War IS A Racket!!

And it’s a racket that seems fool-proof, as most believe that it is a necessary evil.  Such is the profound ignorance of today’s citizen of the New World Order.

The following video is long… but, I would say well worth the investment in time as so much of our time is taken up with far less important, even stupid pastimes…

It’s well-nigh hopeless trying to get through to the masses, these days, hornswoggled as they are with false perceptions of patriotism and fed bullshit by elitist-controlled media.  Everyone jumps at every suggestion of the media moguls and they scoff at those that would try and warn them off.  This is the attitude of sheep lolling in their pasture… awaiting slaughter.

Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler

TWICE Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Major General Smedley Butler, calls it like it is… war is a racket!  Only the super-rich get any profit from conflict, conflict that their miserable cowardly asses never have to be immersed in… because WE are stupid sheep that blindly follow along behind them and swallow every lie that they tell, which is about every word that comes out of their forked-tongue heads!  Butler’s expose of war is fueled by first-hand knowledge of the devious workings of the rat-bastard elite, whom fancy themselves as rulers of the world in a carefully crafted “New World” oligarchy.

His book, aptly named, describes the reality of our world and the murderous fucks that run it.  For a download, read it HERE.  It goes hand-in-hand with the previous video in describing the lengths that the international ‘banksters’ are willing to go to in order to enslave humanity… ultimately, enthrone their hidden master, Satan, as master of the world.  This, of course, isn’t mentioned in the video or in Butler’s book.  Nevertheless, it has been and always will be the reality that most of us are blissfully unaware of.  The Bible states that the war we fight is NOT against earthly powers or governments, but SPIRITUAL beings: principalities and powers, evil angels and their dupes.

Of course, when Christ returns to settle accounts with Satan and his dupes, they will pay a terrible price for what they have done to their fellow man and creation.  Ultimately, this is what will have to happen as mankind is too steeped in ignorance and error to effect much in the way of freeing itself from the clutches of the oligarchy of the damned.  Their reward will be annihilation, total and permanent.  Satan, will suffer the longest, long enough to witness the destruction of that which he has spent thousands of years building… only to lose it all.

Too bad for him!


On Flag-Burning… and such…

Yeah… and aliens are just DYING (Roswell) to get down here!  LOL!

People behaving badly.  The entire world is reeling under the weight of elitist oligarchs seeking to undermine society on a global scale.  Of course, the majority of Earth’s citizens are ignorant of this fact… a condition blogs like this one seek to remedy in some small way.  For the most part, all of our efforts will be unsuccessful, nevertheless we soldier on.

We have the liberals and we have the right-wing… both are deluded.  The middle ground is held by those in the know and the reality is that all of the unrest in the world is being orchestrated by rich Satanists, themselves, deluded by a false god.  Do not expect things to get any better, folks!

Things are going to start unraveling in a big way, pretty soon… stay tuned!

More Holocaust Bullshit…

Jewish Ass-kissers

It never ends.  Now, apparently, Jews were the only casualties during the Second World War, because, you NEVER hear about anyone else BUT them!

Considering that the figures given for the amount of casualties are actually correct, they are still minority in comparison with all of the other ethnic groups that fell victim to the rich asshole bankers’ scheme to make themselves trillionaires in record time.  But, of course, IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM.

Read this article and see how minority groups have the upper hand in a society ostensibly structured for rule by a majority.  Think that’s some coincidence or something?  Not bloody likely!  It’s what the bankers want and what the bankers want, they get!  Yes, it’s now possible to be the worst deviant in society and society is obligated to carry your load.

This isn’t about picking on Jews, it’s about the inordinate favor that they court when others have just as many rights as they do, but, in order for political correctness to be served, these and those deviant fringes of society’s rights must trump (no pun) the rights of others.  For example, how many rights do white Anglo Saxons and Europeans have that are paramount or even considered… especially white Christian males… these days?  On the other hand, it’s open season on these!  One can criticize them all they want and feel no repercussions, because, that’s what’s okay and socially hip to do.

Criticize a Jew?  You’re dead.  Criticize a faggot?  You’re dead.  Criticize a nigger or an Indian?  Same.  Am I a racist?  Never used to be.  However, when a certain group sets itself up above all the others, as the aforementioned have and or are trying to do, racism breeds pretty fast!  Where before I merely accepted those of color and ethnic diversity, now I view them with suspicion and distrust… sometimes even hatred.  That’s what the Illuminati wants for society, to set it against itself.  Create discord and then offer a ‘solution’… a global, one-world/society oligarchy run by them.

Diversity is a good thing, not something to be abhorred as the ultra-rich asshole elitists would like you to believe.  They disdain sovereignty because it flies in the face of centralized government and unilateral, ultimate CONTROL.  Universities are prime left-wing, communistic breeding centres and preach all forms of psychopolitical dogma that the Illuminati developed for total world domination.  That’s why we see lenient justice systems that persecute those that don’t cooperate with their schemes and offer help to those that would only weaken the fabric of our society’s Christian underpinnings.

The more ridiculous and specious the idea, the better chance you have of having it fly in a society that is rabidly leftist.  It’s all going to collapse, someday, however, there WILL be a time of chaos in which nearly all of the dreams of the anti-social will come to fruition.  The Bible speaks of a coming “time of trouble” which will see society being dissolved into a politically correct cesspool where right and wrong is reduced to mere perspective.  Those that fail to adhere to the “New World Order” will be deemed troublemakers and in many cases slated for annihilation.

God will bring it all to ruin, this is fact.  Satan and his cohorts and sympathizers and lackeys will all be destroyed.  The justice that many now cry for will come, but, as with any corrective process, it’s going to be done over time.  It’s always easier to fuck things up than correct them and this is something that the politically correct will always prove as fact.

For now, we have a new ‘elite’ in society… in this order: Jews, homosexuals, criminals.  Much like the pyramid that the oligarchs have for symbolizing their hierarchy… with the “all-seeing-eye” of Satan nestled at the top.


*Editor’s Note: Here’s an interesting article with a different perspective on what happened to propel the world into the money-making, land-grabbing, sovereignty-destroying event known as World War Two… (I apologize for the site content this story is located at, however, this is what we are reduced to in getting at the truth in this day and age.  The modern mainstream media is totally bought and paid for and one has to go deep underground to get at any semblance of the truth.)


Given the penchant for lying and murder the mammon-worshiping filth disguised as human beings have, this seems much more plausible than the official historical version that we all accepted without question as youngsters growing up under the oligarchs.  It was in the best interests of the international bankers to create martyrs of their own people to set up this grand charade, aided by the dupes in the then League of Nations.  It’s modern version, the United nations, continues with this practice, invading and subjugating sovereign nations, murdering it’s leaders and citizens, all in the pretense of creating a better world, whilst making tons of money for their Jewish masters.

Hitler Wouldn’t Have Approved!

Laughable.  No, seriously, deviants were high on Hitler’s hit list, next to the Jews, whom have evidently pulled off yet another false flag.  They never give up, do they?  They never will.  It’s simply their nature to be scheming and evil.

They have been using deviants to push forward their agenda of eliminating Christianity and their Muslim neighbors, both of these the ONLY serious opposition to their plans for world government.  See, it’s more than just Palestine that they have their sights set on, it’s the entire world.  That’s why they go to the lengths that they do, framing Christians and Muslims for the work that THEY do!

There is an overdue push for the elimination of private ownership of guns in America.  They’ve tried before and they will never quit trying.  America is one of the few nations that enjoy relative freedom to bear arms… but that will soon end, if the elitists get their way!

It’s politically incorrect to criticize homosexuals, the Zionist lobby has seen to that.  It’s ILLEGAL in Canada to slander a faggot.  Our time-serving liberal prime minister’s first order of business was to suck up to the faggot community.  He’ll soon be bringing on another assault against the firearms advocates, it’s in his liberal (communist) nature.  His old man was the same way.  He was quick to use another false flag to implement the War Measures Act, back in the early seventies, during the so-called “FLQ Crisis”, when his labour minister was sacrificed for the cause and another official kidnapped.

Just like with 9/11, the Zionists have instigated another convenient situation with which to justify more Draconian laws.  Their puppet, Obama, will soon be announcing those measures, I’m sure.  Trudeau has already issued a statement condemning the killings… if there were in fact any.  (Perhaps another Sandy Hook?)

People, don’t be fooled by this crap!  They will play upon your emotions, knowing how you fear the unknown.  The Zionists are masters at this game.  They have been using subterfuge and sabotage for thousands of years to get what they want.  They are universally despised and for good reason!

What other group sends hit squads into sovereign countries to murder those that they deem as their enemies?  They are protected by crooked politicians and presidents and given limitless aid to wage war against their enemies.  Christianity represents the hated Christ, whom they tried to kill and eventually did, only to lose when our Lord triumphantly resurrected, condemning them as a nation and forever removing the “chosen ones” status from them.  They delude themselves to this day that they are a special people, any longer.  They are despised and hated and they cannot be trusted.

Homosexuality has always been condemned by God and always will be.  If there were any deviants killed, they will not rest in peace, forever, they face judgment at Christ’s hands.  If they are unrepentant, they must account for their own sins, Christ cannot.  Hopefully, many will turn from their vice in the interim.

Right now, the agenda is to get the guns.  Expect this to happen, shortly.  Meanwhile, refuse to buy into this sham.  Don’t do business with Jews, Mammon is their god and commerce is their means to salvation… so they think.  It will be tough, they own practically everything, but, simply knowing the truth will enable one to for effectively live in their commercial construct.  Live by the golden rule, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, live within your means… DON’T BORROW THEIR MONEY!

If it seems impossible that these things are happening the way that they say they are, it’s because it IS impossible to happen without their orchestrating it!  It’s the same old story!

Homosexuality Is NOT Normal!


The politically correct would have you believe that homosexuality is merely a higher stage in the development of civilized society.  This revelation, however, comes THOUSANDS of years after established, normal society’s continual and consistent promotion and practice of heterosexuality, the former a comparative infant alongside what we most of us know constitutes any normal and decent and advanced society.

Any moral society is a threat to an impending oligarchy.  Those “New World Order” advocates know that for their power to be realized, they have to destabilize society in order to pave the way for their so-called alternatives.  Our society was founded upon certain moral principles, principles that do not recognize or condone deviant behavior.  It has only been within the last 50 years or so that homosexuality has been able to crawl out from under the rock that it has been forced to keep hidden under.  Up to this time it has always been recognized for being the foul thing that it is and soundly defeated whenever it dared rear it’s evil head.

But now, a whole new generation has been weaned upon the politically correct notion that homosexuality is a normal function of not only a civilized society, but of nature, as well.  This is, of course, utter bullshit!

Playing straight into the hands of the elitists, ultra-left humanist dupes continue to rant and rave and suppress those that would correct them in their delusions.  They flatter themselves that, like their mother Eve, they have somehow entered upon some higher state of awareness by embracing the doctrines of devils.  As time goes on, the deviants get braver and braver, feeling it’s now quite safe to “come out”.  When they do come out, it’s with a vengeance!  Anyone that has stood up to their near-constant bullying and intimidation and ever-willingness to engage in litigation in courts of law, knows well the vindictive character of these sexually depraved fanatics.  Given the upper hand, they would destroy society.

Whether from a Christian standpoint or an atheist’s, homosexuality occupies no sensible or logical position in either construct.  It is simply a vice, nothing more… a vice strongly condemned by God and by any developed and moral society.

The Supernatural At Work

Oil and New World Order magnate, David Rockefeller, has recently undergone his SIXTH heart transplant… AT THE AGE OF 100 YEARS!


David Rockefeller

According to sources, this undead relic was talking to reporters only 36 hours after the procedure… WHAT THE FUCK???

What power attends a 100 year-old man that he is able to withstand major trauma to his body in the form of open heart surgery?  People not even half his age succumb to far less complicated surgeries all over the land, yet this monstrosity was reportedly up and jogging a week after his first transplant in 1976… this latest one is his SIXTH!  He’s also had two kidney transplants, if you please!

People laugh at conspiracy theorists when they say that the super rich are in daily contact with and worship satanic forces, yet here we have very conclusive proof that this is so.  Come on… a 100 year-old man undergoing major open heart surgery and then talking about it only a few hours later?  A man his age just SURVIVING the procedure is highly suspect all by itself!

There are other possibilities, though, given the opulence of the man, who obviously has greater access to the latest and most innovative medical resources than the majority of us have – resources that we have never heard of or ever will.  His team of “private surgeons” operated on him at one of his private dwellings… how chic is that?!  For most of us, getting medical help is only possible after a long and arduous process of scheduling appointments and sitting on waiting lists.  The herd doesn’t have the same privilege the herdsman does!

It has been postulated for years that the super rich have access to advanced technology and the possibility that their bodies are controlled by supernatural entities, imbibing their enormous strength and vitality, cannot be ignored.  One demon could empower this old curmudgeon with more stamina than an Olympic athlete could ever attain over a lifetime of training.  Ol’ Rocky once jested (?) “I plan to live to be two hundred!”  I wonder if that statement is really that far-fetched?

Longevity is a trait in the Rockefeller family, with many of them living well into their nineties.  A billionaire’s lifestyle could be conducive to longer life and greater health than what those that have to bend their backs to eke out a living could ever hope for.  Granted, there is a price for longevity…


John D. and Son

David’s father, while living well into his nineties, looked like death warmed-over and his son hasn’t faired any better in the LOOKS department.  But, something has been driving this family from the days when John D’s bigamist father was selling snake oil to the rubes along the Canadian border.  The supernatural world is something that today’s oh-so-scientific-and-sophisticated, self-assured society ignores very well… at their peril.  The oligarchs that comprise the unseen movers and shakers of this world not only recognize these fallen beings, they worship them!  While for now, the fringe benefits are apparent in the lives of their dupes, such as David Rockefeller, the time will come when his usefulness… like was the case with his father and their ancestors and all those mighty men of history… will be through and they will be cast to the elements.

What we have here is conclusive proof that things are not as they should be.  Let it be a warning that there is far more to this world than what is apparent to the eye… forces that we cannot even begin to understand or defeat!

The Evil of Evolution

With the recent flap over the killing of a lion in Africa by a Minnesota dentist out on a trophy hunting safari, it’s becoming apparent to many that there is something inherently wrong with a society that values an animal life over that of a human.  All manner of nut-jobs are crawling out of the woodwork to condemn, threaten and otherwise vilify this hunter, their attitude and mannerisms even shocking to those of their own anti-theistic or agnostic view.

Well, they really shouldn’t be surprised, when we have a society that was brought up on the idea that man is not a product of intelligent thought and construct, but merely a chance and random accumulation of space dust, innervated by some as yet unknown and chance combination of electricity and space dust.  This is the story we are all force-fed in our schools, schools that are run by satanic governments and their pagan puppet-masters, the Zionist banking cartel and Illuminati.

When you remove God from the mix, out go any notions that man is anything special, other than a species that has managed to rise above the rest of the herd and now dominates the planet.  What the anti-theistic crowd doesn’t realize, though, is that all aspects of morality and justice have to be discarded as well and it becomes a situation where survival of the species is warranted by ANY MEANS.  So, if there are those that exploit others and lesser creatures (you can’t even use the word “creature” as this implies something ‘created’) then this is perfectly in keeping with the evolutionary mandate – survival by any and all means.  There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, merely survival, which is what any organism or species must do to exist.

Stupid people associate morality with evolution and believe that it is necessary in the evolutionary paradigm… it is NOT!  There are plenty of lesser creatures and organisms that exist and have existed for millennia and still function as well now as when they were first developed.  Even from the evolutionary point of view, these organisms apparently do not need to evolve higher emotions and sensibilities to exist and flourish.  It’s merely another ill-thought-out excuse that anti-theists use to deny what is painfully obvious to even the simplest intellect.  We are created beings and given that reality, we are therefore accountable for our actions toward each other AND those lesser creatures not created in God’s image.

Evolutionists cannot comprehend what is so plain to creationists… that man is being led down the garden path, as it were, to believe that we are nothing more than highly developed brute beasts that deserve no more respect than even bacteria, as some have said on various forums.  This amply shows what level of ignorance and outright stupidity can be reached by sufficient programming, starting from the earliest days of a human life!  This is what public schools are set up and designed to do.  When everything is placed in the hands of government, it ensures that those that control government can create and develop the manner of citizen that they desire for their global oligarchy.

The level of brainwashing has reached epic proportions and I hesitate to allow anyone so afflicted time on any forum I administrate.  They have an answer for everything and refuse to see the truth.  It inevitably boils down to where they become abusive and their arrogant presumption is apparent from the very beginning.  They are trained to TALK and not listen, assured that it is they that are the only ones knowledgeable on pretty much any subject.  I had one of these try and debate me on an earlier post and it became necessary to block him as his ‘tone’ was becoming increasingly abusive.  Haughtiness is the common feature apparent in all anti-theists.  They know it all and they are TELLING you.  I encounter this regularly on other forums as well.

That is why it’s amusing to watch people argue back and forth about the moral implications in any situation similar to the Cecil scenario.  Both sides are predominantly atheistic and cannot understand why there is a rub between them.  One side is hard core animal-oriented while the other values human life more.  Neither side sees how they have been manipulated by forces that are using THEM as herd animals for the purpose of slavery and control.

Will the masses ever wake up to this fact?  Sadly, no.  The level of indoctrination has been too thorough for too long.  We shall continue to have such controversies until the Master returns to claim His people and the land.  It is oblivious to the vast majority that this world is a write-off and they will continue to trudge along believing that everything must eventually work out in some evolutionary manner toward perfection.  The rest of us must necessarily be dragged along with them as they are the majority and control the vast workings of this sham of a society.

The great awakening is coming… too late, though, for most.