The Fourth of July… What Is It’s True Significance?

My readers know that I often post Mark Dice videos.  Sometimes, the comment section of these YouTube-hosted videos off some interesting insight.  Here’s one I found interesting… (I’ll post it, here, as well, as this comment has been removed at least once… which shows me that either youTube or Dice, himself, doesn’t agree with it!)

“It’s more depressing than you think! You’re celebrating an independence that doesn’t exist! True, you have a FORM of independence, your own flag, ideology, etc., but, your economy is owned and controlled by foreign interests… international bankers, based in England, that hold the notes on your country’s debt. Ever wondered why your country cannot pay down it’s debt with the gold it holds in reserve (ostensibly for this purpose) at Ft. Knox? A cursory visit, there, in 1974 by several congressmen and a senator to dispel rumors that the depository was empty, did not fully satisfy critics. The truth of the matter is that except for a very small representation of ‘fool’s gold’, lesser metals covered with a thin patina of gold, the entire supply has been shipped surreptitiously to England.

1776 is, indeed, a significant date… but, it doesn’t signify any form of independence for the colonies, whom are still very much controlled by Britain, economically and judicially. Every barrister and judge must be a member of the BAR… the British Accreditation Registry, to make them legitimate and allow them to practice law in the US. The name speaks for itself… you must follow the rules of the Crown in order to play the game. The date 1776 is stamped on the dollar bill, but, it doesn’t signify the date of independence from England, it commemorates the date of the inception of the Bavarian Illuminati. The dollar, itself riddled with all forms of arcane paraphernalia, is their creation and through it’s agent, the Federal Reserve, runs the economy of it’s colonies. Yes, for all intents and purposes, the US is still a subject of Great Britain. Canada, too, has it’s charter, but, careful examination of it shows very little in terms of rendering any autonomy outside the rule of the Crown. Canada’s parliament still has the Queen’s representative presiding over it’s Commons in the person of the Governor General. Just to make a distinction, here, the ‘Crown’ in question is not the figurehead monarchy of Britain, but, the financial centre of London proper. This enclave within London proper is the true authority in Great Britain and over her colonies.

Summing up, while the socialist element in America is woefully ignorant in terms of this date and it’s meaning from one perspective, from another, they are no worse off than a public that has been deceived for generations about a status that they really do not have. As a Canadian, I can tell you where ignorance has led for us, we are almost fully a communist nation and I see this in store for America, as well. Ignorance is the primary enemy, it’s not a laughing matter, if it ever was. Some major ‘shit’ is poised to happen… soon!”

It’s not often I run across a person with this kind of insight.  The pagan oligarchs truly do control all major governments of the world and one can never realize any kind of freedom or self-determination under this kind of regime.  Anyway, I’ve found through hard experience that when you’re close to the truth, the forces opposed begin to close in.  We’ll see how long this comment stays up!

Edit:  Yup!  Gone already!  LOL… just a word of advice, folks, YouTube, like Facebook and most of those other social media platforms are simply shills for the socialist left.  Don’t expect to learn anything significant from these forums or get any fair hearing from these leftist morons.


Should You Pay Income Tax?

If you want to stay out of jail, you’d better!

As these folks found out the hard way.  Click here.

What’s really ironic in all of this is that they are right.  After all, the people that founded this nation vehemently OPPOSED any form of tax on income.  The greedy parasitical international bankers have incessantly strove to install their corporate money-changing houses in every country for centuries.  Now, nearly every country sports a central PRIVATE bank.  America has it’s ‘Federal Reserve’ and Canada it’s “Bank of Canada”.  Interestingly enough, any country that has managed to oppose the oligarchs from establishing their gold-siphoning apparatuses within them are now deemed as terrorist countries.

The Zionist bastards that surreptitiously and ILLEGALLY brought in the income tax, ostensibly to offset the cost of them waging war (upon countries that wouldn’t let them sink their financial hooks into them) while at the same time promising that it would only be a TEMPORARY tax that would be lifted once hostilities ceased.  Ha!  Like they ever planned to honor that promise!

Of course, most of us alive today have grown up under these fascist bastards’ oppressive taxation, so to even think that a world without income tax is feasible is ludicrous.  Such is the mindset of the slave!  The slaves turn upon anyone that dares to THINK outside of the cage that we are all in, and this is precisely what happened with Paradigm Education Group.  I’ve known and do know some of the folks in this group and can say that they are among the finest people I’ve ever met.  Many would give you the shirt off of their back, which is a lot more than I can say for Revenue Canada, which is merely a collection agent for the Rothschild/Morgan banking cartel.

Yes, it’s all very legal, income taxation is law in Canada.  Does that make it right?  Well, when you’re the guy WITH ALL THE GUNS and public (sheep) opinion on your side, YOU make the law!  On the other hand, all that Paradigm ever did was educate people about taxation (which you will never get from ANY amount of schooling in the public school system) and how to divide up what is taxable income from what isn’t.  Recently I heard of a waitress being fined something like $75,000 for undisclosed income, (tips) and those cocksuckers at Revenue Rothschild are going to collect every penny if it takes her the rest of her life to pay it.

“Oh, we NEED taxes to help pay for the roads!”, some ignorant dumbass is wont to tell you.  HA!  If you saw the state of the fucking roads in this fucking province, you’d soon see the fucking bullshit behind THAT sentiment!  The money collected from taxation goes directly to overseas banks, namely in England, the center of the world’s financial empire.  The enclave that sits dead center in London City proper is comparable to that fictional Star Wars city, Mos Eisley, (spelling?) that “most wretched hive of villainy and scum” as uttered by the sagely Obe Wan Kenobi to his young student Luke Skywalker.

Paradigm was a legitimate company dedicated to helping people, as opposed to Revenue Canada, which is merely a giant leech, just like it’s American counterpart, the Internal Revenue Service.  Both are Rothschild companies, agents commissioned to rob from the poor and give to the rich – THEM.  Now, these decent folk are being made examples of and their own have betrayed them!  Fuck this country!  It’s getting exactly what it deserves!

Do I pay taxes?  Oh yes, they are taken from me before I ever see a CENT from my work, they’ve been successful in engineering that!  Most people, today, have taxes deducted from their paycheques, it’s how the money-grubbing assholes assure themselves of getting their ill-gotten booty.  What they cannot control, however, is when people contract business among themselves and say NOTHING to the government.  Only those with serious mental issues would voluntarily contract with the government on ANYTHING!  There is nothing immoral about withholding money from the government, hell, they offer their own schemes for tax deductions.

So why all the fuss?  Simple.  You’re (they – the people of Paradigm) not allowed to dictate terms for your own life or accrue any wealth that they cannot control.  In fact, the system is designed to keep them wealthy and YOU POOR.  Elitists like to remain apart from the rest of the herd.  They’ll never tell you their taxation scheme is largely voluntary and they’ll threaten and jail anyone that they think might be getting close to raising some sort of awareness to their con game.

Well, a few stepped out and put their necks on the block and got their heads lopped off.  Smug, stupid, ignorant assholes criticize what they don’t understand.  Someone squealed like the little fat Zionist-loving pig/shill they are and ratted out Paradigm and Porisky.  What they don’t realize is that they only helped solidify a social wrong.  The government would turn on them as fast as they did those folks at Paradigm.  It’s an insatiable monster and will never stop sucking the blood of hard-working people, whilst serving the interests of rich fat cats in high places.

They came for Paradigm… they came for Russ Porisky… and soon they’ll be coming for you!!!

Greenspan Affirms FED is a Private Institution

Let the mystery be no more!  Former FED president, Alan Greenspan, in an interview with media, tells it like it is.  The Federal Reserve is NOT a government agency, but a PRIVATE banking institution…

See it at video marker 4:58, however, watch the whole video and get schooled on the reality of international banking!

The world is not the place you think it is and let no one be surprised why it is the shit hole that it is… because evil rich bastards are vying for control and their puppeteer master, Satan, controls them.


What Is Capitalism?

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”Winston Churchill

Nowadays, the latest boogeyman is the Islamic fundamentalist, the bearded religious whacko that is constantly poised to take over our country, rape our women, pillage our homes and economy.  Back in the day, it was the dreaded communist/socialist that threatened to subvert and destroy the great “American dream” and replace it with a goose-stepping dictatorship dedicated to eliminating free enterprise and the ownership of individual property, destruction of that “opiate of the masses”, religion, replacing it with a humanistic communal-type of system where everyone supposedly shares the collective wealth.

But, what is capitalism, really?

Dictionary definition:

” An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.”

Is that what we have today, in North America?  A system where anyone with a few dollars in their pocket can go out and become rich from the skin off his/her knuckles and the sweat from their brow?  Or, do we have a system that has and is becoming so regulated and compartmentalized that no one individual can make it on their own without the help of other interests, namely those controlled through and by the state?  What can you do without capital provided by a state-owned and controlled bank, for instance?  Are there any private banks left in the land, or do we apply to the big corporate banks for the necessary funds?

Granted, even those big corporate state-regulated banks have shareholders, some with inordinately large investments in the company.  These are roughly comparable with what one might term as compatible with a democratic capitalistic formula, at least as it is commonly understood.  These would necessarily have the voting power to supersede or negate any influence lesser investors/owners might exert, therefore becoming a monopoly within a monopoly, as it were.  The market is based upon monopolies, with large corporations invariably controlling the economy it services.  Controversially, if monopolies are the rule of thumb, where is the chance for a free market to exist or come into play?

Could it be possible for certain wealthy individuals to actually control the state, itself?  Take the US Federal Reserve, for example.  While the term “federal” precedes it, it is nevertheless a privately-owned and run institution that just happens to print the nation’s currency, formerly intended to be a privilege of the government.  You can look all you want, you won’t find their number listed in the government pages of the phone book.  The “Fed” is owned and operated by a collection of American and foreign businessmen, totally independent of the US Government.  These privileged few determine policy for all other lending institutions, inevitably setting the conditions for running the economy of the nation.  It is a monetary form of a dictatorship, indirectly controlling the lives of millions operating under the assumption that they live in a free and open-ended society that is based upon individual effort.

Communism, a derivative of and front for socialism, supposedly removes the opportunity for free enterprise and places it in the hands of the ruling government or state, which then distributes the wealth evenly, though the chasm between wealthy Russians and the vast majority of the peasantry is wide and deep.  Coincidentally, that same disparity exists in our hemisphere, between the classes.

For all intents and purposes there really isn’t any difference in the nature between capitalism and the collectivism we term as communism.  Each employs a monopoly of some kind, either overt or covert.

But, I’ve rattled on for long enough.  I’ll let an expert illustrate that what we have for an economic structure is really indistinguishable from that which we claim to be evil…

By this video, what we have in place in our country is “monopoly capitalism”, a.k.a. a blueprint for the socialism that “capitalism” claims to refute.  It’s a confusion of terms that is keeping the masses ignorant of the reality that exists in our society and is keeping us down.  Anyone not recognizing we are headed more and more into a collective state has their collective head up their ass… so to speak!