Mass Killings In Saskatchewan! (A message for the Prime Minister)

… and no hint of any gun-play!  Isn’t that something?

Justin Castreau offers his half-hearted, half-assed ‘condolences’ as usual… no threats about banning any or all forms of cutlery, though!  See, Justin?  We don’t need guns to kill each other… guess it’s really not about guns at all, huh?

Commie PRICK!

Liberals Most Intolerant Of All Ideologies

They claim to be so enlightened and peaceable, yet, the events of the last few years show quite the opposite.  What with the antics of ANTIFA and the radical BLM movement, these by their actions have proven themselves worthy of mention with all of the top terror organizations.

I dug up this old video of what was then a popular TV program, featuring an elderly bigot and his liberal daughter and son-in-law.  The purpose of the show, of course, was to make conservatives look like tyrants and irrational morons, though thinking people were not fooled by any of it.  Nowadays, the radical left would never allow this sort of program on the air, mainly due to the disparaging terms that are tossed around.  Hollywood is still operating their leftist agenda only more toned-down, but, no less subtle.  Anyway, I was surprised to see that some professed liberals were able to see through the racist facade that Hollywood presents…

Read some of the comments below the video…

Here’s some that I especially noticed…

“I am a Puerto Rican born in the Bronx, i always watch Archie Bunker, even if he made comments about Puerto Ricans, who cares its a funny show, thanks Archie your a great comedian.”

“Archie was ignorant but not dumb. Ignorance alone does not mean you are dumb or make you a bad person. Hey, I’m a liberal and Mike was annoying as fk with his flaunting of his book smarts and lack of real life experience. In many ways, Mike was more intolerant than Archie and more racist. To me, that was the irony.”

“Back when a person could speak their mind whether they were right or wrong! In Archie’s case he was usually right but had a funny way of making his point! You have to admit most of what he describes is true and people could actually laugh at themselves back then! Nowadays they get their panties in a bunch and reeeeeeeeeeee until they destroy your life.”

“Sometimes Archie made more sense than Mike.”

“Im with Archie Bunker . Meathead is dead from the neck up .”

… and with that last comment, I can’t imagine a better description of the liberal mindset.  Always poised to find fault and prone to a ruthlessness that rivals the most dictatorial system on earth… indeed, takes it philosophical teachings in hand… which is Marxism.

I’ve managed to purge most of the liberals in my own family and circle of friends from my life.  It is a great freedom not having to kowtow to these morons’ hypersensitivities.  Liberalism will eventually be shown to be the evil philosophy it is and it’s adherents will be more despised than those that they seek to vilify, today.  Reader, you, too, can enjoy a better quality of life without these cancerous elements in your circle, purge them now and help bring about a reformation in society.

Some signs a liberal is in your midst:

1.  Intolerance
2.  Little to no sense of humor
3.  Haughty disposition
4.  ‘Holier-than-thou’ attitude
5.  Superficial
6.  Argumentative
7.  Hypersensitive
8.  Vindictive
9.  Unforgiving
10.  Irrational and emotional
11.  Arrogant

Liberals are to be pitied in that their arrogance and sense of superiority blinds them to the fact that they are pawns of Marxism and are aiding in their own destruction.  Beyond that, they deserve no quarter, they willingly participate in programs that are destructive and detrimental to society.  Most sexual deviants are liberal and many believe that morality laws are irrelevant and redundant.  Schools have fallen to liberal ideology and refuse to teach relevant subjects pursuant to usefulness in a productive society, focusing on insane ideologies like same-sex marriage, transgenderism, political correctness, etc.  The result is a high level of illiteracy as students can’t even spell or do rudimentary mathematics without spell check or a calculator.  They have no moral compass as it would be an infringement of their ‘rights’ to inhibit their most unnatural and antisocial tendencies, so from their earliest days, do not receive correction from their guardians, whom will feel the strong arm of the law should they attempt any form of correction upon them.

Society is headed for a fall and it’s long overdue.  It is solely by the grace of the God that liberals disdain that they have survived as long as they have to ply their foolishness.  When their pseudo-society fails and falls, it will be then that they see how they have been duped and played like cheap fiddles… when they have the world that they fought for, for so long and are now stuck with.

Castreau’s Regime Gets Boost From Fellow Communists!

Yes, the radical leftists in the NDP, once again, rally to aid their communist master, this time in helping him pass his Draconian Emergency Measures Act…

Rest assured… there was NO RELUCTANCE involved, these commie scum hang together!  Canada is now officially under the control of the communists!

More on this, later!

Local Communist Steps Down!

Ryan Meili

CELEBRATION!  Finally… some GOOD news!  The Saskatchewan leader of the Communist Party (NDP) has stepped down!  Ryan Meili is history!

This Marxist scumbag has been pushing for a mandatory vaccination for all federal employees and ostensibly for all citizens wishing to enjoy even the most basic freedoms in our society.  He is one of Justin Castreau’s elite corps of knob-gobbling idiots and his passage is looked upon by this writer as something of a boon and hopefully will result in the resignation and/or expulsion of that Cuban moron infesting the PM’s office in Ottawa!

Yesterday, Trudeau’s thugs overran a protester crowd astride horses and seriously injured several people.  This is how commies work.  We still have to deal with a corrupt crowd of pseudo-medical experts in Saskatchewan and Canada, but, one step at a time.

Saquib Shahab

Shahab, like his boss that petrified mummy, Theresa Tam, has been pushing the vaccination program and the hoax pandemic since the beginning, some two years, ago.  A part of Justin Castreau’s elite communist team, these icons of socialism continue to make our lives miserable, BUT, there is an awakening among the citizenry that the government is not a democratic one, that it was formed dishonestly and CRIMINALLY and that the head of the communist Liberal party is an inept puppet controlled by an unseen cadre of international elitists.

While this is but another chapter in the slow but relentless demise of a society that has chosen to ignore God to follow the economy of evil men, it will, hopefully, show those that have forsaken their faith in favor of a temporary existence and it’s dubious honors and rewards that what they had is infinitely better than the best that this world could ever hope to offer.

It’s no longer “kewl” to worship the ‘science’, folks, the ‘science’ is bullshit and so are those that push it!

Cowardly Trudeau Supporters Threaten Shop Owner

The TRUE nature of liberalism…

Guess I don’t have to add anything to this.  It’s plain, the character of liberalism.  It’s taken a good percentage of my family, but, only those that I can live and do without.  In other words, no loss incurred!

I have all the fascists marked in my circle.

Justin Trudeau Threatens Truckers And Their Families!

His daddy’s boy…

That illegitimate communist freak masquerading as a Canadian prime minister is now invoking emergency measures to try and stifle democratic processes in Canada… he’s even threatened the children of the protesters, advising them that “he wouldn’t want to see anything happen to them.”

See what our non-liberal, American friends say about Trudeau’s regime…

The desperation of the far left knows no bounds… this criminal has to be dealt with as severely as he intends to deal with those that do not comply with his mandates.  The woodwork’s FULL of crazed liberal supporters and this writer calls for the marginalization and criminalization of the Liberal Party of Canada!  It’s time to go back to the policies of the 1950’s, when communists were actively hunted down and driven out of the country or into jail!  Those that condemn the actions of those days are now seeing FIRST HAND what happens when you give a communist one inch!

Everyone can do their small part by identifying and ostracizing any and all Liberal groups and representatives in their community… even in their own circle of friends and family, if need be!  This is SERIOUS business, we won’t have a country if these fools are allowed to continue in their insane quest to turn Canada into a communist shithole!  Even their grand vizier is deceived to think that he could ever occupy any position of status in the budding new world order, his bosses (the industrial and financial and religious ‘elite’) wouldn’t trust him to clean toilets in their oligarchy.  As soon as his usefulness as a patsy and whipping post has run it’s course, they’ll kick his Cuban ass to the curb and he’s too stupid to see that.

Citizens, make sure your government officials know where you stand on this, deluge their offices with phone calls and emails and let them know THEIR political future hangs on what this maniac does or doesn’t do.  Let’s not stop till he’s GONE and all of his supporters with him!!!

The Marxists are threatening to freeze the bank accounts of anyone donating money to the Truckers… the answer to that is that if you know of anyone going down there, and/or can delegate anyone to actually make the trip, give them a CASH donation that they can deliver OUTSIDE of any paper trail that could be traced back to you.  These commies aren’t as smart as they think they are and there are always ways to circumvent their fascist manoeuvres.  And… always remember…


Edit: Here’s the asshole’s declaration of the Emergency Act in full…

Funny how he attributes HIS crimes to others, isn’t it?  This fool lends new meaning to the term LOSER.

Intergrity NOT Present In Canada’s ‘Finest’!

An American Peace Officer’s perspective on the travesty in Ottawa…

Our communist ‘leaders’ and their supporters ought to take note… there won’t be a pretty end to this if they keep pushing!

Edit: And THIS is what you get when you allow liberal doctors to write the laws in this country!

Lame excuses for installing useless mandates are not bearing up to scrutiny!  Contradictions are rampant… they say one thing one day and something different the next, because, they know that most citizens are LAZY and COMPLACENT and will just take what they’re told and leave it at that.  Canada is in the control of communist forces and the sooner the public awakens to this fact, the sooner we can kick these Marxist bastards OUT!  It’s time to FACE REALITY… the reality that our leaders do NOT have OUR interests in mind… only THEIRS!!

For further on this, check out my other post that deals with the fallacies rampant in this ‘pandemic’: