Is Pat Condell a Zionist Shill?


Undoubtedly.  However, he does make a few good points which is indicative of either gross ignorance on his part or total collusion.  If he is sick enough to actually condone the Zionist plan to overthrow Christianity and democracy, then his anti-theism is totally justified.

Of course, the influx of migrants IS reality and the benefits from this are NIL.  However, this is a result of wars being perpetrated upon these cultures by Zionists and we are the recipients of what THEY have caused to happen.  In the end, the destruction of ALL religions (except theirs) is the goal.

Atheists love Condell as he raves against religion in general.  It’s a certainty that he knows nothing about who it is that he blindly serves as he would not be able to promote their ideology as freely as he does.  We do have an immigration problem in North America and the liberal retards that the Illuminati employ to ensure that we do have racial and cultural discord are willing puppets in their hands.

I do like the video… aside from the sympathy for Jews and homosexuals, both of whom could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn’t care.  Nevertheless, this shows the complexity of the deception and how both sides are played against the other by these elitist cocksuckers and how easily it seems that they have hoodwinked an entire world… except, of course, those whom have been vilified in all of this.


Christianity Targeted by Corrupt Government

For background on this… read HERE.

This is just another thinly-veiled attack on the religion of Christ.  The comment section following the article naturally turns toward attacking God and His followers… antitheists never miss a chance!

From idiots that attack ‘Christian’ holidays like Christmas, leveling accusations against advertising on city busses, storefronts, etc., to where Satanic agents disguised as public servants meddle in the affairs of private citizens, deciding for them how they should raise their kids, antitheists meddle in every corner of our lives.  Of course, in a world ruled by Satan, these morons naturally lean toward him as they have no moral compass.

I have had indirect dealings with the ‘SS’ (Social Services, aptly named) and can vouch for the incompetence of government agents alleged in this article by the more intelligent of it’s commenters.  These cretins can’t make it in any other job, being a government bully suits their I.Q. and temperaments very well.  Again, as is a central theme in any of my posts, you simply cannot trust an institution founded and controlled by Satanist Jewish bankers.  Their plan for wiping out any trace of competing religions against their pagan beliefs is in full-swing.  Islam and Christianity are the two prominent threats against these bastards’ plan for world domination.  Antitheists blindly and stupidly follow along like sheep to the slaughter, thinking that society is headed toward a religion-less utopia.

The whole system works by setting up counterfeits to what God has created.  Satan cannot create anything, as he is a created being, himself.  This irks him no end!  So, since the natural mind inclines itself toward his devices, Satan has instructed his dupes to set up an artificial society where artificial persons become flesh and blood and their real-life underwriters (us) become lifeless and irrelevant.  A genius of subterfuge though very transparent.

To make a very long story short, births are registered with the government, essentially making the government legal guardians of said individuals.  The government deems every human being registered with it as it’s legal property.  Registration is a well-nigh universal process in every avenue of commerce, these days.  Nothing is considered relevant unless it’s accompanied by some deed or certificate.  People won’t deal with anyone that isn’t “certified” or “licensed”, and the accompanying fees are always there.  Money, after all, is the ‘blood’ in an artificial society.  Mammon is the god of a Godless world.

So, as in this case, the government lays claim upon the kids in foster care and assumes the responsibility for their care.  Unfortunately, since your average public servant cannot find his/her ass with both hands, 9 times out of 10, these decisions often wreak havoc with the individuals concerned.

Unfortunately, society has allowed these Satanic fucks to gain the position that they have and are now stuck with having these maniacs entrenched within our lives.  We will never be rid of these parasites until Christ, Himself, destroys every single last one of them.  Fighting them in their own courts is futile.  Declaring any sort of “sovereign” status with these criminals is just as futile.  For every inch gained, they recapture a foot.

To those deceived, I say only that they educate themselves as to the delusion that they blindly follow.  It will help one decide which ‘god’ to serve… as one is definitely a dead-end.

We Live In A Predatory Society

World leaders worshiping at idol of Moloch…

Society… particularly our western one derived from European and British roots, is decidedly corrupt and inefficient.  While less-developed cultures (i.e. non-industrial “pagan” ones) do not have the same technological advances, their societies seem more in tune with the needs of their members and less with the needs and wants of the ‘elite’ and/or those whom have wealth.  They are more equal and humanitarian, in many ways.

In our society, the essential services that the average person requires are often priced way above the average person’s ability to procure.  While we may look down upon those countries that seem squalid and underdeveloped, often their social structure surpasses ours in terms of the overall concern felt for their less-fortunate.  Here, it is dog-eat-dog and may the best man win.  You either pay the price or starve.

This example shows how inefficient and anti-societal our culture is… where service is measured by the amount that you are willing and/or able to pay for that service.  The same can be applied to almost every other service… medical, dental, homeopathic… any essential service that one might expect or be led to believe is necessary for good health and being.  The government pretends such great concern for it’s people and yet prices everything beyond the reach of it’s less wealthy citizens.

Then we have those that would prey on our sense of values, our rights, as it were.  Those that feel that they ought to control how society thinks and expresses itself.  They wish to determine the moral standard for everyone else, proclaiming theirs as the only true way.  We have examples of this in some of the far-right’s interpretation of religion, in the far-left’s socialistic stance.  The “moral majority”, as it is termed, determines to establish it’s particular view of the religion of Christ, imposing their own thinking and dogma on the masses covered by a cloak of self-righteousness.  The other side claims that reason – human reason – and it’s application, should be the maxim for a healthy society, and the two are often in conflict.  The latter embraces the vices of homosexuality and transgenderism, promotes atheism, communistic dogma such as feminism – ideals which tend to destroy family ideals and those things which tend to cement a culture together.

Homosexuals parading in lewd fashion down public streets

Every day, we hear of another example of corruption by  some public official, some minister caught molesting children or ‘fooling around’ outside of marriage.  All of these are predators seeking to feed off the life-blood of society.

Man is by nature a predator.  Sin has devolved the human condition, erasing it’s once divine image so that we are virtually unrecognizable from the lower beasts.  Left on our own, our race would eventually consume itself.  Fortunately, it isn’t all about us!  The Lord of Hosts desires that at least a remnant be ‘saved’ or brought back to the original state.  Unfortunately, there are many that will never accept this offer of redemption and prefer to believe that man will somehow, some way, redeem himself and learn to find peace and harmony with himself.

That, of course, is an impossibility.  Left on his own, man will continue to sink lower and lower.  There is no motivation within himself to effect any change in nature.  Our nature is to fight and grasp and serve our own needs at the expense of others’.  It is the law of tooth and claw, the same we find in the animal kingdom, which some mistakenly claim is our legacy from evolution.

All will be rectified in time.  Meanwhile, we shall have to deal with the predatory instinct of our fellow men, recognizing that this is an inevitable feature in any evolutionary scenario… one which many have adopted as a self-defeating maxim in their hopeless lives.


Hypocrisy In Toronto


Dupes Of Zionism

Raise your hand, if you’re like me and are getting fucking sick and tired of the racist bullshit that the Zionist banking cabal is fomenting in the world against those that dare to resist their absolute rule over the world economy!

This uprising is a prime example of Zionist intolerance and should be dealt with on the same level as would any seditious action against a democratic institution would be dealt with.  It is high treason and these Zionist dupe/nut-jobs need to be jailed, at least overnight, where they can have a chance to cool off and consider just what kind of bondage and servitude they are bowing to.

The international banking cartel, comprised of Khazarian Jews, seeks to establish their rule through the insertion of central banking institutions in every country.  So far, they have been highly successful, with only a very few countries that do not have one of these pilfering institutions controlling the taxation and issuance of inflation-prone notes as currency within their borders.  In fact, it is the relatively few hold-outs that are considered as terrorist havens and subject to invasion by dupe superpowers seeking to ‘democratize’ them.

Canada has long been a patsy for Zionism.  These protesters have no inkling of the racism and bigotry that they are promoting by standing against one of the few groups that are hindering their TOTAL and ABSOLUTE take-over by fat cat, Satan-worshiping, international thieves with their sights set on total world governance.  Would they be so bold if it were Judaism that they considered seditious?  Not fucking likely!  Those kind of protests are dealt with quickly and absolutely!  It’s been said that if you want to know who is running things in the country, simply find out what it is that you are not allowed to criticize.  No one dares touch Jews without paying the penalty!

Anyone with any sense of true history knows the malevolent influence that Judaism has had in EVERY country that they have been allowed to establish themselves in.  It’s no surprise, either, the influence Israel has with the superpowers of the world and how we all come-a-runnin’ to help her out whenever she feels some sort of slight has been given her by either Islamic or Christian foes… and yes, Christianity is the OTHER opponent that stands in Zionism’s way of total global governance!  It’s not only allowable, it’s quite fashionable to attack the religion of Christ, these days.  BUT… YOU DON’T FUCKING TOUCH PRECIOUS ISRAEL!!!

Jewish Ass-kissers

These are the last days of Earth’s long and torturous journey from the Garden of Eden, when Satan first told Adam that he was essentially above the law of God and was capable of governing himself.  Of course, the devil really meant that Adam would be serving HIM.  Today, we all of us in our ‘free’ lands are actually slaves of those that have personally avowed to serve Lucifer.  (They fail to understand that Satan and Lucifer are ONE!)

God is fast losing patience with these oligarchical bastards and their doom is written by a bloodless hand upon the wall of history.  It would behoove any nation daring to call itself a champion of freedom and right to throw these seditious fucks out on their fat, elitist asses, and/or hang them for high treason.  Of course, that won’t happen, the deception has been entrenched for too long and too deeply in the minds of the people.  That won’t change the fact that these money-changing SOB’s and all that support them are going to pay the ultimate penalty for seeking to overthrow God and His government.

Political Correctness Monster Loose Again!

Yep, it’s out again!  That crazy old beast political correctness is out and terrorizing a once-free society with all of it’s brain-dead adherents, unsatisfied with all of the carnage that it has caused all these previous years… check out the latest lunacy, here.

I have to add this little ditty for those of my readers that do not understand links: whenever I refer to here, (underlined text) that means if you point to that word and click on it, it will go whatever source I have provided.  I know, it’s old hat to seasoned interneters, however, some new to the tubes do not understand this concept.  It’s just a fast and convenient way to redirect people to whatever source or authority you need for your story.

Anyway, getting back to this story… yes, it seems that the lunacy just never ends where political correctness is concerned.  We all of us thought that it was maybe a passing thing… clearly, this is not the truth.  It seems this is a cancer that is here to stay.  Now, some other minority group has their panties in a knot over names.  It seems there will always be a core group of crazies to continually harangue society and ensure that we never have any peace in the land.

Last year, some Indians were having kittens over a local university team using a native term as a title for their club.  As usual, one particularly outspoken individual was leading out in the fight, some crazy politically correct racist bitch that was dividing her time between whining about the team’s choice of titles and bitching about the generally evil nature of the white man.  Of course, she wasn’t being racist, only white people are racist… to the politically correct, anyway.

People just need to ignore these shitheads, they’re all clearly unbalanced and should be institutionalized.  There is one dumb anti-theist bastard headquartered in one of our larger centres that never fails to rant about Christmas and how it should be done away with, because, as he puts it, it offends him as a non-believer to see signs of a religious nature on city buses wishing people good cheer in the holiday season!  This tells you a lot about the type of individual we’re dealing with!  I’ve personally locked horns with this nut and I can tell you he’s definitely certifiable.  Even other atheists think he’s a nut and that’s saying something!

I accept that we shall always have the crazies with us in this world and that it will get a helluva lot worse before things get better, but, I think it’s high time that these fools be forced to account for the silly and needless litigation that they often spawn over their frivolous machinations.  Make an example of a few of these idiots and maybe that will deter others from being public nuisances.  After all, it’s our money that these buttheads are squandering… NONE of them foot their own legal bills.  Make them pay their own way and you’ll see a marked drop in cases of this nature.

All of this insanity is possible in a socialist construct like the one that we have.  In a system that rewards inefficiency and criminality and laziness, what else can one expect?



Don’t get me wrong!  I’m a firm believer in intelligent design… but hear the wisdom in this infidel’s speech!!  Humanity is naturally flawed and all that faith is trying to tell us is that this is only a temporary thing… but that there are very real repercussions for not learning how to save ourselves from non-existence.  That’s right… SAVE OURSELVES!  No, not heresy… FACT.  God can lead you to understanding, but, it’s YOU that chooses truth or fiction.

Over the years, I think that I’ve more than provided evidence for the fact this world is based upon fiction told to us by our so-called ‘leaders’.  Nevertheless, those that call themselves followers of truth are just as guilty in their consistency to fall back upon human nature… because there is no indwelling Spirit.  There is the rub!  No Spirit… no salvation!

Inevitably, without God’s indwelling force, this is the result…

The Depths We Go To

The human psyche is an amazing thing.  The depths that it is willing to plummet to in order to avoid dealing with things that it cannot accept or control is nothing less than stupendous.  What society has been force-fed in terms of religion is a prime example of that innate component within us that wants to understand our existence, if there is some grand design to it or simply just to figure out why we’re here at all.

No one needs to tell me where the bear sits, as it were.  I know what the score is, having been in both worlds… the world of the infidel AND the believer.  Most will not take the time to search out truth, leaving that for others to do for them.  This is probably the biggest problem with society, allowing itself to be led like sheep and not questioning authority, religious or secular.

An interesting article by Henry Makow, here, illustrates my point.  It’s almost hilarious how the world has swallowed so much bullshit in place of that which it is man’s PRIVELEGE to know and understand.  Amazing how we’ll believe the most outlandish CRAP over something that would, when given due time and consideration, FAR outshines that which is considered “empirical”.

Like, for example, the latest attempt by the humanists to backtrack on their original theory that mankind is descended from apes.  It’s laughable to even consider such a theory, and even they have now realized this and are now saying that we share a common ancestor.  Most of the younger crowd were raised on this edited form of humanism, but, we old-timers still remember the original garbage they were pushing and we do not let them off the hook so easily!

As mentioned in Henry’s article, the UFO craziness (which was at it’s height in my day, and is now resurging) is blamed now upon man’s acceptance of alien technology, as opposed to those aliens actually visiting us in PERSON.  True, there are many “skunkwork” black-op projects out there that the public are not in on, and if there is any collaboration with alien intelligences, I assure you, dear reader, they are not of the stereotypical “little green men” or “greys” origin.

What it all boils down to is what we are willing to swallow if it will make us feel better about ourselves.  There are many that cannot accept the reality that there is a God that designed and now controls the universe and are willing to embrace ANYTHING that will placate their offense at such a reality.  I, myself, have never been one that is willing to stick my head in a hole and leave my ass unprotected… which is exactly what the Godless masses have done and are doing.  ‘Ostrich Syndrome’ is rampant in today’s secular society.

Religion runs this world, however, and it always shall.  The New World Order is built upon paganism, which IS a religion, and anti-Christian religion.  It has adopted many forms and teaching to move with the times, but, it is what it is.  It is a divergence from truth.  The powers that be do not want you to know that you were not born to be their slaves.

The choice is always ours.  The end result will be what we asked for.