Steven Harper Visits Bohemian Grove


                       Stephen Harper

The CBC’s Carol Off, in an interview with journalist Jon Ronson, has revealed that ex-Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was seen at the elitist hideaway near Monte Rio, California, otherwise known as Bohemian Grove.  This really is no surprise, given Harper’s ties to Israel and the international banks.  Harper has been brownnosing Jews for years… it’s what you have to do if you want any type of leadership role in this world.

Now that Harper has been relieved of his official duties as prime minister, he’s free to cavort more openly with his Jewish handlers, just as Barack Obama and other leaders do.  That infernal scumbag Henry Kissinger, a primary element in the Zionist cabal, is there every year, pursuing his homosexual urges with a supply of young men and boys, some who work find work as servants and cleaners, there.

Off, CBC’s resident airhead, naturally opposes anything that smatters of conspiracy, which shows in her discourse with Ronson, another airheaded moron.  This guy loves to dis Alex Jones, one of the nation’s leading experts on the activities of rich bastards behaving badly.  He and Off sound like the idiots they are as they laugh and make disparaging remarks about Jones and anyone that sees this for the threat that it is.  They laugh at the idea that the self-proclaimed ‘elite’ follow ancient pagan rituals and take human life at their ‘retreat’.  Actually, the lives that they are responsible for ending in all of their manufactured ‘crises’ and the many wars that they foment, far exceeds whatever they might do while they run around pissing on trees and fucking young boys in the trees at Monte Rio.

We take this information for what it’s worth.  Off and Co., a.k.a. the CBC and other news networks bought and paid for by the Jews, will never paint the Zionists in their true light, however, we can monitor and track the movements of these scumbags and their hanger-ons by listening to witless fools like Off and other puppets (as painful as that is) the Zionists choose to deploy and exploit in their disinformation campaigns.  The Zionist threat is real and it isn’t going away… it has too much support by the ignorant public and self-seeking politicians for that!

Keep your eyes on the trees!


Hitler Wouldn’t Have Approved!

Laughable.  No, seriously, deviants were high on Hitler’s hit list, next to the Jews, whom have evidently pulled off yet another false flag.  They never give up, do they?  They never will.  It’s simply their nature to be scheming and evil.

They have been using deviants to push forward their agenda of eliminating Christianity and their Muslim neighbors, both of these the ONLY serious opposition to their plans for world government.  See, it’s more than just Palestine that they have their sights set on, it’s the entire world.  That’s why they go to the lengths that they do, framing Christians and Muslims for the work that THEY do!

There is an overdue push for the elimination of private ownership of guns in America.  They’ve tried before and they will never quit trying.  America is one of the few nations that enjoy relative freedom to bear arms… but that will soon end, if the elitists get their way!

It’s politically incorrect to criticize homosexuals, the Zionist lobby has seen to that.  It’s ILLEGAL in Canada to slander a faggot.  Our time-serving liberal prime minister’s first order of business was to suck up to the faggot community.  He’ll soon be bringing on another assault against the firearms advocates, it’s in his liberal (communist) nature.  His old man was the same way.  He was quick to use another false flag to implement the War Measures Act, back in the early seventies, during the so-called “FLQ Crisis”, when his labour minister was sacrificed for the cause and another official kidnapped.

Just like with 9/11, the Zionists have instigated another convenient situation with which to justify more Draconian laws.  Their puppet, Obama, will soon be announcing those measures, I’m sure.  Trudeau has already issued a statement condemning the killings… if there were in fact any.  (Perhaps another Sandy Hook?)

People, don’t be fooled by this crap!  They will play upon your emotions, knowing how you fear the unknown.  The Zionists are masters at this game.  They have been using subterfuge and sabotage for thousands of years to get what they want.  They are universally despised and for good reason!

What other group sends hit squads into sovereign countries to murder those that they deem as their enemies?  They are protected by crooked politicians and presidents and given limitless aid to wage war against their enemies.  Christianity represents the hated Christ, whom they tried to kill and eventually did, only to lose when our Lord triumphantly resurrected, condemning them as a nation and forever removing the “chosen ones” status from them.  They delude themselves to this day that they are a special people, any longer.  They are despised and hated and they cannot be trusted.

Homosexuality has always been condemned by God and always will be.  If there were any deviants killed, they will not rest in peace, forever, they face judgment at Christ’s hands.  If they are unrepentant, they must account for their own sins, Christ cannot.  Hopefully, many will turn from their vice in the interim.

Right now, the agenda is to get the guns.  Expect this to happen, shortly.  Meanwhile, refuse to buy into this sham.  Don’t do business with Jews, Mammon is their god and commerce is their means to salvation… so they think.  It will be tough, they own practically everything, but, simply knowing the truth will enable one to for effectively live in their commercial construct.  Live by the golden rule, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, live within your means… DON’T BORROW THEIR MONEY!

If it seems impossible that these things are happening the way that they say they are, it’s because it IS impossible to happen without their orchestrating it!  It’s the same old story!

Missed Target

The word “sin” is an old archer’s term for missing the mark.  That’s what happened when the would-be patriot did a drive-by on a group of Syrian refugees in Vancouver, this week.  See story.

Actually, he should have targeted the Israeli embassy as it is this corrupt nation that is bringing the world the immigrant problem, seeking to drive all Muslims from what they consider their personal property given to them by God, vilifying them at every opportunity.  While Canada needs these hordes of displaced victims of Zionist persecution like a hole in the head, they still are not to blame for what Jews are propagating all over the globe.

Many people are starting to see the truth behind 9/11 and how Zionists were the true perpetrators of the attacks on New York and other points, so the latest wars against the enemies of fascism are becoming less popular… so Israel needs the type of dupe that carried out this latest attack even more to keep the momentum of hate going.  Israel is the mother of all racism, they consider themselves as the elite of the world and have never apologized for that.

People need to stop and ask themselves why is it that Israel and Jews are hated all over the world and have been for millennia.  Do you think it’s just coincidence that these have been singled out for the pure hell of it?  There is a reason for this animosity against “God’s chosen ones” and it isn’t because they haven’t worked hard at garnering that disrespect.

When you have a people that have been kicked out of pretty well every nation at one time or another, all throughout history, on a fairly consistent basis, it has to tell you something… if you’re the thinking type, that is.  If you’re into hype and fashion and fad and being politically correct, well, it probably isn’t a good time to start growing a brain as these days are all about hype and fad and fashion and being politically correct.

The amount of money that freeloading Israel takes in every year from developed countries is staggering.  This is all out of some morbid feeling of guilt due Israel’s much-touted and consistent whining about being the world’s most persecuted people and all of the supposed wrongs that have been dealt them… and, of course, they are God’s chosen ones… like anyone, today, gives a rat’s ass what God thinks.

Muslims. like Christians, are feeling the brunt of Satan’s attacks as organized paganism slowly takes over the world.  The politically correct shit-for-brained masses have no clue as to who they are following.  All those that profess no religious inclination are confirmed pagans, which is a religion all it’s own.  Their master the devil rules over them with a rod of iron and they dare not resist.  They will follow their master till the bitter end, which, hopefully, will be soon.  When the day comes when you have a brown faggot and his cross-dressing ‘wife’ in the Whitehouse, how much lower can you go as a “God-fearing nation”?

God will not miss His target – all of those that seek to destroy humanity and those that enable them.  He won’t be dousing them with pepper spray, either!

Get Ready For A Ride…

… straight into hell!

Well, we now have a new government.  New, in the sense that the faces have changed, whilst the agenda remains the same… to fuck up the country and drive us all into deeper and deeper debt and slavery.  Trudeau will now take up where Jean Cretien left off and reinstitute the failed gun registry, the long form census, place know-nothing immigrants and God-hating dykes and fags in government offices and generally fuck things up for everyone… with the Illuminati banksters ultimately profiting from it all.

Our moronic citizenry, accustomed to being kept as herd animals, saw to it that another election was railroaded.  All, save about five percent of the population, have absolutely no business voting.  The reasons they vote like they do are based upon nothing resembling careful thought, only emotions and whim.  Many vote to spite a certain individual, some say they just feel a change is in order… like they were on some sort of shopping trip or ordering in a restaurant or something.  Others vote with their penises and vaginas… none are politically savvy or competent to judge what’s right for their country.  It’s like handing a loaded revolver to a kid.

One thing is certain, the ‘new’ government will not keep a fraction of it’s promises and will obey their Zionist masters’ orders in subverting the Canadian economy.  They have already driven the US into an insane multi-trillion dollar hole, the bumbling black homosexual retard named “Obama” their prize pit bull.  The idiot runs off to every war that they start and wrings the needed money and manpower to accomplish these missions out of an increasingly gullible and meat-headed public.

Is THIS what we want for Canada?  We are well on our way to this situation that the Americans have allowed to happen to themselves.  When all that matters to a brain-dead public is what sports shows are on and where the nearest beer is, you can write that society off.  We asked for this shit to fall on us and by God, we’re going to get what’s coming to us!

This Week’s Laugh

Porch Monkey Gunner

Yes, it’s one thing for the resident White House porch monkey to call down on random (false flag) shooters doing their government’s work for them in culling peaceful, law-abiding American citizens/sheep, but it’s quite another thing when you’re probably the most violent person on the earth, heading up the world’s most powerful military machine/international banker goon squad, that’s infiltrating sovereign countries and blowing the bejesus out of them.  Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-I-C-A-L B-A-S-T-A-R-D?

Obama is simply another name in the long list of fascist banker-appointed dictators occupying the White House, doing NOTHING of what he said that he would do if he were elected.  Big surprise, there, eh?  They’re all in it together… their corporate masters call the shots… as it were.

Remember that the next time you waste your time voting.

Obama’s got the Rifleman beat, hands down!

Day of Reckoning

It’s here…

The old soldier means what he says.  And here in Canada, there are those that haven’t caved to our politically correct, homosexual-loving government of time-serving elitist-wannabes, you can be sure!  Jade Helm-15 is merely a front for the next psy-op the Zionist US Government is preparing to unleash on the world.

What will it be?  It will involve the deaths of many US citizens, YOU CAN BE SURE, and it will be blamed on religious extremists, most likely those that Israel especially hates.  Why Israel?  Israel is the BOSS of America and the current homosexual and his cross-dressing husband that have assumed the roles of American president and first freak, are Israel’s puppets.

However… BEWARE!  All those that think their government is actually their representative and subservient to them… don’t think FOR ONE SECOND that any spin-off false flag will be tolerated, nor that any Draconian measures instituted in the name of “national security” won’t be met with serious, perhaps LETHAL reprisal!  As with the old Marine, there are Canadians that are FED UP with the leftist whore-mongering criminals that are running this country into the ground, serving Zionist agendas.

The political correctness STOPS HERE!  There is a line and you elitist whores are about to step over it.  Only then will you realize just how ignorant you are as to the motivation and means that freedom-loving citizens can garner to drop you kicking in your politically correct tracks!  Are you listening, Stephen Harper and you gaggle of political nitwits infesting Ottawa?

You’ve been warned!

Get Ready!

This is what is coming.  You heard the Rothschild hired thug at 17:50 on the video: “There are a lot of CONSTITUTIONALISTS stockpiling weapons and ammo…”  These dummies aren’t smart enough to figure out they are being used, nor trustworthy to keep a secret… not that the powers that be give a shit!  Their arrogance and smug self-confidence knows no bounds.

Any foreign reader seeing this knows what is coming.  How many fascist regimes got their start in just this manner?  Only a complete MORON couldn’t see what this is all leading up to.  And since when is being a constitutionalist something to be ashamed of or illegal?  Since fascists took over the country, that’s when!

It’s a given good ‘ol Canada will brown-nose it’s way right along after the corrupt-as-hell homosexual Obama regime.  Our idiot Jewish prime minister and his bungling cabinet will render all support to their Rothschild allies.  Stephen “Harperstein” will do what he’s told to do like the good little pet bought-and-paid-for goy dumbass dupe he is.

Time to consider options!  More on this, later…

Stay tuned!