Pro-Zionist Patsy Deletes My Comment on YouTube!

I was watching an old film “The Boys From Brazil”, starring Gregory Peck as Josef Mengele, the infamous Nazi doctor, also known as “The Angel of Death”.  In it, Mengele has hatched a plan to create clones of Adolf Hitler in order to raise them up in the image of the Nazi dictator.

Anyway, I left a comment in response to a statement that Mengele made to one of his compatriots, to the effect that “… would you like to see your children growing up in a world run by Jews, Orientals, immigrants and slobs…?”  I merely pointed out that had already happened… it was enough to get my comment wiped from the forum.  I guess that’s proof enough, isn’t it?

You can say what you like about nearly every other ethnic group and religion, BUT, you do NOT criticize a Jew!  That, in and of itself, is proof that there is a force out there that watches over Zionists and it is the Zionists, themselves, having been given the power to wreak havoc and war upon any group or individual that would dare to dispute their “chosen ones” status in the world.  Unfortunately, Hitler was right!  They control finance, entertainment, business, anything that amounts to a hill of beans in this world, they have their hooks into it and they control it.

The west contributes billions of dollars annually to these elitists, supporting them in their wars against their neighbors, without which Israel would soon be wiped from the map.  Trouble is, Israel looks upon us as mere “goyim” or non-essentials.  This is how our loyalty (misguided) is appreciated!

Mainstream Christianity takes it up the ass for these elitist bastards, vowing never-ending support for those that murdered their Savior.  There is nothing that we owe these wretches!  It’s time that we stopped reverencing these criminals and placed them in the category where they truly belong… as God’s enemies!