“Murder By Badge”

There’s a murderer loose in Billings, Montana… and he’s wearing a badge…


One thread commenter mentions “murder by badge”.  This particular officer has killed, before, apparently due to an uncontrollable fear of being shot, himself.  One quickly sees he has a problem controlling his emotions, what with all of the swearing and posturing he does.  The victim apparently had a history with trouble, but, does this excuse this ‘public servant’s’ behavior?

There was no professionalism displayed, here.  This cop was way out of control.  Granted, some people do not listen too well when they are addressed or required to do something.  The victim wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary in that regard.  Officers are supposed to be trained to deal with that sort of thing.  Clearly, Officer Morrison didn’t have a handle on that training on this particular occasion, if, indeed, he’s ever had any such training.  He was ‘off safe’ from the moment he left his cruiser.

This is a clear case of murder.  Lax response from his superiors and ‘jurors’ aside, many of the comments on this thread are very revealing, showing an inordinate degree of apathy with regard to civilian rights and freedoms on the part of many American citizens.  One of these days, these might find themselves on the business end of Morrison’s pistol, remembering his previous performances in such circumstances… and will they then not feel somewhat uneasy as to the outcome of said encounter?  History has shown that this cop does not hesitate to use deadly force when he thinks it appropriate.  He’s done it twice… he WILL do it, again!

The Illuminati-sponsored New World Order is responsible for the increasing paranoia enabling totalitarian behavior by law enforcement agencies and government.  This problem is only going to increase with time as the elitists work toward their goal of global rule.  More and more cops are feeling the need to draw down on those that they are supposedly sworn to protect and serve.  Officer Morrison’s mannerisms and language in this video clearly shows he serves only one master… himself.

This guy is a problem and he needs to be dealt with, soon, before his actions spawn a fresh new crop of totalitarian behavior in present and future cops.  His badge does not put him above the law.

“Our officers, as well as any other officer in the country, are authorized to use deadly force when there is an imminent threat of serious bodily injury or death.”
“I believe whole-heartedly that any officer, knowing and feeling what officer Morrison knew, would do the same thing.”
“My hat’s off to law enforcement in Yellowstone County because they have embraced the technology available to them.”

Hmmm… think I’ll be postponing any trips to Billings, Montana, for the time being!