More ‘End-Of-Days’ Events?

Perhaps, not so end-of-days as we might think, as these phenomena have been with us for better part of 75 years…

What with 9/11, the Corona ‘pandemic’ and the usual round-up of depressing news stories to keep society constantly on edge, this has always been lurking in the background.  The idea of ET’s surveilling us since the Cold War days is now joined by all these latest ‘threats’… even the Bigfoot phenomena is back, full-steam, like it was in the late Sixties and throughout the seventies.  Seems they’re kidnapping people in all the national parks and the government is supposedly covering that up along with everything else…

Well, in this world of spurious information sources and myriads of theories about conspiracy and government complicity, elitism, etc., it can become just a bit overwhelming and one begins to wonder just what is truth and what is bogus, anymore?  My answer, of course, has always been to check with the ultimate authority and one that has withstood the test of time and the relentless bombardment of criticism and overt attempts to outright destroy it… the Holy Scriptures of God, Almighty.  In them, these days have been foretold for millennia and that the final days of this world’s history would be marked with events just like the ones mentioned here.  For thousands of years, the forces of evil – mortal and angelic – have aligned themselves against the Creator and His people and have been engaged in the parlour magic shows that have so inspired the superstitious and gullible masses for so many generations.  These machinations are painfully obvious in the works that we see being manifested before us in these times.

This is not to say that these events cannot be taken seriously or that they are potentially life-threatening… they are!  The enemy is determined to destroy mankind, a great number of us, and enslave the rest.  Overall, the main objective is to separate men from God, Who is our only hope.  Were it not for the Creator, we would have perished as a race millennia ago!  What need to be remembered, here, is that all of this is directed against God and His government and it is His fight, though we be caught up in it.  There are going to be casualties… collateral damage, if you like, but, in the end, these forces are going to be destroyed and their leaders with them.  The powerful spiritual forces initiating these supernatural phenomena are ramping up “encounters” with UFO’s, Bigfoot, ghosts, and other spurious happenings in order to further deceive an already ignorant and complacent, materialistic society.  There is an ‘event’ tailor-made to every individual not already educated in the truth as it is in Christ.  Only those so informed will be able to survive what is soon to come.

Expect more in the way of supernatural and fantastic events to transpire… people being ‘raised’ from the dead, natural disasters, “signs and wonders” that herald the final conflict in a war that has transpired since before there were men on Earth… a war that began in Heaven when an upstart angel decided that his way was better than that of his Creator, resulting in his and a third of all created beings’ ruin.

This Is What Society Is

According to this story, a missing Arizona girl’s remains have been found.

No surprise, here.  This is what society has become and is.  When a little girl cannot be safe even within the confines of her parent’s home, within her own bedroom, that tells you all you need to know about the shitty world we live in and the filth and bipedal excrement that we share this shitty world with.  Evil, useless pieces of shit disguised as humans that think only of appeasing their morbid animal lusts, sacrificing any and all to achieve that end.

Once again, we can thank those that rule in this world for the apathy and the self-seeking and pleasing attitude that not only thrives within the criminal community, but all throughout society as a whole.  Those that teach that men are nothing but animals and not special creations and unworthy of any kind of special consideration.  The slimy garbage that slithered through this girl’s window, that night, no doubt take comfort in the knowledge that they do not have to own any responsibility for them being the gutter trash that they are, given that ‘science’ tells them they’re altogether worthless from the start.

The Zionist Illuminati and their lackeys like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, et al, all recognized authorities in the secular world, routinely mock God and His creation by telling us that we are merely upright apes and the product of the most happenstance chance.  One might be tempted to think that if we are such a unique occurrence in the universe that MAYBE we should value that existence more than we do.  But, the enemies of man and God KNOW that most do not have the mental capacity for seeing beyond the carnal nature, past whatever gratifies that nature… and the thought that other men and even animals, themselves, merely exist for their benefit and exploitation.

We are living in the last days of this period of anarchy, originating from the father of murderers and liars, namely Satan.  At least from a universal standpoint, it will shortly be revealed to Satan and his bum-boys and girls that THEY are indeed endangered species and that they will soon pass from the pages of history, forever.  They and all of those that bought into their schemes and sought to exploit their fellows through every manner of deception and crime.

Most will blithely continue on in the ways of this world, scamming, murdering, lying their worthless asses off, seeking to rise to the top of a heap of a society that cannot last.  They pin all of their hopes on something that has no chance of going beyond what it is.  They laugh when they are presented with the truth, but, that laughing will soon give place to wailing and gnashing of teeth!  What’s even better is that just before their PERMANENT destruction, they will have no one else to vent their furies upon BUT EACH OTHER.  The Bible speaks of a time when the only ones left alive upon a desolate earth will be Satan and his cohorts, with none to deceive and tempt and annoy or destroy… this will be a period (1000 years or so) of EXTREME torture for these criminals, having only themselves as targets for their evil remonstrations.

When they look upon the ’empire’ that they have so diligently built upon and see naught but smoking ruins, everywhere, realizing that the redeemed are well beyond their reach and SAFE, and for once have the time to think about what is in store for them at the hands of an angry God, then will they realize what it is that they have put their victims through.  The piece of shit that abused and took the life of this little girl will be among those fueling the fire that wipes the universe clean of it’s trash!

Legal System Corrupt – A Contrivance of the Social Elite FOR the Elite!

Justice for Sale

Most people have had some run-in with the law in some form.  Most of those have no good thing to say about their experience.  This story is indicative of mounting frustration with a system that was never designed to work… at least not in the favor of the ones that it is purported to aid and benefit.

I know an individual that is being screwed over by the system.  The police, lawyers, judges… all of them are working for themselves and in turn serving their corporate masters whom control society.  Open and avowed Satanists, these top-level corporate criminals, they control those beneath them, the ignorant aforementioned.  Justice is not served, as it was never intended to.  Litigation is just another construct the self-appointed elitists use to further alienate humanity from God.

Lawyers, judges, many police officers and other bureaucrats are merely tools to reduce mankind to slave-hood, subject to regulation and control.  Nowadays, THEY must handle EVERYTHING, YOU are NOT allowed to provide your own recourse or remedy.  This is what society has gained by allowing itself to be KEPT.  Sovereignty – INDIVIDUAL sovereignty – is a thing of the past.  We are now deemed a COLLECTIVE.  This has been the goal of the self-appointed elite since the days of Nimrod.  The goal has always been to separate man from his Creator.  Men, through God, have certain unalienable rights.  Those rights have now been negated through this pseudo-system that Satan has wrought.

Of course, if you are a low-life slime-ball, right after Satan’s own heart, you will function well in the corrupt system of the elitists.  This is how one can determine their status in life.  If one functions well within the system and finds no fault with it, chances are that one is as corrupt as it is.  Satan will protect his own… at least until he no longer needs them!

Society is corrupt and it is doomed.  The end days are going to be a real trial for law-abiding people.  Scum will thrive and prosper under the protection of the devil and his minions.  Of course, they will all die when the judgment against them is levied, however, they shall prosper until that time arrives.  Till then, we must endure these fools and suffer at their hands, looking forward to the day when they will be killed for all time.  Happy days, when they are all dead and gone!


The Fag Agenda Becoming REAL… Deniers Take Note!

Here it is… let the deniers rant and rail, you’re silenced, once and for all!

These freaks ought o take comfort in that it will be God that will destroy them all in the end.  Otherwise, we would now have all the evidence that we need for systematically tracking all these aberrations down and eliminating them to preserve our race.

Society is basically a write-off, with most governments now in the back pockets of these deviants.  Personally, if I ever knew of plots to kill faggots and could do something to avert them, I wouldn’t.  Let nature take it’s course… but, since nature isn’t in control, (God is) I don’t have to dirty my hands.

Name me a town where fags aren’t the darlings of society.  Yes, it’s time this world was judged.