More “Climate Change” Hype… With Something else!

Ignoring the climate change bullshit, this video does have some value in it’s historicity.  It’s worth a look, despite the hype…

The truth is gradually coming out.  Of course, ancient Egypt was the center of the pagan world at one time.  Before that, we had the antediluvian world that perished during the great flood, which is where these great monuments were conceived and erected by the powerful civilization that then flourished.  They made our civilization look like comparative morons, being bigger, stronger, more intelligent… these works would have been well within their abilities to create.

Being the well-constructed monuments they are, they somehow survived even the horrendous forces unleashed by God against a rebellious world.  An arrogant and foolish society like ours cannot conceive of anything better than themselves, proved by the one skeptic in this video.  He is, however, ready to consider that extraterrestrials might have had a hand in things, when the chips were down!  This is the arrogance of the stupid, whom are always at the tail end of advancement.

Satan’s minions were able to (with his help) devise these structures with the advanced knowledge of an angel fallen, well equipped to perform the technical and mathematical feats associated with them.  Self-absorbed idiots of today can only marvel at what these adepts were able to do.  Secret societies all over the world pride themselves on their arcane knowledge and love to flaunt it toward an ignorant and unsuspecting world.  We wander around, bumping into one another while these self-proclaimed elite accomplish what we could never even come close to doing.  Though God is well able to thwart the plans of these elitists, He cannot interfere on behalf of an arrogant civilization when they do not wish it.

Though these ancient mighty men did great works, they were still dupes of a powerful foe.  They went to their graves lost men, having never learned to trust their creator.  So-called ‘scientists’ of today unwittingly follow in their footsteps, claiming to have all of the knowledge.  The simplest mind of the antediluvian world was more than a match for any ‘genius’ of today.

It will be some show when the God of Heaven reveals all to everyone about the TRUE history of the world.  The resounding thunderclap of jaws hitting the floor will spell the end of ignorance and no one will be left unaccountable.