“Bond” Every Pagan’s Man

See for yourself… watch it all the way through, if you like, but, the interesting part begins at 0:12 seconds…

Pausing the video at 0:12 seconds, one sees two different buildings on either side of the commentator.  On his right, we see the headquarters for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, more commonly known as MI6.  This is, of course, the headquarters for the fictional Bond character, where he receives all of his glorious and adventurous female-studded (no pun) missions.  In real life, this is the centre for all military espionage that the government covertly carries out against international targets which may include foreign governments like ours.  The banksters utilize such tools in their management of their foreign ‘acquisitions’, e.g. their invasions of sovereign countries.

On his left is the interesting architecture.  These are the Vauxhall Bridge Apartments, which seem to be more benign in their purpose, except for the design of it’s roof… though both exhibit certain Central American design features along the lines of pagan Mayan temples of note.  Note the similarity between the roofs of the VBA and THIS particular structure in Monte Rio, California…


This is, of course, is one manifestation of the pagan deity known as Molech, whom the ‘elite’ of society worshiped by sacrificing their children by burning them either in it’s outstretched ‘arms’, or, as seen here, at the base of the statue.

The heads of government and state, today, all flock, every year, to Monte Rio, California, to a heavily-wooded area known as Bohemian Grove, where they all pay homage to Molech through what is known as the ritual of “Cremation of Care”.  Supposedly, this is an opportunity for the world’s leaders to blow off steam, as it were, to rid themselves of the pressures of governing the rest of us sheep.  The details are sketchy as to what actually goes on at these get-aways, however, what has leaked out is that these are not boy scout outings by any description.  Rumors of rampant homosexuality (women are not allowed, btw) culminating with an actual human sacrifice (as seen in photo) are quite common.

I won’t get into every shady detail, here, but, suffice to say that things really have not changed in the thousands of years since pagans openly worshiped these hellish deities, all of them, of course, representative of Satan.  It always comes as a bit of a surprise to the majority of folk that their governments are not the honorable, law-abiding, trustworthy institutions that they thought that they were.  The self-absorbed anti-theist flatters him/herself that their world is free of “nutbar” religion, not knowing that they are unwittingly serving pagan deities through their obedience to their adepts and their various policies and philosophies.

Of course, child-sacrifice is the recurrent theme in all of this.  In days of old, people appeased Satan by sacrificing their kids in fire.  This practice still goes on, through war and various other means.  Why, you didn’t think that war was only all about the acquisition of money and land, did you?  No, there is the matter of Satan receiving his due tax in human LIFE, as well!  If war seems to make just a little more sense to you now, this is why.

The self-styled ‘elite’ see to it that Satan is kept supplied with human sacrifice which WE as the sheep and cattle provide with ourselves and our children in various forms of service.  While God once required a blood sacrifice of animals for the atonement of sins, prefiguring the eventual sacrifice of His Son, Satan STILL requires a blood sacrifice – of HUMAN life!  A perversion of the original rite, nevertheless carried out with due diligence by an ignorant and evil system set in place by Satan’s dupes, unfortunately, those placed in positions of trust over us.  These same destroy us at will and will continue to do so for as long as there are any of us left alive, were it not for the eventual interposition of Christ at the end of days.

The evil ones love to flaunt their plans and religion in the faces of the ignorant sheep, with their architecture, their money, the media.  They are always building monuments to their pride and supremacy, from the pyramids of Egypt to the twin towers that fell in New York.  Notice the twin peaks in the midst of MI6’s  structure?  They are always flaunting their authority, typical of a prideful and fallen society.  Their fate is assured, they will all perish with their wondrous works, both reduced to ashes under the feet of the righteous.

It is best, therefore, to not render service willingly to governments.  They are all controlled by Satan at the highest levels.  Those that we think we have placed in authority do not serve us, they serve other interests.  We are considered to be animals fit for slaughter, nothing more.


Olympics, Society Plagued By Homosexuality

Society is being assaulted with a rash of organized debauchery known as the “Gay rights movement”.  Everywhere one turns there is a caption or a news article depicting the latest round of assaults by homosexuals against heterosexual society, dissing our established moral standards and calling into question it’s value for a successful society.

It’s becoming rife on the Internet, places like YouTube, where an increasing majority are either “coming out” or are in support of these deviants.  Anyone questioning them is immediately labeled a “hater” or bigot and vilified in the manner of political correctness.

One thing will never change.  Homosexuality will always be the deviant mannerism it has always been.  It’s proponents will always be plagued by the unnatural effects of this disorder.  Disease, mental issues.  However this affliction manifests itself on whatever biological or mental level, it is still condemned in any rational and healthy society.  Every developed society throughout history always met it’s demise immediately after accepting and condoning vice.  Homosexuality, too, has been practiced by many despots and dictators and their officials.  Ancient Rome was rife with faggots, as was Greek and Egyptian and Babylonian culture.  Like a cancer eating it’s way out from within, homosexuality rots everything it touches, not only the bodies of those that indulge in it.

But, dare you ever criticize the faggot and his/her lifestyle, you run the risk of incurring the wrath of their politically correct dupes, such as the government and judicial system.  Most media have fallen into the trap of political correctness and promote the deviants at every opportunity.  The radical and insane GLBT monitor every media outlet, ready to pounce upon anyone they even think is against them and their agenda.  They do this in the name of freedom of expression and is their right.  They often trample upon others’ rights to expression and thought in order to superimpose their deviancy over them all.

The good thing about any illness is it’s manifestation of certain symptoms that allow the body to fight it.  The downturn of society, it’s morality and overall economic prosperity, is readily noticeable due to the spread of immorality within it.  The rise of deviant behavior should be viewed as the signal to do something about it, before it becomes rooted.

Never be afraid to speak out against evil and there is nothing less insidious than the “gay” rights movement.  It is historically proven to be the final stage in the demise of any civilization.