Better DEAD Than Red! (“Red”… as in Liberal/Communist!)

Or… better THEY are dead, because, that’s what it’s going to take to rid ourselves of these commie vermin.  We’re going to have to start killing off a few of these scumbags to send a message to the others… we don’t want your perverse Satanic ideologies, so, if you’re going to try pushing them, you’re going to pay the price!

Having no sense of moral decency, the crazed left will stop at NOTHING to try and overthrow society.  Themselves, dupes of a criminal oligarchy using them as pawns to help bring in their world-wide, Satan-inspired centralized government, they, in turn, will be thrown under the bus when their usefulness is over.  Most, though, are and will be so stupid as to their fate that they will in all likelihood go down defending their own murderers.  That’s how stupid a leftist is!  Do you have any in your household… circle of friends?  GET RID OF THEM!!!  Having Cancer is preferable to having these around… and, certainly, DO NOT let them near your kids!!!

I hope and pray for a civil war in this country, so that we, as citizens, can legally kill all these communist bastards!  I mean, the government has been doing just that for generations, so where is the harm in decent folk helping take out the garbage?  Even a war is preferable to watching the nation going down under communism.  Yes, it’s time!  Time to take responsibility for something that is clearly beyond the capacity of our government… our personal freedoms!

This Is How ‘Minorities’ Can Lie

Yes, and they do it quite frequently…

And, moronic, self-absorbed, entitled and spoiled socialist white kids drink up EVERY word!  Well, when you have absolutely NOTHING to do with yourself, but, have sex, read Marxist propaganda and go around looting and causing trouble, your brain (if you have one) tends to atrophy.  This is particularly evident in spoiled, rich white kids that fall for the not-so-sophisticated lies of bitter and jealous blacks and other designated ‘minorities’ (whites are swiftly moving into that category) and profess shame for what their ancestors did.

The NAACP is merely another hate group in a burgeoning line of antisocial, communist organizations dedicated to the establishment of a “big idea” outlined by George Bush Sr. in 1991, which includes the depopulation of the planet and the eradication of the hated and troublesome white-dominated hierarchy and Christianity.

Homosexuality Is NOT Normal!


The politically correct would have you believe that homosexuality is merely a higher stage in the development of civilized society.  This revelation, however, comes THOUSANDS of years after established, normal society’s continual and consistent promotion and practice of heterosexuality, the former a comparative infant alongside what we most of us know constitutes any normal and decent and advanced society.

Any moral society is a threat to an impending oligarchy.  Those “New World Order” advocates know that for their power to be realized, they have to destabilize society in order to pave the way for their so-called alternatives.  Our society was founded upon certain moral principles, principles that do not recognize or condone deviant behavior.  It has only been within the last 50 years or so that homosexuality has been able to crawl out from under the rock that it has been forced to keep hidden under.  Up to this time it has always been recognized for being the foul thing that it is and soundly defeated whenever it dared rear it’s evil head.

But now, a whole new generation has been weaned upon the politically correct notion that homosexuality is a normal function of not only a civilized society, but of nature, as well.  This is, of course, utter bullshit!

Playing straight into the hands of the elitists, ultra-left humanist dupes continue to rant and rave and suppress those that would correct them in their delusions.  They flatter themselves that, like their mother Eve, they have somehow entered upon some higher state of awareness by embracing the doctrines of devils.  As time goes on, the deviants get braver and braver, feeling it’s now quite safe to “come out”.  When they do come out, it’s with a vengeance!  Anyone that has stood up to their near-constant bullying and intimidation and ever-willingness to engage in litigation in courts of law, knows well the vindictive character of these sexually depraved fanatics.  Given the upper hand, they would destroy society.

Whether from a Christian standpoint or an atheist’s, homosexuality occupies no sensible or logical position in either construct.  It is simply a vice, nothing more… a vice strongly condemned by God and by any developed and moral society.

Guns Or Political Correctness The Enemy?


See this story for background.

On this blog we tell it like it is, unsullied by political correctness and with no partiality toward certain ethnic and political groups.  It’s the real deal, here, whether it meets with whining leftist ideals or not.  One of the things the left cries about more than anything else is the issue of gun ownership in Canada.

We already have some of the most restrictive laws in the world yet there are still those that cannot rest as long as one gun remains on the market or in private ownership.  Of course, these actually believe that a violence-less world is possible and those simply cannot be reasoned with.  These we are forced to label as fanatics.  Their hatred for guns and those that use them becomes more and more apparent with each passing year.

Stories like the one featured show that the fanatical left still cling to the hope that their utopian world is yet within reach.  Of course, this is merely an example of why their dreams are delusional.  Once again we have the reality of a criminal having easy access to a gun and the willingness to use it as opposed to a responsible owner with legitimate uses.  The fanatical left, however, wish to place all gun users into the first category.  To them, there simply isn’t any legitimate reason for having a gun unless it’s the military or the police.  “Oh, they need protection in their work!”, the radicals whine.  With the rash of police shootings of unarmed civilians, as of late, that argument goes out the window pretty damned fast!  Besides, with a public disarmed, why would cops need a gun?  Makes about as much sense as tits on a boar.  Because, as any idiot knows, criminals will never give up their guns, so why should cops be the only ones allowed to protect themselves?  Actually, the authorities place us all in one category… herd animals needing management… but, that’s another story.

While this writer has pretty much given up on reason ever prevailing in this emotionally governed and charged issue, it still occupies my time writing about how the Zionist cabal running our governments desperately wish to disarm the public.  Right now, in Canada, we are ‘enjoying’ a relative lull in the anti-gun crusade.  The Montreal shootings of women students, a few years back, are still resurrected each year with memorials that are directed primarily at getting guns banned in Canada.  The feminists behind these memorials have less interest in those slain women than they do in getting guns banned, a shot at the hated “white male-dominated military/industrial complex” that supposedly keeps women down.

The story mentioned above is just another example of the futility in trying to ban guns entirely.  Criminals will always have the means to acquire guns.  Banning guns will actually make their crimes easier to commit, knowing that they only have police to deal with as far as ever having to face down an armed adversary.  We will become easier victims.  If the individual in the feature story that was killed had had a weapon, he would be alive today.  Of course, today’s dumb-downed politically correct society is so ignorant of the basic tenets of handling firearms it is sometimes not a good idea to allow them access to something that they will only end up harming themselves with.  This writer is not opposed to having some laws regarding ownership due to this fact.  However, those that can operate and handle a gun safely should not have to pay for those dumbasses that cannot or will not.

While the stats still show knifings to be the primary cause of violent deaths in Canada, and these occurrences among those that know each other, there are those that will continue to crusade against private gun ownership and fall completely under the spell of the globalists.  Reality still dictates that this is an impossible endeavor and no law will ever remove guns from the world, there are literally billions of guns out there and they are not simply going to vaporize because some brain-dead feminist or numb-nutted politician wills it so.  Perhaps the focus should shift toward the government’s indiscriminate predilection for letting foreigners into Canada, bringing with them all of their caste and cultural difficulties and an unwillingness to abide by our culture’s rules.  The politically correct left are all for allowing these dissidents to flood our shores, yet never consider for one second that we are fast becoming the minority in our own country… and these invaders are here for a reason!  They are here, because, they fucked up their own countries with their inherently flawed ideals and religions and political radicalism, now they’re suddenly going to change for us?

Not bloody likely, my friends… NOT BLOODY LIKELY!!

Ontario – Off Limits To Perverts!

No-dyke Zone!


Or so it will be when the politically correct citizens get off their complacent asses and tell this self-centered dyke/bitch Kathleen Wynne, their pseudo-premier, to take her freak show elsewhere but the classrooms of Ontario public schools!

My last post on this subject dealt with the insidious encroachment the deviant LGBT mafia are making on the educational system of Ontario, and it’s heavy-handed ways of dealing with opposition.  Now is the time to put these perverts in their place, which is back in their ‘closets’, basements, back alleys, and other dingy and dark cesspools that these kind frequent and originate from.

Wynne exhibits nothing new in terms of the militant attitude that sexual deviants display whenever they encounter any opposition to their specious lifestyle.  Self-centered and egotistical, they are now seeking to contaminate our nation’s youth and have made major inroads into the public psyche, gaining an inordinate amount of support from the public and with government stooges.  Nowadays, it is considered politically correct to support evil and there is nothing more evil than homosexualism.

There is a public protest planned for Tuesday, April 14th from 10am til noon. One will be at Queen’s Park in Toronto and several thousand are expected. The other will be in London at Victoria Park; it is also expected to be large.  Anyone travelling in that vicinity or are interested in supporting freedom of expression and thought can attend and let these immoral Nazis know that they are not going to be allowed to steamroll over everyone else whenever they get the whim to do so!

When it’s time for an election, make your vote count and get rid of all of the deviants occupying public posts.  Rest assured that the ONLY reason that they are in those jobs is to help promote their deviant lifestyle, it ISN’T to stand in representation of you the taxpayer!

For more on this, read here.  The time to act is NOW, not after your kid comes home and informs you that he may have been born in the wrong body!

The Sodomite Problem

“You can brainwash whomever you want… sooner or later, they will come to the truth…”

*WARNING…nauseatingly explicit material to follow!

Amazing how blinded people can become!  The priest at the beginning of this video, supposedly a minister of Christ, preaches the dogma of Satan without so much as blinking.  The ugly, sweating bodies of perverts dancing in the streets with impunity… this is undoubtedly what the Bible had to say about the last days and how every manner of perversion and filthy unclean practice would be deemed as holy and acceptable.  Convenient, too, how perverts rewrote the Bible to suit their own perverse ways.  How can one simply ignore the truth and think to change it by simply reading what you want to read in something, ignoring reality?  This is delusional thinking and a definite sign of some form of psychosis.

The homosexuals enjoy a disproportionate amount of favor from judicial and governmental bodies and are quick to utilize these in their persecution of heterosexuals, particularly Christian and other faiths opposed to their filthy lifestyle.  Sad, that ordinary people, most certainly those that are duped into thinking that faggots are only interested in being ‘equal’, fight on behalf of these noxious creeps.  These suckers are the faggot’s most potent weapon in their agenda for wiping out religion and it’s template for a healthy and prosperous economy and society.

Interesting, too, how the narrator says that the perverts unconsciously understand that what they do is wrong.  What level of denial is necessary to continue in something that can only end with your own destruction?  The supreme selfishness required to expose those that they claim to love to the same fate, such as with the children they kidnap and hold hostage, calling it a ‘family’?  Even the children instinctively know what is happening is wrong… and the stats prove that homosexual unions are not healthy and usually result in dysfunctional kids.

It was very difficult sitting through this video, seeing what is so very obvious, knowing there are those that simply cannot or will not see how this disease is spreading throughout the world.  Stomach-turning ‘marriages’ between deviants and their willing accomplices makes one sick to their very soul, seeing how the enemies of God are getting away with the garbage that they espouse… for now.  They can rewrite scripture all they want, the fate of those two ancient cities will be revisited upon these willing cohorts of Satan.  Both they and he will meet the same fiery fate that those ancient perverts received at the hands of a God that will not long be trifled with.

The problem is widespread… and getting worse…

This scene plays out every day and shows the TRUE nature of homosexualism.  Don’t be complacent!  You have gay neighbors?  Be watchful… don’t get too near to them, ESPECIALLY your kids!  God will deal with them in the end.

*More reading on this subject here.