Pervert Cop Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Pervert Cop

As this story shows, one can never be too certain of the quality of justice in this society…


Aiden Arthur Pratchett is merely one that they caught.  One has to wonder also just how many lawyers and judges are hiding something in the bowels of their personal computers!

On this blog we deal with corruption in the highest places, though we sometimes forget that it’s these lower echelon that have the most direct influence upon us.  If we cannot trust these people, who says that we can trust those that are higher above them and in positions of greater immunity from prosecution?

Well, in the end, we all have to bear responsibility for the choices that we make.  Mr. Pratchett hasn’t done anything that a great percentage of us haven’t done or have thought about doing.  It’s when they prosecute others for doing what they do is when they cross the line into hypocrisy of the first order.  This is something that our so-called leaders in government are all too apt at doing.



Law Society Favors Perverts


The new cultural norm

The Law Society of British Columbia has banned graduates of Trinity Western University from accreditation within their ranks, showing a marked allegiance to the politically correct will of the globalist elite that control our government and society.  This is no surprise, given the haste with which all educational and governmental agencies, these days, rush to gain the approval of minority groups in Canada and North America.  Read more on the story here.

We have to be the laughing stock of the world, if not the entire universe!  Where else can tides of immigrants, legal or otherwise, find refuge within the borders of a nation that pretty much allows them the freedom to do whatever the hell they want, even if it violates our own cultural values and laws!  You try that over in THEIR countries and see what happens to you!  Yes, some will say, that is the point, having the freedom to do what you want is why they come here.  Well, there are limits to that, especially when our culture is supplanted and overwhelmed by those whose cultural preferences were the cause for the problems they experienced in their home countries and from which they now desire to escape!

Our government just doesn’t get it.  Now, we have a dominant homosexual lobby in North America that is petty much calling the shots as to whom gets the best treatment.  It is also quite amazing that the university in question would even think of appealing to an organization that has vowed to eliminate ALL faith-based groups within Canada and the US!  This shows the level of compliance and even groveling that Christians have reduced themselves to when they have to kowtow to the enemies of God for help!

My personal belief is that Christians shouldn’t be dealing with fraternities like these or have such close affiliations with such groups.  We are called to be a distinct society apart from worldly associations.  The University is simply reaping the consequences for entertaining these godless entities and I have little sympathy for it.

This is, of course, only the beginning.  The days of Sodom and Gomorrah are returning, when perverts reigned supreme, even to the point where they openly roamed the streets in search of their sexual victims.  They would not be denied, even upon point of death.  I’ve got a big fat surprise for those that have buried their heads in the politically correct sand, the homosexual deviant attitude and mind has NOT changed one iota since those days!  Ask anyone like myself that has gone toe to toe with these deviant creeps and they will tell you how vindictive and violent faggots are, especially toward Christians!

Well, these are the last days for our world and it is foretold that evil would reign supreme upon the earth in those days.  Everything is progressing as it has been forecasted.  Those of faith can actually take comfort in the knowledge that God is still in charge and will, eventually, in His time, deal with those that have hijacked His world and none of us have to lift a finger to oppose them.  Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t physically protect ourselves and our children from prowling deviants and oppose their specious activities through acceptable means whenever called upon to do so.  Of course, there will be civil repercussions for opposing the new world order, no one ever said that living on earth would be a bed of roses!  Most will have to pay a price for daring to live apart from Satan’s agenda.  That’s been the way in this place for millennia.

Till the day comes when he and all of his duped followers are eliminated, we shall have to deal with them and their futile worldly construct.  Simply understand that things are moving along the way that they should and that everything will, eventually, be made right.  To those that have decided to put themselves on the side of opposing God, I simply say enjoy yourselves while you can, you haven’t got long to live, anyway.  And for you… when it’s over, it’s REALLY over!

*Just as an added note… even WordPress has succumbed to the faggot agenda by placing a rainbow strip in the header bar of it’s administration page.  Now, we’re forced to look at THAT every time we post!  There’s simply no shame, anymore.

Avoid Doing Business In Gresham Oregon


Sexual Deviants Flaunting

It’s not a place decent people would want to visit.  They cater to sexual deviants, there.

On their website, they claim it’s a rewarding place to work.  Possibly… if you’re a deviant homosexual looking to make a fast buck off some sucker that you set up to refuse you service, like the two dykes that went in pretending to want a wedding cake when they were really looking for an opportunity to turn an easy 135K!

This is the militant LGBT in action.  This is what they are all about.  They have an agenda to get rid of Christianity and reduce Christians to mere sexual slaves.  There are gays littering every city and it isn’t long before you spot one, they are hard to miss.  Look for loudly-dressed and foppy individuals with big loud voices proclaiming their presence.  They do this in hopes of setting off some decent person with the hopes of steering them toward a big fat lawsuit.  The law caters to these freaks and they know it.

Many forums entertain these creeps, they are forced to.  They don’t get a voice here.  Their comments never see the light of day.  Still, they manage to push their way into most forums.  Forums that value dollars and readership above integrity and decency.

Boycotting places that love fag dollars seems to be the only way to get the message across.  Until government ceases pandering after sociopaths’ and perverts’ dollars and puts them in their rightful place as third class citizens needing rehabilitation, we can’t expect much in the way of fairness, legally or otherwise.  Got a fag neighbor?  Shun him/her if they seem to follow LGBT policies.  Granted, there are some gays that aren’t interested in taking over society and want to treat others fairly.  Only the radical left are deserving of the roughest treatment we can hand out.

They’d do it to you… and will, if you oppose them!

Drop the mayor and council in Gresham a line… tell them what a great job of being politically correct pussies they’re doing and that you’re not coming to visit!

Don’t Be A Patsy!

I wouldn’t advise getting too close to homosexuals, though I understand the intent behind this video.  The easiest thing to remember is not to trust authority too much, they are dupes, themselves.

Get your heads out of your asses, folks, “Big Brother” isn’t a brother at all.  The internet, crazy as it might seem at times, is your best friend… for now, anyway.  Shills abound and trolls lurk everywhere, seeking whom they may devour.  The world wide web is the only place to find truth, nowadays.  You might have to leave your precious comfort zone and move your lazy ass to sort through the maze of information, however, that is the price for liberty, always has been and always will be.  Like it or not, YOU are in this up to your eyeballs.  The ostrich-thing doesn’t work.

Stay tuned… the elitists are sure to provide us with more false flags in the near future… possibly coming to a ‘theatre’ near you!

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False Flags Are The Rule

We’ve all heard about the conspiracy theories behind 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombings, Sandy hook, etc.  The recent airliner disappearances are also open to scrutiny by those that make it their mission in life to not trust official sources of information.  Most people are too concerned with making a living to pay much attention to alternative sources of information… but, could this now be the only way of discerning truth in the 21st. Century?

False flags, after all, are as much a part of history as anything else.  Societies are built upon intrigue and subterfuge.  If this were not true, what would be the need for all of the special organizations and secret military units that we are seemingly bombarded with in these modern times, were there not something that these agencies were supposedly set up to combat?

It is popular in social media to try and discredit “truthers”, even vilify them.  Society functions like a hive, all it’s components seem to have to be working in unison in order to function.  If one is not with the ‘hive mind’, as it were, they are branded as radical and loony, vilified before their peers.  This author has been on the receiving end of such treatment many times.

Take the recent Sandyhook ‘killings’, for example.  It’s declared that around 20 or more children were murdered by a lone individual with radical beliefs.  These radical beliefs always seem to tie in with most crimes, these days, with the emphasis being to marginalize some faith or another.  However, this particular event has been aimed at the possession and ownership of firearms by the public… to prohibit and/or severely restrict their ownership by the general public.  The ‘official’ story has a lot of inconsistencies and there are questions that are not getting answered.

It’s not my intention to go into every detail in this post.  I always believe it’s up to the individual to sort this stuff out as there are plenty of sites and information out there online that deal with this in a very concise and systematic manner.  I prefer to analyze things from a logical viewpoint, such as what and who is to profit from such events, the timely and seemingly coincidental ramifications of what seems to always follow such events – like the subsequent invasion of certain countries, passing of bills and legislation that couldn’t have been done previously by any timely means, etc.

In other words, most of these events are immediately followed by some form of punitive and restrictive… even tyrannical… measure or measures that are designed to further some group’s or organization’s agenda.

Pretty much every conflict and/or disaster in modern history has proven to be a boon for someone.  Wars are always started by political factions vying for land and control.  There are patsies involved… individuals that are set up either directly or indirectly to take the fall, as it were, to deflect attention away from the real masterminds.  This is no obfuscation of the facts, empires have risen and fallen upon intrigue, events now clearly recognized if they weren’t visible at the time.

The Sandy hook shootings had holes literally shot through it from the beginning.  Now, as authorities struggle to debunk all of the questions, it’s apparent that (like it’s predecessors; 9/11, Oklahoma City, Boston Marathon, etc.) they are simply filling in the holes as they appear… with oftentimes the most ridiculous of explanations.

Notable personalities are also speaking out against the apparent contradictions and are paying the price for doing so, in a supposedly free and democratic society!  One thing is clear… in our society, freedom of thought and speech depends upon the ability of the masses to process anything that lies outside their perceived idea of what those icons really mean

Our society is like any other… subject to it’s own biases and emotions.  Anything that requires thinking outside of the elitist-formed box and our programming that has been ongoing since we became aware of our own thoughts, is likely not to receive a warm reception.  Ours is not a free society, in terms of anything associated with such a society.  We still must tow the line of popular opinion… participate in hive-minded thinking.  This is where those that really are instrumental in changing society for the better always have a gauntlet to run.

It will always be so.

Well, It’s Quebec…

Moronicity is alive and well, in Canada…

Read story, here.

This girl’s mistake was not being DRUNK… which ensures a free pass EVERY TIME, with the criminal justice system of Canada.  In Canada, we reward our drunks when they kill innocent people.  It’s the Illuminati way.

Not knowing the whole story, as a professional driver, I can hazard a good guess as to what went down.  Most people, today, do not drive past the hood ornament on their vehicle.  This would include motorcyclists.  In the old days, there was this thing called “Defensive Driving” which taught the theory that one ought to watch ahead, ANTICIPATING sudden changes in traffic and being ready for evasive action AT ALL TIMES.  I don’t see that being taught, anymore, by the way that people drive.

Now, I’m not letting this young gal completely off the hook, there are those boneheads that think driving is like walking, you can stop or change directions on a whim without taking care to see if it’s possible without causing a collision.  Nevertheless, whatever this girl did is NOTHING compared with what drunks INTENTIONALLY do on highways, every day, and they get virtually NO penalty for doing it.  Again, we have this scenario playing out in Quebec… well, where else but in the land of questionable morals and ideals would something like this fly with such impunity?  A province run by communists and homosexuals and feminists and the mob and their crooked back pocket politicians… what kind of deal would YOU expect when you’re an honest citizen surrounded by criminals and perverts?

The law is a joke in any province run by the crooked BAR, but, it comes into it’s own in Quebec… a province suited for travesties such as this to flourish and so help degrade society as is the agenda of the Zionist elite.  When they start handing out punishments that fit the crime – such as those committed by drunks killing people on the highways – then I’ll reconsider my opinion about the ‘justice’ system in this country… NOT BEFORE! 


Censorship Already Being Applied!

Previously, we’ve examined Internet censorship and what the elitists plan to do to control the exchange of information in the media and online.  There are already attempts by certain service providers to bend over to accommodate a big elitist dick up their corporate asses.  Google, of course, has a rather large ass and has seized a rather large market share of the web, in cahoots with the NSA, Dept. of Homeland Security and other shadowy groups to monitor the activities of North American citizens.  Anything you do or say on a website or email is monitored.  This is a reality of the evil and corrupt world we live in.

This writer recently tried to access and got THIS…


Before this, I got an “Invalid Website” statement.  It’s my belief Infowars is under hacker attack by either a group of nerdy sycophants or other government-sponsored low-lives.  Anyway, it proves what we “tinfoilers” have been saying all along.  You can’t trust authority around the corner and this is just the beginning.

I tried a different computer and browser and got through to discover that others were having problems, too.  My PC was really working, though, with a high load of ‘activity’ on the site causing it to labor harder than normal.  Well, it’s to be expected.  With all of the attempts there has been to shut Alex Jones down, this is just another one of those.  The fools don’t seem to grasp, however, that God is in ultimate control of HIS world and Satan can bark and howl all he wants.  He and his gaggle of elitist morons will NEVER succeed in conquering this planet, they will be destroyed… utterly and finally.

I’ll be monitoring AJ’s site very closely.  If it turns out that this is only a maintenance issue, I’ll be one of the first to report on it.  If it’s the other thing… we may have a fight on our hands!

It won’t be the first time, either.


Editor’s note: At this time, (June 20/14) the site is again accessible by Internet Explorer.  Not sure what went on, but, there are reports from all over of censorship on other private nets, including the US military.