Deception Is A Mark Of Modern Society

This doctored photo wouldn’t fool anyone, would it?  Good comedic relief, but, unconvincing in it’s portrayal of NASA’s untruthfulness in it’s declaration that they have placed a man on the moon…

Nevertheless, we should not let an amateur Photoshop convince us that there are not more sophisticated deceptions out there and that are not being used to further someone’s agenda.  Here is a very sophisticated and convincing video of the means that are available to people out there…

This even had me going for a few minutes, but, in the end, it is a deception concerning the prowess of robots currently under development by the US Military.  This also shows how certain agencies (NASA) could use CGI technology to fake space flight and promote an entire space exploration program based upon fake imagery… but, for what purpose?  What purpose would be served by lying to the public about their space program?

There are several possible answers to this, among those the construction and maintenance of a patriotic base upon which to justify such grandiose projects.  Of course, funding these projects is always a concern, but, when your intended project concerns acceptance and approbation of government and the public in general, misappropriation is sometimes a viable alternative.  Therefore, in the minds of those concerned with pushing these programs, deception becomes a necessary component in selling their ideas to the people and governance.

NASA is becoming a leader in the CGI (fake imagery) business.  They are oftentimes cited as and found to be utilizing CGI in their supposed suborbital flights.  To the general public, these flights seem quite legitimate.  However, upon close examination, (scrutiny that most people will not afford the time towards giving) these videos are full of errors and deception.  This, along with the slip-ups in commentary, such as shown in the video, below, are proof that NASA is hiding some deep and dark agenda…

Now, wait a minute… was this a concern during the Apollo missions of the late 60’s and early 70’s, when men and spacecraft were almost routinely travelling through radiation-saturated space?  Interesting!  Perhaps NASA has not been totally honest with us in how they have been spending the money that we provided to them through our taxes?  This video seems to be suggesting that we have never actually traveled through space, are not currently travelling through space, and that there is a radiation problem that needs to be worked out before we can do this.  So, if we haven’t actually left earth to travel through space, where has all the money that we ostensibly supplied for this purpose gone?  Is there space to travel through?

There are some hard questions needing to be asked, here, but, who is willing to ask them?  In an age when it is considered unpatriotic and simple-minded to question the status quo, who will ask the tough questions that will hold leaders to account with what they do with the money they expropriate from the citizenry every year in the form of taxation?  Where is this money going?  Whose nests are being feathered, whose grandiose and totalitarian projects that could not stand congressional and/or public approval are being furthered through the use of deception with a fake space program?

What other lies are we being fed?

Stay tuned!