Idiot Anti-theist Out Of His Element


Bob McDonald










The celebrated (can’t figure out why) host of CBC’s “Quirks and Quarks” was playing a little out of his yard, today.  Normally, unless it’s to slam religion, ol’ Bob tends to stay away from the subject of faith.  Today, on the program, he was interviewing some scientist that is developing a new process to virtually unravel ancient scripts that have been too badly damaged to physically unravel or touch.  Of course, this involved delving into some biblical history, a subject that I’m sure gave our resident infidel hives.

Not wanting to get too much into the tech of things, basically, these guys have figured out a way (they think) of ‘CAT-scanning’ the ancient rotten and charred script that was discovered in the ruins of an old synagogue that had been razed by some occupying enemy, thousands of years ago.  Bob was forced to be civil in his questions, given that he was talking to a scientist and not a theologian or the like.  Of course, there was enough science interjected that he was kept from dozing off.

In the past, McDonald has been quite vociferous in his mockery of religion, as is the common thing with anti-theists.  Anti-theists, like McDonald, however, all claim to be atheists.  Of course, one of their own has chastised them for making such claims… Christopher Hitchens.  Hitchens is, of course, dead, awaiting the second advent of the Lord, which, I’m sure, will be a big surprise to this dedicated infidel.  It will be a big surprise to a lot of “atheists”, like one particularly annoying shit stain – Richard Dawkins.  It’s these that garner the disrespect that I have for those not of the faith.  True undecided people (atheists) do not attract negative regard from me, but, assholes like McDonald and Dawkins always do.

So, if you’re ever so fucking bored that you wish to check out the CBC, that politically correct mouthpiece of the Illuminati, check out Bob’s show… be prepared for a good laugh as he delves into the nitty-gritty of infidel science… he LOVES dem big numbers, folks!


Caught In The Act!

More insane lunacy on the part of the “chosen ones”…

Yes, it’s all about the Jews… how they have suffered!  No mention at all of the tens of millions of others that died in the war the super rich Zionist bastards that pull the strings of governments world-wide, started.  Well, as usual, their true nature has surfaced with this latest show-trial fiasco of theirs… view this not-so-recent other video of the same man apparently coming clean with… get this… a message for all those “deniers” of the Holocaust…

Same man… different time and “interview”.  No, this is a message aimed at all those that would dare to criticize the “chosen ones'” version of history.  There has been much criticism of the Zionist account of what happened to the Jews during the war and the figures are not matching their account.  The most accurate records to date reveal a much smaller number of Jews killed than the elitists would have you believe.  This is meant to keep their huge propaganda machine rolling along, garnering sympathy for their inhuman actions against their enemies, the Palestinians, and pretty much everyone else they deem as inferior… including you and me!

How much longer can self-professed “Christians” go along with this garbage?  Numbskulls like ‘pastor’ John Hagee, Zionist shill and bum-boy, who practically lives in Israel with all the pilgrimages he makes to see his Zionist masters – and this is supposed to be a man of God?  Fraternizing with His killers?

America and Canada grovel at the feet of the Zionists.  Our puppet leaders practically give head to Benjamin Netanyahu, Zionist attack dog, extraordinaire, who openly derides them for their ‘sloven’ support and participation in their various crusades against Muslim nations.  I guess the BILLIONS of dollars the US sends them every year is sloven support!

It behooves us all to cut ALL support to these international terrorists and let nature take it’s course.  The sick and the infirm naturally die out when left on their own.  This is Israel’s ultimate fate.  Rejected by God, Himself, these infidels are the pariah of the world, an international plague.  They should be segregated and left to die like the moral and social lepers that they are.