The Latest Bullshit From ‘Out There’!

Somewhere on Earth…

The massive, world-wide deception racket is going full-power, what with the Covid lie and now we have this lie about a space probe running around on Mars.  Of course, this falls completely within the purview of the ultra-rich, Satan-worshipping oligarchs seeking to communize North America and the world and make it a police state to end all police states.  How does some sound stage-photo-shopped movies and stills relate to a world-wide oligarchy, you ask?  Well, it’s all about control… control of the masses and their minds.  Instill complete and utter trust in the minds of your herd animals and life as a farmer becomes so much easier.  Remove any sense of personal and national sovereignty from a individual and he’s your slave… and God’s law prohibits slavery in any form, therefore, rid yourself of God and His restrictions and you can do whatever the hell you like.

The first example we had of a large-scale hoax of this type, was, of course, the alleged moon landings, which was a huge success with the majority of the world’s population.  Seeing is believing, you know, and there it was, plastered all over your TV sets, bombarding the news and newspapers, so that only the most remote Borneo headhunter had never heard of Apollo 11.  A few years later, the movie Capricorn One came out, showing just how rational the idea was and is and that something of this magnitude could not only be faked, but, the likelihood, given the mentality of the ultra-rich and powerful, makes it very apt to occur.  Unfortunately, we have another Apollo-type ‘space program’ going, here, because, you know it takes a lot of money to finance a new world order… and risking an outright society-obliterating tax upon your subjects is not a good option, not when you can deceive them into thinking that they are part of something BIG and WORTHWHILE and COOL!

Of course, the reality is that we have ZERO say in ANYTHING, never mind a bogus space program.  Like it’s predecessor, the current Mars junket is merely eye candy for all the bilked taxpayers to watch and feel really good about, NOTHING MORE.

There are already theories about just where these videos are being filmed and I can make an educated guess as to at least two possibles.  I can say with the utmost confidence they aren’t in any off-world setting, that is something that is well beyond man’s capabilities, assuming that they are even telling us the truth about what the universe is and is comprised of.  They have contradicted themselves about space so many times, it’s simply moronic to believe them on anything that is space-related.  My personal favorite is the excuse they use about going back to the moon… that they “lost” the technological ability to return there, though they seem to have found an acceptable amount of that “lost” ability to go out even further in space to another planet!  Also, during an interview aboard the other fictional icon, the ISS space station, the remark was made that there couldn’t be any trips made to the moon (spoken like it’s never been done or attempted… someone let the cat out!) with the Van Allen radiation belts being an impossible barrier to cross through!  Hmmm… seems the Apollo dudes didn’t have any trouble, 40 years earlier!  WTF?

Yes, it’s sad, really, that people by now haven’t caught on to the tricksters in their trade.  The Covid-19 lie, Apollo, various wars started over lies… like the Gulf of Tonkin bullshit that dragged the US into a hopeless war with Southeast Asia, the elitist-sponsored attacks during 9/11 that offered the elite access into sovereign Arab countries, to overthrow their economies, depose their leaders, (those that resisted the international bankers’ attempts at controlling their currency through the installation of central banks) and various other incursions in smaller, third-world countries (made that way by them!) under the guise of ‘freeing’ them.  It really is a crooked little world and it’s getting worse and worse, with every day that goes by.  The biggest problem is with US!  We continue to believe these assholes and support them, ridiculing and censoring and otherwise publicly vilifying those that would stand against these maniacs.

I’m afraid there isn’t any hope for society to rid itself of the plague (not Covid) it has invited upon itself.  By allowing these control freaks the leeway that we have, for so long, they are now as firmly entrenched as any cancer and only the death of the entire organism will stop it.  Educate yourselves, elitist-sponsored schools, media, etc., cannot help you.  It involves a great deal of personal sacrifice and time to learn the truth about pretty much anything, the elitist grip on things is pretty much universal.  Moreover, this is a spiritual war, with Satan at the head of these dupes in his insane campaign of revenge aimed at the Son of God for deposing him from heavenly courts.  He is willing to destroy all who hinder him in his mad quest, even the lives of those that have stood by him since the day he was booted, his demonic minions.  Human lives, of course, mean nothing to him and there are no limits to the number of dupes willing to sacrifice all for his success… even though they are clueless as to his REAL agenda.  They believe they shall inherit some special portion of the earth and/or special favors for their blind obedience… LOL!  NOTHING could be further from the truth!  If they happen to have some significance to him and his sick, twisted agenda, they’ll be okay.  After that… PFFFFT!

As time grows short, count on many more deceptions to come our way, even those approaching the miraculous.  Don’t be deceived, nothing good can come from anything that this world can offer, it’s a doomed world from the beginning.  Take heed and watch the signs.  Things are going to get progressively worse, even exponentially.  We haven’t seen anything yet!