If It Walks Like A Commie, Talks Like A Commie…

It IS a commie!

With all of the crocodile tears this piece of Marxist shit has shed, you’d think we would be up to our asses in muddy water, by now.  Trouble is, that’s all they are… phony, like his heritage!  Fidel Castro’s son is living up to his mandate to destroy Canada and millions of duped morons are helping him right along his agenda.  The COVID-19 pandemic HOAX was but one instrument in this commie bastard’s arsenal… there will be more!  More ‘outbreaks’, more school shootings, knifings, all orchestrated by this evil cocksucker and his retinue of globalist masters and handlers.

Handlers like “King Charles III”, adulterer and murderer of his first wife, Princess Diana, in cahoots with his Nazi-loving father, Phillip.  Funny how most people on social media have forgotten about the exploits of this new age monster, who now holds ultimate sway in the UK as their ‘monarch’ and is free to implement measures more in keeping with the nature of his granddaddy Henry VIII, that Medieval piece of shit that went through wives like I do underwear.

I know many individuals now languishing in hospital beds in various states of condition that are suffering from the effects of the shots they got, in an attempt to escape that which they voluntarily took into their bodies with their compliance with the vax.  THE ONLY ONES WITH COVID-19 ARE THOSE THAT TOOK THE SHOTS!!!  Those that were strong and resisted the urge to capitulate to the complicit medical profession and their PUPPET media cohorts’ attempts at vilifying them are virtually immune and quite healthy.  This commie bastard is directly responsible for ALL sickness and deaths resulting from his propaganda regime and must be held accountable.

As always, I encourage all who have stood fast against the tyranny of the medical profession and the puppetized media in their attempts to divide the nation and continue to refuse any and all attempts by these scum to capitulate to any serums or any actions that they deem necessary to preserve peace and order.  These are seasoned LIARS and con artists… psychopaths, with no other concern than what benefits them.  The ‘science’ they extol is BOGUS BULLSHIT!  REAL science doesn’t support their assertions and they rely on a sheep-like public to help them enforce their evil mandates.  Don’t ever let them blame YOU for what they,do to themselves!

Get involved!  Let everyone in your circle know what it is and who they are that they are blindly following.  The mainstream media cannot be trusted.  Trust your common sense!  Their ‘logic’ defies common sense!

Your country stands to fall, very soon… it’s up to you if you want to live free or in fear for the rest of your life.

Liberals Most Intolerant Of All Ideologies

They claim to be so enlightened and peaceable, yet, the events of the last few years show quite the opposite.  What with the antics of ANTIFA and the radical BLM movement, these by their actions have proven themselves worthy of mention with all of the top terror organizations.

I dug up this old video of what was then a popular TV program, featuring an elderly bigot and his liberal daughter and son-in-law.  The purpose of the show, of course, was to make conservatives look like tyrants and irrational morons, though thinking people were not fooled by any of it.  Nowadays, the radical left would never allow this sort of program on the air, mainly due to the disparaging terms that are tossed around.  Hollywood is still operating their leftist agenda only more toned-down, but, no less subtle.  Anyway, I was surprised to see that some professed liberals were able to see through the racist facade that Hollywood presents…

Read some of the comments below the video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iwEYG3exVc

Here’s some that I especially noticed…

“I am a Puerto Rican born in the Bronx, i always watch Archie Bunker, even if he made comments about Puerto Ricans, who cares its a funny show, thanks Archie your a great comedian.”

“Archie was ignorant but not dumb. Ignorance alone does not mean you are dumb or make you a bad person. Hey, I’m a liberal and Mike was annoying as fk with his flaunting of his book smarts and lack of real life experience. In many ways, Mike was more intolerant than Archie and more racist. To me, that was the irony.”

“Back when a person could speak their mind whether they were right or wrong! In Archie’s case he was usually right but had a funny way of making his point! You have to admit most of what he describes is true and people could actually laugh at themselves back then! Nowadays they get their panties in a bunch and reeeeeeeeeeee until they destroy your life.”

“Sometimes Archie made more sense than Mike.”

“Im with Archie Bunker . Meathead is dead from the neck up .”

… and with that last comment, I can’t imagine a better description of the liberal mindset.  Always poised to find fault and prone to a ruthlessness that rivals the most dictatorial system on earth… indeed, takes it philosophical teachings in hand… which is Marxism.

I’ve managed to purge most of the liberals in my own family and circle of friends from my life.  It is a great freedom not having to kowtow to these morons’ hypersensitivities.  Liberalism will eventually be shown to be the evil philosophy it is and it’s adherents will be more despised than those that they seek to vilify, today.  Reader, you, too, can enjoy a better quality of life without these cancerous elements in your circle, purge them now and help bring about a reformation in society.

Some signs a liberal is in your midst:

1.  Intolerance
2.  Little to no sense of humor
3.  Haughty disposition
4.  ‘Holier-than-thou’ attitude
5.  Superficial
6.  Argumentative
7.  Hypersensitive
8.  Vindictive
9.  Unforgiving
10.  Irrational and emotional
11.  Arrogant

Liberals are to be pitied in that their arrogance and sense of superiority blinds them to the fact that they are pawns of Marxism and are aiding in their own destruction.  Beyond that, they deserve no quarter, they willingly participate in programs that are destructive and detrimental to society.  Most sexual deviants are liberal and many believe that morality laws are irrelevant and redundant.  Schools have fallen to liberal ideology and refuse to teach relevant subjects pursuant to usefulness in a productive society, focusing on insane ideologies like same-sex marriage, transgenderism, political correctness, etc.  The result is a high level of illiteracy as students can’t even spell or do rudimentary mathematics without spell check or a calculator.  They have no moral compass as it would be an infringement of their ‘rights’ to inhibit their most unnatural and antisocial tendencies, so from their earliest days, do not receive correction from their guardians, whom will feel the strong arm of the law should they attempt any form of correction upon them.

Society is headed for a fall and it’s long overdue.  It is solely by the grace of the God that liberals disdain that they have survived as long as they have to ply their foolishness.  When their pseudo-society fails and falls, it will be then that they see how they have been duped and played like cheap fiddles… when they have the world that they fought for, for so long and are now stuck with.

The Way of The Future

This is what rabid liberalism enables… lawlessness and terrorism.  So-called “Progressive Liberalism”, another word for Communism, is designed to destroy nations.  All of the associated trappings of such a society involve practices that tend toward debasing and/or destroying moral concepts that are the foundation of a healthy society.  Rampant racism disguised as “woke” is a means of taking over society that was built by superior moral, mental and technological means, predominantly by Caucasian immigrants.  Nowadays, woke-crazed liberal imbeciles, their white cuckold lap dogs included, seek to make others responsible for their living.  Unwilling to work for themselves, they demand a living from others, while denouncing them for various imaginary and idiotic crimes against them and their token minority meal tickets.

They see themselves as a law only unto themselves and anything they do, no matter how violent, is justified by their “woke” ism.  Uneducated, lazy… useless dead weight, these hippy-type fools lounge around hostels and dope centres where time-serving, “woke” city and government officials have set them up at taxpayer expense, giving them ample free time to apply their Marxist ideology whenever the opportunity presents itself.  The more successful ones infiltrate labour and executive positions and ply Weishaupt’s religion with great effect, creating chaos within the social infrastructure.  All of them are deceived and heading for a really, really bad time down the road, when the society that props them up is destroyed with their complicity.  A drug-addled mind doesn’t think very clearly.

Speaking of which, this video shows what it takes when a cancer gets itself rooted, it takes radical and even violent means to uproot it.  Criminals don’t like it when their victims strike back and hurt them and will avoid anywhere that might cause them harm.  Easy victims are preferred.  Thanks to our time-serving politicians and lazy, doughnut-stuffed and complicit cops, this may well be the sign of the future, with citizens having to take the law unto themselves.  Let’s be honest… there’s no sin in taking out some drug-addled, “woke” hippy freak that climbs through your bedroom window or some “furry” pervert molesting your kid, thinking to get him/her to question their sexual identity.  Public schools have been reduced to training grounds for deviants and colleges… that’s a whole other item!  Colleges and universities, today, are merely finishing schools for anti-theistic, anti-societal radicalism and Marxism, with all of the aforementioned malformations attendant with them.

It’s really too bad that there weren’t more casualties on the Crip side… like the narrator says, perhaps there were, we can only hope!  Society can only be the better for the loss of any and all of these useless bastards.

Putin’s Here… (but Trudeau will be back!)

Justin and… something…

The war in Ukraine might have the Canadian public momentarily distracted, but, make no mistake, we’re not free of the communist threat in this country by ANY means!  The Cuban love-child between a communist dictator and an international whore is only taking a well-deserved breather from screwing up Canada to follow his elitist handlers’ orders to go heap condemnation on his communist brother’s invasion of Ukraine.  Both Putin and Castreau are dyed-in-the-wool Communists and are now engaged in a form of international ‘good cop vs. bad cop’ scenario with the same goal and purpose… destroying democracy and helping usher in a new world oligarchy run by tyrants.

Castreau will return and he’ll be bringing his Marxist-style ‘leadership’ with him, along with a resurgence of one of his favorite front-line attacks against freedom and democracy… gun control.  The ads are already being played on various social media platforms on about how concerned the Liberals are about our welfare as Canadians and that we have to get those nasty-wasty guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens and into the hands of criminals and deviants, Justin’s people!  Being a criminal himself, this is acceptable and desirable.  The population loves hating on this guy, but, in doing that they miss the fact he’s only playing off of a script written for him by his Illuminati masters, whom he thinks will someday reward him for his obedience.  Anyway, once the desired level of destruction of national sovereignty and freedom is achieved, the way will be paved for Canada’s absorption into a world-wide system of terror such as never been seen before.

No, ol’ Blackface certainly isn’t capable of pulling off any such grandiose scheme as the aforementioned one, he needs the help of a well-backed and financed cadre of globalists, those like Vladimir Putin and pretty much EVERY government head and political system on the face of the earth.  Yes… it IS just that bad!  Nobody that isn’t a part of this global octopus is occupying any government office of any significance anywhere on this world and our placid and indifferent attitude has allowed this to happen.  Casting USELESS votes in USELESS elections designed by elitists for themselves only ensures the deception continues, year after year… generation after generation.  The oligarchy now exists, for all intents and purposes, needing only ratification by a central government established in and run from IsraelJerusalem, to be exact.  You see, the ultimate foe we face is none other than the prince of all liars and murderers… Satan.  Satan has long had his sights set on usurping God’s throne and while he can no longer enter the celestial chambers in Heaven, he has since channelled his vast army of human dupes and fallen angels into assisting him in taking over the earth.  Since the days of Babylon and Nimrod, Satan has sought to establish a central government run by himself on earth.  To date, he has been thwarted… and will always be thwarted, as he is quite insane and cannot comprehend the fact that he battles omnipotence.  Nonetheless, this is bad news for the inhabitants of the world as we still have some way to go before Satan is finally and totally defeated.

It’s never been a matter of ability on God’s part of destroying Satan, He could do that in an instant.  What complicated matters is that Satan’s prowess at deceiving has impacted many souls, not just those here on earth.  Heavenly intelligences were confused by his strange accusations and rebellion in a formerly serene and harmonious universe and needed proof of what he was and what he was becoming.  What sealed the matter for them was when Satan murdered God’s Son.  Now, it only remains for Satan’s true character and very existence (which he manages to conceal from the majority of people) to become plain.  Like most diseases, sin must run it’s course in it’s due time.

Till that time, Satan’s servants will wreak havoc and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.  There will be wars and rumors of wars… in the end, Satan and all of those that side with him will be destroyed.  Thousands of years of determined rebellion has taken it’s toll on the mind of even the most powerful created entity’s mind.  Satan is literally quite insane.  Nothing will be denied him, nor those that have cast their lots with him.  Many dupes follow other dupes more ‘in the know’ than they out of some expectation of reward, disregarding the rights and freedoms of their fellow men.  This will be enough to have their ticket to eternal salvation cancelled.

Communism is the world-wide religion of the new world order planned for mankind.  With that will come all of the features that accompany a godless, atheistic philosophy.  It will be the world religion… and the COVID-19 mandates that defied all legislative authority were but a forerunner of the mandate that will soon follow, once the spread of communism has reached it’s desired level.  There will be an order for every citizen of the new system to take an oath of allegiance and with that oath a public declaration made by observing one day in seven as holy.  That day will be the first day of the week… Sunday.  This will come with the penalty of DEATH for those that refuse to honor it.  All previous impositions have been slowly and inexorably leading up to this final event, followed by the visit of a false Christ (Satan) to drive the point home.  This visitation will come at a time of extreme tribulation in the world, to a war-weary public that will settle for practically anything to achieve the peace so often cried for in this day and age.

The war in Ukraine is but one of many tribulations to come.  Some fear nuclear action… this will never occur as the power of nuclear weapons, today, far eclipse that of those comparative firecrackers used in the Second World War.  The self-professed ‘elite’ do not wish for their planet to be made uninhabitable for them and those few they allow to live to serve them.  COVID-19 vaccinations and other man-made contagions are among the most useful means, now, of depopulating the world as the elitists view the present population to be excessive and counterproductive… and, of course, harder to manage as opposed to a smaller herd.  There are, indeed, true and legitimate plagues to come, as forecasted by scripture, those are God-given and directed against the oligarchy and those that follow it.  Those, by contrast, WILL be easy to discern… there will be no doubt left in anyone’s mind that there is something going around, unlike that of the last ‘pandemic’!

For now, we must deal with the matters at hand… and that being to deter the spread of communism as much as it is given to us to do.  Justin Castreau will resume where he left off, once his momentary diversion to matters in the Ukraine is deemed sufficient to fool the shallow into thinking that he could possibly have a turn of conscience toward his dealings with Canadians.  This guy will never change!  He didn’t get where he is without the stamp of approval by his elitist masters, whom view him as the perfect tool and patsy.  He is just smart enough to get up there and perform like the puppet he is, dumb enough to believe that he’ll actually receive something more than a “Good boy, Justin!” puppy-dog pat on the head.

So check for him under your beds at night, little children!

Local Communist Steps Down!

Ryan Meili

CELEBRATION!  Finally… some GOOD news!  The Saskatchewan leader of the Communist Party (NDP) has stepped down!  Ryan Meili is history!

This Marxist scumbag has been pushing for a mandatory vaccination for all federal employees and ostensibly for all citizens wishing to enjoy even the most basic freedoms in our society.  He is one of Justin Castreau’s elite corps of knob-gobbling idiots and his passage is looked upon by this writer as something of a boon and hopefully will result in the resignation and/or expulsion of that Cuban moron infesting the PM’s office in Ottawa!

Yesterday, Trudeau’s thugs overran a protester crowd astride horses and seriously injured several people.  This is how commies work.  We still have to deal with a corrupt crowd of pseudo-medical experts in Saskatchewan and Canada, but, one step at a time.

Saquib Shahab

Shahab, like his boss that petrified mummy, Theresa Tam, has been pushing the vaccination program and the hoax pandemic since the beginning, some two years, ago.  A part of Justin Castreau’s elite communist team, these icons of socialism continue to make our lives miserable, BUT, there is an awakening among the citizenry that the government is not a democratic one, that it was formed dishonestly and CRIMINALLY and that the head of the communist Liberal party is an inept puppet controlled by an unseen cadre of international elitists.

While this is but another chapter in the slow but relentless demise of a society that has chosen to ignore God to follow the economy of evil men, it will, hopefully, show those that have forsaken their faith in favor of a temporary existence and it’s dubious honors and rewards that what they had is infinitely better than the best that this world could ever hope to offer.

It’s no longer “kewl” to worship the ‘science’, folks, the ‘science’ is bullshit and so are those that push it!

Justin Trudeau Threatens Truckers And Their Families!

His daddy’s boy…

That illegitimate communist freak masquerading as a Canadian prime minister is now invoking emergency measures to try and stifle democratic processes in Canada… he’s even threatened the children of the protesters, advising them that “he wouldn’t want to see anything happen to them.”

See what our non-liberal, American friends say about Trudeau’s regime…

The desperation of the far left knows no bounds… this criminal has to be dealt with as severely as he intends to deal with those that do not comply with his mandates.  The woodwork’s FULL of crazed liberal supporters and this writer calls for the marginalization and criminalization of the Liberal Party of Canada!  It’s time to go back to the policies of the 1950’s, when communists were actively hunted down and driven out of the country or into jail!  Those that condemn the actions of those days are now seeing FIRST HAND what happens when you give a communist one inch!

Everyone can do their small part by identifying and ostracizing any and all Liberal groups and representatives in their community… even in their own circle of friends and family, if need be!  This is SERIOUS business, we won’t have a country if these fools are allowed to continue in their insane quest to turn Canada into a communist shithole!  Even their grand vizier is deceived to think that he could ever occupy any position of status in the budding new world order, his bosses (the industrial and financial and religious ‘elite’) wouldn’t trust him to clean toilets in their oligarchy.  As soon as his usefulness as a patsy and whipping post has run it’s course, they’ll kick his Cuban ass to the curb and he’s too stupid to see that.

Citizens, make sure your government officials know where you stand on this, deluge their offices with phone calls and emails and let them know THEIR political future hangs on what this maniac does or doesn’t do.  Let’s not stop till he’s GONE and all of his supporters with him!!!

The Marxists are threatening to freeze the bank accounts of anyone donating money to the Truckers… the answer to that is that if you know of anyone going down there, and/or can delegate anyone to actually make the trip, give them a CASH donation that they can deliver OUTSIDE of any paper trail that could be traced back to you.  These commies aren’t as smart as they think they are and there are always ways to circumvent their fascist manoeuvres.  And… always remember…


Edit: Here’s the asshole’s declaration of the Emergency Act in full…

Funny how he attributes HIS crimes to others, isn’t it?  This fool lends new meaning to the term LOSER.

I Add YouTube To My list Of Communist Rags!

Yes, now I’ve been shut down by the socialist media giant YouTube.  Along with Facebook, these two have proven to be the most gigantic waste of effort and energy for me, as their clear bias toward communism and dedication to destroying free speech are very apparent to anyone that has simply tried to post the truth about the lie called COVID-19!

The truth cannot be hidden or covered up, though.  Those Marxist fools calling themselves administrators delude themselves if they think that shutting down one or two accounts, here and there, is going to help their agenda.  While it’s true that low-brow morons will always believe what their leaders tell them, being too lazy, stupid and cowardly to resist them, the “sheeple” will tell themselves they’re just being good citizens when they knuckle under and comply with their elitist masters’ demands.

But, the stupid rule in this world and there are a lot of them… more than the rest of us.  They ARE going to drag this society down with them and there’s nothing much we can do outside of a full-scale rebellion in arms.

A TRUE patriot will boycott YouTube, Facebook and any other forum that employs censorship and trolls to harass those that criticize theirs and their communist masters’ agenda!