If It Walks Like A Commie, Talks Like A Commie…

It IS a commie!

With all of the crocodile tears this piece of Marxist shit has shed, you’d think we would be up to our asses in muddy water, by now.  Trouble is, that’s all they are… phony, like his heritage!  Fidel Castro’s son is living up to his mandate to destroy Canada and millions of duped morons are helping him right along his agenda.  The COVID-19 pandemic HOAX was but one instrument in this commie bastard’s arsenal… there will be more!  More ‘outbreaks’, more school shootings, knifings, all orchestrated by this evil cocksucker and his retinue of globalist masters and handlers.

Handlers like “King Charles III”, adulterer and murderer of his first wife, Princess Diana, in cahoots with his Nazi-loving father, Phillip.  Funny how most people on social media have forgotten about the exploits of this new age monster, who now holds ultimate sway in the UK as their ‘monarch’ and is free to implement measures more in keeping with the nature of his granddaddy Henry VIII, that Medieval piece of shit that went through wives like I do underwear.

I know many individuals now languishing in hospital beds in various states of condition that are suffering from the effects of the shots they got, in an attempt to escape that which they voluntarily took into their bodies with their compliance with the vax.  THE ONLY ONES WITH COVID-19 ARE THOSE THAT TOOK THE SHOTS!!!  Those that were strong and resisted the urge to capitulate to the complicit medical profession and their PUPPET media cohorts’ attempts at vilifying them are virtually immune and quite healthy.  This commie bastard is directly responsible for ALL sickness and deaths resulting from his propaganda regime and must be held accountable.

As always, I encourage all who have stood fast against the tyranny of the medical profession and the puppetized media in their attempts to divide the nation and continue to refuse any and all attempts by these scum to capitulate to any serums or any actions that they deem necessary to preserve peace and order.  These are seasoned LIARS and con artists… psychopaths, with no other concern than what benefits them.  The ‘science’ they extol is BOGUS BULLSHIT!  REAL science doesn’t support their assertions and they rely on a sheep-like public to help them enforce their evil mandates.  Don’t ever let them blame YOU for what they,do to themselves!

Get involved!  Let everyone in your circle know what it is and who they are that they are blindly following.  The mainstream media cannot be trusted.  Trust your common sense!  Their ‘logic’ defies common sense!

Your country stands to fall, very soon… it’s up to you if you want to live free or in fear for the rest of your life.

Here’s To US!

You know who you are!  You were naturally skeptical of all the inconsistencies that were so BLATANTLY obvious about the COVID scam and you weren’t buying ANY of it!  Does this make you smarter than the rest of society?  Well… YES!  Even those that caved out of concern for their jobs and to keep their relatives happy… MORE SO!

Now, they’re starting to get sick, just like we warned them, but, convenience and outright cowardice was more of a priority in their lives.  Don’t feel sorry for them, they’re not worthy!  If I seem harsh, just remember that they now carry God knows what for contagions and that they pose a threat to YOU!  It is THEY that are the danger to society, now!

You listened to the mainstream news and got lied to, day after day.  You were threatened and coerced and you thought that normal concern for your health and well-being.  You were STUPID to believe that the government has any concern for you and now you’re WE are paying the price!  Congratulations!  The very thing you were trying to escape is upon you BY YOUR OWN HAND!!

Alternative media, those that haven’t bowed the knee to government, report swelling numbers of hospital admissions.  Heart attacks, strokes, abortions, many other maladies… with the common denominator being they ALL had the jab!  So, your job, your friends’ approval, spouses’ approval… all of that will mean SHIT when you’re DEAD.  Perhaps, you can alleviate the symptoms by not getting any further booster shots… which are still being pushed by the complicit (and let’s not mince words) EVIL healthcare profession, the majority of which are on the side of BIG $$$!  Their lapdogs in the media continue to fill your head with bullshit and you still figure that they have your best interests in mind.  Programming is a bitch!

Well, perhaps there is hope for society if a few would merely find the balls to say “enough is enough, I fell for their lies, but, I’m here to say I was wrong and don’t you fall for them!”  Can you do that, reader?  Can you find the cojones to admit your mistake and help others who are ignorant not do the same?

Read the truth HERE!


There are many, MANY more sites like this not having any allegiance to the corrupt mainstream media.  At the turn of the Twentieth Century a prominent newspaper editor remarked that a man was far better off for not reading one of his publications.  (The New York Times)  Here’s an example of why…

No one need be ignorant in this day and age!  If you’re one of those now falling sick because you caved to the authorities, you brought it on yourself!  Now, do the right thing and warn others such as I and many other free-thinking people have been doing for months and months.  Don’t let these bastards get away with their crime!

Open Letter From BC Health Professionals To Provincial Health Officer

Dr. Bonnie Henry, Premier John Hogan, Health Minister Adrian Dix

Here is a PDF copy of a revealing letter by silenced medical doctors condemning the current practices adopted by governments in the handling of this “pandemic”… it starts out…

Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, and Premier John Horgan

“We are a group of extremely concerned health professionals in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. We have some critical questions regarding COVID-19, specifically about the current reporting of case numbers, statistics, and testing, and the restrictions imposed by your health orders. While discussion of adjunctive and alternative safe and effective treatments is being stifled, the policies of mandatory experimental vaccines and vaccine passports are being forced upon our province, our country, and many other countries worldwide…”

Read the rest, herehttps://vaccinechoicecanada.com/wp-content/uploads/Open-Letter-by-Okanagan.pdf

It behooves all of those that value freedom of thought and expression, and their own personal freedoms, to transmit, copy and/or otherwise relay a copy of this letter to everyone that they feel will benefit from knowing how they have been sold down the river by their local politicians and doctors, the latter being either ignorant or complicit in this scheme to establish a global oligarchy based upon fear and compliance.  The object is to get the opinions and expertise of others not involved in the hype that is currently viewed as exclusive and fact, into the light, so that people can make more informed choices.  The narrow-minded will always take the ‘easy’ route and obey whatever their gurus in the media and their Big Pharma-salesperson doctors tell them, but, there are others that are honest and are genuinely confused, meaning they still have working brains that haven’t been polluted by weaponized vaccines.

This is a thankless endeavour, we who value truth and freedom have embarked upon.  You will inevitably lose friends and family over this pandemic scam.  These have chosen their side with relatively no forethought or concern other than for THEIR immediate comfort and convenience.  YOUR rights and comfort are secondary to theirs and they’ve made no bones about it!  This isn’t for the weak or fearful, those are on the other side.  Rest assured, though, they are dangerous!  Fearful, panicky people are unpredictable and are apt to do and say anything.  It behooves one to pick his/her battles carefully… do not throw your pearls of wisdom to pigs!  Truth is a precious thing not to be squandered upon the foolish, they’ll despise it AND you.  Pick your targets wisely… and never give up!

Required Reading… (for all you “goy” pro-vaxxers)

For all of those that depend upon the latest numbers delivered up lottery-style, every day, by the fraudsters at CNN, CBS, CBC, CTV, Global News, etc… in other words, the mainstream media… this ‘Bud’s’ for you!

(Stolen from Henry Makow)

Surprising that we don’t hear about those numbers on the nightly news, huh!  Well, not really, given that your average sheep is quite content being spoon-fed *his/her* pablum, not willing to expend too much effort beyond seeking out the next food source or sports event.

This is the kind of shit that can get one banned from coffee shops and ostracized and driven from most social media platforms, too, but… remember… we live in a ‘free’ country!  🤣

* We should recognize that ever-increasing number of genders, out there, as they play a major part in helping what these other social miscreants are hoping to achieve.  ☺️

Biden Gives His Okay… (you can start living, again… for now)

All you liberal morons get that?  Your commander-in-chief says you can pull off your face diapers, now, if you got your injection of God knows what.  However, we both know that you’ll continue to wear them as they have given you some sense of purpose in an otherwise meaningless and useless existence, being a burden on the rest of us…

Of course, this is only the BEGINNING.  There WILL be an enforced mandate that ALL receive this concoction of theirs, undoubtedly some neutralizing agent to either outright kill or in some way inhibit the natural life process in individuals.  Agenda 21 demands this.  There must be a dramatic reduction in the number of “useless eaters” by approximately 2030.  This will facilitate a more seamless take-over of a planet that has long been the center of a power struggle between the forces of good and evil.

Of course, all of this is foolishness to the ‘enlightened’ liberal/pagan.  This is why the vast majority of all whom have ever lived will succumb to the deceptions of Satan and be lost, eternally.  Flattering themselves that they cannot be taught or instructed or enlightened, they are prime targets for a being that knows exactly how to cater to such enormous egos.  They prefer to believe the lies their ‘experts’ tell them, that they are products of a cosmic ‘burp’… an accident, resulting in untold eons of development to a level that they consider advanced, when the opposite is true.  The truth is that the race was originally endowed with life from a benevolent Creator and have subsequently DEvolved over thousands (NOT millions) of years into the pathetic examples that we are, today.

But, I digress.  The issue at hand is will these globalist freaks allow us back into the ‘normality’ we had before COVID-19?  The answer is… not on your fucking life!  They have an entire leg and arm in the door on this and will never give one inch of the ground that they have worked so long and hard to attain.  As stated, an enforced vaccination program is in the mix and if you are unable to secure a cave out in the wilderness and subsist on vegetation and whatever rodents or small birds you can catch, you’ll be getting the vax, if you want to live and participate in Satan’s new order.  This is a certainty… best to acclimate to that fact, now and prepare (however you can) for it.

***Just a note for the religious component, out there… remember those “offshoots” your particular denomination chose to vilify in more opulent times?  They might be a viable option, (if they’ll take you) now, as living in large centers is going to get very difficult, if not downright perilous.  Remote encampments of conscientious objectors will have a better chance of resisting the satanic forces massing against us, enabling many to ride out the storm until the Master returns to deal with this lost world.

Sad State of Affairs

“It seems as though the real enemy of liberty is the average American.”

I think most people realize that these times are probably the worst that have been seen since the end of the second world war.  Communism has gotten more than just a foothold, it seems to be prevailing in every corner of society.  It reminds me of a statement by Nikita Khrushchev, more than sixty years ago, that they as communists would never have to fire a shot against the west, that society would fall into their hands like “overripe fruit”.  That prophecy, it would seem, has become reality.  Indeed… how the hell have we allowed this to happen?  How could we have embraced such an alien ideology, as alien to life, itself, as to any other social construct that is possible for man to conceive, as that which we see in place in nearly every institution we have built?

The answer is very plain and that is that we have simply become so complacent and so lazy and FAT from easy living and from being SPOILED ROTTEN with the ease that was hard-won for us by our predecessors, so much so that it has become a part of our very DNA.  Certainly, in the time that I have been alive, I have noticed a definite drop in the IQ of each succeeding generation.  This is not to absolve the globalists of their responsibility for their attacks on education and their watering-down of the fundamentals of education in public schools, such as with the introduction of Outcome Based Education and spurious theories that now occupy important areas originally devoted to technical and historical disciplines.  So-called “alternative lifestyle” courses that prepare the way for deviant behaviourisms like homosexuality, feminism and other leftist-inspired curses on society.  These are rampant in the institutions of ‘learning’, today.  These supplant legitimate teachings that help to prepare youth for PRODUCTIVE roles in a healthy society.  However, contrary to evolutionary thought, man is not evolving at all, at least not in any positive way, but DEVOLVING.  Even with all of our toys, the intellect that built the pyramids simply doesn’t exist, anymore.  Even our ability to enjoy the technologies made possible by previous generations has been stunted, no one is happy or content, anymore, always on the move, searching for more and more things to placate a restless spirit.

The answer is something no one living in this age is capable of comprehending, much less instituting, verily outside the efforts and abilities of man in his stunted and crippled condition.  We are now consigned to the forces that are manipulating every thought and motive… but, no one need be ignorant of the fate that we have invited upon ourselves, nor absolved of any and all responsibility of ensuring that this knowledge be passed on to theirs and all others’ posterity.  We MUST educate our young and each other of the reality that is at hand.  There will be a conflict and only death will excuse us from participation in it.


Celine Dion Pushing Satanic Message Through Children’s Clothing

The popular French singer has partnered up with “Nununu”, a clothing designer that caters to so-called “gender neutral” – minded customers, mainly their children, to sell what would be considered by any normal and healthy-minded person to be rather morose and ‘dark’ kid’s clothing.  One look at the formless, shapeless, unimaginative crap that they promote, is indicative of the dark times that we are living in under communistic liberal forces.

The push to eliminate any differentiation between the sexes is a top priority with the globalists, not satisfied with merely destroying the moral underpinnings of society, they seek also to emasculate society by destroying the image of the dominant male in the family unit, creating an effeminate, simpering, easily-dominated and subdued ‘one-size-fits-all’ culture.  The idea is total control and the way you do that bloodlessly is to destroy the will and the life force of the people through constant and incessant degradation, starting early in people’s lives.  This makes kids special targets of Satan and his mindless followers.

In this picture, we have the New Age Witch, herself, walking through a nursery, broadcasting some form of demonic ‘pixie dust’ over the cradles of the infants.  Black crosses begin floating around the room and black-faced, owl-eyed skulls and blobs appear in the cribs where the dust has settled.  The white crosses also have some significance in the obfuscation of sexual identity, obliterating the gender signs on the walls.  Here is the promotional video in it’s entirety…

Devious and sickening, it shows the lengths some will go to make a buck and to promote an agenda.  The Illuminati are soul-dead, mindless encasements for demons settled on helping their master in his pathetic designs on wresting this world from Jesus Christ.  It is a hopeless endeavor for them, yet they persevere with an energy that defies description and puts to shame the lethargy that man shows toward resisting their efforts.  Were it not for the restraining power of God, we would long ago have been totally enslaved and/or destroyed.

For some other interesting insights on this, check out these links…



There’s a Chilling Darkness Behind Celine Dion’s Brand That’s Highly Disturbing