Christianity Targeted by Corrupt Government

For background on this… read HERE.

This is just another thinly-veiled attack on the religion of Christ.  The comment section following the article naturally turns toward attacking God and His followers… antitheists never miss a chance!

From idiots that attack ‘Christian’ holidays like Christmas, leveling accusations against advertising on city busses, storefronts, etc., to where Satanic agents disguised as public servants meddle in the affairs of private citizens, deciding for them how they should raise their kids, antitheists meddle in every corner of our lives.  Of course, in a world ruled by Satan, these morons naturally lean toward him as they have no moral compass.

I have had indirect dealings with the ‘SS’ (Social Services, aptly named) and can vouch for the incompetence of government agents alleged in this article by the more intelligent of it’s commenters.  These cretins can’t make it in any other job, being a government bully suits their I.Q. and temperaments very well.  Again, as is a central theme in any of my posts, you simply cannot trust an institution founded and controlled by Satanist Jewish bankers.  Their plan for wiping out any trace of competing religions against their pagan beliefs is in full-swing.  Islam and Christianity are the two prominent threats against these bastards’ plan for world domination.  Antitheists blindly and stupidly follow along like sheep to the slaughter, thinking that society is headed toward a religion-less utopia.

The whole system works by setting up counterfeits to what God has created.  Satan cannot create anything, as he is a created being, himself.  This irks him no end!  So, since the natural mind inclines itself toward his devices, Satan has instructed his dupes to set up an artificial society where artificial persons become flesh and blood and their real-life underwriters (us) become lifeless and irrelevant.  A genius of subterfuge though very transparent.

To make a very long story short, births are registered with the government, essentially making the government legal guardians of said individuals.  The government deems every human being registered with it as it’s legal property.  Registration is a well-nigh universal process in every avenue of commerce, these days.  Nothing is considered relevant unless it’s accompanied by some deed or certificate.  People won’t deal with anyone that isn’t “certified” or “licensed”, and the accompanying fees are always there.  Money, after all, is the ‘blood’ in an artificial society.  Mammon is the god of a Godless world.

So, as in this case, the government lays claim upon the kids in foster care and assumes the responsibility for their care.  Unfortunately, since your average public servant cannot find his/her ass with both hands, 9 times out of 10, these decisions often wreak havoc with the individuals concerned.

Unfortunately, society has allowed these Satanic fucks to gain the position that they have and are now stuck with having these maniacs entrenched within our lives.  We will never be rid of these parasites until Christ, Himself, destroys every single last one of them.  Fighting them in their own courts is futile.  Declaring any sort of “sovereign” status with these criminals is just as futile.  For every inch gained, they recapture a foot.

To those deceived, I say only that they educate themselves as to the delusion that they blindly follow.  It will help one decide which ‘god’ to serve… as one is definitely a dead-end.


Hypocrisy In Toronto


Dupes Of Zionism

Raise your hand, if you’re like me and are getting fucking sick and tired of the racist bullshit that the Zionist banking cabal is fomenting in the world against those that dare to resist their absolute rule over the world economy!

This uprising is a prime example of Zionist intolerance and should be dealt with on the same level as would any seditious action against a democratic institution would be dealt with.  It is high treason and these Zionist dupe/nut-jobs need to be jailed, at least overnight, where they can have a chance to cool off and consider just what kind of bondage and servitude they are bowing to.

The international banking cartel, comprised of Khazarian Jews, seeks to establish their rule through the insertion of central banking institutions in every country.  So far, they have been highly successful, with only a very few countries that do not have one of these pilfering institutions controlling the taxation and issuance of inflation-prone notes as currency within their borders.  In fact, it is the relatively few hold-outs that are considered as terrorist havens and subject to invasion by dupe superpowers seeking to ‘democratize’ them.

Canada has long been a patsy for Zionism.  These protesters have no inkling of the racism and bigotry that they are promoting by standing against one of the few groups that are hindering their TOTAL and ABSOLUTE take-over by fat cat, Satan-worshiping, international thieves with their sights set on total world governance.  Would they be so bold if it were Judaism that they considered seditious?  Not fucking likely!  Those kind of protests are dealt with quickly and absolutely!  It’s been said that if you want to know who is running things in the country, simply find out what it is that you are not allowed to criticize.  No one dares touch Jews without paying the penalty!

Anyone with any sense of true history knows the malevolent influence that Judaism has had in EVERY country that they have been allowed to establish themselves in.  It’s no surprise, either, the influence Israel has with the superpowers of the world and how we all come-a-runnin’ to help her out whenever she feels some sort of slight has been given her by either Islamic or Christian foes… and yes, Christianity is the OTHER opponent that stands in Zionism’s way of total global governance!  It’s not only allowable, it’s quite fashionable to attack the religion of Christ, these days.  BUT… YOU DON’T FUCKING TOUCH PRECIOUS ISRAEL!!!

Jewish Ass-kissers

These are the last days of Earth’s long and torturous journey from the Garden of Eden, when Satan first told Adam that he was essentially above the law of God and was capable of governing himself.  Of course, the devil really meant that Adam would be serving HIM.  Today, we all of us in our ‘free’ lands are actually slaves of those that have personally avowed to serve Lucifer.  (They fail to understand that Satan and Lucifer are ONE!)

God is fast losing patience with these oligarchical bastards and their doom is written by a bloodless hand upon the wall of history.  It would behoove any nation daring to call itself a champion of freedom and right to throw these seditious fucks out on their fat, elitist asses, and/or hang them for high treason.  Of course, that won’t happen, the deception has been entrenched for too long and too deeply in the minds of the people.  That won’t change the fact that these money-changing SOB’s and all that support them are going to pay the ultimate penalty for seeking to overthrow God and His government.

The Two Titanics

I’m not a believer in coincidences and this movie, made in 1980, is an example of what I mean.  While the story of the Titanic is pretty much known to everyone, except perhaps to those of the last two generations, few really understand what really happened that night, back in 1912.

This movie, while shot full of errors, still serves as a reminder of what men are wiling to do in order to get power.  The “unsinkable” ship was to be a testimony to man’s ingenuity and infallibility.  It was also a vehicle to bring in a new order of things.  One particular scene is iconic as it showcases not one but TWO different events designed to usher in a millennia-old concept of world domination through the unity of all nations.  This has been the goal of an elitist cadre since the days of Babylon the great.

In the scene where the salvaged ship is towed into New York harbor, it’s original destination when on it’s maiden voyage, 114 years ago, it is seen passing by the two World Trade Center towers.  These, two, would be utilized as a means of entering the world into a new world order of things.  This can be seen at approximately the 1 hour, 40 minute mark in the video.  How fitting… and decidedly devious of those in control of things, to engineer this!  See, the self-proclaimed elite are quite confidant… arrogant, actually, in that they feel they are quite beyond the reach of anyone to thwart their plans.  This would be true, of course, were it up to mortal men to stop them.

While the Titanic disaster was engineered to murder the opponents of centralized banking in America, a means to control the economy of it and all other developing countries, the planned ‘attacks’ against New York on Sept. 11, 2001, was to be the catalyst to gaining control over those countries not in support of any global conglomerate.  Sovereignty is a hateful word in the lexicon of the elitist.  Any form of non-compliance and/or independence has no place in the world envisioned by the power-mad.

It’s becoming well known, now, that 9/11 was a joint operation between Israel’s Mossad and Britain and the US.  However, the Titanic’s role in establishing the New World Order isn’t so well known.  With their own private bank controlling the nation’s money and debt by creating even more debt, the Jewish international bankers were then able to use the industrial might of the US to enforce globalist dictates, world-wide.  However, there were opponents to this scheme and they had to be dealt with.  Prominent US and international industrialists and bankers were given tickets to ride this new wonder of the seas, unaware that this was to be their final voyage anywhere.  Along with these, the elitists were willing to send thousands of innocent citizens down into the abyss along with their intended targets.  This is the true character of the mammon-worshiper.

Just as with the thousands that were sacrificed in New York almost 100 years later, the Titanic made it possible for an ages-old plan to be started.  This is NOT merely a matter of greedy men wanting it all, it involves a controversy that stems back to other worlds, a fight between supernatural entities.  Satan, the devil, controls the minds and thoughts of these elitists.  Through them, he designs to have the throne of God, Himself, by usurping His authority on Earth.  He thinks that by unifying the nations of Earth, that, at the very least, he can control the populations, even enforce his dictates through his unwitting slaves, those elitists.  As Nimrod of old designed to build his tower and great city, so do the dupes of Satan believe that they can rise above God in power and authority.

Ah, too bad, though, so many thoroughly-modern dupes believe that man is merely an accident of nature, defying all reason and common sense with senseless theories of so-called “evolution”, denying the reality that man is the result of intelligent thought and purpose.  How easy it is, then, to justify the wrongs that men perpetuate daily, when they claim evolution is an ongoing process and that perfection of character is essentially unattainable.  Even many evangelical churches, so-called “Christian” denominations, have bought into this lie.

God didn’t sink the Titanic, avaricious men did.  God (or Muslims) didn’t destroy the world trade center, power-mad, greedy bastards hiding behind banks and industry did.  One day, all of this will be made known in such a way that it will be impossible for anyone to ignore and/or deny it.  Till then, the truth will always be there… for anyone with the guts and the mind to receive it!

What Holocaust?


It’s open season on every religion… except Judaism… isn’t that something?  It’s because of the so-called Holocaust, not mentioning of course that the majority of people killed during the second world war were non-Jews.  In fact, Jewish deaths were almost insignificant next to those… many of those German citizens.

So, then… WHY all the kerfuffle over Israel?  Makes you THINK… doesn’t it?


Zionist Bigotry in Action


Zionist Bigotry

It’s getting out of hand.  You can say ANTHING you want against anyone EXCEPT Jews, homosexuals and any other radical group or organization, but, you walk a narrow ledge when you criticize “God’s chosen ones”.  Jews enjoy immense freedom and sympathy in America and take full advantage of it to rail at their enemies.  These days, EVERYONE is fair game, not just those that are of Muslim background.

Of course, the Illuminati bankers are Jewish converts and they use their influence to silence any opposition against their goy-hating, anti-Christian programs like promoting radical feminism, atheism, homosexualism and other deviant lifestyles and criminal activities.  The bankers know that it’s politically correct (‘PC’ being another of their inventions) to love Jewishness and to hate Muslims, thanks to their own persecution of the Jews back during WWII.  They use this to full advantage and are very good at silencing their opposition.  “Useful idiots” are the goy they employ to aid them in their vendettas, which include incursions by their secret service (Mossad) into other countries, seeking out enemies of Zionism and assassinating them.

They pursue aged ex-Nazis almost to the point of digging them out of their graves and putting them on trial, aptly illustrating their insane lust for vengeance.  These show-trials are meant as an example of what anyone can expect for going against them.  They will go after anyone, big or small, to make a point.

Jews are considered (by the authorities) as the darlings of society.  That’s not the sentiment with others, though.  Jews have a well-earned reputation for being conniving materialists and vindictive enemies.  History defies political correctness in it’s honest portrayal of the Zionist mentality and their dealings with others throughout time.  While there are honest peace-loving Jews that are trying to live their lives while saddled with this unwanted stigma, Zionism is still embraced by many ultra-nationals whom have fallen for the ‘master race’ brainwashing and truly believe they are the chosen ones of God.

I won’t get into a religious exegesis here on why this is a ludicrous idea, suffice to say they are deluded and are not doing themselves any favors by walking around with their noses stuck up in the air, looking down on everyone else.  Reality is going to bite them hard in their nationalist ass, and this is forthcoming if they continue to pursue their vindictive foreign policy against Arab nations and their allies.  They are beginning to piss off their own allies with their haughty national pride and those are the only ones that have kept Israel from being wiped from the face of the Earth.

God isn’t fighting for them, anymore.  They rejected Him by hanging His Son on a post and they seem to think that won’t affect His promise to establish them as a nation among all others?  Supreme delusion!

Society owes it to these egomaniacs not to recognize or condone their insane self-importance by helping them go after their enemies, real or imaginary, and simply tell them to fall in line like everyone else.  They are no more important than any other culture and it’s time that they were made to understand that.

For more on this story, read here.

Day of Reckoning

It’s here…

The old soldier means what he says.  And here in Canada, there are those that haven’t caved to our politically correct, homosexual-loving government of time-serving elitist-wannabes, you can be sure!  Jade Helm-15 is merely a front for the next psy-op the Zionist US Government is preparing to unleash on the world.

What will it be?  It will involve the deaths of many US citizens, YOU CAN BE SURE, and it will be blamed on religious extremists, most likely those that Israel especially hates.  Why Israel?  Israel is the BOSS of America and the current homosexual and his cross-dressing husband that have assumed the roles of American president and first freak, are Israel’s puppets.

However… BEWARE!  All those that think their government is actually their representative and subservient to them… don’t think FOR ONE SECOND that any spin-off false flag will be tolerated, nor that any Draconian measures instituted in the name of “national security” won’t be met with serious, perhaps LETHAL reprisal!  As with the old Marine, there are Canadians that are FED UP with the leftist whore-mongering criminals that are running this country into the ground, serving Zionist agendas.

The political correctness STOPS HERE!  There is a line and you elitist whores are about to step over it.  Only then will you realize just how ignorant you are as to the motivation and means that freedom-loving citizens can garner to drop you kicking in your politically correct tracks!  Are you listening, Stephen Harper and you gaggle of political nitwits infesting Ottawa?

You’ve been warned!

The Peril of Online Forums

You’ve all heard me rant before about forums like YouTube not allowing free speech, that these forums are decidedly biased toward certain groups and ideologies.  Sometimes it can be a matter of pure dumbassed administration, too.  This writer often has problems getting onto sites to post comments about certain subjects when other more ‘benign’ subjects receive hardly a glitch.

Liveleak also has it’s share of glitches and probably biases, too.  For instance… this video:

As a registered user, I tried to get on and explain that there is more bias on the part of Israel, particularly the Khazarian sect, which are the CONVERTS to Judaism, not blood relatives… comprised of families such as the Rothschild’s, the ultra-rich banking clan that basically rules the finances of the entire world.  The theme of the discussion was decidedly biased against the Muslim faith, not surprising given the stranglehold that pro-Zionist forces have upon our compliant governments.

I merely wanted to add that Jews hold an inordinate presence and influence over us as North Americans, controlling every major facet of our culture and economy.  It is not considered politically correct to criticize Israel or Jews, however, nearly every other faith is fair game.  Muslims, of course, are the favorite target, nowadays, thanks to Israel’s ongoing smear campaign and our willing and subservient government’s approval.

Some interesting articles have popped up as of late.  Apparently, Israeli scientists (go figure!) have announced that they have found proof that their race is the superior one.  Now where have we heard THAT line before?  That and the various comments and statements posted over the years by Israeli statesmen DECLARING the superiority of the Jewish state and people over all other nations, referring to them as “goy” and other associated vermin who owe their existence to Jews and are merely livestock to be herded and slaughtered.

This blog is one place where the truth will not be stifled.  YouTube and others can practice their type of ‘democracy’ with their support of the homosexual agenda and Zionism, however, this is MY forum to ensure that the other side of the story gets told.  I’ve had it with these literary terrorists taking over and stifling free speech.  It behooves us all to have our own platform as things continue to deteriorate in the realm of the media and communication.  All that will be allowed will be pro-establishment dogma, which is pretty much what there is now.  People do not seem interested in fighting this takeover, so we’re forced to resort to other measures.

I can see the day when all sources of truth will be driven underground, with basement presses printing out flyers and even the posting of bills on utility poles and backs of trucks.  Think it couldn’t come to that?  Just wait!  Better yet, exercise your speech while it’s still possible!

One thing… YouTube and Liveleak are nothing more than just training grounds for trolls and shills, they do not offer much in the way of true education.  They are, however, good gauges as to the sentiment that prevails with the public.  That sentiment seems to be with the pro-Zionist forces, judging from the amount of hatred levelled at Muslims, Christians, heterosexuals and Caucasians, particularly males.  These are all things that Zionism hates and works toward annihilating.

The truth is that Zionism is the FOREMOST threat to world peace and this needs to be understood and communicated to everyone that can still think independently of the corporate-owned and controlled media , themselves Zionist puppets.  The “useful idiots” that comprise the media are merely the tools that Zionism uses to train their herd of compliant sheep – the general public.  Unless you’re content to be just another herd animal in the Zionist paddock, you’d better start educating yourself as to the true nature of this beast they call Judaism.