Dick-less Phone Scammers Prey On Unwary

Just a few words about a certain type of vermin infesting our society.  This particular trash is the phone scammer.  These dick-less pussies make their meagre living scamming vulnerable and older people out of their hard-earned savings.  Having never worked an honest day in their pointless lives, these scabs seek an easy dollar off of those that are relevant to a healthy society.

You hear stories like some pensioner being bilked out of thousands of dollars by some slick-talking phone maggot, even going so far as to threaten them with litigation if they don’t pay up.  A recent scam going around is where these vermin phone you up threatening you with legal action, posing as the Internal Revenue Service (or CRA in Canada) and that you are the subject of a lawsuit and that you had better respond to the number that they provide… or else!  Of course, this is merely hot air and no more legitimate than the fools that dreamt it all up.  The CRA or IRS do not operate in this manner, however, gullible old folk or the mentally infirm sometimes fall for these filthy maggots’ scheme.

Pieces of shit like phone scammers typically phone from safe areas where government agencies and/or police cannot reach them, which is what one would expect from cowards.  One such place is India, where most of the CRA scams are coming from.  This would be natural, considering that most Indian men are dick-less and are used to abusing their women.  (I’d bet that Indian women admire western men over the faggot pieces of crap they’re stuck with over there!)  These pukes would fit well into bilking honest folk out of their money, being the useless pricks that they are.  So, we are inundated with these phony calls from scum that refuse to man up and work an honest job for a decent living.

I would say that a fitting punishment would be to neuter these bitches when they are caught… except that they are essentially dick-less and that would be a waste of time doing what is already done.  More in tune with the crime would be to incarcerate them in a prison where they could be gang-raped by REAL men and have their assholes enlarged so that they are forced to wear diapers after they are released.  Daily bitch-slappings would be in order, maybe being drop-kicked around the prison exercise yard on an daily basis, too.

So, if there are any of those effeminate bitches reading this, take note of what you are – useless wastes of skin that should be killed on sight, though that would be too easy for you.  Get real jobs and stop being pussies, though it is your nature to be effeminate cowards!