Moon Landing STILL A Hoax


Like we ever REALLY believed it!  Well, yes, around the time of the supposed event, like many other starry-eyed youth in those days, whatever the media and the government said, we took it as gospel.  However, times and attitudes change and we mature a little.  Our thinking processes develop a little more and what once seemed plausible really isn’t.

An excellent article can be found here…

It’s disheartening to finally realize that there really isn’t anything that we can take for granted, anymore.  It’s a given that everything that we thought that we knew is false and frustrating to acknowledge that we must relearn practically everything that we’ve been taught.  That is the sad reality of living under the world oligarchy we know as the Illuminati.  They lie and they have always lied and they will continue to lie to us for as long as society continues.

Take the theory of evolution, for example.  A huge lie!  What then can we believe about what so-called ‘science’ tells us about other things when it blatantly lies about our origin?  What comprises space?  Are there really other worlds out there?  Are they as far or as close as we are led to believe that they are?  Perhaps it’s all just science FICTION, orchestrated to have us believe that there are ‘experts’ out there that are above reproach or criticism?

The sad truth is we cannot trust authority at the higher levels.  They are manipulated and controlled by demonic forces and subject only to those forces.

9/11 is another example of lies perpetuated to accomplish some devious end.  The list goes on and on.  However, it is also true that there is a God that will bring this dynasty of evil to it’s knees and then destroy it and it’s architects.  That is yet a future event, but a certain one.  Until then, we must be discriminating in what we allow ourselves to acknowledge as truth.  Certainly, we cannot trust the mainstream media or government, both of which are in the employ of elitist oligarchs bent upon controlling the entire globe and it’s citizens.


Homosexuals Rule In Satanic New World Order


Filthy deviants on parade

Whom were once rightfully classed as the dregs of society, sexual deviants now enjoy first-class status in the bankers’ pseudo-societal construct known as the New World Order… read here.

They think that society is coming around to their way of thinking.  Of course, nothing could ever be further from the truth.  Some might.  However, most will always pay respect out of fear and some perverted need for acknowledgment.  The politically correct are always looking for new things to attach significance to.  What wouldn’t have gotten the attention that a mosquito bite got thirty years ago now is a really big deal – and who really gives a flying fuck about the ‘rights’ of freaks that parade themselves naked down city streets in front of kids and the elderly?

Today’s oh-so-fashionable and politically correct twenty and thirty-something brain dead new age yuppie fancies themselves as superior in every way, intellectually, culturally, what have you.  What they are, are dunces that are prone to every sifting change in the wind, easily duped and conned into accepting every moronic idea that comes down the pipe.  There is no shortage of moronic ideas out there, it only has to be stupid and it has an immediate following. Satan rules this world.  It ceased to be God’s world when Adam and Eve chose Satan as their ruler in place of God.

Granted, God will indeed reclaim His lost world and kill off every Satanic influence.  However, until that time we will be forced to endure the most degrading times that have ever existed on this planet.  Stupid idiotic people will continue to foist the most ridiculous fashions and concepts upon us, enabled by time-serving politicians and even a lethargic clergy.

Some things never change… uppermost of those, man’s capacity for fucking up what God instituted from time immemorial, a society based upon morals and a consciousness for and of the divine – these two things are almost totally absent in our world, today.

Compulsory Reading

Read this article by Henry Makow.  Here is a teaser from the comments…

“Yes, the markets are rigged. I was a day-trader before it had a name back when I thought the illusions were real. I got out in the October, 1987 collapse without suffering any losses and never returned because I found out what the game really was. In simple terms, if you are not the biggest fish in the pond, you are fish food. All markets exist as a means of control. That is why the markets make moves that defy common sense. Manipulation is the control. Manipulation is accomplished with money. As long as there are usury banks that create as much money as they want, there can be no “free market.” There has not been a “free market” in the USA since 1792. Financial markets are the ultimate mammon and the ultimate illusion. Financial markets produce nothing tangible even if finance is based on something tangible. When finances are based on debt like all western societies today, no matter what anyone does with negative numbers and zero, there is never a positive. Illusion and deception are the tools of evil, not God. Putting faith in illusion and deception is putting faith in evil.”  (Emphasis supplied)

It is also idolatry.  When you set up the things of this world as your god, as it were, that is anything that supplants affection and contemplation toward God, this is idolatry.  We are all idolaters, even those that claim to be believers.

Every person should be taught the REAL purpose of finance and usury from their earliest days.  All you even learn in school is how to feed the great debt machine with your life blood, preparing for a trade within the system.  You are prepped for slavery and then when you are too old to participate in the wage/slave program any longer. you’re ditched in some squalid ‘retirement’ home.  Each successive generation feeds the one before it, barely maintaining the work force.

The system IS gradually breaking down, however.  We cannot sustain it much longer with burgeoning population rates and rampant inflation.  Agenda 21 is REAL!  Remember in scripture where mankind sought to congregate in large cities AGAINST the will of God?  Babylon was their crowning achievement… until it (the tower) was destroyed and men were scattered throughout the country, living in small clans and towns, as was God’s original purpose.  Cities constitute sinful living and a means of controlling the population.  They were never sanctioned by God for His creation.

No less, today, with the rising tide of evil and persecution!

Teacher Disciplined For Moral Behavior

Teacher wants dick

Not this one, obviously!

I guess kids can’t be kids, anymore, judging from the curricula our ‘glorious’ publick (no misspelling) school system pushes, nowadays.  The sexual deviants influencing/comprising the Ontario Board of Education are either too perverse or simply too stupid to realize what they are being duped into implementing. Read here.

“Genderbread Man”?  LMAO!  Sorry, readers, incredulity simply gets the best of me at times.  The mind of the politically correct is truly fascinating.  How does one get so deluded?  Well, as is intimated in the article, people are scared of what their corrupt politicians and law enforcement will do to them if they don’t play along, while those, themselves, are scared of losing their jobs.  Such is the power of the Zionist Khazarian’s that have captured the consciences of the world and are controlling them like puppets.

In my many ‘debates’ with anti-theists, over the years, many of those being homosexuals whom violently hate God because they know He will destroy them in the end days, these arrogantly presume that their secular society is superior in every way to that which is ordained by the Creator.  These idiots truly believe the garbage that evolution teaches, which has naturally ‘evolved’ into the perverse and corrupt society that we now have.  Indeed, if evolution WERE true, I could find no real issue with the existence of all of the violence and decadence in the world, other than it makes a very unpleasant world to live in.   Nevertheless, there would be no moral argument for something that is amoral or simply a result of abiogenesis and random progression… or perhaps regression.

Unfortunately, for the anti-theists, things aren’t that way!  This universe did not spawn from chance and random processes, it is the result of intelligent forethought and design.  There is no accountability toward any creator in a universe that simply pops into existence on it’s own, but, there is in this one. The ungodly presume upon a lot of things and are becoming quite bold as evidenced here with this article.

Perverts simply think that they can take over now that they have been afforded some leeway by duped and politically correct politicians that are less interested in them than maintaining their political office.  Hope has morphed into arrogance with these deviants and the time has come to make them accountable and force them to remember their retrograde status.

For instance, the other day, a relative of mine had a faggot enter his yard and attempt to strike up a conversation with his kids.  The pervert was sent packing – no retribution has followed… yet.  Still, this shows the brazenness of these freaks and they frequently attack through litigation anyone that dares correct them.  They know the law plays favorites and is not impartial.  Right now, they are the darlings of society, according to popularized opinion, and they exploit that fact to the uttermost.

Due to the extreme circumstances foisted upon us by unthinking dupes in authority, it has become necessary to implement drastic measures in controlling this retrograde behavior.  I have suggested various means in controlling these public menaces, among those boycotting any businesses these deviants might have (though most are simply welfare cases living off of society) and not fraternizing with them needlessly.  They are NOT your moral equals, they are condemned by God.  Some, indeed, may be ignorant, brainwashed by their GLBT mafia masters.  If they won’t be corrected, leave them to their fate.  Unless they threaten you physically, however, do not lay a hand upon them!  That’s all they need to have you fined or jailed or both.  They are only too willing to drag you into court, seizing any opportunity to humiliate you and steal your money, being naturally too lazy to go and find honest work when they can steal it from others with little or no effort.

Many go looking for a fight in order to exact some form of insane revenge upon society for treating them the way they deserve to be treated. It is rapidly shaping up to be the world that is described in scripture for that which will be in the last days.

Men hate the truth and love lies.  People are always ready to listen to someone that will soothe any feelings of guilt they may have from doing what they want, though it might not be in accordance with what their Creator expects from them.  Fags are in such a class.  Slaves to their passions, the last thing that they wish to hear is any rebuke toward their lusts.  This is why faggots are among the most profane against religion and God, the two naturally diametrically opposed to the evil that they do.

Stay away from homosexuals, refuse their society and anything to do with them!  They are train wreck waiting to happen and you don’t want to be anywhere near that when it happens!

Deviancy The New Morality


Sason Bear Bergman is a transgender activist looking to indoctrinate school kids in the awareness and lifestyle of homosexuals, hoping to “make them like (accept) us”.  This, of course, despite whatever their parents’ religious views and preferences as to what their kids are exposed to might happen to be.  In the world of the faggot, there is only one point of view worth considering – theirs.

This, of course, is nothing new.  In my many dealings with the fascist left, I’ve often encountered this Nazi-type attitude among these deviants, especially among politically correct heterosexuals that have taken up the cause of these sick and deluded individuals and have become their spokesmen and defenders.

The purpose of this post is not to debate the origin of homosexual behavior, whether learned or genetic.  What is the issue is what right does a minority in any democracy have over the rights of the majority?  These deviants have asserted their ‘rights’ over and above everyone else’s.  Much like the Jewish question, (this ‘guy’ happens to be BOTH) here we have a visible minority calling the shots over everyone else’s rights and preferences, even to the point of coercion with the help of the judicial system.

After much study, this writer has concluded that there are certain genetic dispositions every person is born with that could be augmented by environmental and societal influences.  That is not to say that we are entitled to ACT upon those inclinations, the structure of our society demands that people curb certain unnatural acts, such as sexual deviancy, criminal behaviorisms, etc.  A person may be inclined toward murder or thievery, that is not license to commit those acts.

The Illuminati has indicated that one of the ways that they will institute their global government is to destroy the sovereignty of all nations through erosion of their culture and religious beliefs – these being the underpinnings of their society and moral development.  Homosexuals are predominantly atheistic, the radical factions even more anti-theistic.  Atheism, of course, is one of the ways that the globalists are turning mankind away from the fact that we are created beings, subservient to an omnipotent creator.  Evolution, humanism, Abiogenesis, etc., are simply attempts to explain away God and place the wisdom of men on the throne of heaven.  Remember, it all started with Cain bringing HIS idea of an acceptable offering to God and not the one that God specified.  (Genesis 4)  He would argue with God… has anything changed, in that regard?

Men, today, argue with and defy God at every turn.  Homosexuals declare their lifestyle wholesome and natural, despite what the Bible says about it.  They have declared themselves gods by their attitude.  This is the highest form of idolatry.

Whatever these Cainites determine for themselves, it doesn’t give them the right to dictate terms to the rest of us, which is what they are doing and with the blessing of time-serving politicians and crooked judges.  It’s time to resist these bigots and let them know that they aren’t the master race and drive them back into their respective “closets”.

*For more on this story, read here.  Also here.

Moral Decadence – The Reward for Apathy

For a little background, do read this article… “Fifty Shades of Satanism”

Now, from my own perspective, the world must and is going to be brought to the point where society as a whole comes to the realization that it cannot continue on in it’s downhill slide and expect to survive.  No matter what the sexually “liberated” tell us, the current state of affairs will not produce an enlightened or healthy society.

16th Century France went through it’s period of anarchy, where the motto “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”  reigned supreme.  A good many aristocratic heads rolled in the age of the guillotine, as madness gradually replaced reason as the fine laws of nature were violated over and over by a debauch people.  It’s readily apparent that society has learned nothing from the mistakes of the past as the new age version of the cult of reason is steadily being pushed by ultra-liberal factions.

Many specious theories have arisen that seek to destroy man’s spiritual connection with his maker.  The most pernicious to date is the theory of abiogenesis and evolution, an insane idea that life somehow generated itself from nothingness and ‘naturally’ tends toward higher states of being.  The advantage to having God out of one’s life allows the individual a free pass to do whatever they wish to do in the knowledge there can be no divine retribution.

The world of the evolutionist seems so simple, however, nature’s fixed laws cannot be broken with impunity.  Morality has it’s basis in the influence of divinity.  Without God’s restraining spirit in our lives, we are capable of any atrocity.  Here is a good example of what society is headed toward… and this is VERY graphic…


For background on this atrocity, read here.

This video was largely banned from public media, but, the internet is a vast and lawless wilderness.  I am naturally reluctant to glorify in any way the actions of the depraved individuals involved, however, if there can be any good come from this, let it show with no question what happens when moral restraints are absent and/or removed.  This is what any human being is capable of given the right environment and circumstances.  The Bible terms human nature as “filthy rags” and even our best behavior sadly lacking and evil.  This video would tend to confirm this.


Homosexuality is now becoming the accepted norm.  Humility is only for when you get caught.  Marriage, a joke, referring one again to the advance of profligate homosexual ‘marriages’.  Feminism destroys the male image and role in the household, forcing women to become wage slaves and eventually man-less old biddies in the competitive world of commerce.  Children are dumped in daycares while their “progressive” mothers go out and assume traditional male roles and jobs.

The truth is that God will not allow this course of events to destroy humanity altogether.  This world and it’s warped views is destined for destruction, but, not before there are some redeemed.  The mockers and scoffers have only a short time left to ply their idiocy before their pointless lives are taken, forever.

This is as it must be… for God has ordained it!

It’s Too Late

Here’s a revealing article care of Dr. Makow…

The question is asked: Is it too late for the sheep to wake up?  I’m afraid so, yes, it is too late.  The brainwashing, while not complete, is thorough enough.  Most citizens of America are simply to deep into the new world order to extricate themselves.

With the desire for federal benefits outweighing any sense of independence, most citizens would rather live as kept animals than as free human beings.  We are simply too soft and too spoiled to even consider a life free from some sort of leash tied to our necks.

No, we want our comforts and long ago we traded independence for those comforts.  With the elitist-owned and operated media bombarding us with patriotic bullshit, 24/7, it’s simply impossible to escape it’s pernicious influence.

Of course, the new world order oligarchs will be destroyed and their world with them.  That, though, will be the work of God.  No human being could ever hope to singly take on this oligarchy and prevail.

That is why I blog… to bring this fact to the attention of my readers.  I, myself, nor can you, dear reader, can do anything to stop the new world order… but, we can educate people as to it’s existence and it’s agenda.