SIX Deceptions Needed For Enabling Totalitarian Take-Over of America…

… AND the world!

This is something that the useful idiots comprising the politically correct armies of environmentalist shills and dupes fail to grasp, that they are aiding and abetting in the takeover and subjugation of themselves and everyone else.  Even if a few rays of enlightenment manage to penetrate their incredibly thick skulls, they are ready to reconcile themselves to a reality that needn’t happen.

Those that support unrestrained immigration, are okay with perverts taking over their streets in their infamous and evil “gay pride” events, thinking that it is a great thing, unwittingly allowing the power-crazed and satanic Jewish oligarchs free reign over their sovereign rights.  Puffball-minded millennial-types admire and worship the new world order that is fast entrenching itself in western society, while those with keen intellect and common sense can see the writing on the wall.

I suppose if this were left within the purview of man to actually extricate himself (Ha!  Feminists would challenge this one!) from the mess he has got himself into, the case would, indeed, be a hopeless one.  Fortunately, while we will be saddled with these satanic freaks for yet a while longer, the inevitable result in all of this will be the overthrow of the oligarchy and those that support and side with it, willingly and otherwise.  There is a God in heaven that has the final say… and no Jew can dispute or change that reality!


“Near Miss”? Why Society is Experiencing a Dumbing-Down

The recent “near miss” at San Francisco’s busy airport by one of our Air Canada jets is symptomatic.  Hear some of the radio dialogue in this video…

Love that term “near miss”.  I believe the pilot actually did miss the planes parked on the taxiway.  Why is it that we use these idiotic idioms?  Why is it that society, in general, is idiotic?

How about that dialogue!  It’s a fucking wonder that there aren’t more “near misses” happening when you have to bring in a linguist to interpret the gibberish that passes for radio procedure, these days.  In fact, if you notice (especially among the younger ones) today how people tend to NOT enunciate very well… speech is slurred and delivered rapid-fire.  It’s like people aren’t wanting to open their mouths, they speak through clenched teeth!

Up-talk, (the phrasing of statements as questions… (“My name is Highwayman?”)… for an example.  Using the word “like” frequently in a conversation… (“Like… how was your day?  Mine was like okay…”) along those lines.  I hear “OMIGOD!” overused quite a bit, too, especially by young women.  This Valley Girl shit has been around since the Eighties, I know, however, it’s still pretty well entrenched in our lingo.

The hectic, rat’s nest pace of this world does not help in any way.  People are prone to fuck up in wondrous ways, with the pressures that are forced upon us in this international banker’s construct of society.  We as wage slaves are beginning to burn out.  The way people drive on the highways is another symptom that society is tail-spinning out of control and we allow ourselves to be herded up like animals and delivered to the slaughter!

The goddamned Rothschild’s and those other internationalists running the world are preparing us for their grandiose “New World Order” by killing us off and driving the rest of us into abject slavery.  They have been working for millennia to supplant the nations of the world and draw everyone in their own peculiar oligarchy.  With Satan leading them in this, they have enjoyed great success and have the majority of the world’s citizens hood-winked into thinking that all of this is just some natural process of evolution.

What we have is a world full of bullshit… plain and simple!  It will not work… it cannot work… it will never work!  These totalitarian assholes are flushed with victory, knowing not that their time is short.  Were it within my power to do so, I would kill every fucking Rothschild I could lay my hands upon.  These scum have done NOTHING positive in their entire history, except fuck things up royally for everyone else.  They and their political minions should be drawn and quartered and then burned!

There were hundreds of lives riding on the actions of a few, that night in San Francisco.  Social norms crept into a vital communications pipeline, threatening to disrupt what should have been a routine discourse and action.  Like with Babylon of old, communication was the linchpin that held a totalitarian order intact.  When that was removed by God, the plans of the elitists fell apart.  Since that time, they have strived to repeat what they attempted at Babel and have consistently failed… and they will continue to fail, again and again!  They are fighting God and that is a hopeless battle.

Society is heading for total collapse.  There shall be “wars and rumors of wars”, however, the seeds of destruction were planted years ago.  The progression we deem as progressive is not.  Imagine a turd sitting in the toilet, floating around… then flush…

That’s us!

Evolutards STILL Can’t Get It Right!

Looks like we’re switching gears yet again!  Now scientists are trying to tell us that the T-Rex (of Jurassic Park fame) couldn’t run!  (Is that like saying white men can’t jump?)

This is how it is with evolutionists.  They can never agree on anything and without divine guidance are merely guessing and re-guessing about the history of our world.  Then, when they inevitably fuck up, they have to backpedal and make themselves and their theories look even more stupid.

I saw a recent article explaining that men are NOT descended from apes… contrary to what they USED to teach!  This is an admission that many young antitheists need to hear as I have been constantly attacked over my assertions that they actually DID teach this in public schools.  Now they are without argument as this admission proves.  The idea of a “common ancestor” now prevails… at least within academia.  No doubt the message hasn’t reached most young infidels, yet, particularly those that troll Christian sites on the internet.

Getting back to T-Rex… there is no actual proof that this beast was anything like they portray it to be, this is, again, mere speculation on the part of scientists.  In these last days, there is a big push on to eliminate gospel truth, altogether.  They need to get their stories straight, though the majority of the masses really don’t seem to notice when these fools fuck up.  They could call red black and it would go unnoticed with the herd, these days.

Animals were indeed larger and more powerful in Noah’s day.  Those that were not created by God (freaks created by man) perished in the Great Flood.  This is why we find their remains inside of sediments, the result of water-action.  No doubt that they were of a size and ferocity that they would have been a serious threat to man’s survival if they had been allowed to live.  There is no way to ascertain how they looked, though.

Well, there will be more on this story, I’m sure.  The lies are getting quite convoluted… must keep these infidels up at night trying to sort through the tangled web of deceit that they have spun!

Another Deception Exposed!

One more piece of the deception puzzle has been revealed…


I find this to be a very good video that brings it all into perspective… the lies that the self-styled “elite” have fomented upon the world in the hopes of destroying faith in our Creator and establishing their god and themselves in His place.

Where else can you find a more comprehensive reason for the way that things are and the reason that things are so fucked up?  Destroy any signs of intelligent design, paving the way for total world domination!  I can see now that the first step in that process was to throw doubt on the scriptural description of our world.  For many years, I and other deluded believers tried to explain creationism while still laboring within an evolutionary paradigm.

The end is nearing, folks.  The last movements will be rapid ones.  The grand deception is soon to come when Satan will present himself to the world as some great benefactor, when all along, this malevolent coward has been hiding behind all of the strife and misery in the world.  When that happens, the wise will be prepared to deal with his tricks and survive to see him and his followers destroyed, forever!

Christianity Targeted by Corrupt Government

For background on this… read HERE.

This is just another thinly-veiled attack on the religion of Christ.  The comment section following the article naturally turns toward attacking God and His followers… antitheists never miss a chance!

From idiots that attack ‘Christian’ holidays like Christmas, leveling accusations against advertising on city busses, storefronts, etc., to where Satanic agents disguised as public servants meddle in the affairs of private citizens, deciding for them how they should raise their kids, antitheists meddle in every corner of our lives.  Of course, in a world ruled by Satan, these morons naturally lean toward him as they have no moral compass.

I have had indirect dealings with the ‘SS’ (Social Services, aptly named) and can vouch for the incompetence of government agents alleged in this article by the more intelligent of it’s commenters.  These cretins can’t make it in any other job, being a government bully suits their I.Q. and temperaments very well.  Again, as is a central theme in any of my posts, you simply cannot trust an institution founded and controlled by Satanist Jewish bankers.  Their plan for wiping out any trace of competing religions against their pagan beliefs is in full-swing.  Islam and Christianity are the two prominent threats against these bastards’ plan for world domination.  Antitheists blindly and stupidly follow along like sheep to the slaughter, thinking that society is headed toward a religion-less utopia.

The whole system works by setting up counterfeits to what God has created.  Satan cannot create anything, as he is a created being, himself.  This irks him no end!  So, since the natural mind inclines itself toward his devices, Satan has instructed his dupes to set up an artificial society where artificial persons become flesh and blood and their real-life underwriters (us) become lifeless and irrelevant.  A genius of subterfuge though very transparent.

To make a very long story short, births are registered with the government, essentially making the government legal guardians of said individuals.  The government deems every human being registered with it as it’s legal property.  Registration is a well-nigh universal process in every avenue of commerce, these days.  Nothing is considered relevant unless it’s accompanied by some deed or certificate.  People won’t deal with anyone that isn’t “certified” or “licensed”, and the accompanying fees are always there.  Money, after all, is the ‘blood’ in an artificial society.  Mammon is the god of a Godless world.

So, as in this case, the government lays claim upon the kids in foster care and assumes the responsibility for their care.  Unfortunately, since your average public servant cannot find his/her ass with both hands, 9 times out of 10, these decisions often wreak havoc with the individuals concerned.

Unfortunately, society has allowed these Satanic fucks to gain the position that they have and are now stuck with having these maniacs entrenched within our lives.  We will never be rid of these parasites until Christ, Himself, destroys every single last one of them.  Fighting them in their own courts is futile.  Declaring any sort of “sovereign” status with these criminals is just as futile.  For every inch gained, they recapture a foot.

To those deceived, I say only that they educate themselves as to the delusion that they blindly follow.  It will help one decide which ‘god’ to serve… as one is definitely a dead-end.