Nosy Fucking Polls Tools of The Elitists

Everybody is consumed with finding out about everyone else, these days.  There are cameras EVERYWHERE, one cannot move without being observed by someone, somewhere.  Then you have THESE!  Yes, the media is consumed with finding out about YOU!

There’s no fucking privacy, anymore!  You have stores badgering you for information, presumably for marketing purposes, though we know it’s more entailed than that.  Telemarketers soliciting information, impromptu polls, either door-to-door or by phone, IPad, whatever device you’re using.  Doctor’s offices that bombard you with questions prior to treatment… as if they didn’t have enough information on file about you, already!

No, like just about everything else in this fucked-up world, a little is never enough.  We got to have it ALL!

The fascist/liberal agenda is to flood the country with aliens and this is how they prep everyone for it, asking if they are hip and into the new age society melting pot where all national distinction… well, let’s be precise about this… EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH WHITE/ANGLO SAXON/EUROPEAN ancestry and sovereignty is WIPED OUT in favor of the new model, composed primarily of Asian and Blacks.  Even the politically correct white ethnic-wannabes loathe their heritage, preferring to cast their lot in with those of other cultures, rather than embrace their own.  These disgust me no end!  They are cowards and unworthy of their race!

The next time some fool descends upon you with questions about what you do and what you are, do the right thing and ignore them.  It might feel better to just kill them, for a time, but, in the end, you’ll pay the penalty for their stupidity.  Just ignore them and if they accost you at your home, throw them out!  Don’t participate in polls of ANY description, that information is being sold to someone else in order to profit off of you.  It’s an evil little world and it will be until the Lord returns.

Do your part to hider the globalists at EVERY TURN!