value that existence more than we do.  But, the enemies of man and God KNOW that most do not have the mental capacity for seeing beyond the carnal nature, past whatever gratifies that nature… and the thought that other men and even animals, themselves, merely exist for their benefit and exploitation.

We are living in the last days of this period of anarchy, originating from the father of murderers and liars, namely Satan.  At least from a universal standpoint, it will shortly be revealed to Satan and his bum-boys and girls that THEY are indeed endangered species and that they will soon pass from the pages of history, forever.  They and all of those that bought into their schemes and sought to exploit their fellows through every manner of deception and crime.

Most will blithely continue on in the ways of this world, scamming, murdering, lying their worthless asses off, seeking to rise to the top of a heap of a society that cannot last.  They pin all of their hopes on something that has no chance of going beyond what it is.  They laugh when they are presented with the truth, but, that laughing will soon give place to wailing and gnashing of teeth!  What’s even better is that just before their PERMANENT destruction, they will have no one else to vent their furies upon BUT EACH OTHER.  The Bible speaks of a time when the only ones left alive upon a desolate earth will be Satan and his cohorts, with none to deceive and tempt and annoy or destroy… this will be a period (1000 years or so) of EXTREME torture for these criminals, having only themselves as targets for their evil remonstrations.

When they look upon the ’empire’ that they have so diligently built upon and see naught but smoking ruins, everywhere, realizing that the redeemed are well beyond their reach and SAFE, and for once have the time to think about what is in store for them at the hands of an angry God, then will they realize what it is that they have put their victims through.  The piece of shit that abused and took the life of this little girl will be among those fueling the fire that wipes the universe clean of it’s trash!


Political System Hopelessly Corrupt


All the hoopla surrounding the American presidential election amounts to a mountain of futility.  It matters little which psychopath gets in, know only that whoever it is will still dance to the tune of the Illuminati bankers/Khazarian Jews.  There is no other way in this fallen world.

I found an interesting assessment of Hillary Clinton on this site… an alternative to the controlled and bought-and-paid-for mainstream media.  However the analysis, these elitist bitches and bastards LONG AGO realized that they needn’t be concerned with telling the truth as the general population are conditioned to ignoring facts that they don’t wish to see.  As Hermann Goering once put it, (generally speaking) if you’re going to lie, make it a BIG one and the public will swallow it.  They won’t question it.

This psychopathic murdering bitch KNOWS she is above the law and the recent email scandals prove that.  She has been ‘under investigation’ for months and the FBI recently announced that they have washed their hands of the evidence.  Any ordinary citizen would have been locked up indefinitely for such crimes, but, Hillary’s status as one of the ‘elite’ assures she will go free… every time.

There’s no use pinning your hopes on Donald Trump, either.  Even if he won, (which he won’t… Hillary has more influential friends) he would still have to follow the status quo and the dictates of the ultra-powerful Jewish bankers, whose holdings and wealth exceeds many hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars.  These true psychopaths essentially control the entire world and no one is allowed to act against THEIR will.  The people have only one weapon which they are unwilling to use and that is their sovereign independence.  This is what the ruling elite strive to continually hide from the masses, knowing that ignorance is the best weapon that they can deploy.

People STILL after all of these years believe that their salvation come in the form of PARTICIPATING IN A PROCESS THAT HAS CONTINUALLY BEEN PROVEN TO NOT WORK!  They never learn!  Only by simply… SIMPLY denying these maniacs any influence or presence in their lives, by refusing to vote, fight in their wars, obey their laws, etc., will the public ever be free of these parasites.  By refusing to hear the truth and calling those that speak the truth fanatics and conspiracy cranks, the stupid public ENSURE their slavery.

Eventually, when things have gotten to the point where our very existence is threatened, God will intervene… He has to, man has no power to resist those that have been allowed to gain the upper hand against society.  Were it not for the retraining power of God, civilization would most likely have disappeared long before this.  Man is simply too stupid to govern himself.  Either God or Satan will do the job… so far, it’s been Satan, as the current state of affairs overwhelmingly shows.  God restrains the evil one from totally destroying us, though in the end, many will have to be ‘euthanized’ simply because their minds are not conditioned to accept divine rule over their lives.  This is a requirement for an eternity living in a sinless universe and God cannot force His rule upon anyone.  It is the only humane thing to do, given that it is all a matter of choice with those involved.

Dedicated infidels like those in the ruling elite could never be happy subservient to God.  Lesser stooges such as shills in the pseudo-sciences like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and their ilk, themselves, full-time mockers of God and His followers, would not be happy living next to those that they mocked for eternity.  They, along with their chosen master, Satan must perish, for the good of all of those that have made the choice for right.  If allowed to live, not only would living next to those that they despise forever be a living hell, they would be a cancerous drain on the repentant.  As long as they are allowed to exist, sin would in fact NOT be eliminated from the universe and there could always be the chance that a similar uprising might occur like the one that spawned the order of things that we have now.

Anyway, the current societal system simply doesn’t work, nor can it ever.  Americans still cling to the hope that somehow, somewhere, sometime, the right person will come along and save them all from themselves.  Wishful thinking!  The only thing that is being established is a stronger and tighter stranglehold by the self-professed ‘elite’ around their collective necks.  Elitist bitches like “Hellary” Clinton will always rule as long as ignorance is embraced.


Idiot Anti-theist Out Of His Element


Bob McDonald










The celebrated (can’t figure out why) host of CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks” was playing a little out of his yard, today.  Normally, unless it’s to slam religion, ol’ Bob tends to stay away from the subject of faith.  Today, on the program, he was interviewing some scientist that is developing a new process to virtually unravel ancient scripts that have been too badly damaged to physically unravel or touch.  Of course, this involved delving into some biblical history, a subject that I’m sure gave our resident infidel hives.

Not wanting to get too much into the tech of things, basically, these guys have figured out a way (they think) of ‘CAT-scanning’ the ancient rotten and charred script that was discovered in the ruins of an old synagogue that had been razed by some occupying enemy, thousands of years ago.  Bob was forced to be civil in his questions, given that he was talking to a scientist and not a theologian or the like.  Of course, there was enough science interjected that he was kept from dozing off.

In the past, McDonald has been quite vociferous in his mockery of religion, as is the common thing with anti-theists.  Anti-theists, like McDonald, however, all claim to be atheists.  Of course, one of their own has chastised them for making such claims… Christopher Hitchens.  Hitchens is, of course, dead, awaiting the second advent of the Lord, which, I’m sure, will be a big surprise to this dedicated infidel.  It will be a big surprise to a lot of “atheists”, like one particularly annoying shit stain – Richard Dawkins.  It’s these that garner the disrespect that I have for those not of the faith.  True undecided people (atheists) do not attract negative regard from me, but, assholes like McDonald and Dawkins always do.

So, if you’re ever so fucking bored that you wish to check out the CBC, that politically correct mouthpiece of the Illuminati, check out Bob’s show… be prepared for a good laugh as he delves into the nitty-gritty of infidel science… he LOVES dem big numbers, folks!

Asshole Talk Show Host Disses Lion Killer… (for ratings, nothing more!)

This piece of human excrement is jumping on the hate bandwagon so he can boost his TV ratings…

That’s right, Kimmel, keep shooting off your big fat pie hole and revealing the avaricious, self-absorbed brain behind it!  This opportunistic asshole couldn’t care less about ol’ Cecil the lion, he just knows a gold mine when he sees one.  Now he’s all righteous and indignant and his ignorant, brain-dead followers are all in a snit because a hunt went wrong and they had to trail up a wounded animal… happens every fucking day of every year, but, this lion happened to have a following.  Maybe they should have just let him go and suffer for years with that arrow in him?  Too bad the Zimbabwe government had already authorized the hunt… how about that, Kimmel?  Did you make that fact plain in your diatribe against Palmer, you egotistical power freak?

People just adore these talk show fools, even though every last one of them are opportunistic corporate whoremongers.  That makes the majority of  entertainment consumers, morons, in my book.  Dealing with just a few of these wackos online on YouTube, last night, reinforced my belief that some people ought to be sterilized before they pollute the gene pool.

Kimmel is treading a fine line, though, should one of his whacko groupies take it upon him/herself to do harm to Palmer or his family.  Believe me, there are more than just a few of these sociopathic socialist retards out there that upon having had their minds emptied by Illuminati-employed evolutionary scientists, trained to believe that they are only animals… African Apes, according to another socialist opportunistic egomaniac, Richard Dawkins… are more than ready to do their satanic masters’ bidding.  The modern ultra-liberal “progressive” left are full of psychotic basket cases that deem animal life superior to human.

My wish is that you, Dear Reader, boycott this punk asshole’s show and relegate the smug prick to some dark and dank corner of obscurity where he belongs.  In other words, don’t watch the dumb fuck’s show – drive him out of show business and back onto some used car lot where he belongs, swindling old ladies and ogling the office secretaries with the vain hope that they’d be impressed with someone with a one and a half-inch dick.

“Zinnia” Jones… Whackjob Extraordinaire!


“Zinnia” Jones

In what will be the first of a series of bios on selected infidels and other strange sociological phenomena, our attention today will be tuned to one particularly disturbed something-or-another calling itself “Zinnia” Jones.  This something-or-another started out life as a human male, then decided that life was rather boring being normal and chose to become… well… what you see here.  It calls itself “transgender”, now.  Fine.  Whatever works, I say.  Not willing to leave it at that, “Zinnia” is part of a movement that is trying to destroy faith-based ideologies and religion, favoring secular humanism – itself a religion of pagan origin – for their desired world view.  This movement involves many well-known atheists, such as Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, the now-deceased Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, etc.  All of these are and were notable in their arrogance and for their vitriolic attacks upon religion, especially Christianity.  I’ve had dealings with them all, over the years, and I can tell you these are not nice people when the chips are down… those that are still people, that is.

Getting back to our featured freakshow, “Zinnia” started out life as an apparently normal-looking human male… normal on the outside, though evidently inside some serious shit was going on that eventually resulted in the mutation that we now have before us.  From what I’ve bothered to glean from the background of this creature, it now has a domestic arrangement with some other freak and there are two children involved.  Yeah… pray for the kids, folks!  They’re going to need all the help they can get going through life, as if that weren’t tough enough for all of us.  It’s having a fetish for rats, too, (maybe it eats them?) is something that the kiddies will have to deal with in their association with their strange ‘parent’.

Jones has a YouTube channel where it posts all kinds of vitriolic drivel against faith-driven organizations and churches.  As I mentioned, I’ve posted comments on it’s channel various times throughout the years, they are generally ignored except for the occasional insult by either it or some of it’s followers, many of these otherwise normal people seeking only to be politically correct and loved by ANYTHING.  (I’m trying to be nice, here!)  Trouble is, “Zinnia” isn’t about love, it’s about cold and lifeless humanism and the tormented mind that inhabits that humanoid encasement unfortunate enough to have to host it dwells on this incessantly.  Lord knows the shit that body has gone through in this entity’s quest for self-determination!

Giving the devil it’s due, the thing is quite intelligent and no novice believer ought to try taking it on in a debate, especially on it’s chosen track of beliefs.  It will generally run circles around the average honest God-fearing soul, having years of experience in defending itself against attacks from every quarter of religion and from trolls simply out to torment what is left of the humanity trapped inside that ostensibly humanoid encasement.

All jokes aside, Jones and company are a sad lot that are seriously out of touch with reality.  Science, while good and proper in it’s intended use, does not have relevance outside of the fact that God is it’s originator and this universe functions because of the principles that He designed and put into play to operate and sustain it.  So-called atheists (really anti-theists) have attempted to hijack science as something that exists apart from God and in place of God.  The two have always been compatible, however, infidels seem to think that they, themselves, are the true authors and defenders of what we generally call science.  Infidels claim that science is something that no believer can rightfully espouse and still be what they claim to be.  Wrong, on all counts!

Jones is to be pitied… or laughed at, depending on your point of view.  Taken seriously?  No.  Simply no.  When you’re this fucked up in the head to do what Jones has and does, one cannot take anything this freak says seriously.  I suppose everything that it’s done to itself over the years, theoretically, could be reversed… physically, anyway.  Psychologically, that poses a different challenge.  Normal is something that Jones has never been, so I doubt the mindset Jones has could ever be reversed.  Perhaps God can take that into account in His judgment of Jones… I would hope so, for what it’s worth.

Too bad that so many have been influenced by it and those other opponents of truth, though.