The Clip Must Live On…

… and it will!

There are probably millions of copies world-wide… all they need are open minds to view them.  Always remember, readers… you can’t trust ANY government to operate in your best interests.

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The Reality Of The Situation – The Illuminati Rule!

I’m an avid reader of Dr. Henry Makow’s work, (latest post here) often finding inspiration in him for some of my work in the esoteric field of endeavor.  I find many of his ideas and those of his readers and various contributors to be quite accurate in terms of how this world is set up and run, certainly worthy of reference here.

Many have asked for proof of things that I have said and written.  Well, what kind of proof is needed?  “Empirical proof!”, the skeptic roars.  “Something we can feel and see and test, scientifically!”  Well, where the plans and aspirations of elitist men are involved, this becomes something of a problem in that it’s not the same as digging out a fossil and applying chemistry and or radiation to it to determine it’s authenticity and age.  One has to rely on the writings and observations of men, presumably men that are close to the subject at hand.  Their quarry, by nature, tend to be secretive and highly mobile, usually unwilling to reveal anything that may compromise their plans.

Now and then, it’s been my observation the self-professed (I never give them the courtesy of referring to them as “the elite”) elite like to shove our noses in a pile by throwing out little hints about what they’re planning, just to see who out there is smart enough to catch them.  They did this with 9/11, through their corporation we know as Hollywood, what with the now famous (to us esoteric guys, anyway) video that foreshadowed the planned attack on New York in 2001… see it here.  It was an episode of “The Lone Gunmen” a spin-off of the “X-Files” series.  It has the hard-to-dispute authority of having aired months before the actual attacks.  In literary terms, it doesn’t get any more empirical than this.  Then, again, what is your mindset and will to accept truth in whatever form it presents itself?

Seeing is not always enough, for some.  Nevertheless, there are people and attesting documentation out there that can verify what it is that has set itself up in control of our modern society.  It is flattering to assume that we have everything gauged accurately and are in control of our lives.  Perhaps in it’s own way, a dumb animal realizes some contentment from it’s existence in this world, totally oblivious, however, of the higher forms of being co-existent with them… like us.  Do we then assume that because there are no other higher forms of animal life apparent to us on this planet, that there aren’t?  Do we then assume that because we aren’t in on their workings that there can be no conspiracies concealed from us or could it be we are too preoccupied or simply too dull to pick up on them?  And, how do you keep something like that secret?  I dunno, I see magic all the time.  Magicians are good at fooling people, making them see things that aren’t really there.  I see money created from nothing every time I take out a loan.  There’s only so much gold in the world, so where does the excess to back the currency come from?

One writer claims a grand total of somewhere around 40 people would have had to be “in on it” to pull off 9/11, certainly not the hundreds, perhaps thousands, most claim would be needed.  Having been in the military, I can vouch for their technology and capabilities.  Having been in the esoteric world for decades, I can vouch for the number of dupes that would settle for a figure of thousands, notwithstanding the reality of the situation.  Things just don’t always have to be complex… sometimes, in fact, most times, we complicate things unnecessarily.  It is a failing of human nature that it’s manipulators use and count on to pull off the things they do.

Darwinism is one of the greatest successes the Illuminati has had in recent years.  Nowhere will you find a place where it hasn’t made inroads eroding the basic and fundamental knowledge we are a special creation.  People seem content to believe they came from primordial sludge and ass-scratching primates when a scientist tells them so, yet tell them to their face they are a stupid ape, they are ready to slug you!  Aren’t we funny?  Gullible, too.  Ask any elitist…

“The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock.” – Protocol 11:4

*Editor’s note: An interesting article, here.  (No conspiracy claims, just the facts for your perusal.)