UN Official Protests Cover-up Of Israel’s Crimes

UN Under-Secretary Rima Khalaf

Thank God for people like this courageous woman!  A report detailing the criminal activities of Israel was quashed by those slaves of the Zionists comprising the so-called “member states”… of which the United States and (I’m sure) this boot-licking government that we are saddled with in Canada, have a membership in as well.

Immediate international pressure was brought to bear upon the report and this heroine had finally had enough with the protectionist attitude that is shown toward the most evil nation on earth.  The bankers have the so-called “free” nations in their back pockets and they once again decided to pull their whole card when the truth began surfacing.

Of course, being the bankers’ primary No. 1 attack dog, the US stood out in front of the coalition condemning the report.  Israel persecutes the Palestinians endlessly, using the tax dollars of dupes like Americans and Canadians to fund their military excursions in and out of Palestine and Syria.  Typical Jews, they will use anyone else’s money and never their own!  This, they extort from the rest of the world by means of their infamous ‘funny money’ systems – fiat currencies, income tax, central banking institutions that operate under a “federal” designation, while bearing no resemblance to one in real life.

The time-honored and proven method that they have for instigating wars and then financing both sides at exorbitant interest, provides these bloodsuckers with the insanely lavish wealth that they enjoy while never having to serve a day in the military, they OR their children.

One will never be able to trust that this situation will ever change as long as these vampires maintain the illusion of legitimacy that they have duped the world with.  However, it’s always encouraging to see others in the know stand up against these fuckers, and that, I’m sure, riles these bastards no end.  “How dare the sheep stand against us!”, the fat cats rage as they toss another hundred thousand or so bodies into the fray.  Then they light up their expensive foreign cigars with $1000.00 bills and lean back with their cognac and smile at the complete ignorance of those shit-for-brained dupes that defend them and fight for them and vote in their idiotic federal elections!

There isn’t a hell hot enough for these cocksuckers!  The only solace is that these scum are going to fall and they will fall HARD!!  Their money and their influence will count for SHIT when they face God!  There will be no superpower ready to come to their aid and fight their enemies for them, no citizenry ready to back up their incessant cries of “RACISM!” and “HATERS!” toward those that level the truth at them.

So to the Rothschild’s and their minions, I say develop fire-retardant skin and real fast, you scum-sucking freak-jobs!

Read the story here… http://www.reuters.com/article/us-un-israel-report-resignation-idUSKBN16O24X

We Live In A Predatory Society

World leaders worshiping at idol of Moloch…

Society… particularly our western one derived from European and British roots, is decidedly corrupt and inefficient.  While less-developed cultures (i.e. non-industrial “pagan” ones) do not have the same technological advances, their societies seem more in tune with the needs of their members and less with the needs and wants of the ‘elite’ and/or those whom have wealth.  They are more equal and humanitarian, in many ways.

In our society, the essential services that the average person requires are often priced way above the average person’s ability to procure.  While we may look down upon those countries that seem squalid and underdeveloped, often their social structure surpasses ours in terms of the overall concern felt for their less-fortunate.  Here, it is dog-eat-dog and may the best man win.  You either pay the price or starve.

This example shows how inefficient and anti-societal our culture is… where service is measured by the amount that you are willing and/or able to pay for that service.  The same can be applied to almost every other service… medical, dental, homeopathic… any essential service that one might expect or be led to believe is necessary for good health and being.  The government pretends such great concern for it’s people and yet prices everything beyond the reach of it’s less wealthy citizens.

Then we have those that would prey on our sense of values, our rights, as it were.  Those that feel that they ought to control how society thinks and expresses itself.  They wish to determine the moral standard for everyone else, proclaiming theirs as the only true way.  We have examples of this in some of the far-right’s interpretation of religion, in the far-left’s socialistic stance.  The “moral majority”, as it is termed, determines to establish it’s particular view of the religion of Christ, imposing their own thinking and dogma on the masses covered by a cloak of self-righteousness.  The other side claims that reason – human reason – and it’s application, should be the maxim for a healthy society, and the two are often in conflict.  The latter embraces the vices of homosexuality and transgenderism, promotes atheism, communistic dogma such as feminism – ideals which tend to destroy family ideals and those things which tend to cement a culture together.

Homosexuals parading in lewd fashion down public streets

Every day, we hear of another example of corruption by  some public official, some minister caught molesting children or ‘fooling around’ outside of marriage.  All of these are predators seeking to feed off the life-blood of society.

Man is by nature a predator.  Sin has devolved the human condition, erasing it’s once divine image so that we are virtually unrecognizable from the lower beasts.  Left on our own, our race would eventually consume itself.  Fortunately, it isn’t all about us!  The Lord of Hosts desires that at least a remnant be ‘saved’ or brought back to the original state.  Unfortunately, there are many that will never accept this offer of redemption and prefer to believe that man will somehow, some way, redeem himself and learn to find peace and harmony with himself.

That, of course, is an impossibility.  Left on his own, man will continue to sink lower and lower.  There is no motivation within himself to effect any change in nature.  Our nature is to fight and grasp and serve our own needs at the expense of others’.  It is the law of tooth and claw, the same we find in the animal kingdom, which some mistakenly claim is our legacy from evolution.

All will be rectified in time.  Meanwhile, we shall have to deal with the predatory instinct of our fellow men, recognizing that this is an inevitable feature in any evolutionary scenario… one which many have adopted as a self-defeating maxim in their hopeless lives.


The Most Sickening Video You’ll Ever Watch!

Sexual freaks on the march in Australia…

I couldn’t watch it all… made my lunch start coming up!  With noted convicted pedophile, Geoffrey Leonard, narrating, the overall revulsion a normal human being experiences is overwhelming.

This is what the world has been reduced to.  Freaks taking over society, left-wing sociopaths ruling in the streets so that even the authorities are afraid to resist them.  Time-serving politicians grovel before them, seeking their approval.  These masters of vice and political correctness have overrun decency and goodness, gyrating and humping their way into the legislative halls and courtrooms of every nation on earth.

Where are the mad bombers and snipers attending these acts of debauchery, hmmm?  Just goes to show that those false-flag STAGED acts never happened and would never happen to these pieces of filth.  In this fucked-up world, one doesn’t criticize a fag or resist their advances without incurring the wrath of their idiot supporters and the cowardly government.  Fortunately, though, disease shows no fear or respect toward these monstrosities.  What we strongly need is an AID’s epidemic of epic proportions to help cull these humanoid pieces of filth.

God is not mocked!  These trash will pay the ultimate price for their debauchery and arrogance.  They are living high and mighty, now, but, there is and will be a day of reckoning that they will not escape.

Till then… they will continue to parade naked in the streets, getting away with everything that would land a heterosexual person in jail.  And they do it in front of kids and the elderly, showing they have no respect for either.  Their destruction is well-deserved!

War IS A Racket!!

And it’s a racket that seems fool-proof, as most believe that it is a necessary evil.  Such is the profound ignorance of today’s citizen of the New World Order.

The following video is long… but, I would say well worth the investment in time as so much of our time is taken up with far less important, even stupid pastimes…

It’s well-nigh hopeless trying to get through to the masses, these days, hornswoggled as they are with false perceptions of patriotism and fed bullshit by elitist-controlled media.  Everyone jumps at every suggestion of the media moguls and they scoff at those that would try and warn them off.  This is the attitude of sheep lolling in their pasture… awaiting slaughter.

Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler

TWICE Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Major General Smedley Butler, calls it like it is… war is a racket!  Only the super-rich get any profit from conflict, conflict that their miserable cowardly asses never have to be immersed in… because WE are stupid sheep that blindly follow along behind them and swallow every lie that they tell, which is about every word that comes out of their forked-tongue heads!  Butler’s expose of war is fueled by first-hand knowledge of the devious workings of the rat-bastard elite, whom fancy themselves as rulers of the world in a carefully crafted “New World” oligarchy.

His book, aptly named, describes the reality of our world and the murderous fucks that run it.  For a download, read it HERE.  It goes hand-in-hand with the previous video in describing the lengths that the international ‘banksters’ are willing to go to in order to enslave humanity… ultimately, enthrone their hidden master, Satan, as master of the world.  This, of course, isn’t mentioned in the video or in Butler’s book.  Nevertheless, it has been and always will be the reality that most of us are blissfully unaware of.  The Bible states that the war we fight is NOT against earthly powers or governments, but SPIRITUAL beings: principalities and powers, evil angels and their dupes.

Of course, when Christ returns to settle accounts with Satan and his dupes, they will pay a terrible price for what they have done to their fellow man and creation.  Ultimately, this is what will have to happen as mankind is too steeped in ignorance and error to effect much in the way of freeing itself from the clutches of the oligarchy of the damned.  Their reward will be annihilation, total and permanent.  Satan, will suffer the longest, long enough to witness the destruction of that which he has spent thousands of years building… only to lose it all.

Too bad for him!

OH LAWDY! (Drivin’ In A Snowstorm)

Leadbelly : “Pick a Bale of Cotton”…



Now… MY rendition, fit for those professional slaves… er, drivers, out there!


OH LAWDY! (Drivin’ In A Snowstorm)



Gonna git me a truck, gonna drive it for livin’

Git me a truck, gonna drive all day

Git me a truck, gonna drive it in a snowstorm

Git me a truck, gonna drive it all day!


OH LAWDY! Git me a semi-truck

OH LAWDY! Drive it all day

OH LAWDY! Drive it in a snowstorm

OH LAWDY! Drive it all day!


Gonna drive it in a snowstorm, drive it like a moron

Git me a truck and drive it all day

Git me a truck and roll it in the rhubarb

Git me a truck and drive it all day!


Roll it in the rhubarb, break my bloody neck

Roll it in the rhubarb, drivin’ all day

Break my bloody neck and drop me in a pine box

Drop me in a pine box, slide me in the hole


Tell my ol’ straw boss his truck’s in the rhubarb

Tell my ol’ straw boss his truck’s in a hole

Tell my ol’ straw boss his truck needs a driver

Pick another sucker to put it in a hole!

New World Order’s Paid Shills Take ‘Cut’ In Wages


Cast of “Big Bang Theory”


The ultra-rich know how to look after their own!  The lowest-paid stars of this popular TV show make more money in one episode of this series than I make in FIVE years of toil!  Of course they’re smiling!

Recently, the senior cast members decided that their younger ‘siblings’ needed a raise… so they graciously condescended to take a pay cut to raise their salaries.  Wasn’t that nice of them?  Read it HERE.

What is it that makes these people worth the money that they receive?  Granted, the world is a very nutty place, it’s priorities are very stunted.  But, what makes these youngsters worth more than an average wage-slave ekes out in a lifetime of sweating under the bankster’s whip?  That’s quite easy… they are excellent promoters of New Age propaganda, that’s what!

The series takes a rather light-hearted approach to pagan dogma, with the emphasis being destroying Christianity and it’s most basic tenets.  The theory of evolution is pushed big-time, crowding out intelligent design… and it’s done in such a light-hearted way that even Christians are taken in by the atheistic agenda of the pagan money-men.  This is a very important part of the oligarchs’ plan to establish their centralized pagan government on earth.  Of course, what they do not tell us is that they are ardent Satan-worshipers and that they seek to install Lucifer on the throne of this new world DIS-order.

Since the pagans own and control Hollywood, it is a very effective medium for reaching the masses, the majority of whom are not interested in expending energy in the worship of God.  They believe that they are following their own course in life and the pagans encourage this falsehood through mindless entertainment like “Big Bang Theory”.  I’ve watched the show – it’s empty and mind-numbing, not at all funny.  The masses, however, drink it up.  Society’s priorities are very clear by the prestige and the wealth that Hollywood and it’s agents enjoy.

What physician commands $1 million for every day he/she shows up for work?  Certainly, no blue collar working stiff could ever DREAM of making that kind of compensation for his/her toil!  Then, again, we’re not reaching into every home in North America and beyond with a special message from Satan, either!

The world has it’s allurements for those that are satisfied to live for the here and now.  In that scenario, it behooves one to make as much wealth as he or she can in the time that they are allotted.  Christians know that this is but a temporary arrangement, this world, and that there is another world to come, a world that does not have it’s economy driven by money and the accumulation of things.  Money is a contrivance of men and will not be useful or necessary in the Kingdom of God.

Every day, men breathe air provided by God FOR FREE!  He/she lives by the grace of God and not by the grace of atheistic Jewish oligarchs, whom have sought to supplant God by diverting man’s attention from God unto themselves.  ‘Science’ seeks to entice man to believe he is here by accident and not a special creation.  Hollywood is tasked with reaching those that have no access to centres of ‘higher learning’, average folk that prefer to be entertained without having to put much effort into it.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

On Flag-Burning… and such…

Yeah… and aliens are just DYING (Roswell) to get down here!  LOL!

People behaving badly.  The entire world is reeling under the weight of elitist oligarchs seeking to undermine society on a global scale.  Of course, the majority of Earth’s citizens are ignorant of this fact… a condition blogs like this one seek to remedy in some small way.  For the most part, all of our efforts will be unsuccessful, nevertheless we soldier on.

We have the liberals and we have the right-wing… both are deluded.  The middle ground is held by those in the know and the reality is that all of the unrest in the world is being orchestrated by rich Satanists, themselves, deluded by a false god.  Do not expect things to get any better, folks!

Things are going to start unraveling in a big way, pretty soon… stay tuned!