Mass Information Psychosis… It’s What I define As Batshit Crazy!

And that is exactly where this society is headed… watch this informative interview, then watch the attempted cover-up at the end where the host on the left (no pun, intended) tries to hide his fear at being identified so closely…

FEAR is what drives the vaxxed crowd to turn on their fellow citizens for using their heads and seeing what this ‘pandemic’ really is.  People that aren’t used to dealing with stress think stupid, insane things, then DO stupid, insane things!  The shill on the left tries to shoot down Iversen’s CORRECT assessment of this false flag ‘pandemic’ as most complicit media persons would.  However, the facts are what they are… and that elitist piece of manure Faucci admitted as much to the media shill interviewing him!

No, this won’t end well.  There will be violence, it’s been the intention of the orchestrators of this hoax from the very start.  Those governed by fear and have caved to the propaganda will seek to rid themselves of the unvaxxed minority by whatever means… this of course, will be suggested and lauded by their elitist handlers, the media, politicians, etc.  I’ve seen this coming for years… it can’t end any other way, given the history of totalitarianism in societies.  I can assure the reader that I am prepared for this.  It won’t be a happy day for anyone thinking they can deprive me of my sovereign rights, they WILL pay a heavy price!

Time to start facing up to reality, folks!  The vaxxed sheep are beginning to mill about… even sheep can be dangerous in numbers, they’ll trample you underfoot in their mad, headlong dash straight into ruin!  Our country is in communist hands and as history as shown us, we are in for a long, dark night!

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