Another Deception Exposed!

One more piece of the deception puzzle has been revealed…


I find this to be a very good video that brings it all into perspective… the lies that the self-styled “elite” have fomented upon the world in the hopes of destroying faith in our Creator and establishing their god and themselves in His place.

Where else can you find a more comprehensive reason for the way that things are and the reason that things are so fucked up?  Destroy any signs of intelligent design, paving the way for total world domination!  I can see now that the first step in that process was to throw doubt on the scriptural description of our world.  For many years, I and other deluded believers tried to explain creationism while still laboring within an evolutionary paradigm.

The end is nearing, folks.  The last movements will be rapid ones.  The grand deception is soon to come when Satan will present himself to the world as some great benefactor, when all along, this malevolent coward has been hiding behind all of the strife and misery in the world.  When that happens, the wise will be prepared to deal with his tricks and survive to see him and his followers destroyed, forever!


Today’s LOL… Christopher Hitchens!

Everyone’s favorite bloated pseudo-intellect comes on the Daily Show, drunk as usual…

Now… if I were to write a book… IF I WERE TO WRITE A BOOKIF I WERE TO WRITE A BOOK

… I’d definitely not include drink and nicotine as a means of inspiration…


Now… which one would YOU hire to write a book for you…



I thought so.  No booze, no nicotine, no sweaty, smelly armpits, no slurred, nasal words… just a clean-cut, intelligent alternative to the usual evolutardism that we’re all inundated with, 24/7.

Guess which one’s still alive and healthy, too?

Ancient Evidence For Intelligent Design

Science, today, has a hard time believing that it isn’t the end-all in everything.  The anti-theist movement, concentrated in great number on certain mediums like YouTube, have virtually taken over with many videos supposedly debunking religion and with the intention of eliminating religion from society.  An anti-theist, by definition, (defined by that great anti-theist, himself – Christopher Hitchens) is opposed to any form of faith-based system.  Of course, most of these fail to recognize that their beliefs are founded only on the say-so of their gurus that they prefer to call scientists.

This would place them in basically the same category as those that they disdain.  Of course they deny this reality and claim that only physical and tangible evidence arrived at through experimentation and observation can be considered credible for acceptance as fact.  This they accept from their natural science gurus through humanism… which is just the modern term for paganism, the worship of natural forces as creator and guide.  The idea of a personal living God is unacceptable to the modern pagan, preferring to place their fate in the belief that they are here by chance and have no future beyond this life.

There is plenty of evidence supporting intelligent design, enough even for the most hardened humanist to base some rudimentary belief that the universe is ordered by omnipotence.  They claim there is none, however, and since they demand hard proof, I found this video to supply even the most stubborn infidel with the evidence they demand…

What greater evidence is there that the universe is ordered than that provided by the mathematical precision that these ancient structures appear to be designed and built with?  The fact that there is a universal constant that seems to pervade the entire observable universe?  What infidel can deny what these artifacts provide by their very existence, today?

These provide the necessary criteria for any unbeliever to reconsider what they have been programmed almost from birth to believe… that they are merely the products of chance and pure randomness and not the children of an omnipotent and omniscient God!