There’s $$$ In False Flags!

Yes, the parents of those alleged school shooting victims are sure not letting their grief stop them from ca$hing in on their ‘bereavement’…

This is what awaits anyone that dares to go against the status quo!  Those ‘bereaved’ parents look mighty well-off and mighty LIBERAL in their deportment and speech.  Of course, their attorneys also stand to make some hefty coin off of Jones, the REAL victim in all of this.  Yes, I heard the conflicting reports coming out of the news coverage of said event… three shooters, then one, etc.  Also, reports of black ops-type vehicles in the vicinity with black-clad shooters roaming around… all of this reminiscent with pretty well every assassination case where some patsy has been lined up to take the fall for whoever’s agenda happens to in place.  All of this was being broadcast before the patsy was found and identified.

Too bad Alex wasn’t able to stand firm… the powers-that-be wield a ton of power and can destroy anyone, given their control over pretty much every institution in the world.  Filthy rich bankers and industrialists with an agenda for establishing a central world government, necessitating disarming every citizen, which is what these ORCHESTRATED events are designed to do.  In the past, such as with the Boston bombing hoax, they’ve been not too careful and their crisis actors have shown up in other places, sound of mind and body.  One father in this latest debacle, at the time, was shown by cameras to be quite jovial in the face of his kid being killed… probably thinking ahead till now when he could ca$h in big time, though no doubt compensated royally by the globalists from the beginning.

Well, the truth comes at a price.  The lazy dunderhead public are only interested in hearing smooth things, which the establishment guarantees them, every day, through their lapdog media and lying-ass political puppets.  And, the truth will NEVER be popular.  Knowing the truth comes at great risk, spurring the indolent to make a decision.  This is something that a soft, compliant, sheep-like public are not accustomed to.

Get used to more and more of these false flags as the elitists pursue their disarmament agenda.  They won’t rest until every privately-owned weapon is in the bag.

In a sinful, decrepit world, $$$ is the answer to everything.  Another blow for freedom of speech and thought!!


Vaccine-Pushing ‘Doctor’ Collapses On Run!

Pro-Vax New World Order plaything Dr. Doug Eyolfson, an unsympathetic and virulent denouncer of individual rights and freedoms seems to have had some medical issues, himself, something his pro-jab philosophy and multiple inoculations seemed powerless to prevent.  How sad.  Well, sucks to be him, I guess.  I mean, that’s how he views those that oppose his world view that everyone be forced to be jabbed.

See more on this idiot, here:

His Marxist bum-buddy, Justin Castreau, was quick to offer his fellow communist his personal condolences on his Twitter page.  Both are opposed to any form of personal sovereignty in their Marxist views that everyone be controlled by the state.  Castreau’s latest attempts to reignite the national gun-grab with a proposed bill to offer up to $4830.00 (he couldn’t seem to make it to an even five grand, LOL!) for private firearms shows the communists’ determination to fulfill their globalist masters’ agenda of a totalitarian world government.  They NEVER forget… and they NEVER quit!  DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS, they must be worried about reprisals to whatever they have planned!

Castreau doesn’t appreciate it when he’s reminded of his heritage and personal philosophy, either, as an opportunity to have his narcissist Marxist puss preserved in a selfie backfired when his photographer called him a communist fuck…

There have been more than a few doctors succumb to their vaxxes in the last while.  These fools have no inkling of the character of those pulling their strings!  Yet, they willingly support having their fellow citizens take experimental drugs and support Draconian measures to force them to take them… and they’re paying the price for their infidelity…

I, personally, have received numerous comments from inoculated friends that they now wish they had not been jabbed.  What do you say to them?  Sucks to be you?  Were they dragged bodily out of their homes and workplaces and forced to take them?  Was the censure of family and friends and threat of job loss worth selling your health and future down the river?  Being able to sit in a restaurant with other potential plague carriers, unmasked, for an hour or more, thinking that you’re safe because you came IN wearing a mask?  Whatever happened to the basic common sense that most of us were born with?

The virus is IN the jab, folks!  It’s NOT ‘out there’ and it’s NOT transmissible!  If it were, they’d be satisfied with just having a few inoculated and unworried about everyone getting jabbed.  They’d count on those inoculated few spreading the disease around, themselves, but, it needs to be inserted into the bodies via injection to work, which is why they want everyone vaxxed!

Resist the temptation to cave in to familial and peer pressure to conform.  These, themselves, have no concern for you over their own interests.  There’s no danger to you if they get the shot, they’re only harming themselves.  You WILL be harming yourself, though, if you capitulate and get the jab.  The cowards are the ones that capitulate to their New World Order masters!

The Way of The Future

This is what rabid liberalism enables… lawlessness and terrorism.  So-called “Progressive Liberalism”, another word for Communism, is designed to destroy nations.  All of the associated trappings of such a society involve practices that tend toward debasing and/or destroying moral concepts that are the foundation of a healthy society.  Rampant racism disguised as “woke” is a means of taking over society that was built by superior moral, mental and technological means, predominantly by Caucasian immigrants.  Nowadays, woke-crazed liberal imbeciles, their white cuckold lap dogs included, seek to make others responsible for their living.  Unwilling to work for themselves, they demand a living from others, while denouncing them for various imaginary and idiotic crimes against them and their token minority meal tickets.

They see themselves as a law only unto themselves and anything they do, no matter how violent, is justified by their “woke” ism.  Uneducated, lazy… useless dead weight, these hippy-type fools lounge around hostels and dope centres where time-serving, “woke” city and government officials have set them up at taxpayer expense, giving them ample free time to apply their Marxist ideology whenever the opportunity presents itself.  The more successful ones infiltrate labour and executive positions and ply Weishaupt’s religion with great effect, creating chaos within the social infrastructure.  All of them are deceived and heading for a really, really bad time down the road, when the society that props them up is destroyed with their complicity.  A drug-addled mind doesn’t think very clearly.

Speaking of which, this video shows what it takes when a cancer gets itself rooted, it takes radical and even violent means to uproot it.  Criminals don’t like it when their victims strike back and hurt them and will avoid anywhere that might cause them harm.  Easy victims are preferred.  Thanks to our time-serving politicians and lazy, doughnut-stuffed and complicit cops, this may well be the sign of the future, with citizens having to take the law unto themselves.  Let’s be honest… there’s no sin in taking out some drug-addled, “woke” hippy freak that climbs through your bedroom window or some “furry” pervert molesting your kid, thinking to get him/her to question their sexual identity.  Public schools have been reduced to training grounds for deviants and colleges… that’s a whole other item!  Colleges and universities, today, are merely finishing schools for anti-theistic, anti-societal radicalism and Marxism, with all of the aforementioned malformations attendant with them.

It’s really too bad that there weren’t more casualties on the Crip side… like the narrator says, perhaps there were, we can only hope!  Society can only be the better for the loss of any and all of these useless bastards.

The Cancer of Socialism

Communism, Progressive Liberalism, call it what you will… all of these are deadly CANCER to a society!

Never before has society seen such an inundation of purely satanic bullshit, what with political correctness, wokeism, transgenderism, homosexualism, and every other creepy and evil concept one could ever imagine.  All of these planned for centuries under the guise of bettering human lives!  As stated, these are right from Satan, himself.  Ignorant patsies and dupes play right into his hands as slaves to his bidding.

The COVID hoax… 9/11 hoax… staged school shootings… all of these, combined, make for a destabilized, fearful and paranoid society too absorbed with it’s own well-being to question or even suspect that they are being carefully led to slaughter.  That great enemy of society… the bought-and-paid-for news media are doing their masters’ bidding in this the forerunner of a great new world order run by the self-styled masters of the earth.

What these deluded fools fail to consider, though, is that their efforts are in vain… and as the speaker in this video reveals, they are all headed for disaster at the hands of an angry God!  They… and all those that follow them!

Putin’s Here… (but Trudeau will be back!)

Justin and… something…

The war in Ukraine might have the Canadian public momentarily distracted, but, make no mistake, we’re not free of the communist threat in this country by ANY means!  The Cuban love-child between a communist dictator and an international whore is only taking a well-deserved breather from screwing up Canada to follow his elitist handlers’ orders to go heap condemnation on his communist brother’s invasion of Ukraine.  Both Putin and Castreau are dyed-in-the-wool Communists and are now engaged in a form of international ‘good cop vs. bad cop’ scenario with the same goal and purpose… destroying democracy and helping usher in a new world oligarchy run by tyrants.

Castreau will return and he’ll be bringing his Marxist-style ‘leadership’ with him, along with a resurgence of one of his favorite front-line attacks against freedom and democracy… gun control.  The ads are already being played on various social media platforms on about how concerned the Liberals are about our welfare as Canadians and that we have to get those nasty-wasty guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens and into the hands of criminals and deviants, Justin’s people!  Being a criminal himself, this is acceptable and desirable.  The population loves hating on this guy, but, in doing that they miss the fact he’s only playing off of a script written for him by his Illuminati masters, whom he thinks will someday reward him for his obedience.  Anyway, once the desired level of destruction of national sovereignty and freedom is achieved, the way will be paved for Canada’s absorption into a world-wide system of terror such as never been seen before.

No, ol’ Blackface certainly isn’t capable of pulling off any such grandiose scheme as the aforementioned one, he needs the help of a well-backed and financed cadre of globalists, those like Vladimir Putin and pretty much EVERY government head and political system on the face of the earth.  Yes… it IS just that bad!  Nobody that isn’t a part of this global octopus is occupying any government office of any significance anywhere on this world and our placid and indifferent attitude has allowed this to happen.  Casting USELESS votes in USELESS elections designed by elitists for themselves only ensures the deception continues, year after year… generation after generation.  The oligarchy now exists, for all intents and purposes, needing only ratification by a central government established in and run from IsraelJerusalem, to be exact.  You see, the ultimate foe we face is none other than the prince of all liars and murderers… Satan.  Satan has long had his sights set on usurping God’s throne and while he can no longer enter the celestial chambers in Heaven, he has since channelled his vast army of human dupes and fallen angels into assisting him in taking over the earth.  Since the days of Babylon and Nimrod, Satan has sought to establish a central government run by himself on earth.  To date, he has been thwarted… and will always be thwarted, as he is quite insane and cannot comprehend the fact that he battles omnipotence.  Nonetheless, this is bad news for the inhabitants of the world as we still have some way to go before Satan is finally and totally defeated.

It’s never been a matter of ability on God’s part of destroying Satan, He could do that in an instant.  What complicated matters is that Satan’s prowess at deceiving has impacted many souls, not just those here on earth.  Heavenly intelligences were confused by his strange accusations and rebellion in a formerly serene and harmonious universe and needed proof of what he was and what he was becoming.  What sealed the matter for them was when Satan murdered God’s Son.  Now, it only remains for Satan’s true character and very existence (which he manages to conceal from the majority of people) to become plain.  Like most diseases, sin must run it’s course in it’s due time.

Till that time, Satan’s servants will wreak havoc and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.  There will be wars and rumors of wars… in the end, Satan and all of those that side with him will be destroyed.  Thousands of years of determined rebellion has taken it’s toll on the mind of even the most powerful created entity’s mind.  Satan is literally quite insane.  Nothing will be denied him, nor those that have cast their lots with him.  Many dupes follow other dupes more ‘in the know’ than they out of some expectation of reward, disregarding the rights and freedoms of their fellow men.  This will be enough to have their ticket to eternal salvation cancelled.

Communism is the world-wide religion of the new world order planned for mankind.  With that will come all of the features that accompany a godless, atheistic philosophy.  It will be the world religion… and the COVID-19 mandates that defied all legislative authority were but a forerunner of the mandate that will soon follow, once the spread of communism has reached it’s desired level.  There will be an order for every citizen of the new system to take an oath of allegiance and with that oath a public declaration made by observing one day in seven as holy.  That day will be the first day of the week… Sunday.  This will come with the penalty of DEATH for those that refuse to honor it.  All previous impositions have been slowly and inexorably leading up to this final event, followed by the visit of a false Christ (Satan) to drive the point home.  This visitation will come at a time of extreme tribulation in the world, to a war-weary public that will settle for practically anything to achieve the peace so often cried for in this day and age.

The war in Ukraine is but one of many tribulations to come.  Some fear nuclear action… this will never occur as the power of nuclear weapons, today, far eclipse that of those comparative firecrackers used in the Second World War.  The self-professed ‘elite’ do not wish for their planet to be made uninhabitable for them and those few they allow to live to serve them.  COVID-19 vaccinations and other man-made contagions are among the most useful means, now, of depopulating the world as the elitists view the present population to be excessive and counterproductive… and, of course, harder to manage as opposed to a smaller herd.  There are, indeed, true and legitimate plagues to come, as forecasted by scripture, those are God-given and directed against the oligarchy and those that follow it.  Those, by contrast, WILL be easy to discern… there will be no doubt left in anyone’s mind that there is something going around, unlike that of the last ‘pandemic’!

For now, we must deal with the matters at hand… and that being to deter the spread of communism as much as it is given to us to do.  Justin Castreau will resume where he left off, once his momentary diversion to matters in the Ukraine is deemed sufficient to fool the shallow into thinking that he could possibly have a turn of conscience toward his dealings with Canadians.  This guy will never change!  He didn’t get where he is without the stamp of approval by his elitist masters, whom view him as the perfect tool and patsy.  He is just smart enough to get up there and perform like the puppet he is, dumb enough to believe that he’ll actually receive something more than a “Good boy, Justin!” puppy-dog pat on the head.

So check for him under your beds at night, little children!

Yet ANOTHER False Flag For Us!

I’ll bet some of you were wondering why Castreau reversed course on his dictatorial COVID mandates so quickly, right?  And, why I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon celebrating it?  Well, there’s a ‘new’ kid on the block… and his names Vladimir Putin!  The recent ‘invasion’ of Ukraine sets another stage for the advancement of globalism on earth!

Nope!  It was simply too easy, Justinian pulling his tail between his legs and running like the little Cuban bitch-boy he is!  His NATO bosses gave the order to back off and rally against his comrade-in-arms, Vladimir, for the purpose of… well… ultimately removing what freedoms the few sovereign countries that are left and not under the rule of the globalist hit-team comprising the ranks of NATO, have…

Vague and rhetorical responses characterize most political mouthpieces, these days.  General Jens Stoltenberg is typical of the arrogance and smugness that all new age proponents exhibit in their public appearances.  While most elitist-sponsored Q&A’s are scripted and rehearsed, beforehand, any and all are characterized by the same rhetorical doublespeak reserved for and with any discourse with the public.  We’re not considered equals with them, so, we get the master/servant treatment… they’ll tell us what they think we need to know, IF they think we need to know and when.  One point not touched, here, is that there is already a sizable contingent of NATO forces in the area, which shows their ‘preparedness’ for this eventuality.  Also, you can bet that force is made up primarily of foreign nationals, their counterparts having now been stationed HERE!  The reason for this will play itself out once the COVID restrictions and mandates are reestablished.

NATO has long been recognized as the front for the globalist plan for world government.  Like it’s predecessor, the League of Nations, established after WWI, it is the Khazarian Cartel’s prime instrument in regulating and controlling the forces that have and shall be turned loose in the final days of earth’s history to finally (they hope) unite humanity under one flag.  As in ancient Babylon, it is the final push in a desperate war against divine power and government and sovereignty over this world… a war they cannot win.

My prediction is that there will be some territory gained, and, of course, much money made from the development and deployment of weapons, (non-nuclear) perhaps significant reduction in population levels… ALWAYS a boon from the viewpoint of communistic environmentalism… but, primarily, (they hope) a renewed confidence in the ‘leaders’ of communist ideology (like Justin Castreau) to rule.  This is important, considering the trials and tribulations that are soon to befall humanity… which is another story for another time!

Castreau’s Regime Gets Boost From Fellow Communists!

Yes, the radical leftists in the NDP, once again, rally to aid their communist master, this time in helping him pass his Draconian Emergency Measures Act…

Rest assured… there was NO RELUCTANCE involved, these commie scum hang together!  Canada is now officially under the control of the communists!

More on this, later!