Another Deception Exposed!

One more piece of the deception puzzle has been revealed…


I find this to be a very good video that brings it all into perspective… the lies that the self-styled “elite” have fomented upon the world in the hopes of destroying faith in our Creator and establishing their god and themselves in His place.

Where else can you find a more comprehensive reason for the way that things are and the reason that things are so fucked up?  Destroy any signs of intelligent design, paving the way for total world domination!  I can see now that the first step in that process was to throw doubt on the scriptural description of our world.  For many years, I and other deluded believers tried to explain creationism while still laboring within an evolutionary paradigm.

The end is nearing, folks.  The last movements will be rapid ones.  The grand deception is soon to come when Satan will present himself to the world as some great benefactor, when all along, this malevolent coward has been hiding behind all of the strife and misery in the world.  When that happens, the wise will be prepared to deal with his tricks and survive to see him and his followers destroyed, forever!


New World Order’s Paid Shills Take ‘Cut’ In Wages


Cast of “Big Bang Theory”


The ultra-rich know how to look after their own!  The lowest-paid stars of this popular TV show make more money in one episode of this series than I make in FIVE years of toil!  Of course they’re smiling!

Recently, the senior cast members decided that their younger ‘siblings’ needed a raise… so they graciously condescended to take a pay cut to raise their salaries.  Wasn’t that nice of them?  Read it HERE.

What is it that makes these people worth the money that they receive?  Granted, the world is a very nutty place, it’s priorities are very stunted.  But, what makes these youngsters worth more than an average wage-slave ekes out in a lifetime of sweating under the bankster’s whip?  That’s quite easy… they are excellent promoters of New Age propaganda, that’s what!

The series takes a rather light-hearted approach to pagan dogma, with the emphasis being destroying Christianity and it’s most basic tenets.  The theory of evolution is pushed big-time, crowding out intelligent design… and it’s done in such a light-hearted way that even Christians are taken in by the atheistic agenda of the pagan money-men.  This is a very important part of the oligarchs’ plan to establish their centralized pagan government on earth.  Of course, what they do not tell us is that they are ardent Satan-worshipers and that they seek to install Lucifer on the throne of this new world DIS-order.

Since the pagans own and control Hollywood, it is a very effective medium for reaching the masses, the majority of whom are not interested in expending energy in the worship of God.  They believe that they are following their own course in life and the pagans encourage this falsehood through mindless entertainment like “Big Bang Theory”.  I’ve watched the show – it’s empty and mind-numbing, not at all funny.  The masses, however, drink it up.  Society’s priorities are very clear by the prestige and the wealth that Hollywood and it’s agents enjoy.

What physician commands $1 million for every day he/she shows up for work?  Certainly, no blue collar working stiff could ever DREAM of making that kind of compensation for his/her toil!  Then, again, we’re not reaching into every home in North America and beyond with a special message from Satan, either!

The world has it’s allurements for those that are satisfied to live for the here and now.  In that scenario, it behooves one to make as much wealth as he or she can in the time that they are allotted.  Christians know that this is but a temporary arrangement, this world, and that there is another world to come, a world that does not have it’s economy driven by money and the accumulation of things.  Money is a contrivance of men and will not be useful or necessary in the Kingdom of God.

Every day, men breathe air provided by God FOR FREE!  He/she lives by the grace of God and not by the grace of atheistic Jewish oligarchs, whom have sought to supplant God by diverting man’s attention from God unto themselves.  ‘Science’ seeks to entice man to believe he is here by accident and not a special creation.  Hollywood is tasked with reaching those that have no access to centres of ‘higher learning’, average folk that prefer to be entertained without having to put much effort into it.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Why So Many Cop Shows?

It may be more obvious to those that do not subscribe to a cable or satellite service, whom still have to rely upon the fast-dwindling VHF television stations still broadcasting, (as I do) however, most are probably aware of the plethora of cop shows, specifically the CSI-type that have largely replaced the older variety cop shows, westerns, family shows, etc, that some of us older folk grew up with.  I receive a total of ONE stations on my “rabbit ears”, the last one operating in my area and due to shut down for good, sometime this year.  Then, the only ‘entertainment’ available will be closed circuit cable that you have to subscribe to and pay for.

I choose not to subscribe to these companies, realizing that the quality of programming has hit rock-bottom and is simply not worth the time, effort and money it takes to set up and utilize this service.  I also have a different idea of what constitutes entertainment and these conglomerates are not providing what I deem a quality product.

But, exactly WHAT are you getting for your money when you sign on?

The few ‘comedies’ ( I use this term loosely) are more the quality of what you might expect from a production mounted by adolescents stringing up a bedsheet in the attic as an improvised stage set.   The scripts are lousy and improvised, the actors air-headed talent show graduates that were voted in on the judgement of an air-headed audience that wouldn’t recognize talent if it boinked them in the ass.  One in particular: “The Big Bang Theory”.  A cast of over-sexed knuckleheads passing themselves off as intellectuals that we are supposed to respect.  Without a laugh track dubbed in, this show would be a real clock-stopper, a snorer.  However, it does serve the purpose it’s producers expect from it.  It dulls the senses and lulls it’s audience into a profound stupor.

The cop shows present a different angle, though.  A more sinister one.  One watching these dramas is quickly introduced to a world where authority is unquestioned and all-pervasive.  The officers may be loose-living, amoral, well-coiffed clothing store mannequins with soap opera lives, but, their authority is absolute and it shows, especially during an arrest.  Ever notice how the ‘suspects’ are almost never accompanied by legal counsel during questioning, yet they voluntarily (after a token few seconds of paltry resistance) unload all of their complicity and guilt upon their attentive inquisitors?  Are they even aware they have the right to remain silent?  The cops are always portrayed as good and righteous, which justifies these seeming oversights.

The main issue is probably one of conditioning… getting used to having these authority figures in our lives, which begs the question: “Why?”

Why, indeed.

We’ll be delving more into this issue, later.