Here’s To US!

You know who you are!  You were naturally skeptical of all the inconsistencies that were so BLATANTLY obvious about the COVID scam and you weren’t buying ANY of it!  Does this make you smarter than the rest of society?  Well… YES!  Even those that caved out of concern for their jobs and to keep their relatives happy… MORE SO!

Now, they’re starting to get sick, just like we warned them, but, convenience and outright cowardice was more of a priority in their lives.  Don’t feel sorry for them, they’re not worthy!  If I seem harsh, just remember that they now carry God knows what for contagions and that they pose a threat to YOU!  It is THEY that are the danger to society, now!

You listened to the mainstream news and got lied to, day after day.  You were threatened and coerced and you thought that normal concern for your health and well-being.  You were STUPID to believe that the government has any concern for you and now you’re WE are paying the price!  Congratulations!  The very thing you were trying to escape is upon you BY YOUR OWN HAND!!

Alternative media, those that haven’t bowed the knee to government, report swelling numbers of hospital admissions.  Heart attacks, strokes, abortions, many other maladies… with the common denominator being they ALL had the jab!  So, your job, your friends’ approval, spouses’ approval… all of that will mean SHIT when you’re DEAD.  Perhaps, you can alleviate the symptoms by not getting any further booster shots… which are still being pushed by the complicit (and let’s not mince words) EVIL healthcare profession, the majority of which are on the side of BIG $$$!  Their lapdogs in the media continue to fill your head with bullshit and you still figure that they have your best interests in mind.  Programming is a bitch!

Well, perhaps there is hope for society if a few would merely find the balls to say “enough is enough, I fell for their lies, but, I’m here to say I was wrong and don’t you fall for them!”  Can you do that, reader?  Can you find the cojones to admit your mistake and help others who are ignorant not do the same?

Read the truth HERE!—the-vaccinated-are-dropping.html?_ga=2.29102844.1391677841.1658715919-1250171712.1658715919

There are many, MANY more sites like this not having any allegiance to the corrupt mainstream media.  At the turn of the Twentieth Century a prominent newspaper editor remarked that a man was far better off for not reading one of his publications.  (The New York Times)  Here’s an example of why…

No one need be ignorant in this day and age!  If you’re one of those now falling sick because you caved to the authorities, you brought it on yourself!  Now, do the right thing and warn others such as I and many other free-thinking people have been doing for months and months.  Don’t let these bastards get away with their crime!

Added Musings On The COVID Scam…

It’s been said that a society that is willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserves neither… how true is that in this COVID-crazed world?  Cowards are flocking to get the vax merely out of the sense of lost conveniences, in most cases.  The other segment are narcissistic, pessimistic, hypochondriacs that find their pleasure by worrying about themselves.

It’s incredibly hard to reason with people governed by these criteria.  Their self-interest is just too high.  I personally know one individual that got so sick she was working on her will… then announced she’s going for the second poisoning just so she could travel!  How do you reason with someone like this?  It’s all about them, society can just go hang.  They don’t clue in on the fact that if society goes down the shitter, so do their travel plans!  But, that’s how stupid works.

A PROVEN hoax like COVID-19 escapes the small-mindedness of the pro-vax crowd.  The take-it-up-the-ass media present so many confusing ‘facts’ that it is impossible to decipher anything of worth from them… which is why it’s best to turn them OFF!  Even at the turn of the 20th Century, the editior of the New York Times was purported to have stated that the man that never picked up a newspaper was better off!  Even more true, in this so-called ‘enlightened’ age!

Just like 9/11 got us into sovereign countries to fuck them over, COVID-19 is a false flag and an inducement to take a cocktail designed to inhibit the reproductive systems of the host or outright kill them, if possible, to meet an elitist-conceived agenda of depopulation.  The ultra rich have deduced that there are too many people on earth (to control) and that needs correcting.  Assholes like Henry Kissinger, Zionist pedophile and all-around elitist motherfucker and Billy-Bob Gates, another useless waste of oxygen are in this crowd.  It is simply AMAZING how people flock to the ideas put forth by a high-profile ex-member of a crime-ridden US government administration and a software giant like they were of any scientific worth!

Ah, but, of course, in the end, the guilt belongs with an apathetic, lazy, stupid society that has had it too good for too long.  Now, it’s time to pay for the luxury we’ve had… that they have allowed us to have.  The agenda has always been to create a world run by a chosen few, the rest being slaves.  Morons willingly assist these maniacs in their plans, thinking themselves oh-so patriotic and good!  Well, THEIR lot is assured and deserved!  Too bad the rest of us have to fall into the same shithole as these cowards, though.  But, anyone that can still think for themselves need not cave to this oligarchy, for the time is coming when it will be smashed and completely annihilated, forever!  Many, many attempts have been made, throughout history, to create  a world government and they have all failed, as will this final one.  The Creator has had enough of Satan and his followers and will crush them in one swift blow!  There will be collateral damage… a lot of it… but, in the end, it’s all about the choices we make.  If we live for self and self only, the reward is what you can get NOW… and when NOW is gone, so is the reward… and YOU!

Something to think about, in this coming year.  The time is short.  Like the Joker said… “Think about the future!”  There won’t be one, for many!